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  1. 3/5 of the Metalfoe lists in top 16 of Springfield (Granted, none of them were pure) this past weekend was a triple Counter list, so I'm not sure why people would be calling you an idiot for it. Multiple counters set is a really strong setup against everything in the meta right now, the Kaiju Zoo deck has a huge problem dealing with even simple boards like Mithrilium + Counter, or random dorks and double Counter set. Having multiple Counter makes trying to fight over scales with Drident impossible because of the graveyard effect, and Counter makes it impossible to OTK you. I know Nick was saying after the event he would often forego fusing turn 1 just to have another Counter set.
  2. I have no idea what to make of the rest of these changes, but the pendulum zones getting merged with the s/t zones is what they should've done from the start. There's no good place to put scales on your mat right now, reducing the number of zones is a huge QoL improvement. Also, Fuck Demise Qli.
  3. D.D. Dynamite only counts your opponent's removed cards. If it counted your own I'd be FTKing people rather than trying to do shitty OTKs with Gren.
  4. It doesn't do anything the 50% of the time you don't have Gren, correct. It's a greedy list to test the engine and it obviously doesn't work consistently. The draw spells were a way to see if you could make the combo consistent enough if you just jam the bare minimum combo cards and make the rest of the deck interaction. Answering static boards wasn't the hard part in the few games I tested the deck earlier tonight, the issue was that fields like Fullmetal fusion and a Drident were unbeatable, since even after a Raigeki / Slumber they had a follow up to break up the combo. Putting aside how bad the deck in OP is though, I think you're having the same misunderstanding of how Kaijus and trap cards synergise that I was when I first learning the Zoodiac deck, and wanted to play more hand traps instead of Strikes to make going 2nd better. Slumber not only resetting the board, but putting you ahead on board makes going 2nd with traps really powerful. It obviously depends on how good traps are in general, since vs. Infernoid or the triple Counter Metalfoe deck traps in general don't look very appealing, but if you think traps are good, going 2nd with Slumber and traps isn't much worse than going first with traps. Barrier stun is definitely another direction this deck could go, though that one probably doesn't get to abuse the synergy with Eater of Millions so it'd be a different deck entirely.
  5. Obviously this deck isn't going to gun for first, but you'll have the occasional opponent that either wants to go second themselves, or sees what you're trying to do and opts to grab 2nd for games 2/3. I also think you're underestimating exactly how much difficult even something as simple as Slumber + a trap card can be for Zoodiac, it easily can buy another turn if you don't have combo. I don't think the list in the OP is even remotely playable, it's a cool gimmick that needs pretty serious refinement to be worthwhile. I was pretty sure even as I was writing up the initial list than an Infernoid build would probably just be better, though I'm even less sure of where to start with that, just finding playable ratios for a deck like that is so much more difficult than just jamming Kaijus and traps together and hoping it works. 3 Decatron 3 Pirmas 3 Eater of Millions 3 Gren Maju Da Ezia 2 Ononcu 2 Deviati 3 Harmadik 3 Snow 2 Maxx "C" 1 lv6(?) Infernoid who banishes when he attacks a guy 3 Void RotA 2 Where Arf Thou 3 Pot of Desires 1 Reasoning 1 Gate 1 One for One 2 Instant Fusion 1 Void Trap 3 Dimensional Barrier idk how many cards that is, idk if it wants to go to 60 cards, and idk if it wants to turn on opposing Strikes/Barriers by playing a Zoo package. This list doesn't look anywhere near as presentable as the list in OP, but it's probably better.
  6. How many more games will you lose because you're playing Twin Twisters over something else though? Traps let you go first, where Twin Twister is just good on the off chance you play versus a bad deck / paleozoic / get Emptinessed. If the deck needs to play Twin Twister, the deck isn't worth even trying to refine. The only reason to even consider a deck like this over Mermail is that you get to totally brick Strike/Barrier.
  7. Yeah, I was trying to fit the darklord stuff in last night but there wasn't space for anything. You need the Kaijus to ever clear a Drident, so the only cuttable cards are the traps, and hand traps, and maybe a couple of the Kaijus.
  8. I didn't realize Horse Prince could search Gren. Horse Prince is definitely cool, though there's no level 4s I want to be playing, and it doesn't fit the theme of blanking every trap card in the format. If there was a 1-card way to make it it'd be way more appealing. What makes the Darklord engine better than the Kaiju engine for digging? I only briefly read though the cards but I'm not seeing where the synergy is that makes them better.
  9. Do you like killing your opponent through Dimensional Barrier, Solemn Strike, and Ghost Ogre? Do you like terrible decks with barely any win conditions? Do you like not having a clear answer when someone asks you, "What are you playing today?" If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, this deck might be for you. Monsters: 21 3 Eater of Millions 3 Gren Maju Da Eiza 1 Gameciel the Sea Turtle Kaiju 3 Kumongous the Sticky String Kaiju 3 Radian the Multidimensional Kaiju 2 Maxx "C" 3 Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries 3 D.D. Crow Spells:13 3 Pot of Desires 3 Interrupted Kaiju Slumber 3 Allure of Darkness 2 Sacred Sword of Seven Stars 1 Raigeki 1 Upstart Goblin Traps:6 3 Dimensional Barrier 3 Solemn Strike Eater of Millions can banish your entire extra deck facedown, giving Gren Maju 6000 attack. Add in a single Pot of Desires and you have a 10000 attack Gren Maju. Random Allures, Ghost Reapers, Crows and Sacred Swords all also grow the Gren a bit. Crow is pretty bad against the Zoodiac combo, but it's not a total blank, and it gets pitched to Allure. This deck also can never beat a Fairy Tail Snow without it. Pretty much every trap/hand trap that sees play is a blank against you since you're doing everything with plain old orange monsters and continuous effects. Waterfront might be good, but if I were to go that route I'd want to play more Gameciels, which makes the draw spell package more awkward. Another thing worth noting is that these cards might just be better in an Infernoid deck, since you already kinda want to be playing Desires, your extra deck is pretty irrelevant, and Fairy Tail Snow / the Infernoids are more Gren enablers. You can also use Onuncu as your board clear rather than a Kaiju. But that's another decklist for another day.
  10. Super Rejuv was secretly an interactive card because of all the hand traps the Dragon deck played. Why play a card that just does one thing like a Floodgate when you can play a card that both interacts with your opponent by drawing you into Maxx "C"s and Veilers while also giving you more options for your next turn? Yes, maybe playing more floodgates in your dragon deck will improve your dragon mirror against stronger players, I won't dispute that. But you know what would increase your win rate even further? Just playing fucking Evilswarm which can actually support all these random floodgate cards without gimping itself. Or playing Spellbook which has it's engine built around cards that prevent Dragon from playing. You can do all these things you're suggesting, but other decks filled those roles better. You're significantly overvaluing how good the non-Emptiness floodgates are. If you think an opening like Dracossack + Dimensional Fissure is an autowin board while your hand traps are all shut off by your own Dimensional Fissure you're crazy. Your Dimensional Fissure isn't even bricking their Maxx "C" from turn 1, since you actually have to make your board before activating your Fissure. If you're relying on multiple floods to setup these autowins then why are you even playing Dragon Ruler in the first place? You can say the decks should max out on Emptiness, but there's obvious diminishing returns on playing multiple copies of that card, especially in a deck that got to see as many cards as Dragon Ruler did.
  11. Blaster was only a good answer to Emptiness if they had the hard read on your backrow and used Blaster to pop your set before pitching for a Baby (and that's assuming you didn't set a bluff alongside the Emptiness to prevent this). It's not like they can chain Blaster to Emptiness, and if your Emptiness eats 4 of their cards and their Blaster for turn you're probably not losing that game with any reasonable combination of cards. It was the same idea with the Spellbook deck. Yeah, Blaster could always out your Jowgen and there was nothing you could do about it if they had it, but for one, that isn't a trivial thing to assemble, and second it's far from free to use Blaster to pop a card so a good portion of the time it didn't even matter that they managed to kill your Jowgen. I understand what you're trying to argue, but you're just wrong. You're severely under appreciating the opportunity cost you incur by main decking extra non-engine cards. Maindecking extra copies of MST looks reasonable until you realize you're playing extra cards in your deck maindeck that do basically nothing vs. Spellbook game 1, and are only reasonable against Dragon game 1 if they have one of their 0-2 copies of Emptiness, and you went second. That's one of the strengths of floodgates in formats like these, from an expected value perspective it doesn't make sense to play devoted answers to them because they're just bricks when the flood isn't in play. If people wanted to go crazy and maindeck a bunch of random floodgate cards they'd just play a deck that's designed to do that, rather than try to randomly jam them into Dragons, which needs a critical mass of engine cards to be good. Macro and 5 bricks doesn't do anything, but Emptiness and 5 bricks turn 1 is often good enough to buy you a couple turns to fix your hand. It's far from impossible to play through a Macro Cosmos and force your opponent to play through their own Macro. There are even games where answering their board and flipping Macro doesn't lock up a win, because they still get to play cards from their graveyard / pitch babies to rebuild a board. There are so many situations where Emptiness is so much better than Macro or Fissure in the Dragon mirror that it's hard to justify playing Macro just because Blaster can't pop it.
  12. While there are definitely older formats where we didn't respect the power of floodgates, but Dragon/Spellbook format was definitely not one of them. In the Dragon mirror, Emptiness was a significantly better card than either Macro or DFissure (and yes, was incredibly obnoxious) simply because you could easily turn them off yourself to push for lethal, and your opponent literally couldn't play if you had it up. Under Macro, it's still possible to have your board answered, especially if you didn't go first and they have a graveyard already, and if your shit gets answered under Macro now you're stuck playing under your own Macro Cosmos. There's a huge difference in cards that completely don't let them play even when they have a graveyard, like Emptiness, and cards that just make their plays weaker like Dimensional Fissure. Let's not pretend nobody played floodgates that format. Mind Drain and Dimensional Fissure were two of the most popular sideboard cards out of the Spellbook deck, Dragons commonly mained Emptiness and sided Horus/DNA Surgery, and every deck that wasn't one of those two mained some combination of EEV, Dimensional Fissure, Macro Cosmos, Ophion, Emptiness, or Zombie World. Spellbook was already the best game 1 deck in the format, and why the fuck would you sacrifice anything to main answers to sideboard cards like Tsukuyomi? That is what the side is for. And was one of the big reasons why Cursed Seal was such a good card in the Spellbook side, not only was it a blowout in the mirror, but it also went in against Dragon to answer Dark Hole / Last Day / MST / Storm in the post-board games. There's a huge amount of opportunity cost to playing non-engine cards in both the Spellbook and Dragon decks. Every card you want to add you have to cut something in exchange, and when every card in your deck is as powerful, or engine critical as those two decks, cards have to meet a very high bar to be playable.
  13. Yeah, CRV is totally different, which is why I specified if Drillroid were legal in goats, rather than if we were playing with CRV legal. Probably could've been more clear though.
  14. Not saying Drillroid is maindeckable by any means, but if it were legal in goat it would be one of the better answers for Zoo to Spies and defense Exarions. The only thing that beats over it post-board is Exarion, since 1600 def keeps it out of Tsuk range. Having 1600 atk so you can actually clock them with the card makes it somewhat playable. Is it great? Nah, but the answers Zoo has to a resolved Spy are so terrible that Drillroid is actually a consideration.
  15. Creator is used in the Monster Gate turbo deck that was kinda popularish 2-3 years ago. Snatch is not a staple in Zoo, MST isn't a staple in the Burn maindeck (and strictly speaking, neither is Duo,) etc. If you ignore rogue decks the word "staple" loses it's meaning very quickly when you consider there are 2 or 3 top tier decks in the format, all with standard stock lists available. Your point on Dustshoot vs. Dust Tornado is not true at all Zoo, for example, plays both. Goat plays Dust Tornado because interacting with backrow is important, and Dustshoot is totally off plan for a deck that wants to play a long game. You play Dustshoot when you want to end games fast, and you play Dust Tornado when you need to deal with backrow efficiently. Some decks are trying to do both things, others aren't.