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  1. Versatility alone is a shit reason to claim a card is unhealthy for a format. Not that most reasons people give for Exarion goats being worse aren't terrible, but the claim that the card does everything so it's bad for the format demonstrates a gross misunderstanding of how yugioh works. Because Exarion is a swiss army knife of options, making the decision of when you pull the trigger on summoning / setting your Exarions are real decisions. It's the opposite of a card like Tsukuyomi, where it's incredibly powerful in certain situations, and literally unsummonable in others. Similarly, how the opponent chooses to answer an opposing Exarion is yet another relevant decision point. Do they take the first hit, then burn a Morph and turn it into a push? Do they Saku/Ring it and potentially lose their answer to BLS? Hell, maybe they just set MoF into it and see what happens when they pass the turn back. Exarion is one of the few cards in the goat mirror that lets you pick what role you're trying to play. You can set your Exarion to try to bait a NoC to resolve MoFs or Merchants in later turns if you want to try to pursue that plan, or you can summon it and try to win the game fast if your opponent has an opening with inevitability. Just because a card lets you do everything, doesn't mean it can do everything at the same time. There are still decisions with the card, I'd argue more difficult decisions involving it than most other cards in the goat deck. Graceful Charity also does everything, but I'm pretty sure everyone in this thread would agree that Grace is both one of the hardest cards to use properly in the goat deck, and the healthiest piece of trinity to have in the format.
  2. Tell me more about how great your goat utopia without Exarions is? I jest somewhat obviously, as I'm pretty sure almost everyone advocating for removing Exarion is doing it just to improve the goat mirror, where this is obviously irrelevant. But Exarion being a solid answer to a card that was otherwise incredibly annoying for the goat deck to deal with shouldn't be overlooked. Especially if removing Exarion from the format causes people to trim on Sakuretsus, another card that functioned as an out to KTW. I'm totally indifferent to whether people play with or without Exarions, there are definite pros and cons to each format. A not insignificant portion of games in Exarion goats are decided simply because one player has a fast Exarion clock and the opponent isn't able to draw out of it fast enough. Similarly though, when you remove Exarion, every game goes much longer, and can more often boil down to whoever can assemble a wombo combo backed by Heavy Storm to kill through an opposing goats first. Both formats have states where the games are boring, maybe in Exarion goats the games where Exarion is boring are more common than the boring games without it, but even with that being the case at least there's the argument that at least the games where Exarion is degenerate are usually over pretty fast. Without Exarion around there are more hands in the goat mirror that don't match up well against some other hands, there's a real benefit in terms of gameplay decision making to having a jack of all trades card in your deck that you can use when necessary.
  3. It's not even about just missing things. Trial and error is incredibly good at finding a local maxima, but there's no guarantee that local maxima it's optimizing for is the global max. "Wild speculative theory" is how you introduce new information into the trial and error to jump around the curve, and maybe you jump to find a point higher on the curve than the previous local max, or maybe you jump to a point on the curve that is currently lower, but has a higher local ceiling when properly optimized. Making these jumps is the difference between building decks, and optimizing decks, and there's so much space to build decks that it's insane to think it has been totally exhausted in just a few months. When people go back to goat format, we still find space for improvements 12 years after the fact, and the card pool for that format is a small fraction of the legal card pool currently.
  4. There's nothing wrong with looking to the OCG for inspiration, but making the argument that "The OCG didn't play it, so it must be bad." Is horribly ignorant.
  5. This'll be kinda a short one. I entered this tournament after playing zero games with this deck, because I really didn't feel like playing Infernoid, even moreso did not want to play Zoo, and kinda didn't want to play in general. So I played Fluffal. 26 3 Fluffal Dog 3 Fluffal Bear 3 Fluffal Wings 3 Fluffal Penguin 3 Edge-Imp Chain 3 King of the Swamp 2 Edge-Imp Sabres 2 Fluffal Owl 2 Maxx "C" 1 Fluffal Sheep 1 Fluffal Cat 14 3 Toy Vendor 3 Polymerization 2 Foolish Burial Goods 2 Frightfur Fusion 2 Instant Fusion 1 Frightfur Factory 1 Pot of Desires 2 Frightfur Tiger 2 Frightfur Sheep 2 Frightfur Kraken 2 Frightfur Sabre-Tooth 2 Toadally Awesome 1 Elder Entity Norden 1 Fairy Cheer Girl 1 Bahamut Shark 1 Castel the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Frightfur Wolf 3 Royal Decree 2 Denko Sekka 2 Grisaille Prison 2 Full Force Virus 1 Raigeki 1 Dark Hole 1 Night Beam 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Chain Disappearance So there's been a kid at our local that's been playing this deck for over a year now, and every time we play him we're surprised at the random kills the deck pulls out of nowhere. This has lead to a common discussion we would have with him where he asks, "How am I supposed to win this game?" to which we'll answer, "Just fucking kill him." And various variants of that. Named my decklist after him, "The Magnes Special" and channeled his spirit throughout the tournament. The best part about this deck is that the games you lose are usually over pretty quick, usually as soon as your Poly gets Barriered it's safe to pick your cards up. This is great for morale, as evidenced by my incredible mood throughout the following rounds. Going into the tournament I wasn't sure what my bad matchups were, aside from the cards Dimensional Barrier, and Artifact Scythe. I goldfished enough hands to realize I could kill through just about anything else. I didn't take notes, and a couple of these rounds I don't really remember what happened, but I thought the tournament was entertaining enough to do a quick writeup for. Anyway, bit of an issue with the team war. There were 7 of us, but only 6 slots. Both Brando and myself are on shit decks, him on Chain Burn. The team is very split on which one of us to take, but in the end opts to take Brando. I made it my personal goal for the tournament to have a better record than him for the, "I told you so" factor. This turned out to be incredibly easy, as during round 6, Brando was 0-6 and still playing. Round 1: The Nightmare (Artifact Windwitch Invoked) Well, I guess. Game 1 I get Scythe'd 2 turns in a row and lose to the 2200 beatdown. Game 2 He had Raidjin + Crystal Wing and 1 backrow. I do a bunch of shit to bait his monsters, and when I go for a Sabre Tooth play he flips Torrential, opening up my Instant Fusion -> Bahamut to lock the game up. Then game 3 he has D.D. Ground and multiple Barriers. Round 2: Slightly less of a nightmare, but still a nightmare (pure speedroid) Lol, I think I'm the only deck in the room that can't actually kill a fucking Crystal Wing without wasting a million cards. Anyway, game 1 I fucked up and forgot about the Necro Gardna Speedroid in his graveyard, which didn't seem like a big deal because he was only on 2 cards. Unfortunately his 2 cards were a way to make Crystal Wing, and Vanity's Emptiness. Game 2 was the only real grind game of the tournament, he opened Crystal Wing and Clear Wing, both of which are very real cards against my deck. I make a sheep to attack over the Clear Wing, and pass with Torrential set. Anyways, he does some shit that ends with double Crystal Wing and I Torrential him into back to the stone age. Game 3 he opens Crystal Wing Emptiness, but knowing that is the only set I had to be worried about I played to bait the Emptiness out before Raigekiing his Crystal Wing, so I just fucking kill him. okay, please no more Crystal Wing decks. Round 3 The Nightmare Again (Artifact Windwitch Invoked) Oh c'mon, what the fuck. Game 1 he bricked, passing with just Raidjin. Unfortunately my Desires decided to banish the 2 Toy Vendors remaining in my deck, and I draw Foolish Goods and Bear. Game 2 he opened the nut board, and my hand was just straight unplayable. okayokayokay, we're 1-2, but we're done losing (See: Playing vs. Artifact / Crystal Wing decks) for awhile. The next few rounds are a wild ride. Round 4, 60 card BA Game 1 he opens with Foolish Graff -> Scarm, make Invoker and do the rat combo. Set 2 backrow and pass. So I just do some fusion shit to clear his set Strike + Chalice, bait out his Drident and just fucking kill him. Game 2 he Full Force Viruses me, leaving me with 2 Toy Vendors and I think an Instant Fusion? Idk, anyway I use Vendor, pitch the 2nd Vendor to reveal Owl. The judge rules that I get to have it all, and my opponent doesn't appeal. This lets me summon it, search, and have it live. So anyway, this ends with me attacking for like 30k damage with a board of Tiger + Sabretooth + a 6 material Wolf. I feel like the Full Force vs. Toy Vendor ruling was probably wrong, but I'm not going to appeal the ruling that wins me the game. Round 5: Infernoid Game 1 he opens with Reasoning -> Decatron, and just passes so I fucking kill him. Game 2 he has slightly better, opening with Monster Gate -> Radian, and summons Seitemas. So I just fucking kill him. Round 6: Zoodiac Game 1: He has Rat Combo and Double Strike. So I just fucking kill him. Game 2: I think this was the game I maxx "C"'d my opponent, they stopped with no backrow and I just Poly'd out a 5 material Wolf with all my cards. Life is good when people don't draw Barrier / Sanctum against you. Round 7: Burning Abyss Infernoid Game 1 he opens and passes with a bluff set and set monster, so I just fucking kill him. Game 2 he makes me go first, so I fucking Grisalle Prison (see: Double Barrier) him, then fucking kill him. Round 8: Infernoid 2-0'd him in 8 minutes. I think game 1 he just had Decatron and a bluff, and game 2 was just Patrulea and 2 bluffs. Round 9: Zoodiac Game 1 he opens 3 backrow and Rat combo. So I just fucking kill him. Game 2 he starts and opens with Fragrance + Twin Twister Game 3 I really thought I was about to fucking kill him through Strike + Drident, but when I poly'd out my dude discarding Wings he discarded Lancea, bricking my Wings and Frightfur fusion. I set Torrential, and it turns out his other set was Twin Twisters. He draws slumber for turn, and with his 2 cards, Slumber + Whiptail, just fucking kills me 6-3 Fitting end to a fun tournament. People kept choosing to go first game 2, which was kinda tilting since I was boarding in 4-ish traps so I actually had something to do going first. Ended up working out though, so whatever. Only thing I'd change in the main deck would be to cut the Desires, after it cost me a game, and almost cost me another by banishing all 3 Fluffal Wings I was siding it out all tournament and never really missed it. It might turn into a Fusion Recovery, or 3rd Owl, something like that.
  6. Who ever would've guessed that countries that don't respect copyright law don't have the best servers available for rent?
  7. Using initial translations of marketing materials to assume the english card/rules text has certainly never gotten anyone into some shit before. You could just as easily read "Extra (deck) Monster" as an adjective that describes the "Zone" noun, which is way more consistent with the rest of the zones on the game mat than your interpretation. I'm not saying you're definitely wrong, in fact I think it's more likely than not that you're correct and Ground Collapse works. but there's definitely risk for anyone looking to spec on Ground Collapses that the card just doesn't work, and using the word "certainly" when nobody on this forum actually knows for sure how the mechanic really works is so misleading. I'd at least want to have someone familiar with Japanese to confirm the phrasing on Ground Collapse is consistent with the phrasing in the link summoning announcement, rather than just take your word for it.
  8. If that's enough for you to be "certain" then I'm very impressed. They could very easily say the extra monster zone is like the Field Spell zone, or a Pendulum Zone, which while technically is a zone where spells are played, doesn't count as a "Spell & Trap Zone" for the purposes of something like Straight Flush. I'm not sure why you think it's so hard to believe that Konami ends up ruling that extra monster zones are a totally separate entity to regular monster zones for the purposes of cards like this.
  9. Do you have a source for this?
  10. 3/5 of the Metalfoe lists in top 16 of Springfield (Granted, none of them were pure) this past weekend was a triple Counter list, so I'm not sure why people would be calling you an idiot for it. Multiple counters set is a really strong setup against everything in the meta right now, the Kaiju Zoo deck has a huge problem dealing with even simple boards like Mithrilium + Counter, or random dorks and double Counter set. Having multiple Counter makes trying to fight over scales with Drident impossible because of the graveyard effect, and Counter makes it impossible to OTK you. I know Nick was saying after the event he would often forego fusing turn 1 just to have another Counter set.
  11. I have no idea what to make of the rest of these changes, but the pendulum zones getting merged with the s/t zones is what they should've done from the start. There's no good place to put scales on your mat right now, reducing the number of zones is a huge QoL improvement. Also, Fuck Demise Qli.
  12. D.D. Dynamite only counts your opponent's removed cards. If it counted your own I'd be FTKing people rather than trying to do shitty OTKs with Gren.
  13. It doesn't do anything the 50% of the time you don't have Gren, correct. It's a greedy list to test the engine and it obviously doesn't work consistently. The draw spells were a way to see if you could make the combo consistent enough if you just jam the bare minimum combo cards and make the rest of the deck interaction. Answering static boards wasn't the hard part in the few games I tested the deck earlier tonight, the issue was that fields like Fullmetal fusion and a Drident were unbeatable, since even after a Raigeki / Slumber they had a follow up to break up the combo. Putting aside how bad the deck in OP is though, I think you're having the same misunderstanding of how Kaijus and trap cards synergise that I was when I first learning the Zoodiac deck, and wanted to play more hand traps instead of Strikes to make going 2nd better. Slumber not only resetting the board, but putting you ahead on board makes going 2nd with traps really powerful. It obviously depends on how good traps are in general, since vs. Infernoid or the triple Counter Metalfoe deck traps in general don't look very appealing, but if you think traps are good, going 2nd with Slumber and traps isn't much worse than going first with traps. Barrier stun is definitely another direction this deck could go, though that one probably doesn't get to abuse the synergy with Eater of Millions so it'd be a different deck entirely.
  14. Obviously this deck isn't going to gun for first, but you'll have the occasional opponent that either wants to go second themselves, or sees what you're trying to do and opts to grab 2nd for games 2/3. I also think you're underestimating exactly how much difficult even something as simple as Slumber + a trap card can be for Zoodiac, it easily can buy another turn if you don't have combo. I don't think the list in the OP is even remotely playable, it's a cool gimmick that needs pretty serious refinement to be worthwhile. I was pretty sure even as I was writing up the initial list than an Infernoid build would probably just be better, though I'm even less sure of where to start with that, just finding playable ratios for a deck like that is so much more difficult than just jamming Kaijus and traps together and hoping it works. 3 Decatron 3 Pirmas 3 Eater of Millions 3 Gren Maju Da Ezia 2 Ononcu 2 Deviati 3 Harmadik 3 Snow 2 Maxx "C" 1 lv6(?) Infernoid who banishes when he attacks a guy 3 Void RotA 2 Where Arf Thou 3 Pot of Desires 1 Reasoning 1 Gate 1 One for One 2 Instant Fusion 1 Void Trap 3 Dimensional Barrier idk how many cards that is, idk if it wants to go to 60 cards, and idk if it wants to turn on opposing Strikes/Barriers by playing a Zoo package. This list doesn't look anywhere near as presentable as the list in OP, but it's probably better.
  15. How many more games will you lose because you're playing Twin Twisters over something else though? Traps let you go first, where Twin Twister is just good on the off chance you play versus a bad deck / paleozoic / get Emptinessed. If the deck needs to play Twin Twister, the deck isn't worth even trying to refine. The only reason to even consider a deck like this over Mermail is that you get to totally brick Strike/Barrier.