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  1. Flaws of Goat Format. What would you change about it?

    The problem with MoF for Meta or Snatch is that those aren't cards that typically get used early. Pot and Duo make your MoFs good fast, where if you need to wait for your first TER to die to get good value off your Faiths the card becomes way more awkward. The other spells that get used early are just one for ones, Book, MST, NoC, etc. While those cards are fine and obviously good, they aren't worth waiting for a MoF to flip to reuse in the same way that Pot, Duo, Grace, Storm, etc. are. Sure, you could run out your Snatch, or Heavy at a suboptimal time so your Faith can get better value, but then what if your MoF gets NoC'd? Now you just look kinda silly.
  2. Pokemon vs Yugioh, which is harder?

    Now this is a really interesting statement. I'm curious how you come to this conclusion, as I can't think of an inherent property of TCGs that would make this true. Especially when the games are as diverse in their rulesets as, say, Yugioh and Pokemon are, just to use the example from this thread.
  3. Trickstar OTK

    Is Gift Card supposed to be Present Card or am I missing something?
  4. Problem with new build

    Okay, reset the CMOS battery and it at least turns on again. Installed the gpu and it works as long as I don't connect the psu to the gpu, The little light on top of the gpu turns on with the rest of the motherboard not sure if that is useful diagnostic information. It doesn't boot to windows though, evidenced by the vnc server not starting up. Not sure if that's just because I swapped out the motherboards, or if something else is happening. I'll hook up a monitor tomorrow to tinker around with things. edit: okay, fixed it by repeatedly taking out the CMOS battery and putting it back in again until it would boot. Couldn't tell you how or why it worked, but I guess having neurotic tendencies was good for a change.
  5. Problem with new build

    Okay so I installed the new motherboard, turned it on to make sure it would startup and it did. Then I installed the graphics card again and it, again, doesn't work, even after taking the card back out again. What the fuck do I do?
  6. Problem with new build

    Yeah, once it stopped working after I installed the graphics card the first thing I did was take the card back out to see if it was causing the issue.
  7. Problem with new build

    just Ruled out the Power Supply, just going to message the seller of the MoBo that it was DOA.
  8. What one card could be added to Goat Format to make it better?

    Alexandrite Dragon. Light for BLS that kills Exarion.
  9. Problem with new build

    Yeah, I've googled everything. All the standoffs are in. Thermal paste came already applied with the cpu cooler. PSU switch is definitely on, I've checked the cables multiple times now. How would I test to see if I shorted anything? I don't have a spare PSU, and everything local that would have one is closed for the day by now. I tried to grab one about an hour ago at Staples but apparently they don't stock them. Yeah, really hoping it isn't the motherboard either. PSU is a pain but that's better than pulling out the motherboard and redoing everything.
  10. Problem with new build

    Okay so I built a box, first couple power-ons everything is working fine. I install some software with the monitor attached then turn it off to install the graphics card (I didn't have an HDMI cable lying around, so I just hooked the monitor up to the onboard VGA.) When I went to reattach everything and power on again I got nothing. No lights and no fans. I took the GPU out to see if that was somehow causing the issue but still nothing. None of the fans are blocked. I'm guessing it is one of three things, either the motherboard or psu died in the 5 minutes it took to install the graphics card, or I'm a retard, which I really hope is the problem. I attached a picture of the mobo setup if that is useful at all.
  11. You, too, can have an epic gaming PC.

    I guess the "my computer is a potato" excuse will have to become, "my good computer is running Linux and doesn't have a monitor."
  12. You, too, can have an epic gaming PC.

    Swapped over to an i3. The 1080 was only $50 more on newegg than the 1070 so I upgraded there. Went down to a 450W psu because that looks like it should be plenty of power. Thanks for the help. Build ended up around $980 after shipping/sales tax.
  13. You, too, can have an epic gaming PC.

    So more like this? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Ry3LQV My understanding is that the absolute best GPU (on the market) for machine learning right now would be a titan XP, but that's a little out of my price range, and I don't think I've ever seen anybody recommend AMD for machine learning due to CUDA performing better/being more supported than OpenCL. I'm not really big on hardware stuff, so all my knowledge on that front comes from reading a few articles. If you think there's something better than the 1070 in the price range I'd love to hear it. From briefly looking into the Quadro cards they all seem to be expensive for the amount of VRAM, the 8GB quadro card looks to be about $300 more expensive with a slower core clock, so I might be missing something here but I'm not sure where the benefit is there. Why are gaming cards a bad idea? I just threw the cheapest 1070 on pcpartpicker into the build. I shouldn't be CPU bound, but it's a $30 difference for the ryzen which looks to me to be a significantly better chip than something like an i3-6100? Am I just misinterpreting the specs of the chips? When did RAM get so expensive? x.x When I built a box like 8 years ago it was one of the cheapest parts of the build.
  14. You, too, can have an epic gaming PC.

    Machine Learning (Deep Neural Nets, CNNs, etc.) is almost entirely GPU based nowadays. All the linear algebra libraries do the bulk of their processing in the GPU. AMD over Intel wasn't really anything I thought super hard about, and it's certainly not set in stone. The CPU was cheap and looked like it should be good enough to do what I need. Similarly to the CPU argument, it's my understanding that the actual RAM is just used for storing data when the dataset is too large to fit in the video card's memory so you don't need to read from disk as often, and I don't plan on working with huge datasets, mostly trying to do RL stuff which generates data on the fly. I can always upgrade the RAM later, I'm only using 2 of the 4 slots and there's a 32 GB max on the board. I'm not too worried about overclocking, but I had no idea what to go with for the PSU. What would you recommend there? This is going to be a box, with no monitor/keyboard/mouse attached running a juptyer notebook server. I'm not too concerned about USB slots.
  15. You, too, can have an epic gaming PC.

    Not going for gaming, but I'd like to get a 2nd opinion here before I go and waste a bunch of money on a suboptimal build. I'm going to be using it as a budget build for machine learning stuff, so the only set-in-stone thing is that I'd like a video card with as much VRAM as possible. I've been told the 1070 is the best card in the price range, but I'm not sure on basically the entire rest of the build, I kinda just threw together whatever was cheapest/compatible. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/CpNCYr