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  1. Infernity - Discussion

    Apparently you never had mulitple hand traps dropped on you in a single turn... the bit about Debunk that annoys me is that it only stops 1 hand trap.
  2. Zombies

    I do hope you realize that this one isn't that much better?
  3. Infernity - Discussion

    I still wouldn't play this deck without a set of Mind Drains... those hand traps are getting verrrry annoying...
  4. Noble Knight - Discussion

    It's a good card for the mirror, but as long as NK isn't widely played, you're better off siding for other match ups. NK was very hyped for YCS Turin, for example, but only 18 people actually played it. I'm trying to get my hands on a set myself, but only for when that time comes. As NK are now, it's nowhere near complete yet. It's playable, but it just needs support in order to catch up with the other decks. Leaving god hands aside, of course. As it is now, it's still a 2-card-combo deck with minor techs or variety of combos. I'm trying to find out if it can be played as a sub engine alongside another engine, like Heroes back when Medraut was just released.
  5. Noble Knight - Discussion

    You keep bringing us these rumours without actual sources. 'Rumours' based on someone's speculations aren't legit rumours...
  6. Infernity - Discussion

    Being an OP of a discussion thread doesn't say a lot. Especially on pojo. I am the OP of this thread, but I actually don't run the deck anymore.
  7. Noble Knight - Discussion

    Don't get me wrong, I also play Upstarts, Pots and Maxx "C" to search for key cards, which is probably the most consistent and practical way to run the deck as of now. At least I think so, and I know a lot of other people do too. It might change in the future with the release of new cards, though.   On the other hand, Sacred King isn't the only viable win condition of this deck, obviously. Drystan shenanigans with Arfeudutyr or other Arms and MST are just amazing and often forgotten. Gwalch is great for OTK options or to recur back a Gawayn for a quick Rank 4. And even though I fucking love Lady and already have a full playset here at home, I don't run her. I don't think she's viable enough to fully run yet. I used to run a sub engine of Ladies and some other cards. What you get then is a totally different build from the regular one, which is less consistent because there are not enough cards to support her yet. So until then, I'll just hold onto my Ladies and wait for cards that support running her. Hopefully some 'Round Table'/'Camelot' spell that searches stuff, I don't know, something like that. A Stratos-like NK would be cool as well ;p   But for the moment I think it's smart to concentrate on the present, not the (various possible) futures. Getting OTK'd after losing your King sucks dead chicken tits, and I'd like to fix that problem first before I go ahead and think about cards that don't exist yet.
  8. Noble Knight - Discussion

    I did quite some testing today and I came to a very particular conclusion. FYI, I play 3 Maxx "C" 0 Veiler, and there's one problem that I found. If you have a nice field including an xyz with 3+ equips and a backrow for insurance, that's great. But breaking that field happens more often than we want to. At that moment, people usually combo their way to an entire field full of big monsters and kick for game. Maxx "C" is nice, because you can draw the shit out of your deck. But honestly speaking, I don't play any OTK stopping cards. And I haven't seen a single list either who did this. Just playing 2 Scarecrow (for example) could literally save your ass and enable you to come back next turn. People also tend to go into that Maxx "C" effect, because there's nothing you can actually do besides drawing cards.   Just wanted to share this with you guys, partially because I want to keep the discussion going because I love the deck, and partially because it made me think about maining a few Scarecrows alongside the Maxx "C"s that I run. What do you guys think? When the field of that big xyz is broken (and if you're a smart player, using the right cards this isn't that hard) you are very vulnerable, mainly because you don't have a lot of backrows since all those equips take up a lot of space. I was thinking about maining 2 myself, and see how it goes.
  9. Zombies

    My god, your posts are getting worse every time you say something... If you have the time to bitch at people for posting feedback, you might as well write that explanation you're procrastinating so much. Look man, if you don't want any feedback on the deck at all, because it sure as hell looks like it, then don't bother even posting it. Your deck isn't well thought out at all and you ignore every suggestion. If you feel so proud about your shitty deck, go be proud somewhere else. You're not contributing to the forum. Normally I don't mind new users making mistakes and posting in the wrong section etc, but you're just a dick. Seriously.
  10. Noble Knight - Discussion

    That could very well be the case. As Percival is one of the knight who quested for the Grail, and since the other who quested for the Grail (Bors, Gallahad, Mordred) make plusses by gathering cards from the deck and grave etc.
  11. Pushit

      After a quick google search revealing that you are from pojo, and that you are banned from pojo, I question... was it because of posts of this calibre? This.   I also suggest a name change.
  12. Noble Knight - Discussion

    Fuck yes love that list. Dragons are gone and Fate is going to be limited. Is it worth it maining MOF in this? I think that the Normal Summon is very important in here, but after a good turn I don't need it anymore. Might as well set MOF and grab something back.
  13. Infernity - Discussion

    Ok, so Dragons are pretty much out of the picture, except for the people who try to try to revive it somehow. But all other decks are either untouched, or they are going to get better due January. There's going to be another top deck next format, but I doubt it's going to be Infernity. I'd rather call Infernity a rogue deck.
  14. Noble Knights

    Alright, so I tried some stuff today. Maxx is sex, I'll be keeping those guys in for the time being. PWWB is also pretty neat. Pot wasn't bad either. Not really MVP of the day, but not bad. I'm going back to redesigning this shit from scratch probably, since a lot happened. And maybe a lot will change with the next banlist, I dunno... maybe RotA will finally get banned or whatever. I dunno. Anyway, thanks for the tips guys, it helped me out. Just wanted to state that here.
  15. Noble Knights

    A little bit of everything, including Dragons, don't get me wrong. It's just that Dragons isn't like 50% or so around here. More like 15-20%, alongside Prophecy, Constellar, Bujins, Gravekeeper's and Fire Fist. Black Garden Bujins are probably the biggest thing around here.