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  1. You've Got A Friend In Me

    Yeah its certainly a vaible option and was one of the cards I considered along with flash fusion to consistently make you have a quickplay fusion card. The deck tested mediocre though since you don't really have any strong follow ups to a well timed ash. Might mess around with the concept a bit more though.
  2. YCS San Diego - Nov 18/19

    I would recommend playing side events as opposed to the main event if these are concerns. Bathroom you will for sure be disqualified. I doubt they would give you more time in the round as time in rounds does not exist for any other reason than to keep the tournament moving at a solid pace, unfortunately this may not be conducive for you, but they have a set amount of hours that a room can be rented, along with a large amount of players to appease. As for someone playing your cards for you physically as long as said player is absolutely silent, and does not give you any sort of advice, hint, etc this should be allowed. Get in contact with the TO's to make sure. Side events are great fun, and actually can be far more profitable than the main tournament. I would recommend only playing side events to a lot of people, but someone with as serious of a condition as it sounds like you have even more so.
  3. 3 Ash 2 Ogre 2 Droll 1 Reitaliating 1 Maxx 3 Witch 3 Squa 3 Aleister 2 Hedgehog 1 Dragon 3 Ties of The Brethren 3 Instant Fusion 3 Knowledge 2 Secrets 2 Wonder Wand 2 Desires 2 Invocation 2 El Shaddoll Side Deck I have no idea at the moment Extra Deck 1 Brethren Target 1 Thousand Eyes 3 Winda 1 Shek 1 Akashic 1 Proxy 1 Talker 2 Mechaba 2 Raidjin 1 Purg 1 Coytus I was just trying to mess around to see if I could make a deck that can main a shit ton of hand traps, still function properly, and have a good spyral matchup while not completely sucking dick against the other decks of the format. Basically if you open brethren + spellcaster you bring out doll/ witch or whatever piece you are missing, draw a lot of cards, search droll/ maxx/ retaliating set el shaddoll, have winda backed up by a bunch of hand traps. If you don't open brethren you just try to draw through your deck, and play handtrap.invoked deck. Main issue thus far I have ran into with brief testing is drone attack gain is such a minus as you have to discard an aleister in order to keep your winda up so you just don't lose, and that sucks dick, True Draco would probably be the worst matchup as most of your hand traps do nothing there and they give no fucks about winda. Some ideas, side ideas would be appreciated. Kinda want to play allure here so that using invocation as a standard poly is a viable play with the dolls.
  4. after some more fuckig around Vyon + exodius is another 2 card ftk that can be run in here if you just add poly, shadow mist, grave keepers curse/ make beatrice your dump card.
  5. the ftk itself costs all 15 cards in the extra deck, i suppose if i decide the ftk is not worth the space and the fact it loses to hand traps, and just decide to go a link spam route with level eater those are both options.
  6. I agree can definitely be preformed a lot cleaner lol. I would really appriciate it if you or anyone else interested helps me streamline it to 1. make it faster 2. make it simpler 3. find the actual full on "loop" as you can tell I make a lot of it up as I go into terms of what i link into and summoning order.
  7. I Think I finally have the loop fully legal, besides one mishap at around 30 min and the couple of times where I switched a summon order after immediately realizing i fucked up. The point is not me preforming it amazingly yet, it is that it does indeed work, and is a 2 card ftk, that can also add every dark in deck to hand. (with the rank 4 loop you can add 5 cards but only need to add 4).
  8. also really appriciate this man. Don't have many people willing to watch this combo to inform me of my fuck ups.
  9. i'll use an easy example. Lets say I have a monster in my extra deck zone. Now i soul charge bringing back decode talker and a level one. The decode points to their extra deck zone. I then use the level 1 to make link kuriboh in their extra deck zone. Someone else just told me this is illegal but just making sure. I solved the whole link kuriboh tribute issue while still being able to start the loop and i think the aka is not needed at all if this is illegal so I will make new loop video if so.
  10. i was under the assumption that in order to extra link you just need a monster in your extra deck zone, and a link arrow pointing to their extra deck zone. meaning climbing over there at first but once you have made that climb not needing to keep all of them connected. Is this wrong? If so yeah I can just use the aka early as she was more of my "get out of fucning up free" card. I need to figure out that part with L kuriboh then. Sorry if there are dumb mistakes throughout.
  11. ideas on how to make this a real list that can play normal yugioh for when ftk gets stopped or when you don't open it would be appriciated.
  12. So after being informed (thanks) I spent the rest of the day trying to make this ftk still works. It does, unfortunately or fortunately i guess if you are playing to go into time game 1 it takes me around 36 min to preform new combo. Given the video below is only about the 4th time preforming the new combo so I am a bit slow as there are a lot of mini loops within the greater loop. I am sure this loop can also be done far better, and play around any counter burn hand traps to just end with near unbreakable boards,, along with I am almost positive there is a way to add almost every dark monster from your deck to hand, but for now I just went with the simple do 8k T1. Obviously this is assuming link kuriboh is the next jump promo and will come out before level eater gets banned. I am aware this loses to every hand trap commonly played today but I was fucking around with post link kuriboh things and discovered this (I think I discovered this lmk if this is known) Vision hero Vyon + Exodius -Ftk FTK is Grepher + level eater or Grepher + mali 3 card ftk is Arma + level eater/mali + way to discard level eater/ mali arma 2 card ftk is foolish + arma 3 card Arma is One for one + arma+ monster 4 Card grepher is dark, monster, one for one, grepher grepher 3 card ftk is dark + grepher + foolish Obviously monk + Spell Ftk's with mali/ level eater in hand or foolish. Sample list 3 Vision Hero Vyon 3 Exodius 3 Mali 3 level eater 3 Grepher 3 Monk 3 Aknight 1 Gravekeepers Curse 1 Shadow Mist 3 D.D.R 1 Foolish 1 One for One 1 Rota 1 Poly 1 Upstart 9 slots open for more a knight discards/ draw cards/ cards that make it so if you draw the shadow mist/ multiple mali etc/ Soul charge/ whatever 15 (all are used) 3 Firewall 3 Tri-gate 3 Kuriboh 3 proxy 1 akashic magician 1 D- hero deadlyguy 1 beatrice With new list you basically win when you have 2 exodius level eater on board as that is when loop starts. I can upload vyon ftk video (grepher and A knoght are reltively the same except no longer needing destrudo) if people want it.
  13. Zefra

    Been wanting to test zefra myself for a while as its interactions with set rotation and splashing in another relivent field spell along with searching hand traps seems really good. idk much about it tbh, have you tested the resonator version of the deck at all?
  14. Trickstar OTK

    While not really trickstar based I have been testing this to some success (obviously only going first 3 Gofu 1 quickdraw or tricky 3 Droll 3 Eater of millions 1 Candina 2 Ly 3 Sangan 1 Tour Guide 1 Gemknight 3 Instant 3 Trickstar field spell 3 Brilliant 3 Where arf thou 2 Terraforming 2 Present Card 3 Reincarnation 3 Disturbance Extra deck: 2 Proxy Dragons 2 spider 1 Raidiant 1 ultimaya 1 Crystal 1 Durandel 1 level 1 fusion that burns based on itself level 1 raidjin or any lvl 5 tbh 1 gemknight 4 cards of choice either more copies to banish for eater or other shit that could be useful, I just play more copies for eater and a talker. The idea is obviously the droll and lock combo with the ability to still burn with ly if you don't open droll. It opens droll pretty consistently between sangan/ where arf thou/ hard open. Instant fusion is a where arf thou +500 burn not thats too relivent or rank 5 fodder for durandel or a body to proxy search with sangan if you open the traps instead of needing durandel. Brilliant gives you two ly or Ly trap or sangan search trap search. gofu + brilliant or gofu + instant is an ultimaya as well if you did not open combo. If there is a better card that quickdraw or the tricky that does not conflict with gofu lmk. Idk how to deal with going second, thinking just side board into big kaiju set and board wipes along with hand traps, siding out the whole droll combo and just kinda play kaiju control I guess?