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  1. Brasic on DN. Add for some games on Goats or other legacy formats.
  2. add Brasic on DN to play. I didn't join in time but I'm down for goats whenever.
  3. Prisma/Hero Lives/Tiger engine is what makes GBs really good. Forcing a Gyzarus play repeatedly is win. I'd cut some of the traps as well as cards like Duality.    Duality doesn't do anything for the deck. Any good play the deck makes involves Special Summoning. It's either going to slow you down from winning or help you lose more.   Drop Proving Grounds for 1 E - Calls / 2 A Hero Lives. Tenki can search most GBs and E-Calls will pick up Prisma.   I'd reconsider cards like Dark Hole and Torrential Tribute. Again, the deck can play reactively without forcing an empty field. The only cards Dark Hole and TT hit are cards that you already should have answers for.
  4. I felt the opposite lol. All I could do was set a monster vs. Chiron. I just kept drawing straight monsters while you were able to DDWL/Exile/Nox. It's all good. Game 1 was pretty nasty tho.
  5. 1-2 to Trynet. All monsters and a Dust Tornado g3 vs. something I couldn't overpower.   ggs.
  6. on4games to anyone who just wants to play casually before next round.
  7. Won vs iSlickz ggs
  8. islickz, I added you. I'll be on later this evening :O
  9. Oh and add me to these pairings! :O
  10. Ragnarok - Brasic   also anyone who wants to play now Add me and play today!
  11. I like that better than Marron actually lmao. Dimension Wall is good, the problem is that I have to take damage. It seems like it would work 50% of the time. I'll test extras, I just want to be non reliant on them attacking me. There becomes a point where they just stop lol
  12. Duality was originally in here, it was cut for Shard. Both are good, I just found it a little unnecessary. It could be added in the future though. The idea is just try to open CyDra+Monster. Push 2100. Then 3 of any combination of Reflect Bounder or Cylinder means game. Chain Burn stops plays but is moreso the icing on the cake. I'm open to adding Dualities again, but I'd rather + with Shard and bait an MST. Need to find another cut.
  13. I also dropped Gale for Grand Mole. He's a better out to synchro/xyz cards and u have more room in my extra deck for everything I need.