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  1. Hello brethren 
  2. Same venue as the last one or is this downtown?
  3. [quote name="Urthor" post="3549805" timestamp="1376539339"][quote name="Relianah" post="3549416" timestamp="1376512477"][quote name="IAmTheGreat" post="3549408" timestamp="1376512294"] The confirmed list isnt even out yet and youre making this thread? Really? [/quote] stop being a faggot, he's actually trying to help out the community, p sure it's a quick fix if this list that most of org are willing to put their reputation on the line for, ends up being fake.[/quote]   The best intentions don't make a thread good, OP is terribly written and filled with bad choices.  I'd easily want this thread to just not exist than have a very low quality thread from some random who thinks Power Filter is a viable YGO card.  It's just diluting DGz and encourage random members to come out and shit post in a conga line of awfulness.     [quote name="Goofy Master" post="3549724" timestamp="1376533792"][quote name="Reallysecret" post="3549648" timestamp="1376529560"]   [quote name="Goofy Master" post="3549633" timestamp="1376528773"] I think power filter has potential. [/quote] And it would shut off goats   Power Filter Would be good against Plants Phantom Beasts and 3axis Thanks![/quote][/quote]   Yeah let's start with actually showing us the card Power filter's really subpar for a floodgate card for a start, it isn't chainable and can't disrupt plays in your opponent's turn like Macrocosmos/Rivaly/Gozen/Mistake, and it doesn't offer what dfissure and level limit have done in the past which is bring an appreciable advantage the turn it was dropped, i.e. locking out hand traps and swinging the battle position of your oponents cards so you can run them over.   Then it's a floodgate card, locks your opp down for a bit, maybe, if the don't drop a MST and go off anyway.     It doesn't even do what it's meant to do well, like idk if you've looked at a 3-axis list but the deck has inf plays that don't involve special summoning a card with under 1k, it's actually awful vs that matchup.  [/quote] Random? Who the fuck are you?
  4. [quote name="Reallysecret" post="3549648" timestamp="1376529560"][quote name="Goofy Master" post="3549633" timestamp="1376528773"]I think power filter has potential.[/quote] And it would shut off goats   Power Filter Would be good against Plants Phantom Beasts and 3axis Thanks![/quote]
  5. I think power filter has potential.
  6. Love the album
  7. GO HOBAN!!!!!
  8. If Drake started from the bottom where the fuck am I at!
  9. Really? It's a fucking regional
  10. [quote name='noworldforeric' timestamp='1356922609' post='3360264'] [url=""]http://www.complex.c...stalgia?r=mobre[/url] My homie P. Blackk just got a feature on Complex. Pretty awesome. He deserves a lot of attention. So you guys should check out his new project, just dropped at midnight. My homie from high school Fab A is on two tracks and he kills it. J. Rawls produced the whole mixtape. It's sick. [/quote] Does P.Black have braids? I think I was watching a couple of his videos he was pretty filthy
  11. Good job. What did the dragunity build look like?
  12. ;/
  13. Fuck you guys lol Good job Kyle!