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  1. I'm going to vegas for the first time next month for a week. I want to learn as much about poker as humanly possible within that time spam. Does anyone have any basic rules of thumb or know of the better websites to study from? I know several members used to play heavy poker. I realize a month isn't long but i plan to try my best.
  2. Alright I have it downloaded now thank you. Also if you still knew where the Bedford Reader 12th Edition was I would really appreciate that if you didn't mind. I asked my professor today and it's basically the same thing until the end.
  3. Alright I downloaded the first book so you can remove it. Yeah it's by Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers. I would really appreciate the link for that as well. Unfortunately the 13th edition is the one I need but don't worry about it man you've helped me enough with the first two. I really appreciate it
  4. Hi. So I ordered my Quarter's book of Amazon a little while ago and there was an issue so I won't be getting them on time. I have my first few homework assignments coming up at 8am and I would hate to not be able to have them already and be that guy. I'm currently trying to locate them online in like a pdf format so I can at least download them and do the work. However I'm retarded with this stuff and I keep running into weird stuff downloading or just not finding them. I don't expect anyone to find all 3 however It would be the bee's knees if anyone could help locate any of them for me. "How to think about weird things 7th edition. Critical thinking for a new age." "A Writer's Reference 8th edition" "The Bedford Reader 13th edition"
  5. The amount of people that coin out their patches turn 1 when they draw it is crazy.
  6. Gang Up is stupid. All you have to do is draw it since Patches comes out anyway. Shuffle in 3 Patches then any pirate gets 3 from the deck lol.
  7. I'm not really an expert at this but from what my app shows (My fitness pal) not sure if thats a good one or not but its the one I have I'm short about 30g of protein, about 20g of fat but I'm way over in my carbs. Having too little fat surely couldn't be that bad though. I suppose I could add some more turkey bacon to my breakfast. What's the best place to count your macros? I'm totally willing to fine point my diet to what it needs to be I just have to where I can find out what I need for it.
  8. I've been on this "diet" for about 2 weeks or so now and I really like it. I can stick to it without trouble but I'm wondering if it's really going to work? I'm 5'6 and about 170. I haven't really lost any weight in the past two weeks ive been doing this but I do feel better. Which is nice but I want to lose weight as well. I used to eat whatever the fuck I wanted so this is "better" but im not sure if its good for weight loss. Breakfast: For Breakfast I usually eat 3 scrambled eggs 1 slice of turkey bacon a handful of mushrooms some mixed cabbage all stirred together with hot sauce. Sometimes a banana/Orange too. Lunch: I've been prepping my meals for lunch 2 frozen chicken strips / 1 Breast about a cup of brown rice mushrooms mixed cabbage hot sauce Dinner: Grilled Salmon salad with mushrooms (light buffalo ranch dressing) corn on the cob Red's wing hot sauce is amazing I filled my house with stuff fruits and veggies that way when I get stoned at night I munch on stuff like carrots or apples/Oranges. It's at least better than bags of chips I used to do. I get all my items are "healthy" but is eating eggs, chicken AND salmon everyday going to hurt my weight loss goal? I'm open to change anything that doesn't help I'm just not sure if I'm hitting the correct nutrients for my goal to work.
  9. Well I mean what deck are you playing?
  10. Just beat Trump on ladder. I feel bad because It was with Shaman but w/e. It's always neat when I play against a top named player.
  11. Anyone else use deck tracker? Some might consider it an unfair advantage but meh. I just recently downloaded it and it seems pretty cool. It helps me keep track of which card is mulled and which cards are left in my deck so I don't have to keep writing them down. Especially when I'm playing stoned. Also this Discard Zoo deck is pretty insane. So far I've only been playing an hour before work this morning and I'm 13-2 with it going from rank 9-5 pretty easy. 2 Abusive Sergeant 2 Flame Imp 2 Malchezar's Imp 2 Possessed Vilager 2 Soulfire 2 Voidwalker 2 Dark Peddler 2 Darkshire Librarian 2 Dire Wolf Alpha 2 Knife Juggler 2 Darkshire Councilmen 2 Imp Gang Boss 2 Silverware Golem 2 Defender of Argus 2 Doomguard The list seems pretty standard. Sometimes Silverware seems meh but if I cut 1 copy I'd want to cut both and that's not happening. Darkshire is still fucking bonkers so idk how some people don't play him in their version. I'm not sure how good this deck is to climb from 5 on up without the win streaks but I think this deck can get you to 5 pretty fucking quick if you're having trouble getting to that point.
  12. Although Sleeves look pretty fucking sick. I guess it depends on your profession
  13. Well saying something is useless if milled is and never was a valid point for excluding a card. Too many normal summons is the only concern that matters
  14. You guys might not agree with Beast Druid in constructed but I'm finding it to be very very good in Arena. I haven't played Arena in forever until a few days ago and both times I drafted Druid I made a Beast/Dragon variant and it seemed almost unfair. First time I went 10-3 second time 11-3 and it wasn't even close until the 7-8 win range. Warden creates insane swings and unlike constructed they don't have an answer to your big pushes 90% of the time. I literally just drafted all the Beast and Dragon synergies I could get. Maybe I got lucky and got double Warden both times but it was ez.