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  1. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    I'm thinking about downloading this. Would it still be fun and worth the time or did the prime of this game already pass?
  2. Serious question - Yugioh deaths

    and drugs are awesome but only used responsibly
  3. Serious question - Yugioh deaths

    Many people played yugioh in its prime and loads of people die everyday. There's no conspiracy besides most people who played yugioh probably never took care of themselves and died from being overweight and having health problems. I wouldn't say most "yugioh" players are obese. I'd say most people are.
  4. Is cutting hair a sport? I totally wanna fuck the chick who cuts my hair.
  5. Favorite card?

    DoomCaliber Knight
  6. Burning Abyss

    BLS is at 2?? wtf
  7. Psychoanalysis & Circles

    solid ygo advice
  8. Favorite card?

    Maybe he's really passionate. Don't hate
  9. Anti-Goat

    Royal Decree seems much better than Jinzo. It's not a tribute and can't be book'd/Tsuk or anything like that. MST is about it.
  10. Almost got jumped; buying a gun.

    hey have u considered moving
  11. Anti-Goat

    this was a fun deck back in the day. I played it at like 1 or 2 regionals i think
  12. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    I'm just worried about the future films. All the old characters that people care about are gone and i think some interest will die down. Yeah there's Kylo and Ren, but ok.
  13. Jesus. What happened to just T-setting Dekoichi and Bottomless.
  14. So I’m the manager at a cell phone store and I have to hire someone after my last guy left. To put things into perspective it’s just me and a 22 year old black kid, but he’s alright. My options are between these two people: 1 kind of unattractive dude but he has cell experience and seems like he knows what he’s doing. He likes to take control of conversations which is good in sales Or 1 pretty hot 25 year old chick who’s never been in sales before but seems like a smart person who is willing to learn. the dude is a good salesmen which is nice but I kinda don’t want 3 dudes working in the store it would be nice to have a girl in there to help spruce up the place. Plus people like talking to pretty girls so that will help her sale. I don’t know if that will compensate for his experience but it might. What’s better for a business? The girl isn’t some bimbo so don’t think that. She’s had a solid interview and seemed Intelligent she just happens to be pretty hot. Experience is experience though.
  15. I recently moved to a new state and I don't know very many people. I have a month off right now from school and basically the rest of my time is downtime. Even when I'm at work my store is pretty dead for the most part so I have 5 out of the 8 hours to do whatever I want really with minor breaks in-between. I've been just going to work then going home. Sometimes to the gym, but that life is getting pretty stale. When I don't do anything productive for a while I get angsty. I used to sit at home all day and play video games in the past, but I'm kinda over those behaviors for the most part (unless something crazy good comes out obv.) My question is this; What are some good things to do/learn with all of this downtime? I don't mean things like "watch rick and morty" or "get better at league" etc. I mean things that would equate to real life skills and be a positive impact on life. Right now the only things coming to mind is learning the guitar or trying to re-learn spanish or something, but I'm unsure. Maybe other people have some decent ideas!