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  1. I sold all of my stuff when Battle came out but I'm thinking about picking the game back up. I'm mainly looking for something on the cheaper side until I start racking up packs and better cards from fnms. I was thinking GW Humans maybe? Tom Ross's White Weenie deck is losing a lot of stuff come September and I figured maybe green could be good? We have Hamlet Champions and maybe a number of Grace Champion. Sigarda could be a good sideboard card as well.
  2. If I wanted to get back into playing again (Just locals and Regionals sometimes) What's the cheapest deck I can play to actually stand a chance? I'm assuming that Monarch Explosion would be the absolute cheapest. However what would be the best option besides Explosion?
  3. Anyone have this issue come up? Hearthstone was working last night but this morning when I load it up it says: Switching to resolution 144x0 failed, trying lower one All resolution switches have failed Screen: could not switch resolution (144x0 fs=0 hz=0) I've googled it and it said to go to my battlenet options and reset to default. I did that and it still doesn't work. I don't see how it's anything though since it was working last night. idk
  4. Holy shit Swain is busted. You can literally 1v3 after Ages+Zona and 1v5 after Rylias.
  5. So how can I go about signing up for tournaments and all that? After playing for a while I now finally have everything where I can build multiple fully built decks and want to try taking it a little further. I've google'd it but it didn't help out too much. If you could give me a basic rundown? I could try and find the rest of the information I just need to know where to start.
  6. Ammit if you're still playing Cthun Rogue test out Bladed Cultist. They've been working pretty well for me as it's only early drop and kinda works late game too. Turn 1 a 1\2 can still contest other early drops but it's not hard to get the combo off on it either making it a zombie chow with no downside. It also gives me something early to do with a Shafpwstep if drawn early. Shadow is broke but it sucks drawing them too soon and it lets Blade trade then replay it as a 2/3. Idk if in the long run theyll be kept but they are certainly pretty good and I'm liking them.
  7. I'm really liking double ragnaros control paladin more than the Nzoth one. I mean besides Slyvanas I don't really care much about getting the other deathrattles back. I personally thinking using the stand alone better paladin cards is much better. Ragnaros the Lightlord is also nutso
  8. Not even the almighty C'Thun can stop me.
  9. I'm trying a copy of Perdition's Blade and I suggest you try one as well. It's basically like semi mini clear as it usually clears a minion with the ping and one if the first swing. I've liked 1 copy in the C'thun version.
  10. The only thing about Rogue is that I wish I had some bigger board clears. I have premium single target removal but the mass removal is a bit lacking.
  11. Not Emperor T. The new 7 drop Taunt. Jesus it's so hard to use dgz from my phone with these changes.
  12. I'm still playing Teachers in mine and I think you should too. Its still super easy to trigger and helps swarm the board and gives you another angle to win the game. Its good for the same basic reasons as before. Although I also like it vs other Cthun decks because it can help soak up extra damage with her students. Also you should be playing emperor in any Cthun deck id imagine. Do you really need the second Blade of Cthun? He's very good but 1 has been fine for me.
  13. I've seen a few Evolution list play Volcanic Drakes. Pretty easy to make it a low costed 6 drop. Have you tried it?
  14. Might play Wild Pyromancer though that way I have a way to fight back if I lose board control.