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  1. What do you guys usually play from the rank 5 to legend grind? I only have like 2 more days until the season is over and I wanna try to hit it. Do you guys usually play Aggressive decks to grind out more games or just play whatever you're most comfortable with? I've been playing Miracle Rogue with double Arcane Giants but I'm not sure if that'll get there constantly. I'm pretty in love with the new Miracle Deck though. I think Shadow Step was pretty decent before but now it's insane with Barnes as well. I've Barnes + Shadow Step things like Si Agent/Leeroy/Xill a shit load of times. I think It's one of the best decks for Barnes I've played. Sure I can't randomly win by Barns'ing a Ragnaros/Tirion/Sylvanas but every monster the deck can Barnes is good so I think it's more consistent. Drake/Blood gives spell power for all the backstabs/Eves. Barnes hitting Gadget with Coin is pretty good and hitting Tomb Pillager is always good. The worst thing I can hit is one of the Arcane Giants. Does anyone have any edits that they can see though? I know the deck isn't perfect but I'm really liking it and would like it to be the best it can. Drawing the entire deck and dropping 3 or lower cost Giants along with whatever else you're doing is usually game. The deck is usually pretty good at deciding if I'm going to be the one controlling the game or If I'll be the aggressor but I feel like unless I get on the offensve vs decks like Secret Hunter or Aggro Pally I can get rushed down to early since I'm not running any Farseer. I thnk I should play a copy of Farseer though? I'm not too sure. I sometimes struggle against Resurrect Priest if they get a good curve since my spells are less effective but I think that goes for most decks. I'm thinking I don't need both copies of Giant and 1 will be enough but at the same time it's such a powerful card and this deck runs through spells fairly quickly BUT it does sometimes (rarely but just enough to be noticeable) fuck up the flow of the deck in the early stages before you get going. It makes loaded monster hands like Edwin/Drake/Conceal/Giant even worse. 2 Backstab 2 Preparation 1 Shadow Step 1 Cold Blood 1 Conceal 1 Deadly Poison 1 Bloodmage Thalanos 2 Eviscerate 2 Sap 1 Edwin VanCleef 2 Fan of Knives 1 Shadow Strike 2 SI:7 Agent 1 Barnes 2 Tomb Pillager 1 Xaril, Poisoned Mind 2 Azure Drake 1 Leeroy Jenkins 2 Gadgetzan Auctioneer 2 Arcane Giant
  2. Did he at LEAST play a Taunt afterwards to pretend like he knew what he was doing lol
  3. I swear to god every other match on ladder right now is against beat druid
  4. Maybe I'm the one in the wrong but I don't like the midrangy Beast Druid type deck. I'd rather play more of a token based Druid like we've been playing with a Splash of Beast like Tigers and the 6drop.
  5. I mean I get Druid of the Flame is a beast but it's pretty below average. Especially since you aren't playing Fandral. Also play Fandral
  6. 2 Arcane Anomaly 2 Argent Squire 2 Blessing of Might 2 Divine Strength 2 Selfless Hero 2 Worgen Infiltrator 2 Argent Protector 2 Bilefin Tidehunter 2 Twisted Worgen 2 Divine Favor 1 Moroes 2 Rallying Blade 2 Steward of Darkness 1 Blessing of Kings 2 Keeper of Uldaman 1 Truesilver Champion 1 Tirion Fordring This has been a pretty sweet aggresive deck I've been using. Sometimes I can just lose to a well timed Swipe or Pyromancer but if they don't have them the game is pretty one sided in my favor. Moroes has been way way better than expected. The only things I'm considered with is my 4 drop slots. I kinda of want to play 2 copies of Blessing/Champion but it seems like cutting a low drop isn't the best. I also want to test Fijora Lightbane. With Blessing/Divine/Blessing it seems decent but it might not be the most "aggressive" card. Not sure
  7. I've been seeing it used in the Secret Hunter decks to some success. But in the aggro version I'd rather the tracking be another more aggressive card.
  8. Damn. I was hoping for a non mmo FF game.
  9. I haven't played any final fantasy games since the XIII Trilogy. So idk about all these 14's and 15s and things you guys speak of. Have I missed anything that really makes too much of a difference?
  10. Just play the Divine Shield Pally and use them in there. It gets buffed by Darkshire so it fits in the deck pretty well. Solid 1drop that sometimes gets a free shield and sometimes gets really big.
  11. Can I just please say how much I fucking hate that Selfless Hero can give a minion that already has Divine shield... divine shield. So many times I'll have 3+ monsters on board and they kill him and he gives shield to someone who already has it.
  12. I really like the Essence Flux + Reflector Mage sideboard. Against decks with Avacyn or Sylvan you can basically infinite Reflector Mages and keep them off the board. It also makes your counter spells better when you're behind which is something this deck needs. Not including the other applications Flux can usually have.
  13. I sold all of my stuff when Battle came out but I'm thinking about picking the game back up. I'm mainly looking for something on the cheaper side until I start racking up packs and better cards from fnms. I was thinking GW Humans maybe? Tom Ross's White Weenie deck is losing a lot of stuff come September and I figured maybe green could be good? We have Hamlet Champions and maybe a number of Grace Champion. Sigarda could be a good sideboard card as well.
  14. If I wanted to get back into playing again (Just locals and Regionals sometimes) What's the cheapest deck I can play to actually stand a chance? I'm assuming that Monarch Explosion would be the absolute cheapest. However what would be the best option besides Explosion?