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  1. Well I mean what deck are you playing?
  2. Just beat Trump on ladder. I feel bad because It was with Shaman but w/e. It's always neat when I play against a top named player.
  3. Anyone else use deck tracker? Some might consider it an unfair advantage but meh. I just recently downloaded it and it seems pretty cool. It helps me keep track of which card is mulled and which cards are left in my deck so I don't have to keep writing them down. Especially when I'm playing stoned. Also this Discard Zoo deck is pretty insane. So far I've only been playing an hour before work this morning and I'm 13-2 with it going from rank 9-5 pretty easy. 2 Abusive Sergeant 2 Flame Imp 2 Malchezar's Imp 2 Possessed Vilager 2 Soulfire 2 Voidwalker 2 Dark Peddler 2 Darkshire Librarian 2 Dire Wolf Alpha 2 Knife Juggler 2 Darkshire Councilmen 2 Imp Gang Boss 2 Silverware Golem 2 Defender of Argus 2 Doomguard The list seems pretty standard. Sometimes Silverware seems meh but if I cut 1 copy I'd want to cut both and that's not happening. Darkshire is still fucking bonkers so idk how some people don't play him in their version. I'm not sure how good this deck is to climb from 5 on up without the win streaks but I think this deck can get you to 5 pretty fucking quick if you're having trouble getting to that point.
  4. Well saying something is useless if milled is and never was a valid point for excluding a card. Too many normal summons is the only concern that matters
  5. You guys might not agree with Beast Druid in constructed but I'm finding it to be very very good in Arena. I haven't played Arena in forever until a few days ago and both times I drafted Druid I made a Beast/Dragon variant and it seemed almost unfair. First time I went 10-3 second time 11-3 and it wasn't even close until the 7-8 win range. Warden creates insane swings and unlike constructed they don't have an answer to your big pushes 90% of the time. I literally just drafted all the Beast and Dragon synergies I could get. Maybe I got lucky and got double Warden both times but it was ez.
  6. If I still played ygo irl that would be fucking awesome
  7. 2 Inervate 2 Enchanted Raven 2 Living Roots 2 Druid of the Saber 2 Mark of the Wild 2 Mark of Yas 1 Druid of the Flame 2 Jungle Panther 2 Savage Roar 2 Savage Combatant 2 Swipe 2 Azure Drake 2 Druid of the Claw 2 Stranglethorn Tiger 2 Menagerie Warden 1 The Curator This is Kolento's Beast Druid deck just with Mark of the Wilds over the Wild Growths. Granted I'm only rank 13 right now but I'm like 9-1 with the deck right now and most of the games aren't even close. I was trying growth for the first few games but it just seemed lackluster. I might just be acting like a baddie since it is "wild growth" but 90% of the time I have it in my hand I'd rather play on curve minions and Growth literally just sits there. The deck doesn't really get to turn10 to cycle either. I've been trying Marks over them since it helps vs all the aggressive decks/Tempo mage on ladder plus it makes Warden a little stronger. It's dead without a creature on board but I mean Growth isn't MUCH better in those situations. Although maybe Mark isn't the best choice in that slot? Anyone have any cool techs they've been using in their version? I've been considering Mulch/Wrath but idk.
  8. Win-More cards are generally not cards you should use. I feel like you don't know what the term means because It doesn't mean when you put it into your deck you win more often.
  9. Are you kidding or just a dummy?
  10. I haven't played ygo in god knows how long. But it's cool af that Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a pretty good deck. GJ ygo. All we need now is for Dark Magician decks to be cool again.
  11. If only we had a Plaguespreader Zombie type effect
  12. I understand Barnes is "random" but 99.9% of the time I Barnes in Druid I get Arcane Giant. It doesn't matter if Giant is the only bad target or not. I simply always get Giant and it pisses me off.
  13. Wrath game too stronk
  14. Maly should not be a priority. It's a cool legendary that creates a few cool deck strategy's but I wouldn't prioritize it over things like Blood/Sylvanas. For Druid I feel like Fandral is overall more important since it's used in most list. Edwin and Vandal are probably the most important class specific legends since you own Tirion
  15. What do you guys usually play from the rank 5 to legend grind? I only have like 2 more days until the season is over and I wanna try to hit it. Do you guys usually play Aggressive decks to grind out more games or just play whatever you're most comfortable with? I've been playing Miracle Rogue with double Arcane Giants but I'm not sure if that'll get there constantly. I'm pretty in love with the new Miracle Deck though. I think Shadow Step was pretty decent before but now it's insane with Barnes as well. I've Barnes + Shadow Step things like Si Agent/Leeroy/Xill a shit load of times. I think It's one of the best decks for Barnes I've played. Sure I can't randomly win by Barns'ing a Ragnaros/Tirion/Sylvanas but every monster the deck can Barnes is good so I think it's more consistent. Drake/Blood gives spell power for all the backstabs/Eves. Barnes hitting Gadget with Coin is pretty good and hitting Tomb Pillager is always good. The worst thing I can hit is one of the Arcane Giants. Does anyone have any edits that they can see though? I know the deck isn't perfect but I'm really liking it and would like it to be the best it can. Drawing the entire deck and dropping 3 or lower cost Giants along with whatever else you're doing is usually game. The deck is usually pretty good at deciding if I'm going to be the one controlling the game or If I'll be the aggressor but I feel like unless I get on the offensve vs decks like Secret Hunter or Aggro Pally I can get rushed down to early since I'm not running any Farseer. I thnk I should play a copy of Farseer though? I'm not too sure. I sometimes struggle against Resurrect Priest if they get a good curve since my spells are less effective but I think that goes for most decks. I'm thinking I don't need both copies of Giant and 1 will be enough but at the same time it's such a powerful card and this deck runs through spells fairly quickly BUT it does sometimes (rarely but just enough to be noticeable) fuck up the flow of the deck in the early stages before you get going. It makes loaded monster hands like Edwin/Drake/Conceal/Giant even worse. 2 Backstab 2 Preparation 1 Shadow Step 1 Cold Blood 1 Conceal 1 Deadly Poison 1 Bloodmage Thalanos 2 Eviscerate 2 Sap 1 Edwin VanCleef 2 Fan of Knives 1 Shadow Strike 2 SI:7 Agent 1 Barnes 2 Tomb Pillager 1 Xaril, Poisoned Mind 2 Azure Drake 1 Leeroy Jenkins 2 Gadgetzan Auctioneer 2 Arcane Giant