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  1. Troop Dup Format - March 2007

    I was at that SJC. I remember wasting a ton of money to get a playset of Crystal Seers at the prerelease because it was supposed to be the hot new card in Apprentice Monarchs then it ended up sucking. I vaguely remember some people playing the baboon deck. I wanna say Jeff and a few others were playing it. It's a shame it got nerfed. I think baboon burn was a deck a few months/years (i dont remember) later and that was a fun deck
  2. at what age were you deflowered?

    I had sex when I was 16. Some might say that's young but it seems fine for me. Kids these fucking at 13 smh
  3. Yugioh Section

    At this point you're just lucky the yugioh section exist
  4. Character Deck Help

    There's a LOT of people looking for you.
  5. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Does anyone care about this anymore?
  6. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Just got to chapter 9. I'm in love with game so far. My poor man heart melted when I got to the Church scene after the second reactor. It made me feel things.
  7. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Played for about 3 hours last night. I got to the start of chapter 3. I'm liking it so far. We'll see how the new aspects of the story play out
  8. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Bold of you to assume we'd have all parts by 2026.
  9. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    The Demo is only like 20 minutes long. I was worried about it ruining it but nah. Its only up to right after the scorpion boss. Game seemed fun. My only worry is that ff7 didn't start getting amazing until AFTER midgar when we had access to the world map. So hopefully this first game doesnt feel dragged out and forced.
  10. who the fuck is this kid

    Fuck Quack
  11. Anyone playing Pokémon Sword/Shield

    I think the best way to go is just use other people's teams that you like since it saves about 100 hours worth of grinding. If you look online or youtube you can check for team ID numbers and you know the pros have their pokemon EV trained properly.
  12. what are you doing with your life in 2020

    I'm not really sure. I have a semi decent job, I live with my girlfriend, we have a dog etc. Everything is pretty nice, but it's kinda boring. I haven't made any actual life improvements in a while. I'm hoping I can figure something out and get some motivation. Right now I feel like going to work and heading home everyday doesn't make more much progression.
  13. Pot of Counter Traps

    I remember back in the day that these decks were fun but were kinda bad. Is it the same case nowadays too?
  14. What games are you currently playing?

    Probably not in a vacuum. But I mean at some point it's nice to play a different game rather than beating the same games over and over. The story is cute for what it is. Plus there's a ton of characters from every final fantasy. Being able to use teams with a mix-match from all my favorites has been enjoyable. Being able to see people like Zidane hitting on Yuna is entertaining and seeing Sephiroth and Kefka interact etc. Just a lot of cool novelty stuff that you wouldn't really get anywhere else.
  15. What games are you currently playing?

    Final Fantasy Opera Omnia has been the first phone game that I've held interest for over 2 weeks. It's a pretty decent thing to play when laying in bed or watching Netflix without having to invest your whole TV