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  1. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    I see a lot of people hating on Gold Sarcophagus. I think it's too slow to play multiples but I've been liking 1 copy in certain decks. Being able to search Treacherous Trap Hole seems not too shabby. I agree with Slyvans. Even now I wouldn't say it was undoubtedly the best and it for significant weaker. Amazoness lost both econs most likely. I'm guessing if the battle phase becomes bigger than we could just add extra copies of Offering/Super Rush. Spellbooks are fine I guess I just don't want to go though the mini box a 3rd time.
  2. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Any thoughts on the new ban/limited list?
  3. Turn A Video Game Into A Film

    Why hasnt there been a Metroid (Samus) Movie? I'm sure it missed it's chance but it would of been awesome.
  4. Stop wasting time playing video games and eating shit food. don't be so scared to take chances. being introverted is boring af. take the gym seriously.
  5. 0 atk monsters

    If something with 0 attack is destroyed by battle while in attack position he takes all of the difference in attack points as damage.
  6. Help with Blue Eyes deck

    I would start with 3 copies of Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
  7. Sylvan - Discussion

    Sylvans are retarded. It's the best Pvp deck and if you add a Winged Dragon of Ra it becomes the best farming deck. They can do it all.
  8. In one of my classes we drew topics out of a hat for our research papers. I ended up getting one of the most difficult ones (i think) on finding information for. I have to figure out and argue how the Death Penalty negatively affects the sustainability of the environment. My professor is well aware that the topic is more of a difficult one and is willing to give me some slack as long as I can come up with some creative ideas for it. I've done a little bit of research so far and I'm not seeing a whole lot of correlation between the two. If anyone can help me think of some ideas I can expand on that would be the tits. I just need some decent ideas to spring off of.
  9. N64 Olympics

    Every game is multiplayer if you take turns.
  10. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    I'm thinking about downloading this. Would it still be fun and worth the time or did the prime of this game already pass?
  11. Serious question - Yugioh deaths

    and drugs are awesome but only used responsibly
  12. Serious question - Yugioh deaths

    Many people played yugioh in its prime and loads of people die everyday. There's no conspiracy besides most people who played yugioh probably never took care of themselves and died from being overweight and having health problems. I wouldn't say most "yugioh" players are obese. I'd say most people are.
  13. Is cutting hair a sport? I totally wanna fuck the chick who cuts my hair.
  14. Favorite card?

    DoomCaliber Knight
  15. Burning Abyss

    BLS is at 2?? wtf