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  1. Anti-Goat

    Royal Decree seems much better than Jinzo. It's not a tribute and can't be book'd/Tsuk or anything like that. MST is about it.
  2. Almost got jumped; buying a gun.

    hey have u considered moving
  3. Anti-Goat

    this was a fun deck back in the day. I played it at like 1 or 2 regionals i think
  4. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    I'm just worried about the future films. All the old characters that people care about are gone and i think some interest will die down. Yeah there's Kylo and Ren, but ok.
  5. Jesus. What happened to just T-setting Dekoichi and Bottomless.
  6. So I’m the manager at a cell phone store and I have to hire someone after my last guy left. To put things into perspective it’s just me and a 22 year old black kid, but he’s alright. My options are between these two people: 1 kind of unattractive dude but he has cell experience and seems like he knows what he’s doing. He likes to take control of conversations which is good in sales Or 1 pretty hot 25 year old chick who’s never been in sales before but seems like a smart person who is willing to learn. the dude is a good salesmen which is nice but I kinda don’t want 3 dudes working in the store it would be nice to have a girl in there to help spruce up the place. Plus people like talking to pretty girls so that will help her sale. I don’t know if that will compensate for his experience but it might. What’s better for a business? The girl isn’t some bimbo so don’t think that. She’s had a solid interview and seemed Intelligent she just happens to be pretty hot. Experience is experience though.
  7. I recently moved to a new state and I don't know very many people. I have a month off right now from school and basically the rest of my time is downtime. Even when I'm at work my store is pretty dead for the most part so I have 5 out of the 8 hours to do whatever I want really with minor breaks in-between. I've been just going to work then going home. Sometimes to the gym, but that life is getting pretty stale. When I don't do anything productive for a while I get angsty. I used to sit at home all day and play video games in the past, but I'm kinda over those behaviors for the most part (unless something crazy good comes out obv.) My question is this; What are some good things to do/learn with all of this downtime? I don't mean things like "watch rick and morty" or "get better at league" etc. I mean things that would equate to real life skills and be a positive impact on life. Right now the only things coming to mind is learning the guitar or trying to re-learn spanish or something, but I'm unsure. Maybe other people have some decent ideas!
  8. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    What has ygo become
  9. So, I work at a phone store and last night two people came in around closing time. While I was escorting one of them to the restroom the other one stole my phone off the charger and ran out with it. At first I was just gonna chalk it up to some people being shitty and just get a new phone. I can basically just get a phone at my store. It turns out today that my phone was saved into my Amazon account and they bought over 600$ in car parts. I spend a few hours on the phone trying to cancel my amazon orders and trying to get my cards deactivated and sent new ones. Turns out though that they're fucking idiots and when they ordered things from my amazon account they changed the address to theirs and added a name. So I have a name and I have an address. I have my money situated for the most part, but fuck those people. What's the worst/best I can do to them and for myself?
  10. I appreciate the Honesty and that's what I need to here. I'm at about 150 right now and still have a bit of a pot belly, but not what I had before. I still want to lose weight and I've been adding light exercise, but I need to actually bust my ass in the gym. I have a bad habit of going to the gym, but still half assing my sessions. I'm not too sure why.. I'm hoping once I'm in better shape it'll naturally get easier. That, or I'm just being lazy and it doesn't get easier and I need to quit being lazy. Probably that one. I've upped my calories a little bit, but I'm nervous about adding too much and not working out hard enough, but that's just me being lazy again I'm sure. Right now I'm around 1900. Breakfast: 5 Eggs 4 Slices of Turkey Bacon 1 Cup of Mushrooms 1 Cup of Cheese Calories - 600 Lunch: 2 Ground Beef Patty 2 Servings of Brocali 1 Cup of Mushrooms 1 Cup of Cheese Calories - 600 Dinner: 1 Salmon Patty 2 Servings of Brocali 1 Cup of Cheese 1 Cup of Mushrooms Calories - 300 Should I add more carbs into my diet? I've seen a lot of carb hate clutter going around so I've been trying to cut them as much as I can. Snacks: I don't have specific snacks that I eat, but It's generally the same things that I choose between. Things like Peanut Butter, Almonds or additional pierces of Turkey Bacon that I have in the fridge. I usually end the day with around 1800/2000. Sometimes a little less. It's been tough adding additional calories after eating 1200 for a few months. I'm sure once my workouts become what they should be then things will fall into place. The diet part is easy for me. I just wish the busting my ass in the gym part came that way too.
  11. Flipping Cars?

    Has anyone done/considered doing this? I make enough at work, so I'm not relying on it. I'm just looking for something I can do in my spare time to make some extra cash. I'm not interested in spending thousands for higher end vehicles, but I was thinking 2k range. Buying cars on the cheap from offerup/craigslist and trying to clean them up and sell for a profit. I don't know too much about cars, but I have plenty of free time. I've looked up some ideas online and the spread seems pretty 50/50 as far as reviews go. I was just wondering if anyone here has had any luck or ideas about it.
  12. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Yeah if you're bored already then it's probably time you just quit playing the game. It sounds like you're just over it. I've been having a lot of fun with the Flower Miracle Rogue. I ran across some guy playing Stonehill Defender in one of his not warrior decks and it seemed pretty cool. It's a low curve taunt against all the pirates and hunter 1drops and it searches other taunts for later. I've been trying a copy in the Miracle deck and it gives me something to do on the early turns when my hands are all spells and it protects against aggro. It's also discovered me cards like the Poisonous Taunt and Sunwalker etc which come in handy. I'm not sure if it's actually good but it seems to help against all those small minions. It's not very good vs Mage Quest decks but I feel like Mage Quest just needs to brick for them to lose. If they hit all their right cards then It's impossible to beat their time warp combo anyway.
  13. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    I would suggest testing the Rogue Quest with the Water Package as well. Blue Gill is another good target for charging with Shadow Step and Finja getting a single hit off can sometimes win games on it's own without even needing the quest. I like the Elemental synergy because it's better vs aggro and has a better late game but I'm not sure if the Finja package isn't just better. Randomly winning games is a good quality and with everyone playing stuff like 1 drop quest or fire flys it can kill a lot of whats going on.
  14. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Patches is in the deck. I just realized there's only 26 in that list. Add 1 patches, 1 edwin, 1 blazecaller and the quest itself. Aggro is aggro but the double Tar Creeper ane double Tolvir actually help in that aspect a lot. I've been trying a miracle version with hallucination and razor petals with the ingenous package to randomly complete the quest throughout the game. I don't think the Rogue Quest will end up being the best but there's defiantly a lot of ways to build it which i like.
  15. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    I've been on a 12 game win streak so far with this Caverns deck. I like it a lot better than trying to rush the quest. This deck plays a normal game for the most part and eventually will complete the quest. The deck can win from a bunch of different angels. 2 Backstab 2 Shadowstep 2 Fire Fly 2 Southsea Deckhand 2 Stonetusk Boar 2 Swashburgler 2 Gadgetzan Ferryman 2 Novice Engineer 2 Youthful Brewmaster 2 Ingneous Elemental 2 Tar Creeper 2 Tolvir Stoneshaper 2 Servant of Kalinos I've seen a few people using the Boar/Engineer version but I think this version functions really well. You have a really good mid/late game because of the full elemental package and I honestly complete the quest with strictly the flame elemental that Ingneous and Fire Fly make. It's really not that hard to complete. It's a pretty fun deck! ps tar creeper has been bonkers in every single deck Elemental Shaman seems really really good