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  1. being an adult sucks

    being an adult is amazing free to explore stuff, doesn't have to account for anyone but yourself learn to live well on your own before 'searching' for a significant other. being self sufficient and goal oriented is attractive look for a job you dont hate ('love' is pushing it, but if you can then go for it) to keep your cash flow, and do stuff that you love on your free time
  2. Life Will Change - Persona 5 Mafia Signups

    sry guys that pill was strongggg
  3. Life Will Change - Persona 5 Mafia Signups

    who is jazz? is he hot?
  4. Life Will Change - Persona 5 Mafia Signups

    havent been here for ages and scumwood still argues with people about claiming nothing has changed
  5. Life Will Change - Persona 5 Mafia Signups

  6. What was the last film you watched?

    call me by your name overrated hipster garbage
  7. what

  8. itt post your top songs from 2017

    mmm 1. Paramore - Fake Happy 2. Selena Gomez - Fetish 3. Dua Lipa - New Rules 4. Ariana Grande - Thinking Bout You 5. Lorde - Green Light
  9. bobs burgers sucks

    big mouth is pretty nice
  10. Mafia Rankings

    who is this random anyway? and yea it's amazing to say 'you suck' with statistics to support that
  11. Mafia Rankings

    it's been over a year since i last played and there isn't a decent ranking system yet?
  12. ama

    arcanine is very mediocre pokemon. the only reason i used him is because he fit perfectly with the amazing "my bloody valentine".
  13. ama

    over analyzer
  14. ama

    1. sure. muah! 2. wish i had more time ive been living my life, working as a software developer and working on my dj career at the same time nope sry updated it a week ago. it's ariana now i didnt really leave, still lurk from time to time, tho i dont really read anything it was in the pokemon era iirc , then mafioso, then back to contributor
  15. ama

    never done it before im not relevant anymore ;(