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  1. why do people hate hillary so much? how is she 'dangerous'? as for trump, he reminds me of our prime-minister. he will say anything that the majority wants to hear, but his agenda is not clear.
  2. also can someone tl;dr why bernie supporters are so butthurt? did he get more votes but the super delegates fucked him? thanks
  3. how do people feel about Jill Stein?
  4. good
  5. rofl named all 3
  6. idk if to take scumwood seriously he's being pretty scummy =\
  7. not dying to quota
  8. yea logic why is that hmm
  9. vote the antagonist
  10. hey biki
  11. gl scumstone (in)
  12. I can't see Arya killing Cersei. I feel that Cersei's death has to be a lot more tragic, rather than a sweet revenge, which is why I would guess it will be related to Jaime.
  13. <3
  14. the game that killed mafia
  15. who's updating this?