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  1. decemberunderground im so old ;__;
  2. 1. sometimes 2. toxic the rest i like pretty much equally
  3. good job on this
  4. avicii sucks, hardwell yasss!
  5. sky full of stars has great remixes and is a bomb on the dance floor ;o
  6. member berries is their best character
  7. why do people hate hillary so much? how is she 'dangerous'? as for trump, he reminds me of our prime-minister. he will say anything that the majority wants to hear, but his agenda is not clear.
  8. also can someone tl;dr why bernie supporters are so butthurt? did he get more votes but the super delegates fucked him? thanks
  9. how do people feel about Jill Stein?
  10. good
  11. rofl named all 3