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  1. Game of Thrones TV Show

    i actually thought ep 5 was pretty awesome and made a lot of sense but then we have the finale which was absolutely garbage. even the cinematography felt cheap. the camera, the effects, everything felt so awkward like they had no fucking idea what they were doing. the plot itself makes sense, but it could've been told better
  2. idiot pilot new album

    when they changed their profile pic i was like OK they released a new album a week ago. and it immediately reminded me of my time here, 15 years ago when i was 17(!!). so much nostalgia. strange we should meet here
  3. idiot pilot new album

    an interesting mixture of emo/electronica
  4. being an adult sucks

    being an adult is amazing free to explore stuff, doesn't have to account for anyone but yourself learn to live well on your own before 'searching' for a significant other. being self sufficient and goal oriented is attractive look for a job you dont hate ('love' is pushing it, but if you can then go for it) to keep your cash flow, and do stuff that you love on your free time
  5. Life Will Change - Persona 5 Mafia Signups

    sry guys that pill was strongggg
  6. Life Will Change - Persona 5 Mafia Signups

    who is jazz? is he hot?
  7. Life Will Change - Persona 5 Mafia Signups

    havent been here for ages and scumwood still argues with people about claiming nothing has changed
  8. Life Will Change - Persona 5 Mafia Signups

  9. What was the last film you watched?

    call me by your name overrated hipster garbage
  10. what

  11. itt post your top songs from 2017

    mmm 1. Paramore - Fake Happy 2. Selena Gomez - Fetish 3. Dua Lipa - New Rules 4. Ariana Grande - Thinking Bout You 5. Lorde - Green Light
  12. bobs burgers sucks

    big mouth is pretty nice
  13. Mafia Rankings

    who is this random anyway? and yea it's amazing to say 'you suck' with statistics to support that
  14. Mafia Rankings

    it's been over a year since i last played and there isn't a decent ranking system yet?
  15. ama

    arcanine is very mediocre pokemon. the only reason i used him is because he fit perfectly with the amazing "my bloody valentine".
  16. ama

    never done it before im not relevant anymore ;(
  17. ama

    over analyzer
  18. ama

    1. sure. muah! 2. wish i had more time ive been living my life, working as a software developer and working on my dj career at the same time nope sry updated it a week ago. it's ariana now i didnt really leave, still lurk from time to time, tho i dont really read anything it was in the pokemon era iirc , then mafioso, then back to contributor
  19. trashcan treasures

  20. trashcan treasures

    I was going to start this off by telling you all about Dir en grey. Who they are, where they come from, and their prior sucess, if any. I realized, though, that if you're reading this review you already know that, so I wont bore you. The bottom line is they're a Japanese band who are starting to break into Europe and North America. How are they achieving it? They're completely changing their sound. I was looking forward to this album for so long. Their previous effort, Withering to Death, was somewhat of a dissapointment to me. It had some killer tracks but a lot of it felt filler to me, but still, it was a worthwhile listen. A good, enjoyable album. Then I heard the Clever Sleazoid single, which I loved. This gave me some form of hope that their next album would be better, it'd be another Vulgar, Kisou or Macabre. The next single to be released a few months down the line, Ryoujoku no Ame, reinforced this hope. So when I heard of a leak quite some time back, I pounced on it and immediately started listening. I enjoyed it at first, though I remember being somewhat dissapointed. Almost a year later and what have I concluded? It's definately a dissapointment. The album opens with Conceived Sorrow, which I have to say, is undeniably brilliant. This could very well be one Dir en grey's best songs. It's moody, dark, with some nice melodic guitar playing in the verses, an interesting bassline and fantastic vocals. The intro and verse slowly build intensity untill the song just explodes into a distorted chorus, which sounds fantastic. This song really is good, and it gives off great vibes for the rest of the album. Sadly, the next 3 tracks pretty much kill those vibes. Lie Buried with a Vengeance is just so bland and dull, it's just typical nu metal style riffs with some horrible vocals. The chorus to the song is again rather boring, though at least he's stopped sounding like an asthmatic on their death bed and is singing. Fatal Believer follows is the next track, and whilst it isn't bad, it's nothing special. It's hardly even notable, really. It's just sort of there, trudging out bland riffs with the occasional neat sounding guitar. Like I said, it isn't bad, it just isn't good. Sadly, I can only wish to say that about Agitated Screams of Maggots. It's riffs are pretty much awful, over distorted, and muddy annoyances. The vocals are the worst I've ever heard from Kyo, and apparently it's sung in English. I really, really can't tell. I've read the lyrics over and over and tried to find one part of it that sounds English and I just can't. So, four tracks in and I have a headache. This isn't going well. There's a slight glimmer of hope in the next track, Grief, however. The intro sounds very cool, and the main riff, whilst again being overly heavy at least has some of the Dir en grey's trademark guitar work, Kaoru and Die's relationship showing once again. The vocals are, again, annoying. Kyo has such a good sounding voice, why does he ruin that with this new approach to screaming? Even his vocals in -saku- were much better than his vocals here. The next track, however, changes things. It's a slightly revamped version of the previously mentioned single, Ryoujoku no Ame, and it's even better than before. The guitars sound so interesting and unique, playing off one another in a more traditional Dir en grey fashion. The rythm section is as tight as ever, with interesting basslines locking in with some solid drumming. Kyo's real voice returns, too, with his singing sound slightly weaker compared to the bands earlier days, but still great. This is a fantastic track, and quite possibly the best effort on the album. It's followed up by a rather deceiving track, Disabled Complexes. It starts off very jazzy, with a groovy bassline, some very cool clean guitar work, and fantastic drumming. The vocals then kick in, which are also fantastic at the start, but out of nowhere it bursts into another bland, heavy riff. This annoys me, as I really enjoy the intro to this song. It had so much potential and it just seems wasted on what becomes a very average sounding song. We're half way through the album now, and I'm not very pleased. Only 2 tracks have really stood out, with the rest having too many faults to be truly enjoyable. It starts to fight back round about now, however, with Rotting Root showing us they can make metal work. It's still not brilliant, or even great, but it is a good song. It's enjoyable, and it's not what I'd consider a "filler track". The next track is definately what keeps me interested in the album, however. It's called Namamekashiki Ansoku, Tamerai ni Hohoemi. For the sake of my sanity, I'm going to refer to it as "long named song". Long Named Song is, in one word, amazing. It's accoustic, almost spanish sounding guitar work is fantastic, it's got a nice rythm section as per usual, and fantastic vocals. The whole songs seems to slowly build up, and it just sounds brilliant. The song climaxes with an explosive, distorted take on the main chord progression, and some great sounding vocals. They're somewhat shouted, but they work here, very well. Following on from the fantastic Long Named Song is The Pledge, an interesting mixture of the newer, heavier side to Dir en grey and their previous works. It sounds like something straight from Kisou, which isn't a bad thing at all. It's different to the rest of the album, yet very much the same, too. As you can see, it's to put to words, but I can definately say I do like the song. The next track is Repitition of Hatred, and whilst not as good as the The Pledge, I'd say it's on par with Rotting Root as an enjoyable song. The next song however, is a lot worse. It's just another boring boring boring Dir en grey metal song with absolutely nothing special about it. The only interesting part of the song is the clean guitar riff over the chorus, which is fairly atmospheric. Beyond that, it's a dull, uninteresting, and overall mediocre(at best) track. There's now only one track left, and although we've had a few diamonds, it's mostly a plethora of rough. Can the albums original single be a good enough closer to make it worthwhile album? Well, sort of. The new, revamped Clever Sleazoid is still good. Very good, even. But it doesn't sound as good as the original, in my opinion. It sounds thinner and weaker than the original version. Especially the vocals. It's still a great track, it proves Dir en grey can do metal in their own style if they really try, I just think they shouldn't have really changed the song. In conclusion, the album is a let down. It's definately their worst release thus far, and that's mostly because they wanted to make it their most appealing. Tracks like Long Named Song, Ryoujoku no Ame and Conceived Sorrow show us that they can still make fantastic, original music. Tracks like Clever Sleazoid, Rotting Root and The Pledge show us they can make metal work to some degree of sucess if they really try. Tracks like Rotting Root, The Pledge and especially Clever Sleazoid show us they can make metal work in their own, unique way. If they try. And that's the biggest problem with the other 7 tracks of the album. They didn't really try. They wrote bland metal tracks that will appeal to Western listeners in a hope to break into the market. With their recent North American tour, it's evident that they did. I'm just hoping they'll use that breakthrough as a way to show us all what they can actually do, rather than dissapointing older fans by continuing to release albums like this. I've given this a 3 out of 5 purely for the 6 songs I liked, and possibly a dash of fanboyism. Lets just hope they do better next time.
  21. trashcan treasures

    It's hard to follow up on a masterpiece. I bet Picasso hated painting because he knew everyone would compare it to his last piece. Van Gough probably cut his ear off so he'd stop hearing "It's amazing! Perfect! It cannot be topped!" and could get on with his work. No artist, whether they be a painter, sculptor or what have you would want to follow up on a masterpiece. Especially not musicians. Who would want the burden of following on from their absolute best work? Work people are telling them they'll never out do. It must be a daunting thought, and very few musicians have ever managed to accomplish the task. Those of you who know me will know I consider each member of Pink Floyd some kind of deity, but not even they managed to ever really rise higher than Dark Side. So Radiohead were pretty fucked after they released OK Computer, weren't they? OK Computer was, by any stretch of the word, a masterpiece. It was simply brilliant. It is, in my opinion, the best album since Dark Side of the Moon. So whatever album that came after it had a lot of work to do and a lot of ground to cover. Thankfully, Radiohead knew this. And they did the extra work, and covered the extra ground. It still wasn't good enough, though. Kid A was excellent, don't get me wrong, but OK Computer is still an entire league above it. Kid A achieved well deserved success, yet still people doubted it. It was still compared to OK Computer. It could still be construed as a disappointment. What about their next release, then? Could the Kid's sister album, Amnesiac, blow it away and stand tall next to daddy OK Computer? Well, no. Not at all, really. Amnesiac was great, but, it wasn't even as good as Kid A, let alone OK Computer. It was more or a less a b-sides album from the Kid A writing days. Hail to the Thief was the next release from the Oxford boys, and sadly, it wasn't much better than Amnesiac. Again, I'd never call it bad, because it simply isn't. It's opening track is brilliant and just today I bought a shirt with lyrics from We Suck Young Blood plastered on the front. I enjoyed the album immensely. Would I compare it to OK? Never in a million years. So, overall, the band was suffering from masterpiece problems. They simply couldn't match their masterpiece. They couldn't put anything in the same league as it. The albums were never bad, but you always had this feeling that you were listening to the second best the band had to offer. You knew Let Down and No Surprises alone would never get boring, and that you should probably be listening to them. So what about their latest release, In Rainbows? Well we'll start with the title. It's a bit daft, isn't it? Kid A makes me think of cloning. OK Computer makes me think of how we rely on computers for everything. The Bends reminds me of being sick. In Rainbows reminds me Judy Garland. I won't judge a book by it's cover, so lets get to the music, shall we? The opener is interesting. It seems from the first 20 or so seconds that Radiohead are sticking to the electronica thing. Until something shocking happens. A clean guitar kicks in. As does real drumming, and even bass. It starts to form a song actually very much like something from OK Computer, which can't be bad. And it really isn't. The next track, Bodysnatchers, is even more surprising. It's almost aggressive, it's energetic, and it sounds like the band had a good amount of fun playing it. That certainly makes a refreshing change. Everytime I listen to Kid A I wonder if Thom Yorke will be alive in 10 minutes time, or if he's finally going to kill himself. As we progress through the tracks, the album keeps on surprising me. The band seems both energetic and relaxed at almost all times. The ballads flow fantastically, it feels like an amazing combination of both old and new and yet it never feels like you've heard it before. Even though you probably have, as half the tracks are roughly 10 year old live b-sides revamped. It's a great union of fantastic styles, each one done amazingly well, and it feels like finally, Radiohead have discovered who they are and what they want to do. It's utterly amazing. So, the big question. Would I compare to OK Computer? Is it finally the follow up to the masterpiece? Is it what Radiohead fans around the world have been waiting for? Well, actually, yes. Yes it bloody well is. I've not enjoyed an album so much, and so frequently I might add, for a very long time. It's not quite as good as OK Computer, but it doesn't stand in its shadow. It stands next to the masterpiece, proud and tall, and that's where it deserves to be. Some might even say it's a masterpiece in its own right, and their argument would likely hold more water than those who say Kid A was. In fact, if you pressed me hard enough, I might even say it myself.
  22. trashcan treasures

    I think Pop Punk is a very misunderstood genre. It's got its crappy little mainstream bands running about and pretty much everyone hates them. I have only ever heard Fall Out Boy's singles, and although I think one of them is actually sort of cool, I hate the band by proxy. That's just how it goes. There are a few exceptions to this otherwise golden rule, however. My Chemical Romance's last effort, The Black Parade, is likely chief among them. It's okay to like that album, according to us music elitists. Just so long as you hate everything else they've released, whether you've listened to it or not. You can enjoy some of the more recent AFI releases, too. You might even get away with liking DecemberUnderground in some groups. I'd slap you for liking it, but I'm sure most people are more forgiving than I am. Aside from those, however, I can't seem to think of any other pop punk my elitist group of friends would allow you to listen to. The thing is, though, if you delve into the genre you can find some absolute gems. I found a diamond when I discovered Brand New. Brand New's first release, Your Favourite Weapon, is an album I really can't stand to listen to. It's everything I dislike about pop punk wrapped in a blanket of self pitying lyrics. It's not an awful album but it's really not very good. So for the longest time, I never bothered listening to Deja Entendu. That was a mistake. Deja Entendu is almost nothing like its predecessor. It does away with the annoying 2 chord songs. Jesse Lacey seems to have gotten over his ex girlfriend, too, which was the only bloody thing he could seem to talk about at the start of his career. It even stops abusing the layered vocals, which is one thing you couldn't seem to get away from on Your Favourite Weapon. It still retains the simple riffing its genre is both known and occasionally hated for, but now the guitarists of the band seem to have realized there's more to guitar than palm muted powerchords. It also keeps the trademark Brand New chorus style. Or, should I say, the trademark Taking Back Sunday chorus style. So although it does try to branch away from its genre, its roots are still very clear. The good thing is, unlike Your Favourite Weapon, the pop punk elements of this album actually sound pretty good. So, what about the new elements Deja Entendu adds to the band's sound? Well, the most immediate thing is lyrics. Jesse Lacey matured a lot for this record, and it shows quite clearly. He's now a master of metaphors, a wizard of wordplay, and I imagine he's better at alliteration than I am. Play Crack The Sky really showcases Lacey's improvements, conjuring up vivid images with it's fantastic metaphors, and pulling at the strings of your heart with its beautiful story. Another key element to the band's newer sound is bassist Garret Tierney, who now suddenly seems to have talent. Instead of simply constantly following the guitars, he now adds a simple but interesting bassline to many of the clean sections of most songs. His tone varies from a soft, warm, bassy boom, best utilized in Sic Transit Gloria, to a crunchy attack, which is most evident in Guernica. The band's lead guitarist, Vincent Accardi, is also starting to come out of his shell, adding cool licks and simple-but-neat arpeggio's over Lacey's chords. His improvements can best be heard in tracks like The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows and Good To Know That If I Ever Need Attention All I Have To Do Is Die (God, I hate the name of that song). Drummer Brian Lane doesn't seem to have improved, but his drumming was never awful. He holds the rhythm well and he works great with Garret. Not everything has vastly improved, however. The album still has a few annoying traits passed on to it by its predecessor. The choruses, mostly. Every chorus on the album sounds so similar, it's hard to tell them apart. They're all just loud, distorted, simple chord progressions a 2 year old could write. The vocals never seem to change, either. It's always just Lacey over emphasizing his vowels as he sings slightly louder and for some unusual reason, a lot slower. Occasionally the band provide back up vocals, but rather than the layering of different lyrics Your Favourite Weapon couldn't get enough of, they simply sing the same thing Lacey does, the same way Lacey does. It can get kind of bland. I never thought I'd say this, but the few times the vocal layering does appear, it's a relief. This reflects on a lot of the album, too. If you weren't focusing when listening to it, you'd sometimes be surprised to find out that the song you were listening to finished 2 minutes ago. When focusing, it's clear the songs are very different, but when you begin relaxing, it starts to sound a bit samey. These are very minor faults that I'm blowing way out of proportion, however. They hardly effect the enjoyment of the album. It's just very hard to find fault with this album, so when you do, it seems more notable than it really is. The truth is, Deja Entendu is a fantastic album. It's a benchmark for its genre, in my opinion, with its blend of acoustic melodies and aggressive choruses. It combines a charming, honest lyrical quality with a great use of metaphors and word play, and tops it all off with much improved song writing and musicianship. Whether or not you're a fan of the genre, there's absolutely no reason not to give Brand New a chance. You'd be missing out if you let the stigma that seems to follow its peers get in the way of enjoying Deja Entendu.
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    decemberunderground im so old ;__;