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  1. Blue-Eyes Level One Dragon

    Need at least 1 rank 7 in your extra. Gorz/Redox/Trag make Big Eye/Draco a relatively easy play, without using your normal summon.   Also, unless I'm missing something, you have zero outs to stuff like Vanity Emptiness. The 3 spaces for Wand would be better used for more generic support for the deck.   Neat concept though.
  2. Lords, dragons, gods and monarchs

    Deck seems legit. I just dislike how it gets railed hard against Vanity's Emptiness which is seeing maindeck play all over the place. Mobius would obviously help in this situation, but even that requires keeping some sort of field presence which isn't easy in this deck when you can't special summon.
  3. Team DuelistGroundz[.com]

    ETC should be ready for a war within a few weeks, so it's up to you guys. It will depend on how long the XC war takes.
  4. Team DuelistGroundz[.com]

    I do not believe. He behaves with the same level of twat-ness as the real Raul. Could there be more than 1 person like that?     Also, yes, we are looking to challenge DGZ to a site war once we finish up with XC.
  5. But they'll endphase goats on your turn so that they can summon. Those tokens won't be around by the time you want to summon Compass. Unless I'm missing something.
  6. thats a very nice shining you got there, would be a shame if something happen to it   Like playing into a Super Poly?
  7. Plasmas with 3 Duality, 3 D-Draw, 3 Scapegoat, 2 Gorz? Yikes
  8. Ouch. This is terrible.
  9. Wow that clutch Vortex
  10. Keener into dem Finals!
  11. Big booty Bujin

    I've played both builds a lot, and right now I feel that Kaiser is the superior build to Black Garden. Black Garden builds have a bit more utility because it's better able to search what it needs with Terraforming/Tenki, but I also found it too combo-centric and easier to combat with commonly played cards like Vanity.   Black Garden versions are cool when they go off without hitch, but Kaiser/Vanity builds dominate the popular matchups imo. Kaiser/Vanity play well against the meta and usually result in easy wins in a lot of matchups like Drags and Evilswarms. Garden has a slightly better matchup against Spellbooks because you can play Garden over Tower, but that's about it.   As for the Kaiser builds, I've gotten a lot of good use out of Horn. It's effective both when you open well, and when you open up not so well. If you're going well, the opponent tends to turtle up because of a lack of options. This allows free +'s each turn as you build defensive resources. If you open not so well, you can still make use of Turtle/Quil in an offensive manner before they hit grave. It's generally unexpected, because they know you can't Crane onto Turtle/Quil and you normally wouldn't want to waste a Lance in that situation. It buys time until you hit on Yamato.   Also, a tech card I'm trying but not completely sold on is Vivvit Knight. I find it to be more versatile than Lance and it can work hand-in-hand with Turtle. It can save Yamato from attacks, as well as monster effects (i.e. a wasted Big-Eye). He's also Beast-Warrior and is searchable protection via Tenki. It might be something worth trying out for you.
  12. Ambiguity vs Affinity

    Dragunity Ninja got me, sorry fellas.