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  1. It's been like damn near a decade since it came out

    What it do
  3. Idk bout CSK but I run Whooville.
  4. Ok well thanks for the update guys. See you in another 2 years
  5. Ya you were raised in the UK therefore you are British.
  6. ITT we tell more secrets.

    Hmm lets see I am prolly going to rawdog a webcam whore next month just for the hell of it Thats about it.
  7. All I remember about you is that you were British and you had the worst knowledge of geography in the history of the Internet.
  8. none of yall niggas got anything positive in your life? Does Liz still post here?
  9. Im glad for him I remember he used to ask me all these questions about sex and shit. It was kinda creepy considering they were both minors but eh Im a weird ass nigga Anyone else?
  10. You got good luck. Is he still with that hot loli piece of ass?
  11. Ayy Thanatos what happened to that other guy I cant remember his name he was your friend I think? He looked like he was Mexican but he was Russian. Damn what was his name?
  12. Wow you serious???? How's married life?
  13. ITT we tell more secrets.

    Im pretty sure I made this thread two years ago. How time flies.
  14. I'm going to college and taking it more seriously now. I am having sex more frequently. Life is good. What's goin down in Whooville? Well Im really not doing that much right now but I will be soon. I think in a bout a year Im going to join hte Peace Corps but before that I gotta finish up school.