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  1. #1 gateway at 3 sam format #2 dad return with dimension fusion (pre teledad) #3 dsf format all fairly degenerate but they all had potential if they were more strict on making emergency hits (my #2 this actually happened but it was too late to save the format, also fucking up my sjc nashville deck)
  2. 1. Brandon Burks (ive know brandon personally for years now, but did not know him when he played yugioh, however he is still an insanely good card player in general having great success in MTG and poker alike, hes also really good at Street fighter haha) 2. Lazaro Belido the g.o.a.t. for real for real 3. Michael Gruner? One of the best deck builders and multiple time worlds competitor probably the best european of all time imo 4. Jeff/Billy im combing them together because combined they've created some insane decks, with consistent tournament results, also really nice guys 5. Pat Hoban, at this point nobody can really discredit him or his accomplishments, he works hard and it pays off. 
  3. congratulations duelist
  4. cut 1 cryptic command down from 3, cut 1 spellskite down from 2, and 2 thought scour. starting off with 4 trimming as necessary. 
  5. Thoughts on anticipate in modern? I'm really liking it in splinter twin.
  6. well when i was like 12 and started playing in tournaments i hid it from kids at school. then i started topping events/making money playing the game, since everyone in school was too young to work, and i had my yugioh money (in retrospect not a lot of money but when you 14 a couple hundred bucks feels great) i would buy new shoes a few times a month or take my friends to the movies and pay if they couldnt get money, i could buy whatever girl i was dating stupid gifts or buy us pizza. eventually they were like "why do your parents give you all this money?" and i just told them i earned it by winning yugioh tournaments and making profitable trades. this made some of them interested and obv they wanted in to. all this stopped in high school, i played less frequently and when i did i would borrow decks/cards. i started smoking pot, got a part time job, and started having an actual social life. every now and then ill see kids i went to school with a few of them ask if i still play, and i tell them occasionally, and make jokes about it being card board crack.
  7. im a fan of the changes for the most part. mostly because we will get modern opens now and thats is my favorite format. 
  8. fuck how did i forget fudgy's also the homeless dude who i let drink out of my 40. that shit was hilarious "LET ME HIT THE BOTTLE!"
  9. WCQ 2014 Detroit My Detroit adventure begins early Friday morning after I get off work. I get off around 4am and am told to be ready by 5:30am to leave, I end up falling asleep and wake up to a call saying everyone over slept and we are running late. While most of our car had our invite we had one team mate who needed to do the LCQ grind. We make it in time for him to play in 1 which he wiffs in the 3rd round. We find the 3 infernity archfiend I need for my deck and we decide to cut gagaga cowboy for the second evilswarm exciton knight. We have a few beers in the hotel, leave to a pizza place down the street where we drink a few more beers. Eventually we walk back to the hotel and decide to try and play people in the hotel lobby for money. My friend loses the first match to a HAT player so we leave and go to the Crown Plaza where we win 3 matches in  a row. Easy money. We go back to the room crash and prepare for day 1 of the WCQ.   We wake up Saturday morning, go eat breakfast in the GM building food court, walk the short 5 minutes to the convention center and start scouting places where we can smoke bowls inbetween rounds. We find a few places, burn a few then go up to the hall to await round 1.   Round 1 Sylvan Game 1 I open the nuts looping into a board of multiple xyz and barrier/break. He tries to play around my board eventually making a soul charge push but my turn 1 was too overwhelming. Game 2 He goes first and opens lonefire soul charge, I try to play a few turns to no avail. Game 3 We are very close to time and im going first, my hand isn’t as powerful as game 1 but im still able to combo off and make a decent board, he draws and plays his turn his hand was equally as powerful and we basically trade pushes until time is called. We end up drawing.   0-0-1       drawing round 1 was shitty. It meant I had to win 8 in a row to have good seeding for day 2 and I could only lose twice until I was out.   Round 2 Bujin Game 1 I don’t win the roll and he opens yamato set 4. I don’t open combo and lose swiftly. Game 2 I go first and combo, he doesn’t open yamato and my board is too strong, he concedes on like turn 3. Game 3 he opens yamato and Kaiser coliseum. I mst Kaiser and try to push and get maxx c’d. next turn he has Kaiser number 2 and I have no outs. He wins in a few turns.   0-1-1       this loss was very difficult to handle and I started to question my deck choice. Down but not out.   Round 3 Geargia Game 1 I win roll and combo Game 2 I he has geargia gear plus maxx c to seal my fate Game 3 I open broken and savage him on my second turn after breaking his entire board in the endphase.   1-1-1       feeling better   Round 4 Geargia I 2-0 him swiftly since he played a bad build with main deck hands and just gets blown out by dweller.   Round 5 Geargia again Once again I deliver a swift 2-0 because trap stun is a card.   Round 6 Mermail He draws bad and scoops game 1 to my mediocre board Game 2 he scoops to key beetle emptiness + difi   4-1-1   Round 7 I play water We play an insanely long game 1 literally lasted almost 30 minutes and I end up winning. We start game 2 and he quickly handles me and we start game 3 with a minute left. Nobody wins fast enough and we draw. Really salty he didn’t scoop game 1 since he literally turtled behind linde/strite vs my 4050 attack evilswarm thanatos with a rhapsody equipped and palabyrinth out.   4-1-2   Round 8 lighsworn He wins g1 after I lose the die roll I win game 2 after a well timed tyrants tummyache I win game 3 on like turn 3 with key beetle emptiness light mirror   5-1-2 win and in   Round 9 prophecy Lose die roll he gets insane t1 advantage to my mediocre hand, I try to grind but tower is too strong Game 2 I win rather quickly after having a strong board and debunking a d.d.crow Game 3 he rips spellbook of life with 1 card in hand for the win vs my under developed board after a long grind game. I lose.   Final record 5-2-2   Sucks to not make day 2 because I lost to fucking prophecy which should be a good match up for my deck. Oh well. We decide to play in 3v3 the following day so we get drunk, smoke some outside of the Marriott then head to bed.   3v3   6 rounds single elimination basically because of no top cut. Ill just cover my matches and if my teammates won or lost.   Round 1 Lightsworn Lose game 1 to op mills Win game 2 combo off turn 1 with emptiness key beetle Win game 3 with key beetle light mirror plus traps Team 2-0   Round 2 blackwings Game 1 I combo and win Game 2 he gets me to 1500 and then I dark hole and otk him under trap stun Team 2-1   Round 3 dragons We play against some Canadians who seem pretty good cant remember there names Game 1 I combo t1 with emptiness and he scoops Game 2 he makes draco felgrand vs my mediocre hand and I scoop Game 3 close game but I shut him out with tyrants tummyache (op) Team 2-1   Round 4 geargia Don’t remember this but we smash the fuck out of them 2-0   Round 5 Mermail Sorosh S. I open bad and he wins fairly easily I open bad and he wins fairly easily My team mate beats there sylvan player with difi. My other team mate opens the stones vs bobby barone g3 Team 2-1   Round 6 Mermail Scott Page The match is over in 2 turns, I god hand him g1 and g2 I open difi So my team mate misplays vs madolche and looks rough for him luckily our geargia player won the mirror so we get the match 2-1   6-0 record 1st place. We were probably the most hated team in the event because we had 2 infernity decks. But to me it only made sense since we then had a 75% chance of one of the infernities winning the die roll. So that meant our geargia player just had to play well and we should be golden. Which is exactly what happened. The only match of the day where both the infernity went second our geargia player lost so we both had to win going 2nd. Props Free trip, meeting cool people, smoking the entire weekend, playing my favorite deck and doing well with it Slops the police took my beer when trying to use the people mover, the liquor store closed at like 10:30, our hotels happy hour was only 3 hours long. 
  10. "goat plasma is a good yugioh combo" -me 
  11. Unfortunately have no access to modern cards yet and my zoo deck won't be completed. Fuck expensive ass fetch lands/ goyfs
  12. I actually didn't end up going, my ride bailed last minute. Pretty pissed about it. I did get second place at the local game day tournament so I walked away with some cash luckily the day wasn't a waste
  13. Went 4-1 in matches (9-2 in games) at fnm. Thassas rebuff continues to test pretty good so I'm sticking with the list for tomorrow
  14. Well they've helped a lot vs the influx of jund/rg monsters. Very weak card vs black devo and control. It was mostly a meta call and I'm hoping they preform well at this ptq. I've went 12-2-1 in tournament matchs with all my losses/draw to the bant walker deck. I don't have my percentages for non tournament games unfortunately. Definitely open to your guys suggestions. If I play cyclonic rift I wanna play a nykthos too
  15. 4 master of waves 4 thassa God of the sea 4 nightveil specter 4 tidebinder mage 4 frostburn weird 4 cloudfin raptor 4 judges familiar 4 thassas rebuff 2 domestication 1 Jace architect of thought 1 curse of the swine 4 Mutavault 20 island 4 gainsay 2 negate 2 rapid hybridization 2 ratchet bomb 2 bident of thassa 1 domestication 1 dispel 1 pithing needle Any and all input is appreciated I've been playing this deck for 4 months locally and this is my second ptq ever.