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    smoking copious amounts of marijuana.
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  1. #1 gateway at 3 sam format #2 dad return with dimension fusion (pre teledad) #3 dsf format all fairly degenerate but they all had potential if they were more strict on making emergency hits (my #2 this actually happened but it was too late to save the format, also fucking up my sjc nashville deck)
  2. Smoke 4!

    blue cheese and strawberry cough. potent as fuck.
  3. Who do you consider the top 5 players ever?

    1. Brandon Burks (ive know brandon personally for years now, but did not know him when he played yugioh, however he is still an insanely good card player in general having great success in MTG and poker alike, hes also really good at Street fighter haha) 2. Lazaro Belido the g.o.a.t. for real for real 3. Michael Gruner? One of the best deck builders and multiple time worlds competitor probably the best european of all time imo 4. Jeff/Billy im combing them together because combined they've created some insane decks, with consistent tournament results, also really nice guys 5. Pat Hoban, at this point nobody can really discredit him or his accomplishments, he works hard and it pays off. 
  4. 150TH YCS Columbus, Ohio 1st Place (Undefeated)

    congratulations duelist
  5. Smoke 4!

    last month smoking before i take a month tb. spending 2 weeks in the bay area of california so im trying to be as high as possible.
  6. Smoke 4!

    i had a terrific bicycle day. tripped by myself and went on a hike. day tripping is a beautiful thing.
  7. Smoke 4!

    i love breaking in new glass =3
  8. Smoke 4!

    Drunk and high. Have some platinum kush right now. The next strain is a new girl scout cookie batch. My buddy is gonna make some wax. Come shattering day I will hopefully cop a gram or so. Dabs are so hard to come by here. So fucking Christmas in April
  9. Modern Format Discussion

    cut 1 cryptic command down from 3, cut 1 spellskite down from 2, and 2 thought scour. starting off with 4 trimming as necessary. 
  10. Modern Format Discussion

    Thoughts on anticipate in modern? I'm really liking it in splinter twin.
  11. anyone know anything about customs?

    most times a package is returned to a shipper from another country, its because it was missing required paper work. i work at UPS as a document auditor for customs, so my job is to process all the paper work required for entry/exiting the country. Ask them to prepare a detailed invoice for the product and it should definitely make it to you. 
  12. Smoke 4!

    xanax is a shitty drug and i wouldnt advise anyone do it unless its prescribed to you by a dr. ive lost to many good people in my life to that garbage. 
  13. Smoke 4!

    id be hella interested in edibles/oils/butter/wax. im far to lazy and inexperienced to produce my own
  14. Smoke 4!

    Paint party tonight. Gonna rip the black cherry soda out of my new bong to celebrate.
  15. Smoke 4!

    Shine papers