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  1. Drug Dealing.

    What do you think of dealing hashish?
  2. SVR2009 Questions

    Can someone show me the official roster of SVR2009? How do I unblock legends? What are the legends? Is it still possible to use a good wrestler such as Edge with 94 (I think) and skip all matches of career in order to get cash and buy the legends like in previous games?
  3. Scandalous vs. Face2Face

    Scandalous [♠] Primary ZA WRYYYEAL SYKO [♠] Ocelot FreeWilly2049 [♠] Steve Nekkehd Face2Face [♠] ATJdragon ATJdragon [♠] sp1re cmsangLeX [♠] James Jamez3333 [♠] Young shawnunit170 sp1re 2 > 0 Ozonelayer sp1re 2 > 0 SiXtH` Kewl`Kat 1 < 2 Revenga
  4. sp1re pts: +9 kalish 1-2 hubby 2-1 draven 1-2 sp0rkeh 2-1 kewl kat 2-1 zaiem 1-2 mryoung 2-0 drillstring 2-0 sixth 2-0 btw, since i've already played 9 diff people, there are only like 11 diff ppl left to play, and some are inactive, if i play another 9 tomorrow, then there's 2 left to play on the 3rd day, why can't we play someone we've already played on day 1 and play them on day 2?
  5. sp1re pts: +7 kalish 1-2 hubby 2-1 draven 1-2 sp0rkeh 2-1 kewl kat 2-1 zaiem 1-2 mryoung 2-0 drillstring 2-0 edit that ghosteh
  6. sp1re pts: +1 kalish 1-2 hubby 2-1
  7. sp1re's stats points: -1 lost vs kalish 1-2
  8. If anyone shows inactivity, can I go in over them? Also, why do you need to put a 16-man limit? It's not single elimination, it's point system, you can take as many players as you want and there'll be no wrong math, everything works out in point system, no matter how many players.
  9. Duelistgroundz Championships

    2-0 legendkiller, g1 i win, g2 he opens trash and i otk him.
  10. LS > DAD

    BEST DECK EVER! Props to Chris Gehring and Jack Turnbull Monsters: 24 3 Honest 3 Necro Gardna 3 Celestia, Lightsworn Angel 3 Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner 2 Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior 2 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress 2 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter 2 Wulf, Lightsworn Beast 2 Judgment Dragon 1 Plaguespreader Zombie 1 Jain, Lightsworn Paladin Spells: 12 3 Solar Recharge 3 Monster Reincarnation 3 Charge of the Light Brigade 1 Monster Reborn 1 Brain Control 1 Heavy Storm Traps: 06 3 Compulsory Evacuation Device 2 Threatening Roar 1 Torrential Tribute Extra: 15 2 Goyo Guardian 2 Stardust Dragon 1 Queen of Thorns 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Revived King Ha Des 1 Thought Ruler Archfiend 1 Avenging Knight Parshath 1 Red Dragon Archfiend 1 Doomkaiser Dragon 1 Psychic Lifetrancer 1 Tempest Magician 1 Colossal Fighter 1 Magical Android Side: 15 3 Royal Decree 3 Royal Oppression 3 Thunder King Rai - Oh 1 Breaker the Magical Warrior 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Dark Armed Dragon 1 Phantom of Chaos 1 Crush Card Virus 1 Beckoning Light
  11. Duelistgroundz Championships

    because i'm annoying and therefore i have to be annoying at all times
  12. Scandalous vs. Face2Face

    Revenga is always dodging me... cmsangLeX (07:12:18): war duel? x0x Risen x0x (07:12:28): no. cmsangLeX (07:12:34): the fuck u dodgin for? cmsangLeX (07:12:38): u never play me x0x Risen x0x (07:12:57): =/ cmsangLeX (07:13:01): its true x0x Risen x0x (07:13:10): I've played you twice in wars cmsangLeX (07:13:28): i guess its because you're afraid of losing x0x Risen x0x (07:13:45): yeah, i don't like adding losses to hackers to my list cmsangLeX (07:13:56): at least i hack good right? x0x Risen x0x (07:14:02): sure cmsangLeX (07:14:08): "sure" cmsangLeX (07:14:12): what a sore fucking loser x0x Risen x0x (07:14:19): I'm not a sore loser. x0x Risen x0x (07:14:27): Didn't you get banned for hacking? x0x Risen x0x (07:14:34): That's a pretty tell-tale sign. cmsangLeX (07:14:45): long time ago my friend cmsangLeX (07:14:52): doesn't matter if i hack or not cmsangLeX (07:15:02): i'm a hundred times better than you x0x Risen x0x (07:15:07): Oh, okay x0x Risen x0x (07:15:14): So losing every game 1 because you suck x0x Risen x0x (07:15:17): and then hacking game 2 and 3 x0x Risen x0x (07:15:18): is fucking pro x0x Risen x0x (07:15:20): I forgot x0x Risen x0x (07:15:22): my bad bro x0x Risen x0x (07:15:26): Good luck with being amazing at this game cmsangLeX (07:15:27): that's my game cmsangLeX (07:15:30): i love losing g1 x0x Risen x0x (07:15:33): sorry for even contesting your authority at ygo x0x Risen x0x (07:15:41): i didn't know i was speaking to a god cmsangLeX (07:15:49): enlighten yourself retard cmsangLeX (07:15:55): hacking is not impossible cmsangLeX (07:15:59): but right now, no one does it cmsangLeX (07:16:04): there are people that cheat cmsangLeX (07:16:07): as in cmsangLeX (07:16:11): playing for other members of the team cmsangLeX (07:16:15): when they've already lost cmsangLeX (07:16:19): that's cheating x0x Risen x0x (07:16:25): lol. cmsangLeX (07:16:25): hacking barely exists anymore cmsangLeX (07:16:30): if you like to cry so much x0x Risen x0x (07:16:33): Yeah, there are very few players that do it. x0x Risen x0x (07:16:36): Like, y'know, yourself cmsangLeX (07:16:39): do it losing cmsangLeX (07:16:44): yeah my self x0x Risen x0x (07:16:45): Now go hack some more ygo's, if it makes you feel better cmsangLeX (07:16:50): like i don't play 100x faster than you cmsangLeX (07:16:51): and better cmsangLeX (07:16:54): right? x0x Risen x0x (07:17:15): lol. x0x Risen x0x (07:17:33): Yeah, okay. cmsangLeX (07:17:56): cmon grow a pair and play me x0x Risen x0x (07:18:26): What's the point? You're just going to god game 2 and 3 and win anyways. x0x Risen x0x (07:18:30): I'll paly someone that doesn't have to cheat to win. cmsangLeX (07:18:49): jesus christ cmsangLeX (07:18:54): when will you ever drop the subject? cmsangLeX (07:19:02): i bet you're prob the only person cmsangLeX (07:19:06): that still acuses me cmsangLeX (07:19:07): of hacking cmsangLeX (07:19:12): and refuses me to play because of that x0x Risen x0x (07:19:23): I've played you twice now with the same results. cmsangLeX (07:19:31): THAT'S BECAUSE cmsangLeX (07:19:33): YOU FUCKING SUCK cmsangLeX (07:19:35): DON'T YOU GET IT? x0x Risen x0x (07:19:42): lol cmsangLeX (07:19:43): I BET YOU CAN'T BEAT OTHER SELECT PLAYERS TOO cmsangLeX (07:19:44): FUCK SAKE x0x Risen x0x (07:19:56): Actually, you're one of three players to beat me this year. cmsangLeX (07:20:12): it's february cmsangLeX (07:20:16): how bout u shut the fuck up? x0x Risen x0x (07:20:23): Uh. x0x Risen x0x (07:20:29): Aren't you the one continuing this? cmsangLeX (07:20:35): jesus cmsangLeX (07:20:41): ur war rec is better than mine cmsangLeX (07:20:43): if you lose to me cmsangLeX (07:20:49): its because you only play shitty teams cmsangLeX (07:20:50): and bad players cmsangLeX (07:20:53): which means... cmsangLeX (07:20:56): u suck? x0x Risen x0x (07:21:14): okay, I play shitty teams lol cmsangLeX (07:21:23): ur also on shitty team cmsangLeX (07:21:23): s x0x Risen x0x (07:21:36): Oh good lord x0x Risen x0x (07:21:39): Noone cares if you're good or hack or not x0x Risen x0x (07:21:43): Get a fucking life, you loser x0x Risen x0x (07:21:48): And stop aiming me, shit's annoying x0x Risen x0x (07:21:52): I dont' give a flying fuck if you hack x0x Risen x0x (07:21:54): HACK AWAY HOMO cmsangLeX (07:21:57): I'm the loser? the few times im alone at home cmsangLeX (07:21:59): and IM u cmsangLeX (07:22:02): u always either cmsangLeX (07:22:03): dont answer cmsangLeX (07:22:05): or just say no cmsangLeX (07:22:15): because you're dodging cmsangLeX (07:22:16): fucking pussy x0x Risen x0x (07:22:21): I'm not dodging you cmsangLeX (07:22:27): sure cmsangLeX (07:22:28): ur not x0x Risen x0x (07:22:29): the only time I've actaully spoken back because I was here x0x Risen x0x (07:22:30): was now x0x Risen x0x (07:22:39): And I don't feel like palying you at 2a.m x0x Risen x0x (07:22:41): You dumb fuck cmsangLeX (07:22:49): 7 am here cmsangLeX (07:22:52): am i complaining? x0x Risen x0x (07:22:59): You aim'd me x0x Risen x0x (07:23:03): God you're ignorant x0x Risen x0x (07:23:12): LEARN ME A BOOK LULZ x0x Risen x0x signed off at 07:23:15. x0xrisenx0x is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in. tldr i hack
  13. DuelistGroundz[.com] vs. XeroCreative

    This is basically: dgz's over-ego'd players (some of them) vs dgz's shittiest players mixed with "good players" (who are actually terrible) from xc.
  14. Goat format.

    he topped graceful into 2 wmc knowing i had snatch + another s/t, i was at 3100 he at 300, he used both wmc's, trib'd for cydra, atked with it and launched one of them for 1k for game..
  15. LS > DAD

    Best deck right here.
  16. Yu-Gi-Oh! ETC

    u guys still need me
  17. Scenarios

    1) Rota into Gardna. Rota into Grepher. Normal Grepher, discard Gardna, send Malicious. Remove Malicious, use Tele, synch for Stardust, drop DAD, set Oppression and MST pass. I'm setting both because a 1-card backrow setup will seem weak to the opponent. 2) End