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  1. Monarch - Deck Discussion

      Mithra gets you double summons and uses less conditions to do it.
  2. Giving Away Shiny 4 IV Desert Arceus (Clones)

    Are you still giving out Arceus'?
  3. Giving away Jirachis

    Awesome just got it now. Thanks.
  4. Giving away Jirachis

    2938-7682-4931   Just started playing again, I'm open around 10 PM Central time. Thanks.
  5. Pokemon XY Friend Code/Trade Request

    FC 2938-7682-4931   Wanting to finish the pokedex, or at least do evo trades and friend safari stuff. Will make a list for the former later.
  6. Fire Fist - Discussion

    You wouldn't summon Swallow via effect, you make use of your extra summon from Tensu. It's not hard to get it out either when you search it with Rooster.   Also yes, Divine Wrath does not target.    Excluding 4-axis, is the use of Tensen completely necessary in the 3 or mixed builds? I know the build that was running TKR and Mistakes did not run them and had pretty good success. Have any of you had times when Tensen felt useless by itself when drawn or opened up? Sure, Rooster swaps out used Tenki/Tensus for Tensen but from what I have tested I always wanted Gyokkou because I can use it that turn or I save it so that my opponent does have to worry that I can lock down a card next turn. I feel as though if you don't run Dragons or Swallows in any Fire Fist build then you may not need to use Tensen and go for protection or other cards that cripple your opponent. Being able to play Tenki, Tensu, and even Gyokkou without having a monster on the field is something that Tensen lacks. 
  7. Fire Fist - Discussion

    Boar only gets level 4 Fire Fists.
  8. Too Much to Swallow

    Play Tenken instead of Lance or Dress then. It's searchable via both Dragon and Swallow.
  9. Fire Fist - Discussion

    Boar over Buffalo. Crimson Blader is an out to Dragons. I think 2 Cardcars are enough.
  10. Fire Fist - Discussion

    Mention Yoko too. It may be a side board card if anything else.   I like the brightness of the pictures too.
  11. Fire Fist - Discussion

    Evilswarm would be the easiest matchup for either 3 or 4-Axis I believe. Have you tried 4-Axis instead of toolboxing the deck?
  12. Fire Fist - Discussion

    I'm pretty ticked Spirit's at one. I'd rather have Rooster to one instead.   Going to 4 Axis for now though.
  13. Sept 2013 Ban List Talk Thread

    Well, so much for depending on OCG lists now.   Snake's been fired.
  14. Fire Fist - Discussion

    I think you should reformat your post like this:   3x Spirit 3x Leopard 2x Bear 1x Rooster 1x Raven 1x Hawk 2x Veiler 2x Maxx C    2 Tenki 2 Tensu 2 Rekindling 2 Gyokkou (maybe going to 1 Gyokkou and +1 Rekindling) 2 Yoko 2 Lance 1 Reborn 1 Dark Hole 1 Foolish Burial   2 Breakthrough Skill 2 Tensen 1 Tenken 2 Compuls 2 Bottomless 1 Warning   1 Catastor 3 Horse Prince 2 Lion Emperor 1 Tiger King 1 Cardinal 1 Gagaga Cowboy 1 Basilicock 1 Photon Strike Bounzer 1 Constellar Plotemy M7 2 Zenmaines (This helps so much when I need to set up defensive plays) 1 Leviair   The easier you make your list to read and the more you explain why you're using "x" card for "y" reason then the more likely you'll get help.