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  1. Limited Format Discussion

      I think your RW is the right deck choice, but I would have gone with a couple of different card choices.  I don't like Retreat to Valakut or Stone Haven (thought it may be worth with Steward), and I'm pretty sure I'd run Hedron Archive over Seer's Lantern almost every time.  Something like:   - Lantern - Retreat + Archive + Deathless Behemoth   ---   I opened a sealed pool today in a League that I'm really not sure how to handle:   [spoiler][/spoiler]
  2. Judgegate

    This is all wrong though. The judges were part of a judge facebook group, not a spoiler group. If you're in a facebook group, but not the admin, you can't control what people are posting. People are being suspended for not immediately reporting spoilers that they didn't even know were real. Imagine if someone in Zodiac Duelist (or whatever shitty facebook groups Yugioh players are apart of) posted a spoiler, and Konami just announced that every single person who was a member of Zodiac Duelist was now suspended. No one with a brain would support that decision.   Suspended DCI members cannot judge events. However, the main reason that Florida events are going to have trouble firing for awhile is that literally almost every single judge (suspended or not) has refused to judge until this decision is reversed.     Well they had been part of the group for several spoiler seasons and seen spoilers ahead that ended up being true multiple times over the course of a few months (according to Helene).  I feel like if you were in such a group and saw spoilers posted once, who cares.  If its the 5th or 6th time you've seen spoilers that ended up being true, wouldn't you think something is fishy?   WotC definitely could have handled this better, but I don't agree with how far people are taking this.
  3. Judgegate

    I guess I'm taking the unpopular stance here, but I don't really thing that WotC did anything egregiously wrong.  The banned judges were either directly responsible for leaking stolen IP to the public (3 year suspension) or had participated in several instances of receiving spoilers ahead of time (3 month suspension).  WotC has a right to protect their products and discourage leaking/stealing of their intellectual property.   In addition, a lot of people are saying stuff like 'events won't be able to be run anymore in the Southeast, we don't have enough judges', but the suspensions only affect the judges' abilities to play in events, NOT judge them.  They aren't banned as judges, only players.   It also seems as if most of the judges got a reduced sentence compared to similar incidents in the past (like the NPH Godbook), which Helene seems to attribute to the fact that WotC recognizes their importance/contributions to the community.
  4. Battle for Zendikar Spoiler Discussion

    Went 3-1 losing a close last match to some absurd BW aggro ally deck.  Played RW Rares.  Pulled a foil Oblivion Sower and foil Ob Nixilis which is pretty sweet but they could have been expeditions.  12 year old kid next to me pulled a flooded strand and waved it around for 10 minutes while the entire store yelled at him to get a sleeve.  Another guy pulled a Polluted Delta at the midnight prerelease and a Verdant Catacombs at the Saturday one t-t.   Seemed to be a fun limited format and I'm looking forward to new Standard.
  5. Battle for Zendikar Spoiler Discussion

      Full art here: http://www.inprnt.com/gallery/noahbradley/godless-shrine/   It's absolutely gorgeous and I want a full playset.  The prices for the expedition lands are gonna be crazy though.
  6. Limited Format Discussion

    That sounds crazy. I've had several absurd matches as well during this round of cube and I've only drafted a handful of times.  In particular there was one match that had three ABSURD games.  Spoiler cus I ended up writing way too much like always and didn't want to flood the thread with a wall of text.   [spoiler] The first game I'm crushing pretty hard.  I dropped a turn 4 Venser planeswalker and countered his efforts and playing threats / removing it.  I get to ult it right away so I feel like I've already basically won.  I play a Sphinx's Rev to refill my hand and start hitting his mana, but all he's doing is playing mana and cards that make mana so he's still got a good bit of it despite Venser ult.  I keep playing cards and eventually drop Nicol Bolas to start killing even more shit - I'm even getting close to ulting Venser again.  But before I can, he drops Upheaval with his last 6 mana.  That can't really be good for him because I've still got Venser ult up and I can drop Tasigur on turn 1 after Upheaval - still an easy game... but with the island he dropped after Upheaval he casts Ancestral Recall - targeting me.  Shit that puts me at 3 cards in Library but luckily he's still low enough to die to Tasigur in time and my Venser should keep him off of lands forever.  His next turn he drops another land and a Mox Emerald, then casts fucking Regrowth targeting Ancestral Recall.  With another island safe in his hand, I'm dead to a second Ancestral Recall targeting me on his next turn...  and that's how I lost a game after like 8 turns with Venser ult.   Game 2 starts with me a bit short on mana and him with an excess, so I feel like if he has anything I'm probably just dead.  All he's got to start is a Frost Titan which I take out with StP and then I drop Tasigur.   Next he's got a Terastodon to blow up my Narset that's about to Ult and a couple of my lands.  All I have to play is Phantasmal Image copying his Terrastodon and blowing up some of his mana.  After all is said and done I've got an extra elephant and Tasigur on him, which is bad news when he drops Oath of Druids.  I swing in to try to prompt some trades / chump attacks to turn off his Oath but it doesn't work and he gets out an Eldrazi.  Off the top of my deck I get Venser and exact lethal him for 19 with Tasigur, Terrastodon, and 2 Elephants.   The final game starts with him playing Ancestral Recall into Fastbond and a few lands pretty early, so I'm not feeling great.  I start ticking up Narset before he can do much but he drops Upheaval + Fastbond the turn before I can ult.  My post-Upheaval hand isn't nearly as good with just a Signet and some Planeswalkers to start things out while he already has buttloads of mana.  After a few turns of him durdling and me with Planeswalkers, he finds a Sundering Titan to leave me with a land, Signet, and Liliana.  Then he flips his Shelldock Isle for an Ulamog killing Lili so I'm sitting pretty on 2 mana, but I'm at least able to StP his Ulamog before it swings.  Off the top I find a land which lets me drop a True-Name Nemesis that completely cockblocks his Titan and he's unable to find an answer for it quickly.  The last turn of the game I Sower his Titan and he scoops to time.  He was a little pissy about it because he 'lost to poor clock management' which I understand but I think I may have won that game anyway as I'm pretty sure he burnt through most of his threats and I had a 2-turn clock on him at that point.[/spoiler]   Those were 3 insanely intense games against the same dude and I don't think I've ever had such a crazy match before.  The only other game that stands out to me is where I was able to fend off this guy's Grave Titan and  Wurmcoil Engine along with a shitload of zombie and Bitterblossom tokens with a single spirit token (carrying like 3 swords and a battering ram).   To be fair we were both low on time and I know he made misplays in his haste - it was still intense.   [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  7. Magic Origins Spoiler Discussion

    Infinite Obliteration is decent in combination with Thoughtseize to let you name cards that they're actually holding and are important to their deck, but that's probably not enough to play it.
  8. New mulligan rule

    I think it's a cool idea to cut down on mana and mulligan problems and I don't think it'll really offset the balance of things very much.  It seems that combo benefits the most, but probably not by much.   Also interesting from the article is that they're standardizing layouts of the playing field.  Lands must always be in the back, all your cards must face you, and library/grave/exile must be all near each other.   No more of this nonsese: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/EKGWtNzCKC4/maxresdefault.jpg
  9. Modern Format Discussion

      A fair number of people have been neglecting sideboard hate for Affinity in the hopes that Kolaghan's Command is enough to get them there in the matchup.  While command is certainly a great card against affinity you don't have to worry as much about the super specific sideboard hate right now.   Affinity also just took a GP Singapore.   http://magic.wizards.com/en/events/coverage/gpsin15/top-8-decklists-2015-06-28   Congrats Gojira
  10. Magic Origins Spoiler Discussion

      Yeah these just all seem like pretty fringe cases, but I guess they add up.  The 2 mana elf is cool but I'm also pretty excited for the B/G elf for Collected Company Elves in Modern.
  11. Magic Origins Spoiler Discussion

      Foundry Street Denizen, Rabblemaster, Hordeling Outburst, Dragon Fodder and Goblin Heelcutter are the big ones.  Then there's also Mardu Scout and Frenzied Goblin.  Red aggro didn't really have any 2 drops other than Fodder or using Dash so I can see this slotting in nicely.  I don't really think that protection from blue is very relevant in standard, though.  Let's it attack through Ojutai?  Not killed by Sultai Charm?  Not much going on there.
  12. You, too, can have an epic gaming PC.

    Everything I listed above should be the same parts as you listed.  Here's the monitor: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AZMLIWW/?tag=pcpapi-20   I also don't see a fan/cooling system anywhere.  is that something that I need to purchase separately or does it usually come with the case or something?