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  1. Frogs post JOTL

    1 treeborn is nonsense and if you are playing 3 swap frog whats the point. You need 3 tidal and 1 to 2 stream you need sarc so you can make the dragon ruler engine work better. Too many traps you actually shouldn't be running any to really get the best out of treeborn which is why people play cards like trag and gorz. MST is bad outside of a new format where 3 axis takes over which is highly unlikely. For fuck sake run enemy controller, run Coelicath it is good also shark stickers those card facilitate a rank2- 3 otk. You need to max out Maxx C and effect veiler or prepare to struggle during your spell-book and dragon ruler match up. There are more fixes but that is stuff of the top of my head.
  2. Dino Rabbit Revision 2

    Needs Sarc that cards is just too good in this deck
  3. Charlotte Regionals 9/15

    [quote name='Loaded Lux' timestamp='1347799120' post='3281920'] This was one of the worst events I've ever been to. I think the TO got greedy as hell instead of just putting a cap on who could play. They fucking started 3 hours late and there was a good hour in between half of the rounds. And then that stingy bitch had the nerve to get on stage and dramatically exaggerate the evils of buying cards from players and how it took food out of her child's mouth. [/quote] yea she had me raging with that shit. I could have slept in to about 11 and still made it there on time. The fact that the inbetweens were almost as long as the matches made it atrocious. This is why I love Richmond your ass is out at 5:30 and chilling at hooters at 6
  4. Dark World - Discussion

    Build I am thinking of taking to regionals. Main thing I am trying to decide is to main reckless or not and I am thinking of dropping allure for a terraforming or something else like solemn thoughts also please comment of anything else Monsters:12 3|Grapha 3|Broww 3|Snoww 2|Tour Guide 1|Beiige Spells: 22 3|Upstart Goblin 3|Gates of The Dark World 3|Dark World Dealings 3|Dragged Down Into The Grave 2|Gateway to the Dark World 1|Dark World Lightning 1|Pot of Duality 1|Heavy Storm 1|Allure of Darkness 1|Monster Reborn 1|Dark Hole 1|Card Destruction 1|Foolish Burial Traps:6 1|Deck Devastation Virus 1|Eradicator Epidemic Virus 2|Compulsory Evacuation Device 2|Torrential Tribute Endphase gateway has been causing alot of rage quits on DN
  5. Evolzar Rabbit - Discussion

    Is there a reason you guys are not still playing macro?? I still love the card in the main
  6. dimensional eatos

    Why not add an ecall so u can get the combos off easier
  7. Miracle Gemini

    needs skill drain main decked
  8. TCG Premier Events Top Players List

    chalk up another top for captain sure
  9. TGU Macro

    I know u have alot of Anti meta stuff but why are u not running Tengu in this?? Card is too good
  10. pony

    What in the hell lol??? Gotta love full metal panic
  11. Regs next Sunday

    what does your side look like?
  12. Gravekeeper's

    less bullshit more D-Prison
  13. Tech Genus

    Sorry it is testing bad for u but I have found Bribe to be a godsend for me this format it is more versatile of a card there have been so many games I have won cause I bribed the prison and beckoning light or even a MST to keep my Horn(I know I hated doing it myself I felt like such a scrub but i won). I am unsure of the Call though in testing one was OK but 2 seems to lead to some dead draws with only 14 monster even though they search themselves out I think with Bribes added your monster being removed would be less of an issue also I would test play Compulsory Evacuation Device the card is like nuts right or even D-Prisons. Also think about a veiler or 2
  14. Banned 90s LUNCHABLEZ commercial

    Really, Link?? dont remember seeing it but if so i am sorry if I am late. Also I just think u like negging for negging sake sometimes
  15. Banned 90s LUNCHABLEZ commercial

    It made me lul a little bit