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  1. What games are you currently playing?

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown is currently doing horrendous things to my rectum. 
  2. Doctor Who

    Amy was by far the hottest companion since the reboot though. And that accent....   ...counts for something, right?     EDIT: I also feel there is a version of Clara who exists at/when Trenzalore that isn't the Clara that jumped into the time scar.   I would do heinous things to Amy, but as much as I love redheads Clara is just something else for me. Hnnnng.
  3. Oldboy

    I loved Oldboy and I have a perpetual hardon for Josh Brolin and Sharlo Copley. I'm cautiously optimistic for this. Even if it's terrible there's always the original. That doesn't automatically get invalidated. 
  4. Breaking Bad

    [quote name='orangeeyes' timestamp='1346647407' post='3271192'] [spoiler]Where did Walt's sudden change of heart come from? He just decides to break good because he sees that he's made a ton of money? I don't think the ending was a deux ex machina, but it was underwhelming. Hank finding out about Walt was supposed to be one of the biggest events in serial TV history. Although I guess it's difficult to live up to such expectations, Gilligan usually finds a way.[/spoiler] Everything about this episode was great besides those two gripes. [/quote] [spoiler] The cancer's back. There was a scene of Walt coming out of something like an MRI, then cutting to him drying his hands in the bathroom with a dented drier. It was hinted in the flashforward in episode 1 where he was coughing and taking meds. The thought of trying to use the rest of his precious time to repair his family might have been enough of an incentive for him to quit.[/spoiler]
  5. The Amazing Spider-man

    I really enjoyed it, but I felt it wasn't without its flaws. "You're my hero." - This had to be one of the most cringe-inducing lines I've ever encountered. I felt like it spoiled a genuinely touching moment. Garfield's performance -[i] in general [/i]I thought he was fantastic. He was a perfect Spiderman. I just didn't find him particularly believable as Peter Parker. He looks too old and (ridiculous as it might be to say) too attractive for the character. His loneliness and isolation doesn't feel particularly realistic. CGI - on the whole I enjoyed the effects and I didn't find anything particularly jarring, but I felt the Lizard looked a little ridiculous in places. I couldn't believe this cost almost as much as The Dark Knight Rises to make when the main villain looks so goofy every now and then. The funniest thing in the movie was probably my girlfriend pointing out that Emma Stone seemed to be contractually obligated to show her thighs in every scene. I wasn't complaining.
  6. Starcraft 2

  7. Taken 2

    I too eagerly await Liam Neeson is Badass: 2.
  8. DG Premier Starcraft 2 Tournament

    I'd be up for this. Probably will experience some lag playing from NA but it shouldn't be too bad. [font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]Wubbington.151 Protoss[/size][/font]
  9. Starcraft 2

    I just got an NA account that I'm sharing with my friend so I think I can play with fairly minimal lag. I'm kind of considering switching to Zerg though so I'll be pretty bad for a while anyway Wubbington.151 ^^
  10. Starcraft 2

  11. Starcraft 2

    You'd probably be better off just 4 gating in PvP. It's still a viable build at all levels. Cannon rushing is a bit more luck reliant and easier to stop.
  12. Prometheus

    I quite enjoyed Prometheus, despite so many issues, but this is hilarious: [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x1YuvUQFJ0"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x1YuvUQFJ0[/url]
  13. Prometheus

    That's not a plot hole. It's intentional. It isn't a prequel to Alien. It's set in the same universe, features the same creatures (Engineers/Xenomorph - but importantly the one at the end of Prometheus is a different type), and it gives context to the other films in the series.
  14. Prometheus

    [quote name='Indignation' timestamp='1339397134' post='3205077'] How do you know? [/quote] Alien/Aliens takes place on LV426. The planet in Prometheus is LV223.
  15. Starcraft 2

    [quote name='XxMalcolm' timestamp='1338658120' post='3197337'] yeah listen to destiny if you want to cap yourself from being a good player. destiny is shit [/quote] Destiny [i]is [/i]shit, but that doesn't mean his advice is bad. If Ash was in Masters/GM I'd be telling him to watch vods or replays of MMA, MKP, MVP and Bomber. Since Ash is Bronze it's beneficial for him to get more familiarised with a basic build he can perfect before moving on to something that will be too much right now.