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  1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    perfect game anyone ? XD
  2. PSN usernames

    Glashers is mine got a ps3 XD
  3. Barclays Premier League

    Arsenal 3 - 1 Chelsea I jizz in my pants
  4. What prestige are you?

    2nd prestige level 30.
  5. Your best score

    GT: Glashers
  6. Your best score

    mine ain't that awesome 52 - 12 I think
  7. Post Your Black Ops Clips !

    triple knife kill not SUPER impressive like some of you guys vids but hey I like knife kills
  8. Post Your Black Ops Clips !

    Do you play on xbox max ? and if so how much is your sensivity cuz mine is at 2 only and I can assure you they can kill me 4 times before I can even go half way lolll
  9. Post Your Black Ops Clips !

    Nading Charlie when a friend told me he just died their and got a triple kill
  10. 3rd Perk

    I normally play with alot of my friends(I always do in fact) so we ALWAYS revive each other. And yes we chnage host alot on xbox its annoying as sometimes it just losts connection and we dont get the match bonus xp
  11. Black Ops Emblem Showoff!

    Really ? I just did it because back in the old DGZ days when I used to play YGO all my sigs I made I included the title The Laughing Man in it
  12. 3rd Perk

    Second Chance Pro saved me several times thats my favo XD
  13. Black Ops Emblem Showoff!

    Here's mine, the old school guys will know why I did this one http://c2.api.ning.com/files/q1n9ExGjYC*z7ggPGk-L-7l5caiq-pFyNZhiJGtzvrBJF8sfs1G0ZzXsdmRqzSXlmvlXkk3ADrs1bTrdILzi3Iya0a372rpJ/LaughingMan.jpg (Original pic)
  14. 2010-2011 World Junior Hockey Championships

    Anyone know if Louis Leblanc still is nehing picked despise having some shoulder problems ??
  15. Post your emblems

    Dunno if if it has been done but here's a thread to post your emblems!! Mine: The old school guys that knows me will know why I did this one