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  1. I did skip over that part, so I apologize. Also, you should do your calculations in a 6 card hand, not 5. I'm fairly sure that going 2nd with Blue-eyes is the way to go. It's one of the few decks that can play past backrows and and entire fields, and getting the 6th card in deck with so many draw cards can just put you way too far ahead.
  2. Apparently you have no idea what Return of the Dragon Lords does. Board whipes do almost nothing. Also, apparently no one realizes you cant activate Kaiju Slumber while you have Spirit Dragon out. So you're basically impervious to that.
  3. To be fair, OCG has other Kaiju like cards that they have used/could use and they dont. They arent too different from actual Kaiju (Santa Claws and Volcanic Queen). Also, Kozmo really isnt too hard to deal with. The only card that is really hard to play around is Kozmo. The rest is very managable. Its monarchs that Blue eyes really struggles with, but I'm not going to be worried about that for too much longer.
  4. You just use Bahamut Shark to basically Herald of Arc light your opponent. negate their card, take it, then add Diva from grave back to hand.
  5. Uhhh upstart goblin and 41 cards. nice.
  6. Clearly I'm one of the biggest QuickDraw fans, however I feel like Quickdraw sucks in the mirror, and tzolkin really only shines against Kozmo which is already a great matchup for you. its just alright against BA turn 1. It's really just super underwhelming.
  7. I went 8-1-1 in Swiss, my one loss in Swiss I opened double garnet brilliant fusion games 2 AND three. thats literally less than a 1 percent chance lol it was unreal. other than that I 2-0ed every single one of my other opponents (I lost game 2 of a match in time forcing me to draw 1 game. Pretty sure if we weren't in time I would have won though) I played vs 6 monarch mirror (easiest thing ever) 2 Pendulum 2 BAPK
  8. Durendal does not stop Quickplay spells. Only Normal Spells, Normal Traps, and Effect monsters effects who activate on the field, so Durendal doesnt play around Stormforth.
  9. I use 2 >.> I don't see why you would use 1. Whenever I use 1 I wish I had a 2nd later on <.< >.>
  10. I actually enjoy it more than AOT.  I really just didnt enjoy AOT but something about this is different to me.
  11. so how many games did you open iris/abductor aka the stone cold nuts?? I think like 3. Opening up just a good board with Kirin is usually more than enough to finish off BA. They just can't beat Kirin. It's impossible
  12. Nah it was extra deck monarchs. Everyone was using that today if they weren't playing BA
  13. I went X-0-1 today at ARG with odd eyes magicians if anyone cares. Got third after Swiss. And obv the deck only gets better after next set. Played 3 abductor 2 igknight reload 3 Kirin 3 bunbuns 3 sky iris 2 terraforming. I drew against a monarch guy where our entire match was 6 turns. Game 1 was 25 mins and only 3 turns
  14. by battle or card effect. Something I think that makes him amazing is it means he protects Tincan. You arent forced to tag it out, meaning you can keep him around and pay 500 again during the end phase.   OR use Wicked Witches effect and re-direct everything to her.   edit: I'm actually not sure if the WW thing works but if it does all the better
  15. Kozmo Walker Dark/6/2400/1200 If one or more of your "Kozmo" cards would be destroyed by battle or an opponents card effect, you can destroy a different "Kozmo" card you control instead. When this card is destroyed by batle or card effect and sent to the graveyard: you can banish this card; Special Summon 1 Level 5 or lower "Kozmo" monster from your deck. He's actually REALLY fricken good