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    Dueling, watching anime, collecting anything that is great for collecting, being a Queen and shopping (which is my favorite interest of them all) <br><br>*laughs*
  1. Samurai Champloo

    i like Samurai Champloo cus its action mixed with some craziness
  2. Best Rap/Hip-Hop

    mainly most of the mid to late 80s and 90s were the best rap of all time (cus most of them were focusing on the issues they were facing in the 80s - 90s) there are 4 i could list but its just my thought of being the best rap groups of all time (i like all type of music so i listen to the 80s, 90s and today music) 1. A Tribe Called Quest was a 10 yr rap group (1990 - 1999) that mixes jazz with their rap style (i like them) 2. Public Enemy was a rap group that was awesome with their lyrics and made a lot of sense (Chuck D was an awesome MC) IMO same with: 3. BoogieDown Productions (KRS 1 was as awesome MC as Chuck D) and my personal fave...lol...4. Queen Latifah made her way as the First Lady of Hip Hop with her first single 'Lady First' and she still an awesome MC like i said...its my pick as the best rap and hip hop of all time. So, plz dont take it as the ultimate best or wtf....
  3. Fate/stay night

    i heard that fate/stay night is a decent anime to watch so i might watch it one day to see for myself
  4. EscaFlowne

    Escaflowne is a pretty decent action anime...i like the swordfighting scenes and the storyline was good as well It is an old anime that you cant find at anime/manga shops but there was a place here that was selling the dvds it been so long since i watched it...(plans to watch all the episodes this weekend)
  5. WaTtUp!!

    Hi Welcome to Dgz insanity is so terrible these days
  6. Favorite Anime

    My Five Favorites forr now: PreTear Tenjho Tenge Fushigi Yuugi Rurouni Kenshi InuYasha
  7. Favorite Anime

    i also like: 1. Sailormoon 2. Cardcaptors 3. Inuyasha 4. Digimon 5. Zoids I havent watched most of those in awhile but back in the day they were fun to watch...*Smiles*
  8. Favorite Anime

    *smiling* yeah...i wasnt trying to argue either....just its funny how ppl try to make one anime seem better than another ..when most anime are about the same thing just a little more action/ drama/romantic than some...but as an anime collector...they are the same just different titles or storyline involving the same cursed lifestyle/legend/way of understanding ancient japan/china and other stuff relating to it...so by collecting and watching a lot of anime...ive notice they all are the same just have more action or drama than some anime. anyway...i'm a big fan of anime well certain ones...but no need to argue about someone's opinion...i like talking about interests that i like...*smiles*
  9. Favorite Anime

    It is MY top five list of anime...and it is better than fruits basket...remember...if you EVER seen fruits basket...there isnt any good action...its more of a drama/romantic storyline...and yes ...im into action/violent anime more than drama/romantic types...at least fruits basket is number three than yu yu hakusho at number four...im going by what MY top five anime are...*smiling*and im more insane/psychotic than just crazy. *laughs at you*
  10. Favorite Anime

    My top 5 anime are: 1. Rurouni Kenshin 2. Yughioh 3. Fruits Basket 4. Yu Yu Hakusho 5. Fushigi Yugi