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  1. solid playing in that iron man last night.
  2. I plan on coming back for nationals this year, my intention is to do well. Ive been on facebook asking people for deck choices. Just wanted to know the best deck to pick up. <3
  3. Shaddoll - Discussion

  4. actually everything matt said was right, but it was 2004 nationals 
  5. if i suspect that my opponent manipulated my deck in any sense i grab the deck back and shuffle it after im done shuffling his and dont break eye contact, if it does it again ill shuffle again till i feel that he knows im on to him. makes the game much more tense, i love it.   sometimes you gotta sound like a dick.    the other way i do it is, we each shuffle decks at different times, so only one deck is shuffled at a time so the opposing player can make sure nothing is happening. 
  6. ARG Circuit Series Richmond, VA April 26-27

    work :( my only event is probably going to be nationals and ycs toronto again.   hopefully i can make it to the arg championship
  7. ARG Circuit Series Richmond, VA April 26-27

      Its not that they couldnt win any more, Myself, fili, paul (water), perovic( lazaro lost to galo on the bubble) all topped there first event back. Ive been playing again recently and the game hasnt changed much. the only reason it seems that players are better then they are before is because there is very minimal player interaction, decks are just stupid and everyone looks like a G when they play em.
  8. anyone got an update for marc carrise and kareem obrien?  
  9.   Dale you're alive??????????   Dale's always been lurking this is true   I post when i come across stupid shit >1627 posts   I'm surprised you don't have more, there's a lot of stupid shit to find! Yea ive been a member since 2004 and still only have that many post.   I dont have that much time to lurk, i mainly log on and see what catches my eye.
  10.   Dale you're alive??????????   Dale's always been lurking this is true   I post when i come across stupid shit
  11. dont bother playing, just bitch out.   would you rather be a bitch with 1k, or a salty bitch who lost?   fyi i dont think youre a bitch