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  1. learning japanese

    I don't really play any more as it's basically illegal in my state now.  I do want to learn Japanese though, and I'm just setting up a Skype account to talk to Wilson now.  are you on Skype ?
  2. learning japanese

    you barely know English :P <3!  if you find a program you want to go with, I'll be your study partner.  we can take the lessons together and Skype to practice.  my room mate is Japanese too so she could help a little.
  3. Atlanta Couchsurf

    if this is the wrong subforum, my bad.   basically i'm wondering if there's anybody in Atlanta that might be cool enough to let me couchsurf for a couple of nights next weekend.  I want to come down to see the Formula Drift event on May 9-10 but I'm going to Key West the week after so I'm tryin' to do it on the cheap cheap.   thanks and uhm, go Hawks?     http://formulad.com/schedule/pro-championship/road-atlanta.php   also if you'd want to go to the event with me, it's gonna be sweet!  one of the best courses of the year and 2 day passes are only $35!
  4. My Z32

    I sold this car.  thinking about buying an S13 or S14.  may put a 2JZ in my S2000 if the engine ever blows, or I may do the swap in the 240.
  5. Your current car

      lowered '00 S2000 on 3 piece Work Meister SP1's.
  6. I've figured it out already.  for what it's worth, the Dragon deck OP is very well done ;]!  edit:  could still use some sideboarding advice.
  7. Lol@ I can't learn a format in a day. You dunno me, I can CREATE a format in a day -_-; Edit: [/justjokinimnotjokinjustjokinimnotjokin]
  8. I read the OP and the first few pages. I figured I'd just play the deck and figure it out. Took me a couple games before I saw how it was supposed to win.
  9. hah!  that is NOT right.  I'm def not playing goat format tho.  my DN is Mazx
  10. you don't owe all of your success to me that's ridiculous -_-; but thanks!  and seriously tho, I'm trying to find it and I still can't.  I get loads and loads of random other 'top 2 spellbook' decks.
  11. who you callin' old, young'n ? ;]   Edit:  I need a sideboard, a dueling partner, and a clue.
  12.   if you're bored, why wouldn't you just find a decklist yourself? I've found several.  I'm looking for the specific one.  rolling with the one he gave me for the time being.  anyone who knows me knows that this is really my kind of deck ;P!  it's kind of frustrating that I'm so god awful with it currently, tho.