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  1. Pirates of the carribean 1 - 9/10 - just so so well done, loved everything except i felt the ending fight could have been a lot shorter. the big 3 were just pouring charisma throughout the entire film and very engaging. simple but nice plot, turned everything on its head. pirates setting out to sea to return treasure etc. jack sparrow is just so god damn lovable.
  2. ^^ Update, although OP isn't at Gintama levels of appreciation, ep 715-716 kinda solidified Oda is a master at storytelling even his smaller characters. The recent influx of new characters who I didn't really know about or like were my main qualm but his latest reveal of a relatively small time villain of why he's dressed like a baby has underlined just how good his storytelling is!
  3. Our league is one of the worst from the big leagues in regards to a quality of player perspective, especially at the top end. We also have the worst homegrown talent. We also have the best managers in the world and the most money. Really strange deal at the moment. I expect that the best managers will eventually translate to the best players but there is only so much you can do. I can't remember anyone with a brain saying or thinking english clubs are going to steam roll Europe since the days when there was a solid top 4. Chelsea = small squad, balancing europe and domestic for first time in ages Liverpool = ditto, + very intense playstyle so increased volume of games is trouble Spurs = ditto + big lack of experience from a manager + player perspective United = team in transition, lack of experience from the player side, no set playstyle City = the squad is a mess, they need to fix their fullback situation ASAP, sort out the defense and get maybe another experienced forward to cover for Aguero who will likely get injured and if Arsenal were in Europe, we already know what would happen.
  4. No, I'm just being honest. This isn't a dig at United. A team in transition is a team in transition and when you have players like Griezzeman in their prime being touted to join, they really need to think carefully about their next move in regards to getting trophies. Its for the same reason a player like Aubemeyang should stay clear of Liverpool. If I were Alexis Sanchez and I know I have 3-4 years left in my prime, I would NOT go to United despite the huge amounts of money on offer. I'd much rather wait out a Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus offer than entrust my career in a team who still doesn't have a specific play style or philosophy in place and has some very good players whom haven't completely found their feet. For a younger player like Luakaku, its a no-brainer in many respects considering the young profile of players at United. I feel like United's squad has a fuck load of quality but its quite mismatched and unbalanced. I'd much rather slide effortlessly into a Chelsea or City tbh. Over the past 3-5 years I think of a few very talented players which have failed at United whom I'm 99% sure would have excelled under Fergie (Di Maria, Depay, Zaha, Rafael, Jones, Shaw) . I'm not saying any of those players would have been world class under Fergie but I think they'd still be at United and playing an important role.
  5. Thanks^^ just making sure it wasn't me. I think I'm half way through season 2 and it just feels like they're doing the same crap over and over.
  6. He's excellent! Just not Ronaldo/Bale level. I think he'll struggle at Bayern.. its just so difficult there. He has the talent but its the opportunity which he needs. I think he would have struggled at United too. I think any top class player should wait a season or 2 before joining United just to see how Mourinho starts setting them up. I wouldn't want to risk prime years of my career at the hands of Mourinho & United in transition.
  7. have you guys watched s02? is it just me or is this season slow as fuck. reminds me of house of cards, i feel like very little is accomplished episode to episode. i think netflix really need to fix their pacing on a few shows. I get quality over pacing to a degree but these shows move SLOW AF. top class hows like the wire managed to keep things moving fairly fast whilst not sacrificing quality. I feel like this show in season 2 is struggling.
  8. I think they should end it next season. I actually forgot just how good season 1 + 2 were. You summed it up really well in that Season 1 + 2 set up everything and they've just been resting on the laurels from that. Theres just no tensions/suspense for me anymore. Hes pretty much untouchable as president and I don't give a fuck about his kinky relationship with this wife etc.
  9. I love this show but really think about dropping it a lot. Basically, its high quality in every single aspect but it has one huge flaw for me. Its slow as fuck. I look past a season where I've devoted say 20 hours to the show, and I think could have those 20 hours been spent more productively on other shows or films or a video game? I think the pacing has a lot to be desired and ever since season 2, I felt its been really really obvious.
  10. lukaku is a beast and young as fuck. would take him at liverpool all day long. only issue is his agent. however good point w/sanchez. sanchez is better.
  11. i hated this anime so much when i was younger. hated this coming of age bullshit.
  12. lol united fans. lukaku good signing tho.
  13. lol thats just a dumb dig at arsenal arsenal >> lyon despite arsenals awful season
  14. I can comfortably say One piece is probably off my number one spot. I've stalled around episode 715 and just cannot get invested into the show at all. the pacing is HORRIBLE and the formulaic arc development of: crew gets separated -> has mini fights -> luffy fights the main bad guy and his fight basically decides the whole outcome of the battle -> his fight drags on -> ... is so boring. I hope this arc changes that but i see no signs of it changing. I just can't bring myself to watch all of these crappy inconsequential fights, seeing back stories of villains who will be KOed in the next 5 episodes and probably not seen again. Maybe Gintama has spoilt me too much... Gintama seems to be able to get through 98490849048094809480948x the ammount of content one piece does and its a more complex and emotional story and the ost is better and the characters are better and its still funny and its faster paced etc. the only back story gintama has done in recent memory was a back story ALL gintama fans have been waiting 300 yes THREE HUNDRED episodes for and it did NOT disappoint, and it could have been adapted into a feature length film. fuck gintama could make a backstory arc for gintoki and the war and no fans would complain because its genuinely what we want. I hope this is just a really bad phase for one piece like the thriller bark fiasco but fishmen island wasn't exactly a well paced or enthralling arc either.
  15. two towers was epic using a 5.1 setup. like freaking epic. my subwoofer brought it home. 5 stars . think i previously said watched nice guys, 3/5. took took long to warm up for me. few jokes didnt hit home. watched an indian film called dangal, also 5/5. just so well rounded, beautiful/perfect family film. didnt realise how much value is in the movie side of things. I'd say of every 10 hours i invest in films a minimum of 2 will be of obscene quality and possibly more with a huge ammount of variation. im now looking at shows like nacros, house of cards and putting them on hold cos i don't think they offer great time:quality value for how piss poor their pacing is. anime is still the strong winner tho with 20 minute episodes, sadly there is hardly any good anime out now.