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  1. Also I want to run a strong affiliate program for the first 3 months at least, where affiliates get £5 cash for a referral purchase and potentially buyers get a £5 discount .I have no idea how to do this.
  2. Hey guys. I'll do the short story. My parents own a semi precious/granite/marble business. We have a premium product line which is the semi precious stone. This includes £2,000 fruit bowls and £20,000 dining tables. The bulk of their work is manufacturing: bars, buildings, football clubs, kitchens, dining rooms. Anyway the actual stone which we use to create the luxury items is readily available for myself. They're close to retiring in the next 5-10 years because simply enough age and the mental stress is finally catching up on them. I want to shift their business from manufacturing to something where they can sell a product and mail it to someone instead. I've identified a few product lines we could make with the products. I know their are competitor products for some of the stuff we're offering. I've checked them out (heck I own a few of them) and honestly the product I'm planning to put into place after some diligent QA and prototype testing in the next 6 months will be MUCH more superior to the competition in every single way. Where competition like to spend mone on the band mechanism, we will prioritise the quality and finish of the actual semi precious stone. We can also offer a plethora of different types of stones (some exclusive to our plant as we own the naturally occuring rock its coming from and theres not THAT much left). I will be customising the size, thickness et al to ensure its JUST right. Its not going to be some cheap out-sourced chinese knock off type item. I've been youtubing about and learnt about shopify, instagram advertising and facebook advertising. I was wondering if anyone can further help me with this? The thing is a lot of these shopify programs work towards basically identifying a supplier like aliexpress and just marketting their products at a higher premium with a buy it now click button. My situation is slightly different in that I'm investing in the QA and development of a product I actually believe in. We're based in the UK and I'm happy to ship anywhere but I'm very foriegn to the whole idea of shipping a product (our business usually involved us coming and installing our products). Any help would be MUCH appreciated. We've been a basically offline business in terms of gaining revenue as our scope has been where we can install to but at last, I'm hoping we launch a globally accessible product. Packaging/Storage/manpower for anything physical is MORE than in hand. Our weaknesses are everything else behind it; namely the online presence and actually pulling sales. As a business, we've always been used to people coming to us as we are a niche product.. but I understand the shift to a more consumer ready product will mean we need to start coming to people.
  3. Daytrading free money thread

    Cheers mate. I researched a little bit and I decided I'm going to put £20k into a vanguard ISA global all cap. I'm currently playing around with £1k buying and selling a few stocks. I think I might open up another ISA after April and see if I can trade and invest my own stocks, trying to time a few stock purchases to beat my Vanguard fund. If my sister can help support my mortgage application, I'll likely buy a super-house by this summer and then rent it out to 2 people whilst my sister and myself live there, buy another super-house and then hopefully buy a super-super-house as a potential end game property. If she doesn't, because she wants to buy a shit flat buy herself which is going to be useless in 10 years and basically just break even cos she's wants "independence", then idk wtf to do lol as my temporary wage cut has locked me out of mortgage options which match my bank account. Daytrading wise, I feel like I have loads to learn as I still don't quite get it (which I think is what you're doing right?). I wish I could get into it with a bit of knowledge but at present, its basically just gambling at my currently level of know-how.
  4. Your current car

    the thing is i REALLY like the interior of the model 3. it just looks so freaking clean. model S insurance will also i think be much higher and im fearful it will get outdated asap. in UK we have a sweet deal for businesses coming in april 2020, benefit in kind goes to 0% which i think equates to like 16% off the price of leasing an electric car so that should allow some decent tax to be claimed back.
  5. Daytrading free money thread

    can someone explain to me how this thread is free money? im trying to get into trading.. what resources should i start with and apps should i use? I'd say I have about 2 hours a day to learn it, and I can bank roll a decent ammount. would like to start small.. maybe 5k, then obviously if im going ok, and getting the hang of things, expand from there. tldr i have a chunk of money in the bank with no viable investment oppurtunities which im used to so want some advice please. ideally im looking to try and mature the cash i have as I want to build/open my own well being centre/practice and I think i'll need more money than i have now to buy in.
  6. Your current car

    never been into cars but recently i have after seeing a tesla. thinking of getting a tesla 3 (new) or a tesla s (2018). my brain is telling me to just lease a tesla basic 3 and invest the savings into a property tho. i can get a basic tesla 3 lease which will cost me like 300-400 a month which is dirt cheap imo. i dont mind paying 600-700/month for the car but tbh i fancy upgrading in a couple of years (im assuming im gonna get in a relationship/have kids so will upgrade for size).
  7. Favorite Videogames of this decade

    The way the children, marriages and the recent timeskip mechanic has worked is masterful. The children especially (which I really missed from three houses but I get it).
  8. Favorite Videogames of this decade

    I'm always surprised by this opinion RDR2 BOTW GOW DOS2 FE games Bloodborne have all been near best-in-class for me. RDR2 is the best open world game I've played in regards to storytelling and world mechanics. Witcher 3 edges it in side quest quality and atmosphere. BOTW was just a beautiful open world GAME. GOW revitalised the video gaming single player RPG formula IMO and is close to a piece of art with the over the shoulder angle DOS2 was phenomenal for a CRPG and modernised the entire formula and provided a sense of freedom and creativity we haven't seen in ages. FE revitalised the tactical RPG gentre and altho not quite at FFT levels.. has added A LOT of mechanics which are AMAZING imo (having kids, time skips, relationships) Bloodborne re-wrote the formula of the 2009 Dark Souls and somehow made it different but just as good with a faster gameplay mechanic anc accessibility I honestly see any of those game seasily getting into my best video games of all time list. I find when I look back at older games its sometimes with rose tinted specs. I still can't keep up with the ammount of video games produced and my backlog continues to grow which I believe it testament to the quality of games i still there somewhat. I just think the transition between graphical fidelity, storytelling and games being GAMES is a bit of a rocky one..
  9. What games are you currently playing?

    @rei haven't played p5 as i read they are releasing a final/new version soon so i thought i'd jump in on that. p4 favorite girl rise just cos her boss battle was sexy af and shes evidently a secret nymph/exhibitionist. whos urs? is the jump from P4 to P5 good quality wise? P4 started to bore me near the end which is why I'd ideally want to play persona games via some form of portable means but oh well.
  10. What games are you currently playing?

    ok it back on rdr2. now 60 hours in and i really underplayed it. its just incredible. its storytelling is beautiful, side mission variation is awesome, visually phenomenal and the world is so absorbing for a game which doesnt have a lot of outside cutscene npc dialogue.
  11. Top 10 Tv shows.. again

    i got like 4 episodes into twin peaks then stopped watching it. no idea why. i really need to restart this and finish it properly as whenever i watch the show, i get so engrossed by how beautiful it is. the girls in the show are so gorgeous. like classic beauty.
  12. hey my valve index controllers squeak. i thought some tech ppl here might be good and know what fixes a controller squeaking. which oils potentially are safe to use?
  13. Witcher TV Show

    When one of your favourite gaming franchises releases a TV show and you’re on episode 7 of 8 and hoping it gets better, you know its not as good as it can be. The Witcher series is known for its phenomenal ability to produce episode beautifully orchestrated stories which can standalone is great fables. It has a subtlety in its writing, an effortless main character and a really rustic charm to the entire franchise. I like the TV show but man is it just lost potential for the simple fact that for some weird reason, they’ve dumped down the entire TV show. It can be summed up by the first episode. Gerald has a difficult choice to make between two shady sides. AND OH MY GOD DO THEY LET THE VIEWERS KNOW THAT. Geralt mentions ‘the lesser evil’.. then the mage does.. then Geralt does.. then the woman does.. then geralt does.. then at the end of the fucking episode when we all know geralt picked the wrong side potentially.. my man the fucking mage has to spell it out to us and remind us retarded special needs viewers that he had a choice to make (YES U FUCKING MENTIONED IT 20 MINUTE AGO). Anyway the show is overall visually very pleasing despite them deciding to just cast people that don’t look like the characters in their roles; triss is totally different, yen is now Asian and dandelion is a bit chubby... but whatever. Good show but man it could have been phenomenal.
  14. Steam Sales

    yup steam sales are just so dangerous man
  15. What games are you currently playing?

    rdr2 its sick. not sure if its a good game but its a sick experience of being a cowboy.