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  1. Investments

    yup just seems like really fucking easy money if ur at all invested in video games. and despite knowing whats gonna be released, the video hype is always ridiculous. wait til a proper pokemon 3D rpg is announced.. no matter what, it will spike crazy hype levels.
  2. Turn A Video Game Into A Film

    Zelda. Would easily be the most beautiful film ever. TLOU, Bioshock and Witcher would make £££££££.
  3. Deadpool 2

    I felt like the kid was just really irritating and mis-cast. In the first deadpool, him and to a lesser extent, his girlfriend has ATTITUDE... which I liked. It made them stand out. In this film everyone had a bit too much sass about them.. for example the fat crazy kid and i felt their charisma didn't shine though.
  4. Gaming laptops..

    rei i just tried "game streaming" using parsec and my MBP and I was pleasantly surprised by the experienced. only used it via local network, going to try mobile phone now tethering but it seems like a semi-decent solution for games not requiring crazy reflexes. Granted I am streaming a 720p screen, looks balls on my MBP screen but a shitty little ultrabook might make it a bit more palatable.
  5. Gaming laptops..

    I was not aware of this... so I can buy a 10xx card and sync it from a freesync monitor?
  6. Gaming laptops..

    I understand what you mean but from user experience, I've seen people saying gsync has been much better than free sync. I already understand freesync is open. However if I'm going to invest in a 120hz ultrawide monitor, I feel more confident in NVIDIA bringing cards to the table to power it than AMD. I'd rather get a 1070 for it being quieter, more efficient. I get that the AMD cards are more future proof with better vulkan/dx12 support but I can't stand a noisier card for the performance increase in some titles. In the UK for an extra £100 you get a 1080ti over the vega 64 btw. Which just smokes everything [and is the only graphics card I'm currently looking at unless the 1070/1060 have more price drops]
  7. Gaming laptops..

    i'll hold fire but i dont expect anything from AMD. gsync > freesync and although freesync comes with no price premium, AMD are 18 months behind NVIDIA, offer cards far more noisier with less or equal performance to nvidia.... at this point in my life i really don't mind investing 200-300£ into a superior GPU eco system. I know AMDs cards are meant to play a bit better with DX12.. but honestly if mining didnt come around, this gen AMD would have been stung BADLY
  8. Gaming laptops..

    yup i've been shopping around. really really want ultrawide. biggest issue is NVIDIA being a bitch with the graphics cards. the new ones still not announced and the current pascal cards still haven't dropped significantly to reflect their age.
  9. Deadpool 2

    i was a bit underwhelmed tbh. definitely funny, not sure as a film if it was very good though compared to the first. i felt this time around A LOT of plot, story and characterisation was totally sacrificed for jokes.
  10. Gaming laptops..

    After my research, its between 1. Alienware R13 OLED 2. Razerblade 15 inch 2018 My only issue is I'd rather get the new revision of the R13 whenever it drops as its been out for ages (maybe they add a bigger battery or pass on the OLED-ness to its big brother or decrease the bezels more?) OR I cop the razer which just seems a bit overpriced and the poor customer service is VERY concerning as i have little faith in windows laptops. Alienware don't seem bothered at all by MaxQ cards so I wonder if they're just gonna wait for the new NVIDIA cards before dropping a refresh. Also for anyone interested in Switch/portable gaming, something called an SX pro is released soon whcih is a pirate cart of the switch = free gamez. ____________ My other option is to get an ultrawide alienware monitor A new desktop PC + a graphics card to replace my 670 in my PC downstairs and then a thin+light laptop which can 60fps basic games for my portable needs. I REALLY miss gaming at a desk at present. Theres something just way more comfortable than couch gaming but starting from scatch in desktop gaming is expensive AF.
  11. Gaming laptops..

    is that why u went with dell/alienware? ive heard their customer service is amazing
  12. Gaming laptops..

    this is tempting
  13. Gaming laptops..

    yup that is solid tbh. power source will always be fairly nearby too.
  14. On the road to fitness

    i think when someone is trying to lose 50lbs+ its also important to have diet breaks. By this, I don't mean a cheat day. I mean upping your calories by 100 each week over the process of a month or so, monitoring weight to make sure you're not gaining to keep you metabolism healthy.
  15. Or Go to the gym, lift weights AND eat shit food = win I wish I did that instead lol.