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  1. Top Tier TV Shows

    so yeah mr robot is pretty epic

    i just watched s04e07 i take it back for anyone that reads this, mr robot is most definitely up there with the best tv shows of all time and has the best rewatch value of any form of medium i've watched and deserves you to watch every single second of it with your full attention.

    Also I think it surpasses breaking bad fairly comfortably. Cinematography is jaw dropping, the soundtrack is better, consequentialsm, the rewatch value is better, it feels a lot more realistic than breaking bad which always had a cartoony feel to its villain and plots.. However sadly I still think The Wire and The Sopranos are maybe a bit better although the sopranoes does have a really bad patch of weird episodes which Mr. Robot never has. TLDR the show is amazing. Actually by the end of season 4.. if it keeps going like this.. it'll probably be in my top 3 or top 2.. or top 1..

    im on s04e02. i kinda watched this a bit half heartedly at times.. but yes its easily one of the best tv shows of all time upon reflection. s04 is really on steroids. the first 5 minutes of the first episode of season 4 and i was floored. i also found the plot/hacking at times a bit too confusing and a bit boring and difficult to follow but that could just be me, sometimes on my phone whilst watching it. I'm not sure if its as good as the sopranos or the wire though. its very plot-based, not character based IMO.. so the interactions don't feel as natural and as authentic as the top-tier dramas. however the story is tells is obviously phenomenal. I found season 1 a bit jarring cos everything seems VERY abstract. I sadly predicted the initial season 1 plot twist. I did find the fact they call the company 'evil corp' a bit weird... I havent' finished the show obviously but i really don't think they wrote wellick's entire transformation as a character very well at all. it seems to be like the flip of a switch he becomes this guy who has a hardon for elliot beyond all measure and wants to be a god.. he wasn't like that before at all imo. anyway i digress. amazing show. i don't think its perfect but its up there. and it might be THE most highest re-watch value of any TV show I've seen. Actually, no... it IS the highest rewatch value of any TV show I've seen, in that I think people HAVE to rewatch it to fully appreciate how excellent the writing is. Season 1 = good but I felt slightly disjointed, good plot twist but i guessed it sadly. Everything just felt very spread out.. Season 2 = slow to begin with but then mind blown with the plot twist. pacing very different but told a story very delicately and I loved it. Season 3 = awesome pacing, got a bit bored during possibly one of the best episodes of the show (.. 71 e corp facilities... I have no idea why.. just didn't hold my interest) but overall excellent Season 4 = only 2 episodes in and I already feel like this is going to be the best season of TV I've ever watched. I think if they wanted to improve the show, they could have done with more time to flesh out side characters. I liked a lot of them but they were fairly immemorable and one dimensional. Obviously time is of the essence and the main character like elliot requires a lot more screen time, but outside of s04e01, i was never really upset by the death toll.
  5. what are you doing with your life in 2020

    trying to rebuild body and social life after a lot of months working and doing not much else.
  6. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    re:zero is really kicking up the gears now :D honestly the depth of the mystery in this show is insane.
  7. Top 10 games of this generation?

    so pistol whip is fucking fun as fuck. if they could do a campaign and maybe like a bit stop and start dialoge.. somehow invent some cool boss fights.. this could be EPIC. by itself its still fucking awesome. persona 5 i also started. 1 dungeon and 2 mementos in and its ok. the storyline doesn't seem like anything extraordinary for a JRPG, the writing is ok, the social links all seem again a bit average. im not itching to find out whats happening next. the combat is cool but pretty basic (as far as i know, its just buff/attack/heal and the baton passes are cool as fuck to see). i like the whole how you capture the personas mechanic, but its a bit hard to really fall in love ur become attached with ur persona when i always execute mine within <2 hours. anyway, it seems good, but not amazing atm. i've read that the game really kicks off after the first or second dungeon. I'm tempted to start resident evil 2 alongside this game as i heard its pretty short.
  8. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    I just think its really really good. Subaru is a very.. human character. He acts like how I imagine most people would act in his position; aka play the hero, then slowly realise they aren't a hero. I also like how tragic it is that he builds bonds with people throughout the resets but those bonds are one-sided, aka they don't remember him. Second season has been a drag in the first 3 episodes I watched though so I've dropped it until I have a good chunk to watch.
  9. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    so re:zero is fucking awesome. forgot how good it is and it is indeed good. it has to be in my top 10. im ashamed if i ever left it out.
  10. Top 10 games of this generation?

    not on sale, shall i still proceed to buy? VR wise I've taken 10 steps back since getting my Arendal speakers and 77'' CX OLED. kinda back to flat gaming now
  11. Top 10 games of this generation?

    As in games from PS4 conception date onwards.
  12. Top 10 games of this generation?

    Have you played through HLA? What did you think of it? I've only played 3 hours on my Index and I like it but I don't think its revolutinary for VR. I feel its a bit clunky, the mechanics for me aren't tight enough but I've played A LOT of other VR games so I have multiple points of fairly strict comparison. I actually think Boneworks (outside of story. narrative and graphical fidelity) is better as a VR game. still haven't played pistol wip. need to restart nier (which i absolutely loved) as i played through it on the highest difficulty and its INCREDIBLY poorly balanced (the random pigs/animals one-to-two shot you)... one shot you. going to start P5R next.
  13. For me its BOTW RDR2 FE:TH GOW Bloodborne TLOU2 RE7VR Witcher 3 *insert relavant trails game* Divinity Original Sin 2
  14. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    I'm rewatching Re:Zero as I remember fucking loving it but I've forgotten most of the characters and plot twists from season 1.
  15. weird things that bother you..

    any slight fault or imperfection with something new that is electronic which i've bought. e.g. i just felt my black satin speakers for any inconsistencies in the material used and found a very miniscule tiny bump.. which has now ticked off my ocd and asked retailer for a potential replacement. normally lasts for about a month before i dont care anymore.