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  1. cheapest tinder phone

    i completed botw, xenoblade 2 and mario odyssey. until octopath travellers comes out i need something to do when on the go.
  2. cheapest tinder phone

    hey lads, whats the chapest phone i can find to use tinder on? like exclusively just tinder. i assume it'll be an android one. cant use it on my main phone for various reasons. dont judge.
  3. What games are you currently playing?

    Just an update, on tactician this game KICKs my ass. Every encounter is memorable. Its almost like the Dark Souls of RPGs now. I'm having to replay a fair few fights but learning more and more about the battle system just as positioning, unchaining, buffing before fights start, using summons to activate fights, laying traps... ! Much better than just raw-powering my way through the game with buffs galore and not paying too much attention to whatever I loot. Every spell is now so meaningful to me.
  4. What games are you currently playing?

    please say ur playing tactician mode if not plz restart
  5. What games are you currently playing?

    ur right .... tbh idk why i have such an obsession with buying one. I'm currently starting divinity original sin... kinda mesmerised by the complexity of the game and battle system.. no game i've played has given me the breadth of tactics ive seen or choice in customisation and char build.
  6. Would you watch this? YT channel idea

    possibly would if it didn't have spoilers and spoke about good games and why i should play them in addition to what ur plan it. definitely a unique selling point but if ur aiming to get those 100k+ views, ur gonna have to be relevant.
  7. Our Videogame Reviews

    You REALLY make me wanna pick this up, apart from the fact I'm not a multiplayer type gamer as I invariably suck compared to people who invest >100 hrs
  8. Honestly enjoyed trails in the sky more than chrono. I liked chrono trigger a lot tho.
  9. Top 10 games of the last TEN years

    I’ve read the enhanced mode has more enemies, different tactics, better skills so it sounds quite enticing in all honesty.. but some people have said it looks like it would be better to do if you have completed the game before .
  10. Our Videogame Reviews

    Mass Effect 2 Known as one of the best games of last gen, I had high expectations for this game. It excels in voice acting, its graphics stand up to today's standards on PC, its expansive universe and attention to detail is up to scratch, excellent PC controls, it has a hugely varied cast with some excellent backstories and its overarching story is an epic space-age war. It's fixed a lot of annoying issues from the first game, and improved in nearly every department. Multiple different classes all acting differently is the icing on the cake. However I found it lacking in the story, pacing and gameplay department. From a gaming perspective, its fine. The shooting is fine, the powers are fine. Fine is good enough for an RPG more centred towards story. The lack of real customisation in the forms of guns and only 4 skills per character leaves everything a bit dry for my tastes. A sentinel shepherd for all intents and purposes is going to be a very similar sentinel shepherd in another's game which kind of sucks. From a story perspective, its so formulaic after the introductory acts. Ship -> Find new member -> new Memeber mission -> ship and repeat. ME2 felt more like a re-introduction to Mass Effect than a sequel. The overarching plot was never expanded on, the ultimate enemy is underwhelming and the linearity of levels didn't help at all. The plot lacks the space-age political stand offs I imagine in my mind, it lacks real choice, it has hardly any plot twists, enemies and people outside of your crew aren't fleshed out and the cultures aren't fully explored. For all the beautiful worlds it shows, they're paper thin in regards to depth. Overall I can't help but feel disappointed by Mass Effect 2. It promised so much but I felt it was lacking in story and ultimately didn't have the core RPG mechanics to deserve a top 10 place. I can't help but feel a lot of people are looking back on this game with a huge dose of nostalgia when mentioning it as one of the best games of last gen. 7-8/10 IMO.
  11. Our Videogame Reviews

    Hey guys, this thread is for us to post reviews of games we've recently played + openly discuss each other's reviews.
  12. Top 10 games of the last TEN years

    Urthor which difficulty did you choose for divinity OS?
  13. Top 10 games of the last TEN years

    What makes mass effect 2 stand out to you?
  14. Top 10 games of the last TEN years

    I reckon its counts too. My issue with ME 2 is I felt like the game was just introducing characters to me and giving them one plot story point. Most worlds were only visited once and had little to do. I enjoyed it, I just felt like they could have halved the length and increased the quality, decreased the boredom. The story and plot felt very lacking compared to what I was expecting. The plot didnt really interconnect or grow like most top class RPGs I've experienced bar the quest involving Kasumi, the shadowbroker probably. I'm glad they ditched the mako from ME1. I think I'll hope on ME3 maybe having trying out divinity original sin. ME1 had more mystery about who the enemy was.. ME2 was like hi its the collectors, lets go after them at the end of the game. If the storytelling is much improved though, I'll play Me3 before divinity.
  15. Top 10 games of the last TEN years

    Im guessing hes going off of the PSP release which was only 2011 i think...