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  1. I'm waiting until it has 5 games minimum but in reality i will probably snap when MK8 comes out. I think if the switch ever gets hacked + homebrew, it will explode. I was thinking today I want to play suikoden 2 (e.g. on my PSP) but I'd love to be able to play it on the big screen when i'm at home but take it on the go too. If portable gaming becomes a thing again (im talking about real gaming, not iphone fruit ninja) then the switch will explode. Its a question of do u wanna play skyrim on ur couch or do u wanna play it on ur couch, on ur bed, on the train and at school/work. .. however with that will come graphical compromise...
  2. They're both good but Haikyuu is leaps and bounds ahead for me. no 4 minutes of hajime no ippo runs that close.
  3. Yup I'm most likely going to buy one when MK8 comes out just for the multiplayer with my sister. Even then, tbh i could easily wait. The game which will MAKE me buy a switch is the fire emblem title.. which probably wont be seen for a year or two.
  4. well breath of the wild just won game of the year in march 98/100 on metacritic fuckkkkk
  5. Finished haikyuu. fucking hell it SHITS on hajimee no ippo to no end. like literally it bends over hajime no ippo and shows how a sports anime should really be. Watching: Gintama (up to date) One Piece (about 60 episodes behind) Gintama has made me realise just how slow and shit one piece is in comparison. Gintama is the best anime handsdown. I wish I could rewatch it. The last arc if you like shounen or just good plots is remarkable. EAch episode packs so much fucking content, zero filler,.. fuck it i could write an essay on how good gintama is.
  6. games: fall out new vegas (pc) w/graphics mods - dropped the game for now, about halfway through and not invested in the factions at all.. i honestly dont give a fuck about any of them, idk what it is about western rpg telling but its so behind in regards to JRPG personality Hopefully will pick it back up but its just not holding my attention. trails: cold steel Ps3 - fucking hell, only on chapter 4, put 37 hours into this and its beautiful. Its like a really really well written piece of media portraying an intimate story that couldn't be fully realised via any other form of media. unlike new vegas for example, where im tempted to skip text, these guys really know how to deliver a stellar cast and build a slowly evolving plot. big fan of falcom now. i thought trails in the sky was a fluke of a good game but i think maybe falcom's story telling in RPGs is just borderline ridiculous aslong as you don't mind a bit of linearity and text.
  7. vardy should have gone to arsenal. hope they get relegated srs.
  8. its gintoki vs takasugi no contest no fight has been that emotional
  9. my t10 Gintama One Piece Monster Clannad After Story Berserk TTGL Hunter x hunter Haikyuu School Rumble FMA i really liked re:zero tho, and aot, code geass, fate/zero fuck so much good anime.
  10. i think nintendo's only development studios are a bit behind too. i remember them mentioning they really struggled in just getting to wii u standards from the wii whilst the rest of the development world had been there for ages.
  11. draw seems fair. we're not clinical enough. could have done with sturridge on tbh for a few of those chances we missed near the end. utd looked ridiculously threatening in the first half. mignolet was excellent. if we had karius in, i think we would have lost. playing an 18yo having his debut in the derby w/o matip... i would have taken a point before the game. we were the better side given we were playing away but not considerably to justify 3pts.
  12. idc much about graphics.. its moreso the switch meeting minimum graphical power to make ports easy and viable for the switch to maintain third party support that i care about. if i want graphics, i'll buy a gtx 1070/80 + a 4k tv or 1440p monitor
  13. Graphics noted by everyone at the show are to be similar to Wii U. Doubt this is rocking any advanced portable pascal architecture based on that fact alone. Nintendo have marketed the switch completely wrong. It should have been portable first, TV second. As a portable device, its the best portable gaming console ever created. As a home console, its behind everyone and overpriced from the console to the accessories to the games.
  14. think its bullshit. why go to china now when he can just go at the end of the season or once he starts to actually decline.
  15. If its their flagship handheld then I think its a huge risk compared to previous' 1. Developmental costs for portable games will now skyrocket. Developers can ask themselves the question, do I want to make this a switch game or shall I just go the full hog and release this on PS4/XBOX One/PC. With the 3DS, that wasn't the case, the platform was drastically different and easier to develop for. 2. They're ditching the 3D and dual screen technology which they pretty much have just recently perfected with super stable 3D. 3. The switch's battery life is questionable.. I feel 2-6 hours from the manufacturer could easily mean 1.5-4 hours, with degrading battery life we could be fucked [and I hope not] 4. They're marketed it as a HOME console. Too much footage and coverage has shown it being played from a couch. This drew PS4/xbox1 comparisons which have ultimately killed a lot of hype from graphics whores. If this was truly a handheld, I think Nintendo should have just put our a statement of intent and released some handheld-like games on the system to let people know. This limbo may ultimately kill the console. I look at its weak lineup and staggered lineup this year and it just screams Wii U. No Devs are mentioning upcoming new games coming to the switch either! I honestly see a pokemon release saving this console right now. I wish Nintendo waited 6 months for technology to mature and potentially improve a few bits of the hardware, decrease the console cost and have a release lineup of Breath of the wild/Arms/Splatton/Mario Kart/Skyrim portable with an upcoming Mario game in a few months afterwards. I think calling Skyrim "Skyrim Portable" or "Skyrim Switch" would have been slightly better marketting too. I also still struggle to see how the positive of partnering with Nvidia since they've just given Nintendo old chips.