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  1. Reccomend me some summer video games

    They have announced 3. No release date so probably in 3-5 years knowing valve but they said one will drop this year.
  2. Reccomend me some summer video games

    i think their next games are going to be VR titles given they released the Valve Index. although i totally doubt it and suspect valve have lost some of their magic, imagine if they kickstarted a VR revolution with the Orange Box 2.0 with native VR remakes of all the Orange Box titles.
  3. Reccomend me some summer video games

    so decided to start playing portal 2 today. errr its amazing. #(except the loading screen) why dont valve make games anymore
  4. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    ive finished ep 2 of vinland saga and not impressed so far. getting slight ned stark vibes from the dad being a mega honorable retard but everyone else has taken a back seat in terms of being a character which sucks.
  5. So I've just read ASOIF 1 (GOT) and it was incredible. So much better than the show. About to start the second. Are there any series that come to mind better from a political/fantasy/adult POV? The politics and dialogue was really impressive
  6. What games are you currently playing?

    nvm hard mode is retarded. the boars and all animals ohko you.
  7. What games are you currently playing?

    so ive sacked off planescape and KCD for now. very slow games. currently playing 1. Nier (on hard mode, normal mode was a bit too easy, hard is fucking like a fast paced epic dark souls) 2. Fire emblem three houses - the reviews for this considering its a 2019 tactical rpg are insane. my body is not ready.
  8. Two desktops?

    yea its just gonna be a true 4k/30fps console or a 4k/60fps low settings console. don't see how they can do much else. btw i bought an alienware ultrawide monitor, asked for a replacement because it has some BLB left side .The replacement has it. however dell are being proper lazy about picking up the old one.. also the akg 712 are heavenly for music and gaming.
  9. Two desktops?

    yup, i think the 3700x et al aren't as impressive for gaming given the compataibility and single threaded power of intel CPUs for emulation.. but the 3600 is VERY temptiing. seems like the sweet spot for 'value' is an RTX 2070Super + a 3600 for PS5/Xbox scarlett beater.
  10. FYI Final Fantasy Tactics rivals Trails. Not in world building or character development (can't develop generic units) but its level of storytelling is right up there with Trails and maybe surpasses it in some departments. Also speedhacks wise, is there one for Trails in the Sky TC? I want to play through it but I can't afford to devote 50-60 hours to a spin off game.
  11. What games are you currently playing?

    finished fft 10/10 didn't even have the shitty final fantasy 9389383 bosses at the end. literally an amazing phenomenal game which has aged so well. fire emblem is coming out in a few days and has been getting riduclous reviews so i think i'll just continue with kcd and try to get back into planescape.
  12. What games are you currently playing?

    I'm starting KCD after FFT. I've also heard VERY good things about Fell Seal. Is it as good as FFT or near the quality? As good as FFT is, its clearly outdated. The menu navigation is a bit iffy, nothing is explained, the cut scenes aren't skippable, etc. I think my favorite experience in regards to tactical RPGs is still Fire Emblem. FFT's 1000x better plot makes it the better game, but Fire Emblem is so polished on the 3DS. However Fates is the only one with a decent difficulty. I haven't played Blood stained. Do you think its worth playing that or KCD first? FFT came out of no where as I was really just planning a planscape playthrough + kcd. Ideally if time was infinite, I'd love to play through: 1. KCD 2. DS3 3. Planescape 4. Tactics Ogre and VR Wise: 1. SkyrimVR 2. Astrobot 3. Defector 4. Lone Echo 5. Man up and finish RE7VR (probably will never happen)
  13. What games are you currently playing?

    none in the same mould as it WOTL as far as i know. from what i've read they are all shitty simplified versions but ill check them out for sure. ive been meaning to play ff12.. altho i wanted my next ff game to be 15..
  14. What games are you currently playing?

    sacked off these 2 games (for now) due to FFT. i had a 4.5 hour car journey with my parents for my sisters graduatrion. so i brought my PSP and my ipad. ended up deciding to try and get into FFT for the 4th or 5th time.. and it clicked. im now 13 hours in and still on chapter 2. its just very different to fire emblem. its no where near as punishing, it has 100x more customisation and class building.. i'd say most of the tactics is BEFORE the battles. you don't need to stress over EXACT positioning but moreso just general flow of the battle. unlike FE, there is NO stress on EXP, you can infinitley grind but infinitley grinding doesn't exactpy make you OP by itself. you still need to know what ur doing. the story is i'd say 100x better than any fire emblem game and possibly one of the best plots i've seen in a game so genuinely very impressed. also much much much much better than any final fantasy game i've played (i'v played 4 (partially),7,10). it reminds me A LOT of game of thrones, the dialogue is very very good, manages to world build without HUGE ammounts of text. Only JRPG I know of which betters it is trails in the sky but that has infinite text and way slower pacing. much much much better than the piece of shit political story every jerks off about in suikoden 2. it does require 100x the brain bower of ur standard final fantasy game, and given how thick as shit all the turn based final fantasy games are, i really doubt we will ever see a sequal to this game as its target audience i imagine will reside on PC. (fyi not a final fantasy hater, cant wait for 7 remake and i liked 10 a lot at the time).
  15. Our Videogame Reviews

    Dishonored 2 I'll keep this one short. I think this is one of the most underrated games of the generation. Its a clear 9/10 for me. Stealth mechanics are solid, AI isn't too retarded, enemy variation is great, the level design is AMAZING given it constantly provides verticality to how you approach any combat encounter. You can go through nearly the entire game not being seen, you can kill everyone or you can try and make people pass out. The lore is beautifully woven in, sound design is first-class IMO with excellent use of a subwoofer if you have one, or excellent use of directional audio if you don't. On a technical note also has 21:9 support. It has 2 main characters, both very different and you choose which one you'll be at the start. Female MC is VERY strong willed, not a pussy at all, and has a decent backstory. Story telling is done via in-game cut scenes although its also told via tapes you can find. Its effective, tapes aren't too long and don't ruin immersion as you need to listen to them there and then. I think its improved on Dishonored 1 in every single way possible. For me, its a 9/10 and one of the most fun stealth games I've played. BOTW I'll keep this one short. BOTW is the only open world game I've been able to play without a HUD. Being free of a mini map and being able to explore the world is so immersive. On CEMU 4k/60fps or even better, 21:9 ultrawide, its incredible as an experience. 10/10