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  1. I'm really quite excited. Opens up quite a few possibilities in the portability aspect of multiplatform games. I'd usually always buy a multiplatform game for PC.... or maybe PS4 if it was cheaper. However, if I have the ability to play that game (even if its graphically downgraded) at work or on the train or a plane, I'd easily buy the NX version for portability.
  2. Herrera... dominated?? With 35% possession??? Really?? Thats your definition of dominate???!!! Yeah basic footballing common sense for what the most popular negative manager in football would do in a tight game. Honestly your thick. Can's touch has NEVER been as good as Hendos sadly. Henderson post the season we challenged for the title suffered with injuries heavily and up until this start of this season has been playing through pain barriers with niggling injuries. Yeah sure base all of your assumptions of a player on international football trolololol. I guess every argentinan/belgium player is quite overrated if we used that means to measure players.
  3. whilst you're the dumb fuck tho thought united would play attacking football *looks at their backline of 6/7 players when defending*
  4. Herrera hasn't played that many games this season to be classed in the same breath of importance as hendo and lallana period. Nah Pogba is a good player.. but is he a 90M player at present? Quite simply no. I'm not debating whether its a good deal or not, only time will tell but at present he's not shifting his weight in terms of importance to the team. You don't watch Liverpool. I can tell. An injury free Henderson, aka the hendo who played when suarez was here, was excellent. He's struggled with injuries but when injury free and fit, he's very good. Can's touch as you can see from today's performance is way too heavy. They're very different players. Hendon can do the pass and move shit. Can is still trying to mould himself into a player he wants to be. Again, you haven't watched Wij for us then. He's really been quite impressive. At Newcastle he was class at home, disappeared away. Honestly it pisses me off so fucking much when football fans talk about players they haven't watched. Why not just shut the fuck up and admit you haven't watched these players so therefore your opinion is shitty meaningless and based on whatever tripe you're reading on redcafe or goal.com or sky sports. Its beyond fucking irritating when people are thick as shit have opinions on players and topics they know nothing about.
  5. The referee is letting it flow. Its United's game plan. Mourinho did it 2 years ago when we were playing in similar form and intensity. The match is pretty much going as I predicted. United playing tight, very compact, making it a game of chances rather than the quality of football at present.
  6. i don't think you've watched liverpool. name and rep wise, your 3 are better. performances on the pitch, ours have been way better. lallana has been our best player this season, hendo has been pivotal at his goal vs chelsea is better than anything your 3 have done, and wijnaldum has been the missing piece. herrerra has hardly been started consistently. Pogba is overrated. I don't actually think he's world class but close to it. far from the finished product, not worth 90M. mata is an amazing player but hardly set the world alight so far this season.
  7. United have a clear edge aerially and we are defensively very susceptible on corners. High pressing is so risky for United. Our midfield three have more quality on the ball than yours. The only issue we have is Lallana + Wijnaldum might not make it I was about to say, I'd be more concerned in regards to his record versus Klopp than against Liverpool. I still think United will maybe edge it or draw simply because if we win, we're in the title race... and good things never happen to us.
  8. nah u dont wanna press against liverpool IMO... more open you leave yourselves, the more you're gonna get fucked up. I agree that our defence is fragile but pressing plays into our hands. the teams we've struggled most against have been ones who sit back, soak up the pressure. congest the middle and hit us in the counter. we have zero aerial threats and I still get concerned when we have the ball outwide as we have very limited options and on the left side, milner cutting onto his right is a given.
  9. yeah it was like a really good film over x amount of episodes didn't really like the douchy type character mainly cos he looks like a fucking little weasly twig.. just found it grossly unbelievable how he could be acting like the boss so he was irritating. the kids were all really good altho the black one got a tiny bit annoying and paranoid but i guess that was his role. really really good, will be exciting to see how they carry this on. i think they easily can with the same cast but its a brave decision as they will likely have to unravel more of the mystery, mainly from the government side of things.
  10. Spurs are very very dangerous. The fact Kane is a slow burner/starter and will score later on in the season makes them a very scary proposition. Kane/Lamela/Eriksen in full form will be a scary trident.. if Spurs had bought 1 or 2 more big players to complement their attacking lineup a little better, they'd be big favourites in my book. United look a mess at present. Just a heavily unbalanced squad with Rooney still knocking about and their midfielders either past it or very unsettled in their roles. However they still have some phenomenal players I'm very scary of and on paper have an awesome squad. I think Mourinho isn't the right manager to get the best out of a few players who probably could explode given a second chance (e.g. Deeply). As I said the biggest issue is Rooney. Liverpool look excellent and would be title contenders if it wasn't for their defence, lack of a real left back which WILL come back over a season to haunt them, a flimsy midfield, the african cup of nations taking away Mane and if Struridge starts to play up. Arsenal on paper look really dangerous and the fact they've had a meh start yet sit where they are is scary... but they're Arsenal so I expect them to flop. City look the best for the title simply due to the fact they have the best squad, best forward line, best attacking midfielders and Pep who is renowned for stringing wins together. And the fact they have title winning experience. I'd say Liverpool edge them in the attacking ethos/pressing department but City look far less susceptible at the back. Chelsea I just think won't make it. They missed out on so many defensive minded transfer targets over the summer and settled for Luiz; with Conte given the task of reinvirgorating their attacking line. I see them challenging but I see their reliance on Costa ultimately costing them as he will get himself into trouble or cause trouble for the squad. This weekend's game Lpool vs United, Liverpool have to be favourites but I can see Ibrahimovic/Mata/Rashford (if playing versus Milner) making the difference on the night. Mourinho will try to stifle and slow down the game to begin with and make it a game of few chances. If its a game of few chances where we get 6 chances, United get 4, I'd definitely bet on United tucking one of those away with the more clinical players they have and the fact they have DDG. If United play attacking football, I think we'll beat them. Either way its a Derby, anything can happen and it annoys me that a lot of United fans are writing of their chances.
  11. Why does the best anime ever made not have a topic? Only recently finished this anime and its ability to dip into so many genres and nail them, whilst having a very overarching plot is insane. The last season really stepped it up 100 gears plot wise and revealed a story which most shounens could only dream of. It has the likability of characters akin but probably surpassing One Piece, it's ability to pull at heartstrings is only surpassed by Clannad After Story, the emotional connect between the main antagonist and protagonist is the strongest and most complex I've ever witnessed (rivalling Berserk), it parodies a fuck load of content, has a huge cast AND its probably the funniest comedy anime whilst breaking the fourth wall all the time. Not to mention it NEVER drags out arcs and has insanely exciting pacing similar to TTGL. It also has an episode satisfaction feeling similar to something like The Wire.. aka I watch an episode and feel fulfilled unlike most anime where I feel if I haven't binged it, its totally unfulfilling episode to episode. Sadly the start does have a huge investment due to dated animation and an author who was trying to be cautious. I'd say the episode investment is still considerably less than One Piece before you're hooked.
  12. if ur not in the apple eco system (facetime/imessage/icloud/imusic), i'd go to android for phones. wireless charging, OLED screens, edge to edge glass etc. Software updates cripple my apple devices recently. I downgraded my 2014 MBP because when I did, the OS kept crashing. My old iPad got CRIPPLED which forced me to buy a new iPad.
  13. Hahah excellent point but I feel like rei's management lasted the longest
  14. end of an era. this is sad and idk why considering the site is still open. the old guard is slowly gonna disappear.