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  1. weird things that bother you..

    any slight fault or imperfection with something new that is electronic which i've bought. e.g. i just felt my black satin speakers for any inconsistencies in the material used and found a very miniscule tiny bump.. which has now ticked off my ocd and asked retailer for a potential replacement. normally lasts for about a month before i dont care anymore.
  2. Recent Purchases Thread

    Adult purchases!! Impressed man! I've just bought: https://arendalsound.eu/tech-specs-1723-s-speakers/#1723-TOWER-S-SPECS (my parents want my current towers) https://arendalsound.eu/tech-specs-1723-s-speakers/#1723-MONITOR-S-SPECS (sold my current centre channel for 25% profit) https://arendalsound.eu/tech-specs-1723-s-speakers/#1723-SURROUND-S-SPECS (my parents strangely want these too, otherwise I have a buyer for 33% profit) Boiught these in black satin. Orgasmic levels of sound quality. Probably my end-game as-close-to-reference home cinema speakers I'll buy for the next 10 years. I am terrified to buy them, set them up in the current house, knowing I'm going to have to pack them up and move them in <6 months. Keeping an eye out for: 77'' OLED (only because my parents want my TV) This subwoofer: https://arendalsound.eu/tech-specs-1723-subwoofers/#1723-SUBWOOFER-2V-SPECS (my parents will take my monolith subwoofer) I've decided not to buy the latest RTX3080ti whenever it drops. I'm selling my Wii U, PS3, 2x Nintendo 3DS XL, a bunch of Wii U games and a Sony HW40ES. Hoping to get £700 for them. Coronavirus has really just made me think fuck it, buy wtf you want. Probably buying shit to fill the empty social void in my life tbh with covid as produced.
  3. Recent Purchases Thread

    77'' OLED sold out everywhere and not sure if NVIDIA GPUs will do 4k 4:4:4 120hz 10bit. Therefore gonna hold off on buying it until thats clarified as these 40gbps hdmi chipsets look annoying. Instead I sold my Sony HW40ES (well selling.. if anyone in the UK wants one I'll do you a fantastic deal for £425 w/3D glasses, PJ mount, PJ <300 hrs on lamp, Harmony paired remote) and bought an Epson 9400. Coupled with my Draper React 3 screen, it is AMAZING and I no longer am obsessed with getting an OLED. HDR on projection is surprisingly phenomenal, especially the ability to appreciate the more wider colour gamut as you can just appreciate the differences in shades far easier when the screen is 100 inches rather than 65. I also sold a bunch of shit in my house for £2000 (Oculus Quest, PS4, Alienware Monitor, G29 steering wheel and shifter, Wii U games, JDS atom amp, a DAC). I pretty much made money on most of what I sold which is what surprised me. Still gotta sell a Wii U, a few Wii U games, 2x 3DS XL, this HW40ES projector, Xenoblade chronicles 2 and then I'm fairly happy. Process of moving house is slow as fuck. Don't really know what to do in this financial climate re: COVID-19. When I move house, I'll hopefully one day buy a JVC projector (the throw distance and size of the PJ doesn't fit my current room). 120-150inch screen + JVC NX PJ with HDMI 2.1 would be balls deep amazing.
  4. Valve index

    Crap man.. I’m happy to part with my 128gb model + charger + Mamut grips + usb c cable which does PCVR + 2 cases + lens protectors for 450 lol
  5. What was the last film you watched?

    Awesome film. Korean cinema is fanastic. I finished Parasite and Handmaiden recently too.
  6. Valve index

    im trying to sell a quest. if i was close i would have given u a great deal 2070S was the correct choice.
  7. What was the last film you watched?

    The Pianist 3.5/5 Powerful film but technically a bit rubbish. It had some very moving scenes but for a runtime of 150 minutes, I felt like it had a fair but of fluff which I could have done without. If this was one hour and a half and managed to pack in the same ammount of magic, I'd rate it an 4 or a 5. Se7en 3.5/5 This film was probably revolutionary and incredible back in the day and set the standard for dark storytelling. However, I've watched plenty of anime, horror films, and TV shows which have been made since then. Basically, I guessed roughly the ending halfway through the film when the killer doesn't kill Brad Pitt. I feel like a lot of this film was based on the emotional impact it'd have at the end, and it obviously didn't shock me as much since I'd guessed what would happen. Up 4.5/5 The first 5 minutes is probably some of the best, most beautiful, storytelling in cinematic history. The rest of it is fun, charming, beautiful and easygoing. It does this whilst having a main character of an old retired man and a young kid. It set out what it wanted to do to near perfection. It could have probably have tug at the heartstrings a bit more if it wanted to, but it kept everything in perspective which I liked to. I struggl to understand how this film is not more known mainstream wise as some of the best Pixar has produced. The Intouchables 5/5 Its an awesome film which explores a very intimate relationship between two men from opposite lives. For what it wants to do, I feel its pretty perfect. Could be a 9, 9.5, 10... whatever score I give it, I think everyone should watch it. Memories of a Murder 5/5 Now this was fantastic. A thriller done right with a gut wrenching ending. Knowing its based on real life events just makes the film even more scary. Justice League Flashpoint Paradox 5/5 Oh god, if this was done as a live action film, it would be the best superhero film ever made.
  8. Top Tier TV Shows

    Completed the Sopranos. Was EXCELLENT. I got bored a bit in season 5 and half of season 6. Ton'y long lost incarcerated cousin came into the story, totally out of place. Was weird when they had so many other characters they could have used. Watched a new episode of Curb your enthusiasm and surprisingly.. didn't enjoy it. I think maybe my humour has changed a bit. I found the writing EXTREMELY smart. How he opens up like 10 plot threads during the first 10 minutes and weaves them all into the end is great; top tier writing.. but I think I'm just a bit over comedies. Will now start Mr. Robot as per instruction here but I'm trying to work through a few films before I dedicate myself to a new TV show
  9. what are you doing with your life in 2020

    Just finished working 12 of 13 days at work. Out of 13 days, worked 12 of them and 6 were 13 hour shifts. I have a set of nights coming up this week (4 of them) then I should be averaging working 3-4 days a week after that.
  10. What was the last film you watched?

    Yup was good. I think better than the film, which is rare for me to say as I normally prefer the animation to the manga/comic. Watched Handmaiden 2016. Excellent film, story. Twist caught me off guard. Negatives were the main 'villain' out of place and like an anime character and the pacing was maybe a little bit off. Also the second 'villain' being a bit under developed and one dimensional was frustrating. He also showed a little bit of vulnerability near the end with the rich woman, which was very unlike him. Sound design was a bit lacking IMO. It was no Dolby Atmos or earth shattering experience. It was subtle and nice but I didn't feel it stood out. PQ wise I thought it was distinctly average too. Nice color grading but meh. Overall its beautiful and very close to a modern day masterpiece for the story it tells, the complexity of the story, the character development, the multiple interwoven stories and the satisfying ending. Definitely reccomend watching if you have the time and are into Korean film. I don't like scoring films like this because I'd say its an 8.5/10. The more I think about it, the higher I think the score should be but the missing element for me is I wasn't completely engrossed by the film and its probably down the male actors being a bit lacking in execution and the quality of the material given to them. It really painted every single man in the film as a gigantic pervert.
  11. Wireless headphones

    minirig 3 bluetooth speakers?
  12. Wireless headphones

    get some thx pandas and call it a day. im so hyped for them.
  13. Top Tier TV Shows

    nearly finishing the sopranos then will move onto Mr. Robot next. Sopranos is excellent but season 5 and half of season 6 really killed the show for me as it was just very boring.
  14. Wireless headphones

    Really good point man. I'm house shopping atm and my search has been totally fucked up by the fact I know I need a detached house as my subwoofer rumbles the entire house when watching Godzilla.
  15. Home Theatre enthusiasts?

    Any home theatre enthusiasts here? I've become a bit of a home theatre nut recently over the past year. For anyone looking for advice or discussion on home theatre, lets do it here. If anyone wants a better-than-cinema experience in your home, it can be done for a fairly good price. The cheat code to this is: 1. 1080p high end projector from 4-5 years ago (£300-500; I got a Sony projector low input lag with a brand new bulb for £300) 2. ALR screen (get it second hand or customer return) (I got one from ebay from a re-seller for £500 who ended up getting me a brand new screen) 3. 5 speaker surround system (get them second hand if you need to) 4. Dolby atmos height speakers (these will sadly be expensive no matter what) 5. A big ass subwoofer (I got the monolithXL+, get a similar one) Spend most of your money ony our centre speaker subwoofer and L+R channels in that order. Buy speaker foam and angle your dolby atmos height speakers up. I've had so many people trial out my home theatre experience now and all have send they think its much better than the cinema (TBH its not hard to be as this home theatre has been designed for 4 seats rather than a cinema catering to hundreds). Its a REALLY interesting hobby and it also doubles as an semi-audiophile music auditorium which is nice. A 100'' projector screen will always have its advantages in regards to impact and immersion over even a £6000 OLED TV. As a kid, I always thought this stuff was completely way too expensive but the second hand market allows people to dip into this hobby really easily and get 95% of the experience. The only issue is that 4k projectors which are good at contrast/black levels are CRAZY expensive. For games, this is a problem as a 4k TV is going to map and recreate a game much better than a projector. Games also use absolute black a lot more, which an OLED for example can easily recreate but a projector setup with an ALR screen stands little chance of doing. If you own your own place, PLEASE do this. I guarantee you will absolutely love it. Even going second hand, its pretty expensive but it will come in under the price of a macbook pro.