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  1. Maybe last season but this season, I can't help but feel no. Rashford is simply better and younger whilst Martial seems easier on the eye. Rashford has seen his chances to the first XI blocked by a worldclass striker whilst Martial has seen his chances blocked by his own shitty performances. I don't like the excuse of off the field shit affecting his performances either. if u want to be the best, whatever goes on off the pitch can't affect you to this degree. then martial has the big issue of where the fuck is his best position.. his output upfront dwindles, whilst outwide he looks like a striker playing on the left. Rashford however looks pretty brilliant through the middle and has all the natural striking abilities expected.
  2. clyne is a bit overrated by our own fans. have you seen how many goals we have conceded from our right side? He definitely needs competition. positionally he could do with some improvement. I'm not saying hes moreno standard by any means. azipul from chelsea is the best fyi even tho hes played CB this season. Its not being 'as good as anyone' in the league. its been good enough to break down small teams.. aka with pace, width and goal scorers. thats what we lack. quality in the big games we don't lack.. but those incisive quick players who can stretch defences, kill them on the counter and break down 2 banks of 8, we don't have enough of. in europe I see us doing reasonably well aslong as we get a good draw. long term we need that coutinho successor or he will go next season and we will move 2 steps back. as you said GK/CB/LB are priorities. you can't win the league without those. I think looking at our squad, we just lack so much depth compared to the sides above us, lack steel and leadership. our system lens itself to a fuck load of goals but i think the icing on the cake will be that go-to goalscorer through the middle. for example if you put costa or aguero in our side we would be ridiculous. no doubt tho sorting out this defensive frailty is a big one, whether its a change of system to incorporate a solid DM or a change of personnel. ----------------- Klopp has done a FANTASTIC job with what he started with and has turned a team of misfits into a well oiled attacking machine. Our side is so young, I'm hoping Can starts to kick on next season and develop into a more consistent and impactful player. the goals which he has scored this season have been decisive.. a sign of a very very good player regardless of maybe lack of technical quality compared to the others.
  3. Exactly. The big one is if Sanchez moves, whoever gets him probably wins the league. Lukaku will be one to watch out for too. I think hes unattractive from a media perspective but he will be a very very effective purchase. Spurs are one world-class player away from winning the league themselves. City really need to win it next season regardless. --------------------- Looking at the squads, we've played far above expectations. Taking into account our January/February absolute meltdown, its ridiculous we're still in top 4 contention and a credit to Klopp. Defensive reinforcements, tidying up the Striking options and finally reinforcing with some depth for Europe will be a HUGE improvement for us. Van Dijk seems like our best option given we're in love with Southampton. In reality GK/CB/LB/RB bar Matip can all be improved on. Clyne is fairly dependable but has his moments of weakness. Moreno has to be moved on. Sakho too (purely due to the fall out, not talent). Lovren really should be third of fourth choice. Gomez should be a surprise next season, not someone we depend on from the outset. In goal Mignolet has been excellent lately but we could do with loaning out our other GK and buying a new one. I hate coming into every fucking season depending on a confidence broken GK... having faith in them and then they flop. We've done it for 3-4 seasons now and no title winner in history has been built around a GK like that. In midfield we can always do with a Lucas replacement but in all honesty we have so much quality here, we can get by. In attack we just need to sort out the Sturridge situation and buy in someone who can offer us pace like Mane does (not an easy ask). We've proven this season in big games, we're fantastic. We have the goal scoring output as good as anyone but we lack pace and incisiveness when Mane isn't here.. and a lot of the time that wins against the smaller teams. We could also do with keeping our eye out for a long term successor for Coutinho as surely Barcelona or Madrid will come in for him in the next few years.
  4. yeah gaining 10lbs in a week or two isn't all that tough. half of it or more is probably water and I honestly don't know how anyone can get that full that quickly if you eat calorie dense foods. i could eat 1kg of cashews covered in some toffee butter or peanut butter quite comfortably if sat down watching a nice film. likewise i fucking love mayonnaise and would love to put a fuck load on fries with lots of salt.
  5. cutting u should really try some resistance training 1200 calories is way too low unless ur a female competing. i think you have pretty much fucked up your metabolism. I'd call it quits, start lifting weights.. even something just simple like 3x a week push pull legs, up your calories every week by 200 until you get to around the 2500-2700 range.Then cut your calories down to 2000-2100 and you will continue to lose weight. you really need to fix this metabolism. the goal to losing weight is so lose weight whilst eating the most you can. I'm cutting now and probably sub 10%. I want to bulk for 1 year. My last bulk i gained too much excess fat aka I want to have abs at a minimum year round so I'm going to slash my calories to 1900 and really grind out some workouts for 14 days. however before this I was cutting on 2100-2300 calories, working out 4-6x a week and steadily losing weight. The only reason I'm being so aggressive is because I'm already very lean and i cant be bothered dragging this cut out longer than it has to be. I imagine you look like shit at 155 if you're eating that little and not lifting. i don't think you'll be that satisfied with the end result if you keep doing what you're doing.
  6. photography canon 70d vs panasconic gh3 i want to do some videos in the gym, photos in the gym, videos and photos of life and holidays! make myself look prettier than i am.
  7. rooney was nuts when he burst onto the scene. scholes did it all as a player. the gerrard vs lamp vs scholes debate is so hard. gerrard was the most rounded, lampard the most efficent and scholes did something neither did in his latter part of his career which was dictate play. i think his clear defensive deficiency is always overlooked when rating him tho.
  8. what are your top 10 tv shows? excluding anime The Wire Narcos breaking bad House Its always sunny in philadelphia Curb your enthusiasm South Park game of thrones stranger things west world prison break s1-2/friends/spartacus s01/arrested development/house of cards (lacks bingeworthiness)/nip tuck (lacks consistency and quality) narrowly miss out quite liked modern family/community but feel phialdelphia + curb hit the spot more. ive watched daredevil s1 + better call saul s1 and thought they were overrated but good. given the introduction of netflix, i feel like our lists can all vastly differ now. combined with the plethora of pre-netflix originals. currently watching narcos episode 5 s01, think it will break my top 10. its like a mafia film but over 2 seasons, insane quality.
  9. watched it. really beautiful, really well balanced, nice animation. had that disney magic to it. if you put 100 people in a room and told them to rate it, they'd nearly all probably give it an 8-10/10 but i dont think it'd hit THAT many 10s. is it overrated? yes.
  10. I'm really lacking in summer clothes though. I have shitty calves and can never find nice fitting shorts/loafers/casual shirts. Its something I really should be looking into. Although the weather in England is so fucking horrible that its not really a problem. And if the weather is good, I'll usually live in my gym shit.
  11. suitsupply.com alphalete.com zara mannier de voir topman (for skinny jeans, i find their range of fits and sizes is excellent even if the quality is a bit shitty) nike flyknit racers + rebook sales zara shoes (incredibly weak shoe game) I am looking for some good fitting street wear but its really hard to find given most clothes aren't made for people that work out (and I'm not huge but very lean <10% bf... some mediums are perfect, some smalls look like im trying to show off like an 18 year old me hitting the club, some mediums can be quite unflattering) so I kind of want to show off my cuts for the sluts. Alpahlete has the perfect taper when they get their sizing right but its still a new company. Also I find it hard to really pay for top range street given how disposable and shitty it is is compared to a nice suit jacket, a nice shirt etc. Suitsupply changed the game for me. All my other shirts/jackets are obsolete. The quality is phenomenal, fit is stylish and slim. For every 2-3 high street store jackets I bought, I could have bought one from suit supply. It is awfully expensive though. I also wouldn't dress like this during university as its just overkill but once you're in the real world... its a means to get treated completely differently. kind of weirdly amazing tbh. I have a bulking and cutting wardrobe. My cutting wardrobe involves dress shirts, waistcoats, suit jackets, pocket squares, but the street wear is lacking as its hard to find really good fitting clothes. However when I'm bulking, I find street wear starts to look really nice. I find i waistcoats only look nice when shredded. when fat, i feel like the kingpin/a bit old. Recently bought: http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_GB/jackets/havana-taupe-plain/C1108.html?cgid=Jackets&prefn1=size&prefv1=36S Pretty much that jacket with the waistcoat hes wearing and a white shirt plus new pocket square. I thought it makes a nice change from blue/black and the colour can be spring or autumn. My aim is to buy a new jacket every 1-2 seasons from now on. I think smart dress wear in your 20s/30s is a really strong investment rather than shitty street wear.
  12. the past year/2 gintama haikyuu attack on titan hxh re:zero opm boku dake your lie in april haikyuu + gintama need no explanation. best of the best. aot would be up there if in its first season it'd.. well just continued and actually delved into the many mysteries. re:zero i REALLY enjoyed. it was like watching a video game in many respects. weirdly addictive. so much potential there. opm was solid for what it was and couldnt do much more for what it is. boku was a missed oppurtunity as its potential was to be a classic but lazy writing and predictability stops it from getting to that level. hxh was the best quality shounen i've watched apart from gintama if that counts as one. each episode is really fulfilling for a shounen and the spiders arc is just beautifully written and directed. your lie in april is a bit like boku... they're both basically poor man's clannad after storys for me which isnt a bad thing. looking back at 7 deadly sins, i thought the final boss/villain fight really ruined the show and took it from an interesting show with overpowered everything to a really immature "super duper villain" that only the main character can beat... kinda disrespectful to the skill which had evolved over all the other fighters. for me, its 2-3 classes below hxh or gintama. any recommendations u guys can give which would be on the same level as the ones i mentioned? I read a few threads on here but when i MAL them, the reviews call a lot of them utter trash.
  13. fucking hell.. so im very very far behind. are the previous series worth it? This feels like a huge investment.
  14. thats a sweet rig. with that processor, download dolphin and emulate wii games @ 1080p/4k and have fun. 970 is probably okay for a little while at 1080p, you'd probably wanna upgrade that at some point tho. then again im still rocking a gtx 670 at 1080p since i only play old games on my pc.
  15. I'm starting cold steel 2 as my next game whenever i cba to put it on my ps3. i feel like a weaboo... watching anime and enjoying JRPGs the most. i could easily swap them for a generic US RPG and netflix but am i the only person who genuinely thinks the japanese are a class above in regards to storytelling etc.?