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  1. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Thats cool. I hope it gets better because the last couple of episodes were pathetic. I mean a fucking glorified horse riding race using shitty magical skills when the big bad villain comes to threaten the village... I hate when animes have these shitty episodes. I like good world building. My favorite video game of all time is probably Trails in the sky for example. You can do world building without it being boring or predictable as fuck. Hoepfully those were just bad episodes. I was enjoying it until then, especially the showdown between spear hero and shield hero... then it just went to shit randomly.
  2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    As rei said, amazingly awesome gameplay and best-in-class platforming left me still enjoying it a lot. Although my biggest gripe with Mario Odyssey is sadly just how forgiving it is compared to older Mario Games (Even SMG). Also, the lack of fear of death on the majority of the levels and the very very lack luster boss fights didn't help. However it has simply world-class platforming, awesome tight control of Mario, one of the best in-game cameras ever, beautifully created worlds, hardly any cut scene reliance, amazingly creative and beautiful game mechanic design [the new cappy mechanic is genius], best-in-class level/world design especially compared to other AAA games... I'm thinking something more akin to Mass Effect, Uncharted etc.
  3. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I Iove the challenge. I think playing something easy with a subpar storyline is more so pissing time away. Like Divinity Original sin 2, I've put about 80 hours into it. If I'd played on normal difficulty, I'd be finished by now but every single boss fight required a high level of strategy which I loved.
  4. The Shows You Heard Were Good But Never Seen Thread

    WTF. I thought you recommended me Stein's Gate ?? It seems totallty up your street. Its a 5-8 episode investment but really good. KLK is good. FMP sucks. Mushishi is nice but overrated. The new HXH is AMAZING. Please watch if rei. I haven't watched any of the Jojos past season 1.
  5. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    I've picked up that shield hero anime. I'm on episode 7. It was getting quite good up to episode 5 but the pacing just seems to have fallen off a cliff. The last couple of episodes have been painful to watch, especially the episode where they have a race. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt that these episodes are setting up something epic but I never went through a period of boredom with Neverland.
  6. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Also FYI I'm naturally shit at video games. I'm not some difficulty whore trying to look down on people who are shitter than me. Its very likely both of you are better than me. I've tried to get into a few competitive games throughout the years and outside of YVD [which I think i was amazing at when Maxxx was in his prime], I've been distinctly average or shit.
  7. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I absolutely love it! The feeling and accomplishment is unparalleled from ANY other form of media. I hate games where the difficulty is organically amped just because. But when difficulty is well thought out, its brilliant. Examples are Cuphead, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Fire Emblem Awakening (on hard mode), Divinity Original Sin games. It makes going back to games which don't challenge you really meh. For example KH3.. Every boss until the last one, I was like.. hmm.. meh. In Dark Souls I'm literally terrified every time I see a portal. I'm like ah fuck should I just backtrack and find a bonfire to cash in these souls first... Then when you see them. If you haven't spoilered yourself, I think nearly every single boss will be totally shocking and gross. I get it though, some people don't like frustration or difficulty but I find what sets gaming apart from films, movies is the fact it can actively challenge you by making you a very active participant. Now games like Uncharted where hard mode just means more of the same but more annoying.. now thats fucking horrible., Similarly Skyrims default difficulties without mods was just annoying AF, but with mods it made enemies be able to detect you from further away if you make too much noise, react to light sources, gang up on you, actually interact with a healer in their gang, parry you and play defensively when necessary, strafe you. I love difficulties like that. But again, it took me a while to realize this (hence my many failed attempts to get into Dark Souls),.
  8. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Yeah I read an interview from the guy who made it. he said as a kid he'd read english fantasy but his english was limited so he'd only understand 50-60% of the story.. so thats what he set out do in dark souls. give an epic shit load of lore but let you fill in the blanks. yea the first boss is nothing. the game really forces u to get good and technical. i never realised how much other games did for me. the mechanics are set in stone.. u just gotta do what u can with what they give u. one annoyance with dark souls is some cool AF weapons aren't available until very late game. i did an int build for my playthrough but in hindsight i think i'd rather have done a dex or strength build. Also rei, put points into pyro!! very useful for some later game bosses.
  9. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I found Anor Londo absolutely stunning. The controller support is good now. You might need to install a mod if you're using the old version of Dark Souls for 60fps. Don't get me wrong, I totally get where ur coming from. I picked up and dropped this game 2-3 times but eventually when i persevered, it became one of my favourite games of all time. Most other combat systems in video games are so inferior to compared to it. It does have shitty platforming, the last 1/8 of the game is really shit and obviously rushed. However it has IMO: 1. Best in class level and world design 2. Best in class boss design 3. Best in class weapon/skill level (you can complete the game with any weapon pretty much) 4. Best in class levelling and skill system (although incredibly difficult and hidden in regards to what everything does) 5. Best in class difficulty and challenge It fails at: 1. Last 1/8 the game or so 2. Platforming being shit [altho really very limited unless you want to get to every secret) 3. One boss being ridiculously out of place in the series (yes its within the 1/8 of the game) The story telling in this game is actually incredible if you read item descriptions and piece together whats infront of you. However its hard to do that when you're getting killed every 10 minutes.
  10. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Fair enough rei, although I will say you're missing out on possibly one of the most engrossing, dark and beautiful gaming experiences available. also the colour palette in dark souls DARASTICALLY changes throughout the game. you'll go from the slums, do absolutely disgusting swamps to some of the most beautiful scenery in gaming.
  11. Wireless headphones

    I've just got an AKG 712 and is legit ridiculously shitty looking but so comfortable. This audio hobby is fucking expensive tho... bluetooth sonys £100 (nearly dropped 300 on the bose/sonys) headphones £199 portable dac/amp £80 desktop amp (because the portable one struggles to drive for video games/films): £110 I'll probably likely also keep my eye on the second hand market for a 32ohm easy to drive headset like the Fidelio X2s.. which will be another £150. Now I'm trying to decide on whether to grab a new DAC too.. or just to trust my shitty on board for a while. I think I'll probably edge towards trusting the BS one for a bit. Headphones vs speakers is such a difficult predicament. Both sound gorgeous in their own ways.. obviously anything involving heavy vibrations/subwoofer gets destroyed by my speakers but these headphones are just perfect in balance/placement for obvious reasons. im thinking of using my old 4670k rig with a GTX 670 to emulate old school games and play music in my room whilst using these headphones as I think they'll really bring to life some of the soundtracks I love.
  12. Wireless headphones

    im just about to buy my first pay of audiophile type headphones to see the hype. akg 712s + a fiio amp. i just wanna what high end audio really is and what ppl mean by soundstage. i loved my 5.1 speaker setup but something about headphones is just 100x more intimate.
  13. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    play dark souls. its honestly incredible. one of my favorite gaming experiences of all time. i tried to play it 3 times the first 2 times i hated it the third time i fell in love with gaming. i was on a cut trying to get sub 8% bodyfat and my whole mind was consumed with that and final year university. for the 2 weeks i played dark souls, i forgot about the hunger of being hormonally fucked up and pressure of work. i only thought about dark souls and how engrossing the game-world is. I really really should play dark souls 3 or 2 or demon souls. They are just SO good. I've also played Bloodborne which is also incredible but Dark Souls is just way more magestic.
  14. Wireless headphones

    Yeah, the quiet comforts and XM3000s are nice-ish sounding but no where near £300. Why people want to block out the world in return for poorer audio quality when paying such a premium is beyond me. Other headphones like the Senny 4.40s have crazy passive isolation but at the price of being uncomfortable and providing massive pressure to the ears in long listening sessions. The culture with technology these days is just FUCKING moronic. I mean we chase the thinnest laptops, sacrificing cooling, battery life, keyboard quality and performance for it to be.. fucking thin?? We chase having the thinnest phones in the world with the best cameras.. yet we don't prioritise battery life or call quality? I'd easily take an iphone 2x thicker that I could charge maybe every other fucking day instead.. and give me my headphone jack back. I was surprised to see that wireless headphones have gone the same way. There is a youtuber called "gymcaddy" and his reviews shocked me. He literally talks for fucking 90% of the time about non-sound related bullshit about headphones. ____________ The weaknesses of the CH700Ns are mainly to do with the open earcup design. Because its SO open and SO shallow, even wearing glasses reduces the base response because the sound can dissapear. Theres no easy solution to this other than extended the headphones down a tad lower and putting your glasses over the earcups and angling them. Not a deal breaker unless you wear glasses permanently in which case I'd trial them as they just might not be able to provide you with 100% of their sound quality if the seal isn't good enough. Even then, I'd struggle to reccomend a headphone which is as comfortable, has as open a sound AND is around £100. Its really a one of a kind headphone. Also for a portable headphone, I think at some stage if you want an open design, you just need to come to terms with that if you're moving about and doing shit, the sound will change and not be as good or stable. They could have remedied this by: 1. Thicker earcups so they're not as shallow 2. higher clamping force. I'm going to experiment but I am assuming thinner arms for the glasses would also prevent most of the issues. Clamping force seems like a no brainer but they're also ridiculusly comfortable by not clamping down on your jaw. I actually kind of prefer their choice on shallow earcups because wearing over-ear headphones in public and the gym already makes me feel like a bit of a retard. The only ones which look good are the ones which sound fucking horrid (looks at beats). These manage to look very low profile. If they're stuck on big thick pads, they'd look a bit too stupid and I'd probably just not wear or use them as much. So its a catch 22 situation. Its mainly the bass that escapes if you wear glasses. Sony give you an option to EQ up to +10db I believe on the "clear bass function" so if you permanently wear glasses, that will remedy the situation really well. I'm short sighted and only use these headphones for when I watch shit on my laptop or at the gym so I'm good with a few workarounds although I would LOVE a pair of glasses which are portable. I was looking at these: https://www.thinoptics.com/ I really think "armless" glasses should be a thing (I am aware of contacts).
  15. Wireless headphones

    As an update, I ended up buying about 5-10 pairs of bluetooth headphones from the £0 to £300 price range to demo-them and decide which to keep. The top headphones I kept were: 1. Apple Airpods They simply are just way too fucking easy to use. So quick to put in your ear, so quick to charge, compact, microphone gives amazing call quality, can be used in any situation, multi device pairing. They have shit noise isolation, don't get loud enough, competitors have better sound quality but none really nail the ease of use of just being able to put them somewhere on your ear and bam you're in. Othere competitors require SLIGHTLY more fiddling to get them in and out, and sadly for a shitty little earphone like this, convenience and ease of use is EVERYTHING IMO. 2. Sony CH700Ns These headphones are incredible and IMO might just be the BEST sounding bluetooth headphones on the market. Most high end bluetooth headphones specify in active noise cancelling My providing passive noise isolation and active noise isolation they reduce ambient noise to nearly zero. Sony XM3000s and the QC Comfort IIs. However this comes at a BIG audio sacrifice which no amount of codec support of technological wizardry can completely undo. That is they sacrifice sound stage and imaging to block out ambient noise by capitalising on the ANC and passive noise cancelling. These headphones have ANC but don't prioritise it (at all). The earcups are huge and soft and not deep, the air flow is crazy good and the noise isolation is average (sound can leak easier). This leads to a very very very impressive soundstage for a bluetooth headphone. They also are one of the lightest headphones on the market so great for gym. And they have 37+ hours of battery life. They also pack a very basic but solid ANC for blocking out car noising/airplanes/gym noises. They don't deal with voices and don't provide complete silence due to the open cup of the headphone (necessary for its amazing soundstage). Its bass is also just incredible and has a custom EQ on board. Its build quality, design, style are shit. Basically the average bluetooth buyer of headphones wants ANC, good looks, touch controls, passive noise isolation, folding headphones, no sound leakage, good build quality, a case. This headphone says fuck you and basically gives as good as an audiophile bluetooth headphone you can get for one third of the price of the very high end headphones. I do wish the build quality was much better and I also wish they shipped with a case but oh well. I use both of these for gym. Neither are sweat proof and they'll probably break within <1 year but I'm fine replacing them rather than spending £300 on a supbar set of the higher end headphones which sacrifice SQ for ANC.