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  1. its gintoki vs takasugi no contest no fight has been that emotional
  2. my t10 Gintama One Piece Monster Clannad After Story Berserk TTGL Hunter x hunter Haikyuu School Rumble FMA i really liked re:zero tho, and aot, code geass, fate/zero fuck so much good anime.
  3. i think nintendo's only development studios are a bit behind too. i remember them mentioning they really struggled in just getting to wii u standards from the wii whilst the rest of the development world had been there for ages.
  4. draw seems fair. we're not clinical enough. could have done with sturridge on tbh for a few of those chances we missed near the end. utd looked ridiculously threatening in the first half. mignolet was excellent. if we had karius in, i think we would have lost. playing an 18yo having his debut in the derby w/o matip... i would have taken a point before the game. we were the better side given we were playing away but not considerably to justify 3pts.
  5. idc much about graphics.. its moreso the switch meeting minimum graphical power to make ports easy and viable for the switch to maintain third party support that i care about. if i want graphics, i'll buy a gtx 1070/80 + a 4k tv or 1440p monitor
  6. Graphics noted by everyone at the show are to be similar to Wii U. Doubt this is rocking any advanced portable pascal architecture based on that fact alone. Nintendo have marketed the switch completely wrong. It should have been portable first, TV second. As a portable device, its the best portable gaming console ever created. As a home console, its behind everyone and overpriced from the console to the accessories to the games.
  7. think its bullshit. why go to china now when he can just go at the end of the season or once he starts to actually decline.
  8. If its their flagship handheld then I think its a huge risk compared to previous' 1. Developmental costs for portable games will now skyrocket. Developers can ask themselves the question, do I want to make this a switch game or shall I just go the full hog and release this on PS4/XBOX One/PC. With the 3DS, that wasn't the case, the platform was drastically different and easier to develop for. 2. They're ditching the 3D and dual screen technology which they pretty much have just recently perfected with super stable 3D. 3. The switch's battery life is questionable.. I feel 2-6 hours from the manufacturer could easily mean 1.5-4 hours, with degrading battery life we could be fucked [and I hope not] 4. They're marketed it as a HOME console. Too much footage and coverage has shown it being played from a couch. This drew PS4/xbox1 comparisons which have ultimately killed a lot of hype from graphics whores. If this was truly a handheld, I think Nintendo should have just put our a statement of intent and released some handheld-like games on the system to let people know. This limbo may ultimately kill the console. I look at its weak lineup and staggered lineup this year and it just screams Wii U. No Devs are mentioning upcoming new games coming to the switch either! I honestly see a pokemon release saving this console right now. I wish Nintendo waited 6 months for technology to mature and potentially improve a few bits of the hardware, decrease the console cost and have a release lineup of Breath of the wild/Arms/Splatton/Mario Kart/Skyrim portable with an upcoming Mario game in a few months afterwards. I think calling Skyrim "Skyrim Portable" or "Skyrim Switch" would have been slightly better marketting too. I also still struggle to see how the positive of partnering with Nvidia since they've just given Nintendo old chips.
  9. I feel for the switch to succeed, it HAS to go down the handheld route. Then we run into the 2-6 hour battery life issue, although the 3DS wasn't exactly phenomenal.
  10. Payet is a guy who played in the worldcup and was a shining light/one of the best players. Now hes in a relegation battle for a club whom really he has very little loyalty for and has only played 1 season with them. The club are underperforming, didn't invest to match his ambition and therefore he wants a move. He knows hes only got a few seasons left in his career and doesn't want to waste them in shitty England playing for a medicore club when he has the quality to really shine amongst the best. Striking is definitely a dick move which I don't agree with but plenty of players have done it. If I was in his shoes... I'd be tempted to do the same. In all honesty I think West Ham should have sold Payet in the summer and invested it properly in the squad simply because he was ALWAYS going to force a move at some point. I think hes worth more than 20M but the problem is, he is: 1. Only proven class for the past 2.5 seasons 2. Oldish 3. Wants a move 4. On a huge contract So its going to limit how much clubs will realistically pay for him. I'm surprised one of the big guns aren't coming in and swooping him up for a bargain price. Someone with payet's quality on the ball, ability to WIN games and deadball ability in the prime of his career is a steal for 19M! I wouldn't want him at Liverpool for 19M because he really doesn't fit but a very very very tidy squad player and for 19M, thats pretty much the going rate for one! Sadly his wages aren't.
  11. yeah i dont expect KH3 for ages. It could have potentially missed this generation if Sony/MS didn't release their .5 consoles. Its weird because as much as I am a KH fanboy, I can't understand the delays when u compare it to the complexity of a game like FF15. We all know KH is going to be explore artificial linear world -> find boss - > beat boss -> watch cut scene and repeat, uncover a few plot twists along the way.
  12. Hmmm... I'm really torn on this one. The iffy framerates I see on breath of wild just make me scream why don't you release a normal fucking home console nintendo and push your innovation and ideas to modern day limits rather than living in the past. I think the console is really still quite underpowered. Everyones reporting graphical fidelity on par with the Wii U. I can't see third parties porting over their titles to this console unless it really explodes due to the hassle. I feel like this console is released a year too soon with pascal coming out and the fact it could have provided vast improvements to GPU portable architecture. But fuck, I bet nvidia had a bunch of shitty maxwell chips left over and said Nintendo can have them for a cut price deal hence the switch. The potential for this console to explode comes from portable FF15, portable mass effect andromeda, portable dark souls 3.....! If Nintendo have nailed that, then yes, I'm very very very excited and impressed but I don't think they've convinced or potentially even packed enough juice for that! The motion controls look like a refined Wii which is a good thing. I'm not a fan of VR as I think we're just not there yet where VR can trump what our 1080p/4k Tvs can produce and immerse us with. Therefore I'd take a refined and intuitive motion control which is infinitley more fun locally with friends/family over VR at this point in time. *I'm going to assume this is still NOT a successor to the 3DS because they pretty much nailed super stable 3D on the new3DS and the dual screen shit is a total winner. I feel third parties which produce portable games will not produce portable games for the switch because the work and time they need to invest in it... well they might as well just add in a bit more work & time and make it an xbox one/ps4 title at this point and sell a lot more. I want to buy one. Make no mistake, portable local multiplayer + a portable console experience is the shit of dreams for me. However for most people, I think they might be a bit underwhelmed and not have a look in. I'm not worried about the future of nintendo and I want the switch to succeed. In a worst cased scenario nintendo can just push the red button and release the much awaited for a fuck load of years 3D pokemon game and watch sales explode as people get to live their young dreams portably and on the big screen... but they are probably 10-20 years away from doing that too.. which would be sad as I think unifying portable + home console is what the switch could do... but secretly doesn't want to. It wants to be a home console with a portable side function.
  13. honestly tho im really scared for kh3. the games are just so dated... that repetitive bullshit was fine in the ps2 era but i hope they really have stepped up their game for ps4. battle system wise kh2 quick time events were awful and i keep seeing them on trailers... when BBS combat system was excellent. potentialy to be phenomenal but i want KH3 to offer more than exhilerating boss fights this time round. regardless i will buy and marathon.
  14. wtf is this must buy
  15. Hi, I'm interested in buying a monitor because I want to play my PC games using a kb and mouse at a desk. should i go 1440p or stay 1080p? I have a gtx 670, due an upgrade. can upgrade up to a gtx 1070 if needed... im looking to spare cash as in september i want to buy a 4k lg 65'' tv from the new range and go back to couch gaming @ 4k probably. I am tempted by 21:9 gaming but the cost to run seems very very high end considering i don't game everyday to justify that price point. what do u guys think? any sexy monitor links much apprciated. i love no bezels.