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  1. VR Gaming

    If this comes from a place of hate for FB but love for HTC/Valve I also don't get it from a VR gaming perspective. Sure Oculus fractured the VR space with an exclusive games market. But they're the only VR-player in town apart from Sony, willing to pump money into exclusive VR software titles. I value that far more than someone who just overprices their tech and releases it (HTC) or devotes NOTHING to VR other than a shoddy SteamVR platform [Steam], profiting crazy money from their online store whilst promising VR games which still haven't arrived [along with Half Life 3].
  2. VR Gaming

    The rift is better than the vive. idk where this htc fanboyism comes from. Rift and vive headsets trade blows, one is more clear (rift), one has marginally better fov (vive). one has less sde (rift), one has brighter peak colours (vive). Software wise the Rift is miles ahead. Rift's implimentation of ASW is also a generation ahead of Vives [which SteamVr have JUST released]. I can play Skyrim on my Rift capped at 45FPS and its honestly smooth and extremely playable. On Oculus native titles, I honestly can't tell the difference between ASW on and off. Vive on the other hand cannot do this. This simply means modding Skyrim with custom ENBs and 4k texture mods is limited, you need to pick one or the other unless you have dual 2080tis. Controllers wise, Rift are also one generation ahead. The Steam knuckles STILL haven't released. Tracking wise, the Vive is better in large spaces than a three sensor Oculus setup. By large play spaces, I mean LARGE. The lightbox 2.0s range are nuts. Anyway, in a normal setup, they're basically the same with the Rift actually having slightly more stable VR hands. Then add in Software you get including one of the best VR games ever in Robo Recall and exclusive native access to the Oculus Store which has the BEST VR exclusives (excluding Revive which is a hack). Its really a no-brainer. I'm quite well versed in VR now. Main advantages of a Vive -Superior tracking in large spaces -Upgrade path to the Pimax 5k The issue I have with having faith in the HTC/Vive ecosystem is they GROSSLY overprice their products. The HTC Vive Pro's price tag is a travesty.
  3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Lets do this guys. hit me up with a time/day one of u are free to do some 1o1. im a bit out of the loop on internet shit but how would we chat to eachother? i feel like there should be a smash discord/irc chatroom where u can setup games privately like that if its not already done
  4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Ahh nice! I have 6 hours so far. I'm trying to keep this as a pickup and play game whilst travelling and concentrate on completing Witcher 3 before KH3 comes out.
  5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    my friend code is SW-6624-7338-5402 add me, we can do some 1 on 1. im still sucking. cant find someone to main/master. ppl are hyping pikachu but i still find him a bit flimsy. link is decent this year. his throw range nerfed but his bombs, arrows and boomerangs can be a pain in the ass.
  6. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    how do u know how many hours u have logged on a game?
  7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    im hoping this is a sign p5 hits switch cos i dont think i can do anothet JRPG in my living room given I'd rather play VR games or one of the many big games i still havent played (god/witcher 3/horizon)
  8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    yo guys lets get a smash group going. whats ur nintendo IDs? i bought this today. i was deliberating over pirating and hacking my switch but fuck it, online on this is incredibly, fun. lets set up some matches / nights to play
  9. being an adult sucks

    im surprised it didnt go viral someone could have literally posted their grandma died and i would have somehow tried to twist the situation into a solution of "go to a club" fuck i used to love clubs
  10. yea ur right.. just keep the friendship, avoid the bitch. altho i still think im gonna pull him up for the state of his wife if he keeps having digs at EVERY girl in the world.
  11. sadly i think this is the best solution. basically just worry about number one. i reflected on this in the morning and basically my general conclusion is: its not my wife, its not my kid, its not my family. therefore i shouldn't have ANY mental drain or negativity from this so yea im just going to do what you've basically said. it just feels really annoying being the consistent good guy when someone else is being a massive cunt. sadly i think i am very close to telling him that she looks like the female shrek, that even with weight lost shes a solid 6/10 max and i would not fuck her on a night out and would never date her. im not sure if this is too far or not. my friend is VERY honest, and very happy to always give his opinion on ANY girl someone dates or any girl he sees on the street, being extremely hyper-critical, so i feel like when soemone is THAT honest with other people, they invite honesty.
  12. being an adult sucks

    im trying to find a friend to go to a comic con with me this weekend but he wants to bring his kid.
  13. being an adult sucks

    tried it tonight. met about 8 dumb chicks who all would be happy to ride my dick but couldn't maintain a fulfilling meaningful conversation.
  14. ok im drunk so basically my best friend is married and has a child. he knocked up his wife like 5 years ago accident, kept child, wifed it. kid is really beautiful and really nice. me and him work together. are VERY close, he phones me and i phone him all the time. we click on every level... humour, anime, gym. i genuinely want to see him better himself in life and progress. if i can find a quick scheme to earn £10k or something.. i will tell him. hes a brother to me. he moved to a new country to work at a job i basically got him. he went from earning £40k/yr to £100k with more family time and holidays thanks to me, when I could have easily told him nothing. im a bit of a playboy. ultra confident, never met them before. dated lots of beautiful women. sadly by mistake have sent him some nudes of them and the off few rude messages. she has a shit impression of me as shes seen a few of these. hes recently started going out with me to bars on the weekend, been introduced to my friends when before he had ZERO social life. she doesnt. he doesnt want to invite her. for the first time i met her and the kid. loved the kid, tried to crack a joke or two with her but she was rly quiet. anyway told my mate his kid is beautiful and wife is nice but quiet. turns out she bitched about me. tried to make jokes about my physically (god knows why, im 10% bodyfat, ripped and muscular, have fucking modelled and honestly just 10x more attractive than any guy she has got with imo). even called me lord farquad (prince from shrek) or something (despite me being above average height [hes 6'0 lol], ripped, muscular, but w/e). Anyway, I've kind of come to terms with the fact that she hates me. I can't really be bothered to try and fight this. Hes one of my longest and best friends but i dont know where to go from here. I've held my tongue with him about her. The truth is she looks fucking 40, shes overweight, shes someone I would not even have a one night stand with, she has no career prospects, shes not even a professional and without my friend she'd be on benefits or in some low-class job/state of living. thats the simple truth. i have mentioned none of this to him because i respect him, i am the god father to his child so disrespecting her by saying this openly would be mad.. The fact she has GONE out of her way to try and nitpick to me to find ANYTHING wrong to me screams someone trying to assassinate my character. anyway we had a small chat about this and he seemed a bit peeved about how she was acting. he said he'd side with me as this whole shit screams red flags. i said no, you side with whatever is best for ur child which is NOT me but siding with her. he said no, no matter what he will side with me because shes the one being a cunt. i reiterated i will stop talking to him if shit ever got that remotely serious because his child matters the most. so... im kinda in a catch 22 situation. has anyone been in a similar situation? on one hand, hes my best friend, hes like a brother to me. on the other hand, i cant be fucking bothered dealing with trash bullshit like this. i've worked hard to get where i am, to look like what i do and to do what i do. sure these fat fucks think a six pack comes naturally to me but it doesn't.. it was months and months of dieting and hard work. even now i come home at fucking 8PM from the work +gym. similarly money I work LONG hours and take A LOT Of responsbility to earn the money I do! the last thing i need in my life is a hater trying to put me down, especially one placed so awkwardly that me smacking her back to earth will result in me looking like an evil cunt. im either being the bigger person forever (which i cant be fucking bothered to be)... or just telling her to fuck off. i feel like i have 3 options 1. talk to him, and chat to her and resolve everything - given how much of a cunt shes been from one meeting, i dont feel like i can do this, it just seems like its making a mountain out of a mole hill and will result in nothing 2. continue to be friends with him - let him deal with the strain on his relationship; i feel like this is unfair on him and ultimately very poisonous 3. slowly break contact with him, distance myself from him i feel like option 3 is probably the saddest but probably smartest. i honestly thought and think we'll be friends forever, like brothers, but this woman seems poisonous. she seems out to get me and i'll be honest, i can't deal with poisonous people at this point in time. a few years ago i'd relish the challenge and drama but im too old now... work is stressful enough, im trying to find someone i love and connect with and having any negative energy in my life just seems so ... unnecccesary. im trying to feed the poor, be a better person, do more charity work along with being a doctor... and this seems to be a big ball of negativity which i feel wont shift. its annoying because my other best friend has a girlfriend who also knows what im like. she on the otherhand admits im a playboy, bit of a dick, but would fuck me if she was single lol... like its just that refreshing nice honesty of mutual respect.. she understands where i am with my life, understands that im single, doesn't feel totally comfortable with it but still respects me so as i respect her (shes a fellow doctor, beautiful, nice, caring, classy, but a bitch when she drunks... but overall amazing). I support her as she supports me and I can honestly chill with her the whole day without any negative energy. It just seems like a nice flowing friendship. have u guys been in any situations like this? i feel like my friendship with him is sadly doomed to just become shit and ultimately deteriorate. right now we are like JD and turk from scrubs which is sad for how close we are. i just feel like its better i move on with my life, he moves on with his because i can honestly see him having a lot of friction and arguments with her over this. also im quite a fair person. i am nice, respectful and try to do best by people. if they asked me tommorow for £20,000 or something, i would give it them. im that kind of person with people i love/respect, but given how much of a cunt she is, i feel like i should just eject and put that energy and commitment into people that i can mutually respect more. i know this is a massive TLDR but its such a tough situation. i have someone i could literally verbally break down and make feel like utter shit, but i'd never do it because its wrong and to top it off, its someone my best friend loves and is the mother of his child (my god child). at the same time, just because i have a fucking sick life on the outside (money/gym/work/girls) doesn't mean i don't take offence or feel these hateful comments on the inside. Honestly, as confident as I am.. yes it still is fucking annoying given I dont ask for others opinions when they hate on me. i honestly feel like telling him to take me off being god father as its to hard to be a god father to a child whom the mother hates you, and to slowly cut off contact with him so that him and his wife can at least try to build a stronger relationship. is that a bit extreme? _________ in school or uni, this shit is so simple to fix. but with kids and wives and all that involved... combined with age profiles and ppls aspirations, i just feel like these issues are impossible to solve and its easier to just say move on.