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  1. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    my friends roughly explained to me whats happened and it sounds very subpar. like if u have time to watch dbz, just watch something like one piece or hunter x hunter instead. at this point its just transformation after transformation with universe after universe. it sounds quite awful.
  2. Thor: Ragnarok

    I liked Wonderman a lot. Spiderman was better but I find this day in age, its a bit easier to make the super hero film that doesnt take itself too seriously. Wonder Woman excelled in being a lot more serious and captivating. I felt Spiderman was really really solid throughout but Wonderman fell off on the last 1/5 of the film. I don't know what the fuck is up with DC's obsession with big shitty looking fight scenes which are dragged out. I hope maybe DC/Marvel watch some anime and see how epic they make theirs and try to emulate it with their 4884489849849x budgets. Thor I thought was just down right shit. I felt the storytelling for how good the story is on paper was... well awful. Yup, an under-developed villain in Marvel films is fine.. but this is a villain with an actual back story which had the potential to be very very interesting. Thor's best friends died like cannon fodder, Thor lost his fucking eye and his fucking hammer, Bruce Banner reverted back to the Hulk with the sticking point he might never be able to go back.... And all of that was cast aside as shitty little goofy jokes and thats where the film fails. It had the potential to have some RIDICULOUSLY epic moments such as the reveal of his sister, the fact thor goes head to head with his sister, thor losing his eye, losing his hammer, utilising the power of thunder, loki saving them, thor's best friends dying (albiet under developed), Bruce's struggle with the Hulk and eventually letting it take control to save the day at the expense of him maybe never coming back, Banner's whole "wtf i've been the hulk for this long, I've lost 2 years of my life".... Just so much potential wasted for the quick gag and quirky angle instead. I would have rather they did this with Thor 2 where the plot really was quite hopeless but why waste a very good storyline on this shit. Its only when I watched an IGN explanation of the film that it hit me that Banner made one of the biggest sacrifices by reverting back to the Hulk whilst the movie's pacing and shitty emphasis on jokes just makes it a real side note. I've got a thing for good villains and hate it when films fuck them up. For example X-Men apocalpyse.. like WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY DO TO APOCALPYSE!! I used to watch the fucking cartoon hoping he'd rock up and they turned him into a joke.
  3. Thor: Ragnarok

    I thought it was shit. Ruined villains and characters, left, right and centre. Plot was like two completely different films mashed into one and not in a good way. And the soundtrack just felt so OFF for a super hero film. Marvel seem to be really fucking up their third films of any super hero except Captain America. I think Wonder woman for me has changed the game. Its shown films can be serious AND charming. This one failed at both and I think for a character like Thor, its a shame. Spiderman Homecoming was RIGHT on the money tho.
  4. Thor: Ragnarok

    saw it, could write an essay on how shit it was. just very very extreme side of the comedy/quirky side of marvel which doesn't fit in with thor or the other films.
  5. Top 10 Tv shows.. again

    I will get on it ASAP. After a new show. I did start to watch season 1 and enjoyed it. My only real issue was it lacked addictiveness. The women in Twin Peaks are BEAUTIFUL, like probably some of the most good looking female cast people ever.
  6. Top 10 Tv shows.. again

    mine is currently: GOT Stranger Things The Wire Curb your Enthusiasm Its Always sunny in Philadelphia Breaking Bad House South Park Band of Brothers If we're including seasons Prison Break S01+s02 Spartacus S02
  7. Stranger Things

    season 2 even better than season 1. again yeah its basically just a 90s film, with everything thats a bit wrong with 90s film corrected and keeping intact its excellent charm, then brought back to the modern day. black kid is also not at all annoying this season, his sister is the bomb. the douchey twig turned into possibly my favorite character and his replacement dickhead was actually slightly more tolerable. its probably one of my favorite shows of all time at the moment. the episode where they visited kai greene was also quite epic and gave a really nice contrast and world building. has to be up there with the wire and GOT for me for very different reasons. its just pure quality. a few characters went through dead ends (namely the hot sister + the nerd) but really.. its just hard to critisise a show which juggled multiple plot lines and managed to keep them all very relevant. If was being super arsey I'd say the douche and the ginger girl were a bit redundant to the main plot, but fuck it, not everyone has to be pivotal to the end point and they did help pad out some of the earlier episodes to keep them interesting and absorbing from a high school perspective.
  8. House of Cards

    its ok to be a paedophile if ur drunk, white and talented.
  9. Spider-Man: Homecoming

    I probably need to rewatch the first 2 but I remember finding them just very very generic and toby maguire's generic high school nerdy act was so unrelatable. i much prefer homecoming's peter parker aka a nerdy with personality and wit as opposed to some plain ass little weak shit.
  10. Spider-Man: Homecoming

    I much prefer this spiderman film to any other spiderman film. This is just more quirky, more personality and manages to make Peter Parker more endearing + different to other super heroes and the old/plain/nerdy spiderman of old.
  11. What games are you currently playing?

    finished xcom. it was good but. xcom <<< fire emblem as i said previously, more personality, better plot, better attachment to characters etc, better/more fun customisation. when a unit dies in xcom, im like fuck. in fire emblem im like wtf omg no noooo nooooo soft reset. I've started cold steel 2, and its as good as cold steel 1 in all honesty. im just struggling to find the time to play it. only thing im hating is the boss battles you can't win but u have conditions set on a time limit to get extra bonus points... like please just tell me and i'll actually try to ohko these fuckers with all my s-crafts etc. Great game & characterisation as per every trails game, leagues above most other crap i've played. After Cold steel 2 I might finally try and jump back into PC gaming aka mass effect 2, assasins creed 2 but tbh I'm struggling for time and most of my free time is at work so I'm really playing around with just buying a nintendo switch for BOTW/Mario Oddyessey/Mario Kart.. but I'll probably hold off until I've at least played Super Mario galaxy / xenoblade chronicles 1.
  12. On the road to fitness

    no. do daily. what you are doing is perfect. daily weights + macro counting is gold standard. weigh daily but REACT weekly based on either the trend or average.
  13. What was the last film you watched?

    guardians of the galaxy. great film
  14. Stock Market Investing

    Hmmm so where do I start? Can osmeone link me some content to watch. I have a steady income and I'd like to take advantage of it. I'm getting around £9-10k/month gross, and in my job I can sometimes have up to 3-4 hours a day free (in which I'd like to study another means to investing my money). The tax at the moment is really killing off my salary so I'd like to invest where I can.
  15. dumebells on balance imo are better. easier to target and fix imbalance issues, if used correctly activate core just as well, better more natural ROM, etc.etc. legs day is tricky because getting dumbells heavy enough is really hard. legs day: dumbell stiff leg deadlifts goblet squats with dumbell lunges with dumbell hip thrusts (kinda need a barbell or very heavy dumbells) leg press leg curls leg extensions