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  1. anyone with a decent PC... botw...

    i dont think 60fps is happening but i think it will be much better. i think we are just a swith v1.5 with bluetooth support for headphones, thinner bezels, a better kickstand. i personally still hold hope they release a Nintendo 3D switch because the new3DS 3-D tech was actually good.
  2. anyone with a decent PC... botw...

    / top is a graphical mod available on cemu. feels like playing a really high end anime game. bottom is 4k 60fps vanilla botw. i prefer vanilla i think. theres something just perfect about the colour grading and the white haze which seems to add depth and mystery and disguise things a bit better. feels like playing an animated film..
  3. anyone with a decent PC... botw...

    Yeah its like playing a slide show but tbh im still surprised it can even run on such a tiny machine. if you compare the graphics of botw1 to xc2.. similar games/scopes, i'd argue xc2 is less complicated yet zelda runs and looks 3x better. we are just limited by the fact we are playing on a portable pc. i might do a few screenshots later of this game.
  4. anyone with a decent PC... botw...

    follow that guide fella also here is a comparison video which i think is quite cool: that was posted a year ago. the difference is probably bigger now. we have custom colour grades (i have my own personal one where I've put the green to vanilla-levels whilst keeping everything else pretty much looking incredibly ridiculous cos i feel the light coloured green grass is kinda iconic to BOTW.. and bright green grass looks cartoonish). this allows us to remove the white fog/white cast which nintendo obviously put on to hide the draw distance, poor texture filtering, poor resolution etc. honestly its breathtaking. i even have motion controls enabled on my PS4 dualshock. its literally a BETTER experience than what I had on my switch. also don't let the visuals and colour grades distract you from: FUCKING 4K AND 60FPS... CLARIFYING 60 FUCKING FPS. its like the switch version is a slide show compared to this shit.
  5. incase anyone doesn't know, if u have a decent PC, please download cemu, botw and play it at 4k/60fps. oh my god.
  6. What games are you currently playing?

    Playing through TW3 DLC. Man this game is so theraputic. I forgot how chill it is. I kinda powered through the main game but in hindsight which I was just kinda played it over a couple of months. I gotta start a new VR game too cos the batman Arkham VR shit was epic at the end.
  7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Clocked 75 hours and probably another 50 on my friends switch of smash
  8. Good games you can't get into

    FF Tactics The battle system to me feels just so...non tactical.
  9. Oculus Quest + S Release tommorow

    yup. Light house >/= 3 Sensor tracking CV1 >>> Rift S > Quest >>>> WMR However I personally haven't had an issue with Rift S's tracking yet in-game but I haven't played FPS, Echo combat or Creed which will likely cause issues. In small spaces, 3 sensor CV1 tracking was pinpoint perfect. Light house is pinpoint perfect in all spaces tbh especially with base station 2s. Rift S uses inside out tracking and despite it being the best inside out tracking, its still inside out tracking. I still ditched my CV1 with 3 sensors for it though as the clarity upgrade is INSANELY better. I've also put down a reservation for a Valve Index but yet to hear anything more from Valve sadly. I could have bought one. I was one of the first on the page but at the time, I just wasn't sold on it because its LCD. But it hit home to me that sadly OLED VR is likely dead now unless HTC continue to fly the flag. And the issue with OLED is that the subpixel count sucks compared to RGB strip LCD, so we end up getting 2-3x better clarity with LCD than OLED for the SAME performance cost which is kinda huge. As much as I do really love perfect blacks, I think chasing them will hold back VR as we need to make progress with FOV, resolution. Valve have nailed the control scheme and tracking, introduced some really weird but wonderful higher refresh rate options. The mild FOV increase sucks, it should have been more. The resolution bump is the bare minimum, as in the BARE minimum they can offer at this price point but as an actual consumer grade product, it has to be the best on the market. Pimax is a bunch of chinese crap which is really more of a @buy this if u wanna tink with this all day rather than play games@ the HP reverb has the worst controllers in VR with the worst tracking and the worst software. Also every good VR game is an Oculus exclusive so I wouldn't mind waiting for people to tell me how well the Index works with revive to play the Oculus games. ____________________________________________ I just played Batman Arkham VR on the Rift S and it was incredible for the last 20 minutes. I'm not sure if I'm just a pussy but man that was immersive AF. Best ending sequence to a video game I've encountered in a while. I'm going to re-mod SkyrimVR as I found an amazing modding guide to it and also my old modded Skyrim is a bit old now. I might ditch an ENB as I'd rather have 80fps. than have to ASW the entire game for an ENB... but god damn an ENB is beautiful. I'm going to likely play Lone Echo or the new Trevor game I got off of the epic store (i know im evil blahblah). I was playing South Park Fractured butt whole and I am a HUGE south park fan, but the 1 hour i played of vader immortal and the 1.5 hours of batman arkham VR were 10x more fun than 10-20 hours I've pumped into south park. Its so hard to go back to pancake.
  10. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    idk i dont think sheild hero's narrative is anything too earth shattering. he is still clearly the hero from the episodes i've seen and everyone else are just self absorbed dickheads playing hero. attack on titan is awesome atm. the sound design in that show is epic.
  11. Oculus Quest + S Release tommorow

    It’s a joke. there is nothing to compare. right now the best point of entry into vr is oculus quest or if u are poor and have a PS4 , a psvr sinply for the exclusives
  12. Oculus Quest + S Release tommorow

    I bought a Rift S too (fuck knows why i am just throwing money away on tech) Its a HUGEEEE step up from the Rift CV1 and Vive in screen quality. the black levels are not as good but it really doesn't matter when everything is so much more clear and little to no screen door effect. its tracking is NOT as good as light house or 3 sensor tracking. however for £399, you get: one of the clearest HMDs in the market, 2 controllers which are ergonomically second only to the index controllers but native support wise THE best, built in tracking so you can use this headset with a gaming laptop, the only high end portable VR headset (can move it room to room with minimal issues) and the best VR exclusives in the next 24 months (lone echo2, asgards wrath, defector, stormland as the AAAs) Absolute bargain. its also stolen the PSVR halo strap which I thought was a bad move. I was wrong, its amazing. it also has built in audio which is absolutely shit and terrible and tinny. Luckily has a headphone jack. I'm next eyeing up either the HP Reverb or the Valve Index if it ever gets released. However I'm going to wait on the Index until it has at least 1 or 2 games which take advantage of the hand tracking because I like valve but I do NOT trust them when it comes to releasing games on time and im not spending 1k on a headset when all the best games are on a competitors headset.
  13. Oculus Quest + S Release tommorow

    3d films on this are a blast too. on my rift they were unbearable.
  14. Oculus Quest + S Release tommorow

    Yup. The best games with the most depth are still on PCVR and they have 2D/pancake versions. IMO the VR versions are superior but the amount of VR-specific AAA titles are sparse but Oculus in the next 18 months are releasing 5 amazing ones, Valve are releasing 1 or 2 and although irrelevant to PC users, Sony knock about 2-3 out a year now (FWZH, Astrobot, Blood and truth). They'd be Elite Dangerous, Project Cars, Fallout 4 (altho u need a juicy rig to run it well ; i personally use a 2080/8086k), skyrim VR (with mods basically infinite gameplay but the VR aspect is more immersion based on visuals rather than made for VR title), soon No mans Sky. There is literally no doubt that for me, playing Skyrim in VR is completely different to 2D. Actually seeing a dragon for the first time is like wtf. Similarly in Re7, walking into a dark house with no light... is scary. However the cable DOES kind of hold you back in those games a little. There are work arounds. The Rift S and Index have increased pixels per inch AND they've gone to LCD now which further increases sub pixel count so SDE and pixellation is MUCH improved compared to previous. The Quest has an OLED screen so the pixel count and subpixel layout is not good but the black levels are the best-in-class for a VR headset so far. Overall I'd really say if you are prone to getting immersed, VR is invaluable. Would I rather play Mario Tennis with a controller on my couch or go outside in my garden and literally run and smash a ball against a weird robot opponent? definitely the latter. But which game has better multiplayer and longevity in regards to content? It would sadly be the 2D version. Would I rather watch Frozen in 1080p/4k on my 65'' TV? Or would I rather watch Frozen on my Oculus Quest on a 150 inch cinema screen with PERFECT 3-D reproduction but take a hit on resolution? On my rift, i'd opt for the former but with the quest, I'd honestly go for the latter. The issue about content is there. There ARE VR games, even JUST for the Quest but the problem is the game length in general is not the best. For someone like me who doesn't care about hours spent per dollar but more about enjoyment spent per dollar, VR & the quest offers something no other form of medium can. And I don't mind if I even did complete every VR-Game on the store, it just means I'll read a book, watch some anime, play some 2D games, play on my Switch or whatever.. Value for money, no doubt the Quest as a device is a BARGAIN. But VR as a platform is hella expensive for content you get for what you pay, but the experience is also 10-100x what you'll feel in pancake. I just watched a 3D Film how the disney dragon film thing and as hes flying down, I honestly felt excited and exhilterated like flying down with him. I watched the same scene on my sofa on my TV and looked at my phone out of boredom whilst watching it. Now one of them allows me to use a rumbling subwoofer and the other means I have to strap a piece of plastic to my face. So its definitely pros vs cons. I personally think Superhot alone in a large room space with the Quest is worth the money as its just mindblowing. Its like I've played sooo many shitty FPSs but at last I am the character. I can't wait for VR-Game developers to expand and allow me to hide behind crates against enemies with awesome AIs.
  15. Oculus Quest + S Release tommorow

    Yes. Basically. However in practice, it really depends on how much you value immersion and how you define quality. You really need to try a few experiences to decide how much you value that immersion and if its uncomfortable or not for you. I've recently heard for example a lot of fat people saying negatives to VR pertaining to how much it makes you move lol.