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  1. Just finished Gintama (now up to date). Handsdown probably the best anime I've ever watched. Totally trounces One Piece in the shounen department with spectacular pacing and a story which is basically Kenshin on steroids plus some more. Comedy wise goes toe to toe with any anime out there, and by toe to toe, most of the time I mean destroying it. Cast wise the best case I've seen. Breadth and depth! Gintoki is probably my favorite main character ever. Music wise... Favorite OPs I've heard, love each season's OST. Emotion wise... It's made me cry. Don't get me wrong, it's not a Clannad After Story although one arc comes close... But the emotional impact it can bring to the table with 1-2 episodes of plot is ABSURD. Quality wise.. Phenomenal. They cover arcs over 1-2 episodes. Every episode feels satisfying. The filler is second to none. The movie I think is overrated though. I could easily rewatch it and it's like 300+ episodes. 10/10 - takes my new number 1 spot. Also finished Shigatsu .. Whatever it's called, the piano one. It was good, not close to the emotional impact which Clannad After Story left on me. I felt it's exection which slightly flawed... We didn't get to live through and experience past tragedies and future ones were heavily foreshadowed. Phenomenal OP + OST again... This OST is a thing of beauty but I felt the actual music the characters played was a bit lacking for emotional impact (Mozart/Chaplin I know music buffs slaughter me now). 8/10 - being generous here tbh, I felt like the middle few episodes were a bit of a drag.. Which is forgivable (looks at steins gate, looks at Clannad) but the final few episodes just weren't enough.. Too many unresolved story lines, no real conclusion, felt the ending was rushed, some characters were devoted far too much time considering they were side characters which could have been devoted to the big 4 characters.
  2. its time. get all the old boys back together for a goat tournament..!!
  3. United have loads of talent [schniderlien/schwein/fosu mensah] and since Keane left, were never really built on centre midfielders. Its a question of is Mourinho going to stick to his rigid 4-3-3 or go to Fergie's flying wingers with a plethora of good strikers available. I know its unlikely but the striking option of ibra, rooney, martial, rashford reminds me of the old fergie days of rooney berbatov tevez, macheda etc. Chelsea IF they can revitalise hazard/costa will be a beast but thats a HUGE if! Wijnaldum deal for Liverpool is massive. If Wij can settle into a deeper CM role and replicate his goal scoring prowess and improve his away form, it will end up being the best CM purchase this year. I'm quietly pleased with the deal when u look at the prices for other players. Still we don't have anywhere near a settled frontline with the man of glass still our best striker and biggest problem for continuity. Sadly liverpool have too many holes to fill and LB is a gigantic weakness for us. City have made some wicked signings, fully expect them to challenge if they can get 3 players injury free (aguero, kompany, gundongan).. what a spine... but what an injury prone spine. Mahrez will improve any team in the premier league and why clubs aren't going in for him, I have no idea. If he has ANOTHER phenomenal season; madrid & barca will come calling.
  4. If you have the money, Bailley is fine. Not every good young player will make it. You have a few good homegrown ones but the more the better. TBH regardless of United's options, if they signed J. Rodriguez + Mahrez, I would be genuinely scared. I think they can sort out their midfielder issues in-house if they really wanted to. I don't see Pogba winning you a title but the likes of Mahrez and Rodriguez definitely can.
  5. The only reason I could see united winning the league is they have ibrahimovic.. and he wins titles.
  6. Everton are awful and have a bunch of overrated players. Barkley, Stones are so overrated. Lukaku is excellent though. Don't expect much from them. West Ham will be dangerous as Payet is a phenomenon. Liverpool are a mess tbh. Spurs should invest in their frontline as Kane going missing for the first few months last season cost them the title probably and I think he'll struggle at the start again this season after the Euros which would have crippled his confidence. Ontop of having extra footy to play compared to their equivalent teams (lpool/chelsea).
  7. chelsea winning the league is a stretch given where they finished last season and there players are mentally. you have their arguably best players still sitting in a rut form and confidence wise (hazard, fabregas, costa) and a really unpromising back line. City should be favourites if they buy smart to bolster their incredibly thin and injury prone front line but they just seem to always buy so poor in the last few years. united are very imbalanced. Rooney is a huge problem for them. They remind me of the utd team which bought in rooney and ronaldo as youngsters. didn't win much for a few years but then went on a rampage (here I'm referring to depay/martial/rashford).
  8. I spoke to my dad. He said he's planning to drill a hole where the KB/mouse goes and can somehow have a button which pops up with he electrical ports. I can't wait for a slightly more cleaner setup. Now to decide on monitor.. !! 21:9 100hz overclocked or 21:9 60hz?
  9. Hey guys. I need some cable management solutions please. Cables are starting to piss me off. I have a solid granite desk. My dad is making me a new desk where he can put holes or whatever crap into the desk to make management a bit easier. I'm looking for: 1. Suggestions on what I can do at the moment with a normal desk (inability to drill holes obviously) any solutions? 2. Suggestions on what I should request from my dad when he's designing the new desk (can drill holes) I'm hoping to have my desk have: Monitor, wired KB + mouse [willing to go wireless if someone can post some good suggestions], a MBP, an iPad, possibly speakers [altho probably will just use my wireless shitty headphones. Thank you,
  10. I also live its mini history lesson at the start. really man read and educate yourself rather than picking up piece of propaganda and trying to pass it off as a piece of literature which can be respected.
  11. lmao. that document. "being in the EU didn't stop terrorism" fucking hell people are stupid so stupid.
  12. Honestly anyone even trying to debate that this was a good decision is fucking retarded. fuck your stupid document and do some proper reading. i blame the leaders of both parties and their lack of leadership and education to the masses. scotland will definitely leave uk now too.
  13. Read the age breakdown for the results. 50+ and mainly the 65+ won this vote for the leave campaign. Basically old people living off pensions who are probably somewhat racist and out of touch with the real implications of this result. And they don't have to live with it for nearly as much of time as we do. Voting leave does NOT mean you're racist but anyone who tries to argue the leave campgin did not have VERY racist propaganda is a fucking irritating thick piece of shit. The amount of back tracking and retracting the leave campaign has had to do due to its radical racist tendencies is beyond a joke. I also loved reading the breakdown in terms of academics to remain votes. Basically by the time you get to university degrees, 70% of people+ wants to remain. People who only had high school qualifications, majority wanted to leave. Make of it what you will. The UK already had so many recessions and control in their EU membership too. oh well fuck it. My families rich anyway, it won't affect us to the extent we will struggle; and thats the sad thing. The people who've voted for it mostly are on the poorer side of the spectrum and they will get hit the hardest. I have no faith in this public or country. My only hope is with Cameron gone, we get a better and fairer NHS contract but I'm sure there will be an upcoming recession and the NHS will get fucked. fuck this I'm out of here. Now I'm SERIOUSLY deliberating over countries a UK doctor can move to in a years time!
  14. I'm being too critical. most consoles are at 30fps anyway. it just frustrates me because nintendo games are so good!
  15. 30fps. digital boundary did an article. dips to 20fps during combat at worse 15fps. you can tell in the combat when he hits something. that shit used to piss me off in wind waker boss fights. how the fuck u could think this is 50fps is beyond me