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  1. What games are you currently playing?

    yeah dont get me wrong, p4/p3 are awesome... i still enjoyed them but for me, its a lot of what could have been. btw skyrim is an absolute blast. the sense of immersion is awesome. i've installed like 99 or so mods and it looks beautiful too so that helps. the world is HUGE AS FUCK. just now i was following some quest markers, got lost, ended up exiting a dungeon into a mountain of snow, crossed this mountain to a bone altar, there a fucking dragon rocks up, i kill it, then go through a door, find a chest guarded by a dremora deathlord thing which i beat the shit out of... then... i remember i have these quest objectives to do. its just freaking lit. and with the ordinator mod.. u can literally roleplay so many genuinely interesting cool builds.
  2. What games are you currently playing?

    nice, thank you. do you see what i mean now by how P4/P3 were heavily flawed?
  3. Would you date a recovering addict?

    ok so we have 2 elements here... number 1 is you have a girl with baggage ongoing. IMO.. the healthiest balance to this is understand you are both on 2 different separate journys. she has to learn to deal with her own shit... sure u can help her with her demons a bit by supporting her but you should no where ever be her "rock".. she should be her own rock. if you ever become that, then this relationship is just going to end horribly. number 2 is you have issues with people's pasts which you need to get over. firstly everyone makes mistakes and you shouldn't judge or dredge up their past. if you're too insecure and can't manage to see the person infront of you rather than the person they once were... dating is going to be hard for you. its like dating an awesome girls who in the past has taken 30 dicks.. u just gotta let it go. talking about this situation specifically.. u describe her as "decently attractive".. i dont get the vibe you're in love with this girl or even remotely even interested deep down in falling in love with her. you are new to the town, don't have many friends and you've settled with this girl. if im wrong, then correct me.. but if this is the case, then shes going to suck out a lot of time and oppurtunity where you could be meeting MANY different types of people.. one of which maybe you will really like and see a future with.
  4. vr gaming

    ive heard vive customer support is attrocious tho, aka if/when something breaks, ur fucked. this is all from reddit/vr gaming its sad that the actual quality of VR games looks shitty. AAA just aren't bothering with it at all.
  5. vr gaming

    How come vive beats rift? I've read the vive has better room scale and support for glasses but the rift is better otherwise? Yeah rei.. the only issue with waiting til gen 2/3 is that ... well thats probably 2-3 years away and in that time I might not even be playing games.
  6. vr gaming

    does anyone here do any VR gaming... ? I'm tempted to get into it. any reccomendations/advice?
  7. Which videogame do I play next?

    I started it then stopped... idk why i stopped, was quite solid.
  8. Adult Movie Mafia Aftergame - Town wins

    anything with abella danger is solid
  9. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    clannad s01 was shit clannad after story shits on your lie MAL score your lie is = 8.88 MAL score clannad as = 9.01 haven't watched violet evergarden
  10. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    i thought it was average
  11. Which videogame do I play next?

    dont u feel the combat is a bit simple? P3/P4 was basic: 1. attack weaknesses 2. attack enemies from behind in battle field so u have advantage 3. hit elemental/weapon weaknesses and all out attack when u can 4. heal, buff, buff (namely speed/reflect), heal etc. Have they added more interesting attacks or is it more of the same? I really like Bravely default because it at least tried to add new mechanics to the turn based combat stuff we have gotten used to over the past 20 years or so. i know sorry i sound like a negative nancy shitting on persona. i do like the games as i have finished the prev 2 but i regard them as very flawed gems.
  12. Which videogame do I play next?

    ill still play it. i played P3 and loved a lot about it. P4 was a bit of a drag for me... just cos the whole tone of the main story was very very very scooby doo. P5 doesnt look like that at all.. looks like a more edgy P3.
  13. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    gintama is sick as usual. best opening scene for the season out of all the animes.
  14. Which videogame do I play next?

    persona 5, def do PS4 version. persona 3/4, def do pcsx2 or if u can, persona 4 do PS Vita version. ] what is persona 5's story + engagement like? this is my issue with persona games (persona 3+4) -boring story (especially persona 4) -repetitive as hell (especially persona 3) -shit battle system which holds all the good spells until you are a very high level... and even then its just clasic RPG shit like heal/buff/buff/buff/defence/heal/heal and attack elemental/weaknesses -shit interactions which dont wave into the story -small shit worlds with little to interact with -build repetitive bonds, clicking through boring dialogue to slowly build a connection with a non-entity NPC who doesnt help u apart from his shit storyline now granted p3/p4 were made on the Ps2 so i understand their limitations but i felt like persona 4 went backwards in regards to tone too, P3's story was definitely better but was just hella repetitive, P4 was like playing fucking scooby doo but without the tits of that red head. i accept a lot of the shit P3/P4 have due to technical limitations aka Ps2... much like i give kingdom hearts 1 + 2 a break ... but has P5 finally corrected the pacing etc. or is it much of the same? i still struggle to understand how ppl rate Persona 4 on vita as the holy grail of vita games. i expected so much but it was just a good game.. definitely no pokemon in regards to addictness or charm.
  15. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    attack on titan s03 gintama final season boku no hero steins gate 0 fuck me that is literally me satisfied re:anime for this year. im just waiting for re: zero now as i loved the fuck out of that