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  1. Daytrading free money thread

    Best advice I can give to everyone is trust your cash, not your stocks.
  2. Daytrading free money thread

    Also very humbling lesson for me trading wise. What goes up fast can come down fast. Always remember cash is king, take seed ASAP, ride free shares. I got greedy on lots of plays and paid the piper.
  3. Daytrading free money thread

    I agree with you. I got out of a lot of OTC stocks before the crash. With OTC, always need to watch like a hawk and make your own judgements on when to cash out. The only ones I'm still holding are HMBL, MITI, IDEX. I was in MMEX at 0.00018, cashed out halfway down from its peak before they RS. HMBL for example went to 6 dollars, then crashed. So plenty of money to be made on many of those picks but if they were held through the crash, then its very bad for bank balances. Right now, OTC market investing wise, I think its so dangerous. I'm only trading short and holding a few high conviction plays. The whole landscape in OTC land has massively changed with the new regulations that in all honesty, I find it so difficult to advise anyone really. I'm sitting on so much cash now rather than investing. Also made some money on AMC as I was in at 13 dollars, and double dipped at 18 dollars. Another stock lost money on is SKLZ. A good stock CCIV now Lucid came back around for me. I was in at 18, cashed out at 25, it went all the way to 40+... luckily has dipped back down to my buy zone. I can name more tickers I've LOST money on than gained money; growth sector has been hit HAAAAAARD. But luckily, the stocks that I have made money on have exploded ok (PHIL, AZFL, MMEX, AMC etc.) Overall tho.. no arguments mate. OTC has been a shit show and the market is so volatile at the moment. A lot of those picks performed well in the short term but absolutely awfully in the medium term with OTC market voltatility. My investments currently stand 65% property 15% allocated cash for property developments 10% stocks (35/35 split OTC/NASDAQ and the rest cash) and 10% cash reserve.
  4. Daytrading free money thread

    Everything’s on sale. so sad because for the first time in ages I need cash in the bank for new house so I can’t actively invest anymore money. Easiest 30 percent return anyone will make by investing now for the correction
  5. Daytrading free money thread

    still bad on OTC side of things. some ppl are seeing reverals in trends of some bigger stocks. honestly im just watching. good time to enter.. not good time to live through.
  6. Daytrading free money thread

    MMEX still gap downing so hold fire on investing. IF you have.. no worries. OTC market is still fairly down which is weird. Very very strange for a Tuesday after a 3 day weekend. I've seen some very convincing proof for MMEX so I'm not worried, just perplexed. big stocks wise SKLZ and STPK if u want safe retireement fund stock.
  7. Daytrading free money thread

    If you want more tickers, let me know! I have some 'young' stocks which I think will fly but they are risky and I have limited information; I've based my purchases off these stocks on 'following the money' rather than concrete DD which is why I hate and never talk about them (this is why I initially chose MMEX before more details came to light).
  8. Daytrading free money thread

    oh i only own 750k mmex not 1million. bummer. think my dad sold some by mistake when it went down INKW INND TSNP MMEX HCMC MITI. Quote me on these in a couple of months time and lets see where we stand. I'm game for being called out on any ticker I suggest. These are year-long holds for me but you entry points for you guys might be WAY different. Especially more volatile stocks like MMEX which you think you might be able to trade on its way to glory. HCMC is one I'd hold. I see no point trading it because its short interest is high and whispers of some meme stock manipulation would send it to the moon. INND and INKW are a bargain at the moment. Amazon restocking INKW and it selling out faster as you can imagine and owning their own reservoirs. INND walmart are advertising and pushing them on google. TSNP is like.. my favorite stock and movement ever with the evolution to digitkal currency. I also like MITI which has been consolidating for AGES. I have no idea why. Its opening up new clinics soon so should fire up. Its a very long term hold for me anyway but it did have a period of fast growth which I thought would continue and see it to a dollar. No big deal. I also like SRMX and SFOR. SFOR has taken a massive hit due to a share offering so now is an EXCELLENT entry point. SRMX is good, I just cba talking about it. AI/tech stock, good buy, I see it hitting 10 cents like AITX and eventually maybe a dollar with rumours of MS partnerships. HITIF is my go-to weed play which I like, SNDL is on pull back, good entry position. In big dollar land: 1. ITRM 2. BXRX 3. OCGN 4. ZOM 5. GEVO (wait for pullback) 6. GILT (ship may have sailed, wait for pull back) 7. IDEX (buy the dips) (these are stocks if you have a T212 account). Good luck. 4 day week, should be fast and aggressive. I hope for an aggressive and exponential Tuesday opening because only good news has dropped from the stocks I'm invested in. Could see a Tuesday/Wednesday panic if aggressive shorting of stocks occurs, but if it does, I'll honestly be so upset because I can not be fucking bothered with more red but whatever. I am lacking funds to re-invest cos I need to buy furniture so I cannot take advantage of red days, so I can only hold which sucks.
  9. Daytrading free money thread

    I thought I'd be honest with u guys today on my ENTRY POINTS on stocks. why do i not post these stocks when i enter? cos the risk is exponentially higher and people hoenstly just fucking bitch when it goes down and dont believe my DD on the stock despite it coming from decent sources. MMEX when I held it at 0.00011 went DOWN IN PRICE. i lost at one point 30 or 40% of what I put into the stock. what did i do? GOD DAMN NOTHING. i was like hopefully next year it doubles LOL. Patient is key, trust in the process, set up position, be at one with the market, do not panic. As I keep saying.. if u want to be trading until the day fucking guy, buy apple and tesla. if u want to retire.. have exponential growth and open up doors in ur life, you need to leverage risk WHILST you are young. I have bought a house a couple of days ago. I am pumping £100k into this property over 12-18 months to leverage risk against myself whilst I'm young to flip it over for 50% profit OR have is as a gigantic asset. This includes: a 9 metre extension, adding 1 master bedroom and family bathroom, 2 en suites via construction, another hall way, changing the porch, refurbing the entire house, extending the garage etc. This was a big traditional house who the owners had done limited rennovation work to and tried to flip it to me for a £110k+ upcharge in 2 years. I neogiated down 25k off the asking price they wanted. I learnt this in the stock market by someone on stocktwits. u have 'pump and dumpers' but the dumpers only turn a qucik profit. they aren't clever. who are clever? the SCOOP THE POOPERS. we scoop up what they dump, and we turn that SHIT INTO GOLD.
  10. Daytrading free money thread

    Anyway stocks to watch out for guys.. INKW - they are SELLING LIGHT FUCKING HOTCAKES. the stock price is down due to the OTC rape of red. god knows why but this one IMO looks like its going to fire. they have their own water reservoir, some water guy said its the best fucking water in the world, its sell off of amazon shelves quickly as fuck. it has already SKYROCKETTED then cooled off.. showing an area of consolidation at present. when it shoots up next, its going to destroy. i invested in another water company called HIPH but INKW is the one to play with! HIPH or wtf its caused it not that good or safe. im just holding them for now cos I'm up 50% but i do feel like selling and putting into INKW. i only own about 10,000 shares of this because i got in way too fucking late. HCMC - okay this is the KING OF STOCKS... but it is dependant on exponential growth due to a course case with phillips morris. it WILL GO UP on the way to the court case. it WILL be manipulated in the next couple of days.,.. why? because HCMC wants their shares back IMO. If they win the course case of their patents, then they will shoot up to 50 cents or a dollar. Ok aaron... but ..l. but its a risk? the courst case? YES and no. It is a risk, court case is a catalyst BUT they have actual god damn stores and an infrasturcture of business which is IMO VERY UNDERVALUED. full disclosure i own 1 million shares of HCMC across 3 accounts. MMEX this stock is dropping like fucking brick but it is AMAZING. i am not sure why it is dropping apart from the fact it ran up 2000% god damn fucking percent which is reason enough. anyway, BUY THIS. and don't look at it for a year. see what happens. its a solar energy play with some oil shit and they are basically building rocket fuel... ROCKET FUEL... and they are.. yes.. close to.. guess who? Tesla.. Elon Musk.. Space X.. SPace X & MMEX = rocket fuel = to the mooooon but no seriously, its a good EV play. its pink.. its basically fucking regulated. its VOLATILE AS FUKKKKKKKKKKK but i would PERSONALLY not hestitate in buying this stock. yes i have 1 million shares of this fucking stock too (500k on my acc, 500k on my dads cos.. tax lol). TSNP - THIS STOCK IS HUMBL PAY BASICALLY BRUHHS. so tsnp is a good stock which has now consolidated. its raped me dry too. its a SOLID BET. i see this stock hitting 3 dollars by app launch and roll out. i can see it hitting 10 dollars by next year if all goes to plan and this gets adoption. if u believe in humbl (YOUTUBE THE INVESTOR CALL NUMBER 2 FROM LAST MONTH AND WATCH IT) hold this stock cos its the EVOLUTION OF CREDIT CARD TO DIGITAL CURRENCY FUCK U APPLE PAY. if u dont believe in it, buy and hold til 3 dollars and then SELL for a 250-300% profit dependant on ur entry point. I THINK.. only THINK.. its shed of most of its fat now. For reference it was 1.70 and went down to 1.30 throught this week so as u can imagine.. i've been bleeding ££££ from my asshole. disclaimer, i own 5k shares at the moment cos i fucking sold some by mistake. These are the stocks u guys need to be concentrating on. HCMC will probably dip during the week but 0.49 is GREAT ENTRY POINT. MMEX might pull back more but hopefully not cos its god damn fucking rape for me at the moment. everytime this stock moves up a penny, i get 10,000 dollars but as u can imagine, everytime it moves down, i get utterly annihalated even if my other stocks do well. Sorry for the tone of thise post but fuck the bullshit.. here it is! my top 3 stocks u guys need to be buying in my humble opinion this week. metalgearsalad.. please get ur IKBR account so u can start building positions on these OTC stocks. no need to go FOMO. Invest small, if it goes down, buy more. This MIGHT BE another red WEEK... if its, you NEEEEED to be in the market to buy whilst its red. you do NOT want to be cashing these when they skyrocket up.. cos they move QUICKKK!! I BOUGHT MMEX AT 0.0011 cents... now look at it! 0.01 no sweat! ... FYI I bought HCMC when it was 0.0002 but i bought MORE when it was 0.002 and 0.0052 thats how much i love this stock
  11. Daytrading free money thread

    haha exactly. god damn haters. what pisses me off is I was posting TO HELP PEOPLE. I said to some fucker, buy GEVO, buy BXRX, buy MMEX, buy TSNP, buy OCGN. I told them it will gap down to 10, touch 9 and go back up to fucking 10 or 11 for a quick 20% profit and it will touch 13 for 30% profit rather than them sit on apple. i explained the fucking sharing offering. what do i get? questioning of my god damn integrity. what do i gain by telling a fuck people on a fucking forum to buy a stock? do they think there £200 or £2000 or even £20000 worth of stock will even move a single stock a 0.0001 dollar? no it fucking won't. Good intentions and sharing information get you no where. People don't want success through hardwork, they want other people to live their same shitty life. My parents told me a couple of days ago, stop giving people advice on stocks.. stop telling them how easy it is.. stop stop. just do you, get your money, and enjoy it. I said I want to honestly share my LITTLE knowledge I have so other people can better themselves. Some of these stocks are 99% sure fire hits.. no! don't... and they're right.
  12. Daytrading free money thread

    Anyway it sucks that i was 27-28 now and at 23k but this was down to 2 stocks: 1. MMEX 2. TSNP and these 2 stocks MADE me the most money. My profits on MMEX went from 10k+ to 5k+. TSNp went from 7k+ to 5k+. These 2 stocks I believe in A LOT. Definitely TSNP! So you have to balance your risk reward. IDEALLY I should have sold when MMEX hit its top and bought back in 24-48 hours, This would have allowed me to buy bacjk MORE shares. why didnt i do this with MMEX? cos i own a million fucking shares, and if it did GO UP then I'd potentially have 500k shares rather than a million. I made this mistake with TSNP. I sold at 0.45 , it gapped down to 0.35, I bougth back in my position but i paid LESS MONEY!!! by mistake.. so I ended up going from 7500 shares to 5000 shares? No big deal? WELL WHEN IT HIT FUCKING 1 DOLLAR 70 IT WAS A $2500 BIG DEAL. basically only trade positions when you REALLY understand the stocks and feel confident of a gap down or gap up.. or whatever u think is going to happen.
  13. Daytrading free money thread

    Thanks man. I actually posted trading advice on one other forum, and the mods forced me to show proof of my gains because some independant financial advisors who do it professionally said my advice, gains and tickers given are 'suspect'. Rest assured I have photos and screenshots now at hand I will be happy to show people PERSONALLY via whatsapp if needed.. just so people know I'm not chatting shit. After proving my innocnece, I have decided to fuck off that entire thread/forum.. despite countless people asking me otherwise. This is why I don't want to help people with this shit.. and why I've decided to be a 'dick' and say if u make profit give me some.. if i do shit for charitable or nice reasons, you get turned on by the fucks who just can't understand that there are multiple levels to this game. Sorry anyway, I digree. My account now sits at 23k and I PUT MY MONEY WHERE MY MOUTH IS and pumped another £1.5 into the stocks on a RED DAY. my otc investment is now £8000 and my return is £14000. why did i do this? because the market is on sale. Now I ahve taken a risk.. it oculd be a red tuesday.. nbut i doubt it. 3 days is a lot of time for people to get twitchy thumbs. also if u buy when its red for a stock which is going to go green.. u can just enjoy the journey upwards as it hits that target number. losses.. its important NOT TO PANIC .. if its a red day this is a PERFECT oppurtunity to BUY stocks for the first time ver BTW. you are essentially entering market at the perfect time.
  14. Daytrading free money thread

    today was a blood bath. down 3k. fucking hell, next week better be good.