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  1. What games are you currently playing?

    Finished playing fe three houses. it is amazing. Need to replay it on the new difficulty patch.. did a few levels and insanely difficult
  2. Recent Purchases Thread

    So I decided against the Samsung Q90R 75 inch and instead I will buy an LG OLED C9 65'' as I bought a 55'' to play with and return.. and its amazing. Sadly I can't afford the 77'' one which is £6,000 here comapred to £2,400 for the 65''. The G29 steering wheel was a waste of money sadly but at least its out of my system and I know sim racing isn't for me for now.
  3. What games are you currently playing?

    Finally finished TW3 including DLC. I loved the series, I love the lore, I love the atmosphere but for fucks sake, the circle jerk of the Witcher 3 the best game or one of the best games of all time pisses me off. I feel like I'm a witcher fanboy but reflecting on Witcher 3, I struggle to find something that as a video game, it does better than anyone else. If you take away its best-in-class side quest storytelling, awesome characterisation and lore; you're left with a game which is good or very good at most things, but rarely nails anything from a gameplay perspective. The combat is straight up flawed. The sword combat isn't intuitive, Yrden and Quen are significantly better than most other spells and Axii can at some points trivalise bosses and its clearly an oversight. The weapon and item customisation is some of the worst and most un-intuitive. The new potion renewal system just plain sucks. Its boring and doesn't make sense. TW2 was nice because you were genuinely scavenging, here you're not. You just need some alcohol. Anyway, I'd personally give it a 9/10 because I like Geralt a lot but its probably closer to an 8. ___________________________________________________________ I've temporarily dropped Trover saves the universe because i cba to put on my VR headset ___________________________________________________________ Currently playing: 1. Zelda Link's Awakening; played it for like 1 hour today and the Nintendo magic is just pouring out, alongside the Nintendo technical expertise of being shit. Probably going to end up giving it a 9 or 10 because I can just feel and tell the class it exudes already, but it has Zelda in the title so its not that surprising. 2. Dragon Age Inquisition; I can't wait to play this in 32:9. I've installed a few mods and I'm ready to smash some hours into this one over the next couple of months.
  4. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    vinland saga's op is so good to train to.
  5. Recent Purchases Thread

    Also bought a G29 steering wheel and a playseat xhallenge knock off and shifter. Also Xbox one controller with wireless adapter. And Mario tennis. i think thats my toy buying spree done for. I MIGHT buy a 75 inch samsung Q90R this weekend. Not sure yet. My parents said they'll buy my 65inch TV off of me. But I feel like I've wasted enough money and I don't earn as much money as I did last year so i really shouldn't. I was planning to buy an entirely new rig with a 2080ti and a 3600 but i've decided to wait for the next nvidia refresh and just upscale shit resolutions on my new monitor when it comes.
  6. Recent Purchases Thread

    I've just ordered a Samsung 49'' ultrawide CRG9. Normal RRP £1,250. Amazon had it on sale for £1,000 so i went for it. After tax which I can get deducted, it'll end up being £800. I used on in a store a month or so ago and it was incredible but at the time I thought my desk wouldn't fit it. I now have to sell my AW341DW. Hopefully I can get £600 or so for it.
  7. Reccomend me some summer video games

    They have announced 3. No release date so probably in 3-5 years knowing valve but they said one will drop this year.
  8. Reccomend me some summer video games

    i think their next games are going to be VR titles given they released the Valve Index. although i totally doubt it and suspect valve have lost some of their magic, imagine if they kickstarted a VR revolution with the Orange Box 2.0 with native VR remakes of all the Orange Box titles.
  9. Reccomend me some summer video games

    so decided to start playing portal 2 today. errr its amazing. #(except the loading screen) why dont valve make games anymore
  10. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    ive finished ep 2 of vinland saga and not impressed so far. getting slight ned stark vibes from the dad being a mega honorable retard but everyone else has taken a back seat in terms of being a character which sucks.
  11. So I've just read ASOIF 1 (GOT) and it was incredible. So much better than the show. About to start the second. Are there any series that come to mind better from a political/fantasy/adult POV? The politics and dialogue was really impressive
  12. What games are you currently playing?

    nvm hard mode is retarded. the boars and all animals ohko you.
  13. What games are you currently playing?

    so ive sacked off planescape and KCD for now. very slow games. currently playing 1. Nier (on hard mode, normal mode was a bit too easy, hard is fucking like a fast paced epic dark souls) 2. Fire emblem three houses - the reviews for this considering its a 2019 tactical rpg are insane. my body is not ready.
  14. Two desktops?

    yea its just gonna be a true 4k/30fps console or a 4k/60fps low settings console. don't see how they can do much else. btw i bought an alienware ultrawide monitor, asked for a replacement because it has some BLB left side .The replacement has it. however dell are being proper lazy about picking up the old one.. also the akg 712 are heavenly for music and gaming.
  15. Two desktops?

    yup, i think the 3700x et al aren't as impressive for gaming given the compataibility and single threaded power of intel CPUs for emulation.. but the 3600 is VERY temptiing. seems like the sweet spot for 'value' is an RTX 2070Super + a 3600 for PS5/Xbox scarlett beater.