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  1. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    i don't see sanchez's champions league history in knockout stage. city should aim higher
  2. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    ^^^ Sadly very true and a really weird decision by Sanchez. A great deal for United. Not the worst piece of business to miss out on for City although if I was them, I'd buy him just to make sure United couldn't. Age isn't on Sanchez's sign, hes hardly been instrumental in Europe or has high class European knockout pedigree so he doesn't tick too many boxes for them in all honesty, and I'd rather play Aguero/Jesus.
  3. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    yup he could have got way more as a free agent going to city
  4. portable vita port is excellent.
  5. play cold steel 2.. i did it on vita and its epic 10x better than 1
  6. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    best attack in the league worst defence Hopefully over summer we prioritise GK. I'm holding hope we sign up Can but likely he goes on a free transfer now. He's worth atleast 50M in this market so its a big loss. I have no idea why one of Bayern, Madrid or Barcelona aren't just doing a free transfer swoop on Ozil, Sanchez and Can... specifically I'm thinking about Madrid who seem to be a bit of a shambles ATM.
  7. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    Ozil never stopped working hard. This is what pisses me off. People don't watch football, properly, they just look at someones body language and listen to what the shitty racist commentators and british media say. Ozil this season has covered more ground than Alexis. I think its around 10-10.6km a game... thats very very good.
  8. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    Ozil is going to be buy of the season. I think the fans won't appreciate him and he'll get a lot of xenophonic crap for lack of "workrate" from the british media and united fans tho. He deserves to go abroad. All the English teams bar city aren't good enough for him. He doesn't have time to waste at his age. He'd be quite incredible for us too if he could learn the high press.
  9. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    Yeah Sanchez at United is just like all their other signings they've made... names to satisfy fans + move shirts rather than what the club needs. I don't think hes a RVP type signing either. RVP was the icing on the cake of a team which might have been short on fire power. This current United team needs a restructuring. If you get 10 united fans in a room and ask them to write a best first XI, I guarantee a lot of them will be VERY different in regards to personnel and formation. Thats usually the sign of a fairly shitty and imbalanced squad. Sanchez would be perfect at Liverpool [Sanchez uptop + Firmino dropping deep... but I don't want him with us anyway cos of his shitty attitude + age + wages], seems unncesscary at City unless hes backup for Aguero + Jesus and I think United would be better off investing in someone who can be a long term strike partner to Lukaku and get the best out of him. Sanchez is just going to stall/fuck over Martial. But fuck it, United are a retarded ass team with retarded fans that don't undertand the quality they do have and criminally overrate what they do have. They're obsessed with Sanchez and Griezzman
  10. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    sakurai's comments did point towards huge stress for making smash 4. . anyway playing botw and it is insane. possibly the most beautiful game i've ever played. i've sunk at least 40 hours into this thing and still only got 1 champion. climbing up a mountain is fun on this game. fucking hell. after this game, i might pick up xeno 2 or play witcher 3 (if i can find myself the heart to buy a graphics card) + rabbids on the go.
  11. Super Mario Odyssey

    If they drop FE next year, that will be my GOTY. The accessibility of Awakenings was amazing. The refined battle system of Conquest was great too. I just hope they don't do that Birthright/Conquest/Revelations BS. Revelations was piss poor, Birthright was too easy. Conquest was where it was at. Seeing it on a big TV will be soooo good for me as the battle graphics have come a LOOOOOONG way from ike's titles. I've never gotten into metroid, I've heard the prime triology is nuts so one day I'll probably emulate it. Playing BOTW now... no doubt about it... no wonder it got GOTY for 2017. Mario is great, its creative, its beautiful, the controls are tight.. but this Zelda game is something else. I feel like I'm playing a film. Think it does edge Odyssey. Is there anyway to make RPGs more like Zeldas? Is Witcher 3 like it? Zelda is just so simple.. yet everything works so well.
  12. Super Mario Odyssey

    I returned my Switch for a new one and I'm now VERY tempted to re-play Oddyssey and I only got 300 moons like a couple of weeks ago. Instead playing BOTW and just wow. Both games instantly absorb your through gameplay and thats the difference between Nintendo and other game developers. BOTW for example is probably the FIRST open world game where I'm not just following some dumb shitty compass. I'm cooking food, hunting food.. because I want to. Its really strange how they've made mundane horrible RPG tasks.. enjoyable and seemless. ... also imagine if they drop Odyssey DLC (I doubt this very much).
  13. What games are you currently playing?

    doki doki literature club hm... just play it its on steam, its free and its weird AF... fucking with my mind at times.
  14. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    its about finding a defender who has what van dijk offers and is premier league proven. his ability on the ball, speed and aerial strength are pretty much unparalleled in the premier league bar a fit + in form kompany. my questions with him are over mentality + his recent form this season; aka was it injury or was he forcing a move away.
  15. What games are you currently playing?

    finished witcher 2. better than 1. still not really convinced tho. the combat was REALLY iffy. the difficulty was really weird too. this dragon fight near the end was just.. boring. it was me tossing bombs at some shitty dragon whilst casting quen and running around. when i googled how else to do it, this was the reccomended route which kind of sucks. you build up all these different arts and for what. alchemy was rly restricted because u have to go into this long ass menu to take the potions, and u need to plan ahead.. to plan ahead u need to know whats coming next .. and for that u normally have to of died before hands. the quick time events were annoying AF too. in all honesty i cant remember any boss fight i enjoyed in this game which sucks. the story was excellent. characters were excellent. TRUE branching of choices and it affecting how everything is played out is excellent. ost brilliant. just gameplay was very very very very iffy sadly from a combat (and navigation perspective actually).
  16. Max Suffridge has died

    great guy. pleasure to play with this guy during our alpha omega days.
  17. fuck just read this. i was on AO with this guy for ages. great guy, really sad. the ammount of 1o1s we did, testing his decks for nationals and worlds was incredible. its the first time playing ygo online i realised i was playing/was one of the best in the world when my sparring partner online for it is future nats champ. if i'd known about his death earlier, i would have picked up ygo again just to compete in this tournament in his memory. good luck guys and rip max.
  18. Almost got jumped; buying a gun.

    lol man reading this thread makes me realise why people have shit lives. priorities man. then again from ur posts its very obvious u have some kind of psychiatric shit going on so maybe everyone should go easy on u.
  19. Sadly I think you've pretty much summed up what I think chrono trigger is; hype + a good game w/nostalgia = overrating a game to hell and back. FYI im really not fond of western rpgs at all. Their character sculpting is terrible bar the witcher (sorry but i find fallouts character design so so so so so so horrible) FF7 re: outdated visuals, I can live with shitty visuals. I cannot live with poor gameplay which I feel FF7 does suffer from due to its poor presentation and visuals. I remember the part in the game in a church and navigating around it was a pain in the ass, pretty much just not enjoyable. I'd much rather have more FF6 style presentation than what FF7 does. I played FF7 on PC with graphics mods and although I enjoyed it, the very rough gameplay (and visuals) led to me not enjoying it as much as more top tier titles. I remember the motor cycle sequence and felt it was... painful. It reminds me of Mario Odyssey and the dinosaur in it... like this just doesn't work, it doesnt look right, why have you put this in there? Maybe I'm just a trails fanboy but I really think it blows them out of the water in multiple departments; its main drawback being the time investment required for the ball to get rolling and the heavy dialogue.
  20. Shopping for laptop and tablet

    rethought that idea.. i thought a 13'' oled 1060 was 1.3k but it turns out they are charging 1.8k. for that, i might as well just buy a 1080ti, a 8800k, and be content with my switch for portable gaming.
  21. Hey, thought it'd be cool to write a list of shit we'd advise to ppl 10 years our junior or ourselves 10 years ago 1. Drink alcohol in moderation and sparingly ; i get it, we're at university/college and want to party but alcohol is very counterproductive to everything and learning to party without getting smashed is great for your health, ability to take opportunities, develop social skills and ur bigger goals studying/fitness/activities during the day Understand sacrificing alcohol and partying now will allow you in 3-5 years time to go to Vegas/Ibiza ripped, hench and rich with great skin. Infinitely better time and 10x more oppurtunity and quality. 2. Know your goals in what you want to attain in the next year and 5 years and work towards them 3. Always wake up early, if you wake up at 6AM you can get most of your jobs done by 12PM and have the rest of the day to do wtf you want 4. Keep an eye on stocks and investments. Maybe 10 hours of research a month and risk money you can on ventures and let the investments sit 5. Buy stuff which will last and not drop its value so fast, e.g. camera lenses, as opposed to shitty disposable clothing 6. Don't take girls for granted in uni/college, they might seem a bit dumb and annoying but they're smarter than 95% of people you will meet in your working life afterwards 7. Prioritise fitness + health - bulk bulk bulk until age 21-23, only cut to get to 15% bodyfat, don't let alcohol get in the way of your goals, train smart + avoid injury 8. Grow your hair ; take a year and grow your hair and see what it looks like, if it suits you, you will look better than 99% of people and it'll help you stand out A LOT and is a lot more versatile than any shitty buzz cut. Muscle + long hair = epic, good looking + long hair = epic. Maybe if you look like ur meant to be in a video game store, then get it cut. 9. Don't invest too much or any time in religous societies.. shits a waste of time. Instead do some society shit which will help u long term aka dancing, salsa etc. 10. Learn another language 11. Play the BEST video games/films etc. whilst u have the time 12. Travel when you can at any oppurtunity
  22. Shopping for laptop and tablet

    I think as a long term purchase, my next laptop will be an Alienware 13/15'' OLED, whichever they release to replace my macbook pro 15'' (this will be a completely dedicated imessage/facetime/web browsing/porn machine then).
  23. Speaking of Chrono Trigger... can u explain why people rate it as the best game available at present? I get the chrono trigger love but I don't see why its one of the best games of all time. The dialogue and characterisation is clearly lack lustre compared to any trails game. The mechanics are great in regards to time travel (revolutionary) but I wouldn't say thats a reason for it to be known as the best game of all time. The battle system is good, not amazing. A lot of these old loved RPGs normally have average translations, average dialogue, poor characterisation especially for the protagonist who is meant to be us, etc. etc. I get why they are the most revolutionary and important... but by todays standards, the BEST we have to offer? I really don't think so! FF7 I can clearly see the argument for why its so highly valued as the story it tries to tell with its outdated visuals and gameplay is FANTASTIC and its journey across the world is exhillerating. 10 was extremely linear and in hindsight, I just can't help but feel its just corridor after corridor until near the end game. On FF7's note, given the outdated visuals + gameplay, I'd be so inclined to tell a modern day video game player to straight up just give it a miss. The story is good but I don't think its good enough to make up for the absolutely clunky visuals, navigation and gameplay. ok... I found a post on reddit which summed up my issue well: Well, post game content was never the strength of the Legend of Heroes games... But i'm honest, when saying that since i played Trails in the Sky FC 5 or so years ago, i simply cannot play the old SNES JRPGs anymore. It's just that falcoms franchise set the bar for dialogue so high, that playing even something like Chrono Trigger feels like reading a book for 3 year old children. It's not that the stories are so much better, but what Legend of Heroes does so well is giving its world depth through countless lines of NPC dialogue. Instead of getting tutorial phrases or boring exposition the NPCs feel alive and have lifes of their own. When i finished CS2 (just yesterday) i came to the conclusion that my 270h (CS1+2) in the world of Erebonia were so immersive that simply no game in my 23 years of JRPG game came even close. Thats why nowadays i just can't immerse myself in the old 16 bit games anymore... It's not that they're bad... They are monumental masterpieces for the genre. But like technology, the genre itself evolved and while for some people Legend of Heroes may not be the pinnacle, one simply has to aknowledge, that when it comes to writing and world building CT isn't the peak of JRPGs anymore... In fact it isn't for al looong time now. I think this is what ruined suikoden for me.
  24. What games are you currently playing?

    Suikoden 2 - I'm about 3/4 of the way through and struggling. ATM I'd give it a 6. Its storyline is great, its pacing is excellent but its just so lacking in terms of a good captivating combat system (I feel like it cuts a lot of corners here), customisation and how important it is and in characterisation if I compare it to something like the Trails series. Lots and lots of one liners and its hard to get attached to any characters including your protagonist who is the most boring person in the game/totally silent. Hopefully I'll finish it as I heard the last 1/4 is amazing. Finished Mario Odyssey - 10/10 but has its flaws. Nintendo need to make their boss fights a bit harder. I think this one was just a bit too easy and Mario was too invulnerable at times. I totally understand as they want to encourage exploration with cappy and the fuck load of new mechanics. Finished The Witcher 1 - ok so very mixed thoughts on this game. Gameplay - surprisingly deep in regards to potion making, customisation, items... but it still falls flat on its face. too many fetch quests, crap movement, clunky AF, poor combat to name but a few. Sound - voice acting superb, musical score great (although there wasn't a specific song I found epic which i'll d/l) Story - amazing for the most part, really excellent with the moral dilemmas. Chapter 2 was easily my favorite and involves *spoiler warning* elements of witches, rape, child abuse/abduction, demonic spirits + general thuggery. I just feel like the gameplay is so bad and the fetch quests are so frequent you can't really sink it all in. Very excited to play Witcher 2+3 later on this year given. Very tempted to read the books because I find this a bit like Berserk.. ala a concentrated GOT.
  25. I was thinking back to Cold steel 1/2... both have their flaws but to anyone that doesn't mind spoilers, its cast of characters include: