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  1. Video Game club

    I'm thinking of starting this for movies too but wanted to put the feelers out. Who is game for starting a video-game club? Say 1x game per month, a set of us all play and talk shit about. It can be a new game or old game you've already played [altho obviously we'd mind spoilers] and I think its be pretty awesome. I want to do this too for Films/Anime/TV eventually. I feel Films would be the simplest, anime wouldn't be too difficult because its very bingey, TV might be harder. However I think video-games are actually far more rewarding and personal compared to a 2 hour film. Like a 2hour film you just critique the shit out of it or like it/love it but a video game can give you so many epic memories and difficulties you've faced. I wish for example I'd played Divinity Original sin alongside someone else because theres literally 83748748748 different ways to go about the game. Similarly with BOTW, so many fucking secrets that I wish I'd shared personally w/people rather than youtube vids.
  2. CPU advice

    Hey guys, So I'm in a bit of a pickle. Uses of computer: 1. VR Gaming skyrim fo4 seem to be on the horizon as the most challenging 2. PC Gaming at 4k, may do ultrawide one day albiet very unlikely 3. 4k Video editting (stopped doing this because my 4670k sucks dick) 4. Option to do CEMU/Dolphin I don't really upgrade CPU all that often. Maybe after 4-5 years, therefore I'm not too fond on pondering about which socket will be supported. I know my options are AMD or Intel. AMD offers more cores, Intel offers faster cores and better IPC. Because I like emulation, I figure intel will be better. I have the following options: 1. 9000 series Its overpriced as fuck in the uk. 9900k is £600. 9700k is £500. 2. 8086k for £400, 16GB corsair DDR4 3200mhz RAM for £150, Asus mobo w/wifi for £150 + cooler £60 .... total £760ish pounds 3. 3XS Z370 Overclocked Bundle, Intel Core i7 8700K "Coffee Lake", ASUS PRIME Z370-P, 16GB DDR4, be quiet! Dark Rock 4 £750 4. 3XS Z370 Overclocked Bundle, Intel Core i7 8700K "Coffee Lake", ASUS PRIME Z370-P, 16GB DDR4, Corsair Hydro H100x £720 5. Go AMD with 2700x bundle for around £650 Or so I get a 2700x? It'd be around £100 cheaper if that. I've had better personal experience with intel through the years..
  3. CPU advice

    do u guys think i should just get this? https://www.scan.co.uk/products/3xs-z370-overclocked-bundle-intel-core-i7-8700k-coffee-lake-asus-rog-strix-z370e-16gb-ddr4-be-quiet! i've never used a water cooler before so a bit worried.. i dunno how to house it or how it works..
  4. being an adult sucks

    anyone encountered this yet? im 28. i 100k+$ in the bank, im in a good job, in decent shape, have a good set of friends but literally i can say my life is moving no where. i am at a stage in my life where i should buy a house, but i dont have a family to put in it which kinda makes me think buying a 3-4 bed house is a bit dumb. a flat has its major cons in regards to investment. ive stagnated in work by locuming (basically agency.. so no career progression but lots of money). I've done it for about 14 months so now its basically just piss easy. no challenge. i want kind of travel but all my friends are busy working their 9-6pm jobs and being stressed and poor; or they have a wife +/- kids. even getting a night out co-ordinated is painful and difficult nowadays in uni there was girl after girl, social circle after social circle, party after party and constantly moving and posing goals, trying to make money. i feel like its the total opposite now... its a life of complacency but also little time because i have to go through the motions (work/gym). i feel like a solution is just to find a girl who i click with... but thats difficult and i feel like the criteria i have doesnt really exist (cute/hot/into fitness/rich + high earning potential / .... likes anime... ok nvm that one] another is to potentially travel and try and find myself or some bullshit like that. any thoughts? has anyone else experienced shit like this?
  5. CPU advice

    Damn. In the UK we have a terrible shortage of intel processors at a decent price. Amazon were offering the 8086k at £380 but they're OOS. Said it'll be in within 2 weeks.. I hope. My other option is the Ryzen 2700x for £290 and I'll get a cooler with it. My main issue is the 8700k on benches does seem to edge the 2700x at 4k by around 1-5fps in certain titles. Thats actually quite a big deal as my RTX 2080 is just about hitting 60fps. arrrrgh. Any advice with water cooling? There is a company here offering a pre-made 8700k + 16GB RAM but it uses a water cooler. I've always thought they are a bit risky given I move my rig about loads and I thought it might leak or some shit like that. Is it just as simple to setup or more difficult?
  6. CPU advice

    I've heard that too. Ideally I'd probably like to OC the ryzen at some point. Do you think Ryzen 7nm will improve the core frequency rei? If I take out the £100 premium for the 8086k, the £80-90 for the noctua D-14 cooler.. the Ryzen setup looks ecomically okish. Thats about £180 I can actually put towards a Ryzen 2 CPU I guess... Its just the 1% lows of the Ryzen chips worry me.
  7. CPU advice

    Hmmm.. damn rei.. So 2700x or 8096k? 8096k is £390 2700x is £290 I think I can get by with a stock cooler for the 2700x possibly?
  8. CPU advice

    If I go down the AMD route rei, would you suggest a 2700x? Ryzen refresh on 7nm is making me think grabbing a 2600/2700 as a stop gap wouldnt be a bad idea... but then how different will that be clock speed wise to my 4670k which is a bottle neck at present for vr.
  9. CPU advice

    hhahah rei! i've read that so much! i think now intel are focussing on core counts too rather than sheer clock speed, we will proabably see a shift but nothing darastic to make the intel 8 series cpus obsolete. so is the 8096k an ok bet? im not which whether to get a z370 mob or z390. the z390 seem to carry a £60 premimum... and i dont have faith at all intel will provide me an upgrade path worth investing into the mobo for. thoughts?
  10. Spiderman PS4

    I'm playing witcher 3 4k on pc.. once i complete it, i'll grab it.
  11. CPU advice

    I'm RAM/CPU bottle necked in Fallout 4 VR and Skyrim VR. 4670k is showing its age for me and the chip i have really can't OC for shit. Yes I think so this time. I really really want to believe in AMD. They present the best value and if i was mid-range with a max budget of 250-300, my money would be with them. However I just think that the higher frequency will be more helpful to me than the higher core count for the next 3 years or so. By that time, AMD will have a new socket, and I'll be making a new build if the intel is useless.
  12. being an adult sucks

    u guys are right.. i think i need to go back to my roots and spend some time in vegas or some shit hitting the gym and just getting pussy like crazy. honestly this whole working life shit is like a cage for me.
  13. What games are you currently playing?

    Robo recall Oculus Rift - 10/10. God the gameplay on this game is INSANE. As soon as the bitch told me to put my arm behind my shoulder and grab a shoutgun i was like what the fuck.
  14. RTX 2080 not working

    Hey guys, I got a Zotac RTX 2080, hooked it up to my PC 750w PSU corsaoir Z87k mobo 4670k 8GB RAM Its not redetecting the RTX 2080. Both power pin connects 6+8 are on the card. It lights up with stupid blue light and the fans start spinning. However it says "please Power Down and Connect the PCIe Power Cable". ... fixed it.
  15. PC Upgrade time

    Hey guys, need a new PC build. Aims: 1. 4k gaming 2. VR gaming with oculus rift 3. Video editting I'm awaiting 1080ti vs 2080 benchmarks but things aren't looking good for the 2080 i think. If someone could please spec me for a PC. Namely processor/RAM. I'm not sure if I can beat the below deal which I have an offer accepted for. Please get parts from amazon.co.uk, overclockers.co.uk I have got an 800£ offer for: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3.9GHz (Works at 3.925MHz)NZXT Kraken X41 RGB CPU water coolerGigabyte nVidia Windforce GTX 1080Ti in whiteGigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 MotherboardG.skill Cas 16 3200Mhz (2x16GB) RAM (Runs at 2800Mhz, worked at 2933Mhz but I keep everything down a step because I'm paranoid)BE QUIET! BN242 600W PSU
  16. PC Upgrade time

    So I bought an RTX 2080 Zotac AMP edition + an Oculus Rift. The Rift looks awesome, especially the controllers. They are just beautiful. The touch control tech is definitely ahead of the Vive. I have a small space to track and have had no issues so far with trackers put opposite eachother, will get a third sensor at some point just for shits and giggles. Tried to put the Zotact 2080 onto my mobo and got the issue "please connect PSU connected to graphics card". I only have a 600w CPU, it reccomends minimum 650w so I'll pickup a 750w PSU today and hopefully it works.
  17. What games are you currently playing?

    Playing RE7 VR. Its in a class of its own in regards to horror games in VR. I've had to take the headset off once, I've been genuinely scared during most of the game. Induced real anxiety when I put the headset on. Its simply one of the best most atmospheric experiences ever with a huge sense of immersion despite having to use the controller. I haven't even finished it. I think I'm maybe 1/5 way through but I can comfortably score it now [if I ever finish it] 10/10. Honestly, anyone not VR gaming is doing them a huge sense of dis-service. Its just THAT much better than normal gaming. If you don't have a gaming PC, get a PSVR + RE7 + Superhot PLEASE. Just bought an Oculus Rift and RTX 2080.
  18. Spiderman PS4

    lol fuck nights out are ridiculous these days. taxis alone cost me fucking £30 from where i live.. its weird how we think about dropping money for shit which gives us loads of fun but things like a night out, we generally dont think twice.
  19. Video Game club

    I'm game for this. Just lemme know if we can agree on a title. I have every video game system known to man i think at the moment accessible so.
  20. Spiderman PS4

    is it that good? thinking of pulling the trigger. currently pancake games are just not doing it for me compared to VR but heard good shit about this one. thinking of this or god of war.
  21. being an adult sucks

    Spot on.. that’s the advice I probably would have given myself. I think for some reason due to family pressures and age, I’m starting to pin all my hopes on some magical person coming into my life and being that missing link. In reality that’s just retarded.
  22. Gintama

    this anime is the best. it also destroys shounens
  23. Gintama

    Why does the best anime ever made not have a topic? Only recently finished this anime and its ability to dip into so many genres and nail them, whilst having a very overarching plot is insane. The last season really stepped it up 100 gears plot wise and revealed a story which most shounens could only dream of. It has the likability of characters akin but probably surpassing One Piece, it's ability to pull at heartstrings is only surpassed by Clannad After Story, the emotional connect between the main antagonist and protagonist is the strongest and most complex I've ever witnessed (rivalling Berserk), it parodies a fuck load of content, has a huge cast AND its probably the funniest comedy anime whilst breaking the fourth wall all the time. Not to mention it NEVER drags out arcs and has insanely exciting pacing similar to TTGL. It also has an episode satisfaction feeling similar to something like The Wire.. aka I watch an episode and feel fulfilled unlike most anime where I feel if I haven't binged it, its totally unfulfilling episode to episode. Sadly the start does have a huge investment due to dated animation and an author who was trying to be cautious. I'd say the episode investment is still considerably less than One Piece before you're hooked.
  24. being an adult sucks

    all raised good points. fyi, im not trying to make this out as some form or heart wrenching or huge issue. its not. its just strange that u can go through ur whole life, tick all the boxes and end up missing something. and from what i've heard from this thread and my friends in similar situations its very common. sense of perspective: kids with cancer, people who are poor and can't afford shit, people who are abused, people with mental health issues, death dont worry im under no illusions that this is some big issue. its not.
  25. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    zero is much better/complex.