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  1. Our Videogame Reviews

    Dishonored 2 I'll keep this one short. I think this is one of the most underrated games of the generation. Its a clear 9/10 for me. Stealth mechanics are solid, AI isn't too retarded, enemy variation is great, the level design is AMAZING given it constantly provides verticality to how you approach any combat encounter. You can go through nearly the entire game not being seen, you can kill everyone or you can try and make people pass out. The lore is beautifully woven in, sound design is first-class IMO with excellent use of a subwoofer if you have one, or excellent use of directional audio if you don't. On a technical note also has 21:9 support. It has 2 main characters, both very different and you choose which one you'll be at the start. Female MC is VERY strong willed, not a pussy at all, and has a decent backstory. Story telling is done via in-game cut scenes although its also told via tapes you can find. Its effective, tapes aren't too long and don't ruin immersion as you need to listen to them there and then. I think its improved on Dishonored 1 in every single way possible. For me, its a 9/10 and one of the most fun stealth games I've played. BOTW I'll keep this one short. BOTW is the only open world game I've been able to play without a HUD. Being free of a mini map and being able to explore the world is so immersive. On CEMU 4k/60fps or even better, 21:9 ultrawide, its incredible as an experience. 10/10
  2. Our Videogame Reviews

    Hey guys, this thread is for us to post reviews of games we've recently played + openly discuss each other's reviews.
  3. What games are you currently playing?

    so weirdly enough im playing through: 1. KCD DLC Woman's Lot (started it by mistake) 2. Planescape (idk... just downloaed it on a whim, strangely addictive given its load up time is like <10 seconds) whilst every other game takes fucking ages
  4. Reccomend me some summer video games

    i think i'll do KCD/Portal 2. seems like a decent mix. KCD i played the first 5 hours. its clunky AF but epic.
  5. So I just completed dishnored 2 which was incredible. I have 2-3 weeks of video game time. Any must play RPGs/Games you think I should be smashing out? I like anything really good. Shorter playtimes would be better so I actually finish the game. At present I've started but not committed totally to kingdom come deliverance. I also haven't played Black Mesa or Portal 2... which I've been told I should have played.. I would LOVE a mind bending addictive story..
  6. Two desktops?

    so I have a RTX 2080/8086k connected to my 4k FALD TV. I've just ordered an alien ware 34 inch ultrawide monitor. So now i need a new PC for the monitor. I'm going to wait for the dust to settle on the AMD new CPUs (I need benchmarks for emulators) and the RTX 2080 super (is it worth it over the 2070 super), but I'm just wondering on if you guys have ever had 2 separate rigs? It feels like a mega expensive proposition. I am contemplating just buying an SSD + graphics card and using my old 4670k for gaming but I did find the the upgrade to a good processor and high speed RAM eliminated most frame rate drops.
  7. Boku no Hero Academia

    Is black clover really that good? Just finished aot and looking for a new pickup. Got a bit bored of Shield Hero.
  8. Two desktops?

    I'm tempted to buy a Ryzen 3600 + RTX 2080 super near the end of this month. The only thing stopping me is... well I don't want to spend anymore money and I don't think I'll have time to video game as much. 3600 benches are looking good, especially for the money.
  9. Two desktops?

    yeah tbh i think i've gone a bit overkill. i think i have gear obsession or association disorder.
  10. Two desktops?

    I totally get what you mean and although conceptually very similar... i have more faith in gsync than freesync. freesync 1 for example was a mess. plenty of monitors had really strange freesync ranges and even it came ready got nvidia to embrace freesync, they couldn't certify some monitors as an acceptable standard. then when asked by the same amd users of graphics cards for those freesync monitors, they explained that they had the same issues the nvidia card users had. i've heard freesync 2 is a might tighter implimentation with hopefully stricter standards on monitor manufacturers to ensure they're telling the truth. ah on keyboards man i fucking hate this G613. The ping is beyond fucking belief but the only alternative is corsair smechanical keyboard.. thats wireless but needs charging every 3 days. why wouldnt i just use a fucking wire then? the only issue i actually have with the wire is the neatness on the desk... but i might have to forgot it and give up. My next step is now getting some decent audio. I already have akg 712 / jds atom /topping d 30 amp. however i miss speakers for shit listening like youtube etc. i have 2 options.. 1. is a 2.1 dac/amp like a smsl ad18 + some nicer bookshelves.. or i can get this active 2.1 bundle by eidifer for £250 which has a subwoofer. the edifier seems like better value cos it has a fucking subwoofer.. but then im used to a bk monolith plus subwoofer which is probably like 10x as big as that subwoofer so im not sure if im going to be underwhelmed. ffs tech is so expensive man. VR has cost me £1k headphones has cost me £700 having a pc desktop space is going to cost me £1.5-2k I had to give up photography + cinematrography cos the fucking costs are just ridiculous. the camera i wanted was 2k, the lenses are all 1k, the fucking thing to stabilise the lenses is like 400, the lens covers are all shitty ammounts of money like 20 when i know they cost like 2£ to be made... and then i needed a PC + monitor to edit content on...
  11. Two desktops?

    You've convinced me to build a second rig. I just got this ultrawide monitor and I can't let it go. At the same time, I need a gaming rig for my 4k TV. 21:9 alienware Gsync ultrawide equivalent 1440p 120hz goodness rei. its amazing. so smooth. I just played TW3, put everything to max, i was dipping into the 50s.. maybe 45s.. didn't notice a thing. I've heard nvidia have enabled freesync too on their gpus but I'd rather just go with their native solutions you pay extra with them but its always worth it. I have a mechanical keyboard which is doing this annoying ping so i think i'll need to return it which sucks. I just want a decent mechanical keyboard... might just need to go wired.
  12. What games are you currently playing?

    I'd say its probably better. A little less open but a lot more refined and if you like to explore levels, then its really rewarding. Combat is good too, although i didn't like the lack of a crouch button (Lara automatically crouches in combat and hides.. I found that a bit too automated and reminded me of Sony cinema experience games.
  13. What games are you currently playing?

    finished ROTR. Can confirm it destroys the uncharted franchise (at least 1 to 3). I'm now in two minds between starting Dishonoured 2 or Kingdom Come Deliverance. Probably going to start with Dishonoured 2 because I've been waiting to play it for years but KCD in the 15 mins I ran around testing out graphics mods, looks fucking insane and I've heard its now refined and much better since release.
  14. Steam sale 2019

    So far I've bought Dishonored 2 + DLC Thief XCOM 2 + DLC Kingdom Come deliverance + DLC I'm eyeing up: 1. Pathfinder 2. Balders Gate 2 (not sure whether to try and attempt to play 1) I also have about 5 VR games I want to buy but tbh I can't be arsed putting on the headset these days.
  15. What games are you currently playing?

    Completed recently: Batman Arkham VR (last 20 minutes some of the best video game experiences of all time for myself) TW3 HOS - excellent Playing: ROTR - fucking destroys uncharted, honestly idk how people even compared the two. this game in terms of openess, exploration, combat, even freaking story and character likeability is streets ahead. technically looks much better too. it only lacks that nathan drake cheeky indian jones charm which i personally am neither here nor there about. manages to disguise its linearity much better than uncharted. BOTW (CEMU) - come on its BOTW.
  16. anyone with a decent PC... botw...

    i dont think 60fps is happening but i think it will be much better. i think we are just a swith v1.5 with bluetooth support for headphones, thinner bezels, a better kickstand. i personally still hold hope they release a Nintendo 3D switch because the new3DS 3-D tech was actually good.
  17. incase anyone doesn't know, if u have a decent PC, please download cemu, botw and play it at 4k/60fps. oh my god.
  18. anyone with a decent PC... botw...

    / top is a graphical mod available on cemu. feels like playing a really high end anime game. bottom is 4k 60fps vanilla botw. i prefer vanilla i think. theres something just perfect about the colour grading and the white haze which seems to add depth and mystery and disguise things a bit better. feels like playing an animated film..
  19. anyone with a decent PC... botw...

    Yeah its like playing a slide show but tbh im still surprised it can even run on such a tiny machine. if you compare the graphics of botw1 to xc2.. similar games/scopes, i'd argue xc2 is less complicated yet zelda runs and looks 3x better. we are just limited by the fact we are playing on a portable pc. i might do a few screenshots later of this game.
  20. Wireless headphones

    Any suggestions for some wireless gym headphones? I have some over ear ones from august (cheap + solid) but they are pretty huge and look retarded. I bought some cheap anker slimbuds plus which sounded TERRIBLE and this seems to be the trend with any bluetooth in-ear headphone for the gym. I've heard good thing about the apple earpods, might just buy them as what I'm going through ATM seems like shit. Any suggestions please? I need them to be light, good looking and preferably not make me look like a retard in the gym.
  21. anyone with a decent PC... botw...

    follow that guide fella also here is a comparison video which i think is quite cool: that was posted a year ago. the difference is probably bigger now. we have custom colour grades (i have my own personal one where I've put the green to vanilla-levels whilst keeping everything else pretty much looking incredibly ridiculous cos i feel the light coloured green grass is kinda iconic to BOTW.. and bright green grass looks cartoonish). this allows us to remove the white fog/white cast which nintendo obviously put on to hide the draw distance, poor texture filtering, poor resolution etc. honestly its breathtaking. i even have motion controls enabled on my PS4 dualshock. its literally a BETTER experience than what I had on my switch. also don't let the visuals and colour grades distract you from: FUCKING 4K AND 60FPS... CLARIFYING 60 FUCKING FPS. its like the switch version is a slide show compared to this shit.
  22. What games are you currently playing?

    Playing through TW3 DLC. Man this game is so theraputic. I forgot how chill it is. I kinda powered through the main game but in hindsight which I was just kinda played it over a couple of months. I gotta start a new VR game too cos the batman Arkham VR shit was epic at the end.
  23. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Clocked 75 hours and probably another 50 on my friends switch of smash
  24. Good games you can't get into

    FF Tactics The battle system to me feels just so...non tactical.
  25. Anyone buying an Oculus Quest or S tommorow? I'm getting both and returning my CV1 Rift for 399 (thank god for amazon). Quest looks incredible for portable VR. The S looks like an incremental upgrade where I can get rid of my sensors.