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  1. being an adult sucks

    anyone encountered this yet? im 28. i 100k+$ in the bank, im in a good job, in decent shape, have a good set of friends but literally i can say my life is moving no where. i am at a stage in my life where i should buy a house, but i dont have a family to put in it which kinda makes me think buying a 3-4 bed house is a bit dumb. a flat has its major cons in regards to investment. ive stagnated in work by locuming (basically agency.. so no career progression but lots of money). I've done it for about 14 months so now its basically just piss easy. no challenge. i want kind of travel but all my friends are busy working their 9-6pm jobs and being stressed and poor; or they have a wife +/- kids. even getting a night out co-ordinated is painful and difficult nowadays in uni there was girl after girl, social circle after social circle, party after party and constantly moving and posing goals, trying to make money. i feel like its the total opposite now... its a life of complacency but also little time because i have to go through the motions (work/gym). i feel like a solution is just to find a girl who i click with... but thats difficult and i feel like the criteria i have doesnt really exist (cute/hot/into fitness/rich + high earning potential / .... likes anime... ok nvm that one] another is to potentially travel and try and find myself or some bullshit like that. any thoughts? has anyone else experienced shit like this?
  2. Kingdom Hearts III

    I LOVE THIS GAME. yeah the attraction commands are legit broken. could do with having a disable option but oh well. i still had to depend on it during the titan boss in the first world tho at the end (had no cure command and donald and hercules and goofy went AWOL) They've basically made a PS2 game using PS4 graphics and I love the decision. I think they could've taken a risk with the franchise but it ultimately would have atttracted newcomers but dissatsified potential old time KH fans. Instead they decided to keep to the same formula but have made sure the story is a lot more captivating by keeping the organisation developments constant in each world. for a non KH fan, 7-8/10. For a KH fan, has to be a 10/10.
  3. VR Gaming

    Does anyone here play VR? I bought a PSVR on a whim, and its blown me away. To the extent I'm buying in the next 2 months: 1. PS4 Pro 2. Oculus Rift 3. GTX 2080 to power the rift Its just so god damn incredible. I played superhot today and one part of the game involves walking off the edge of a building. I was FUCKING TERRIFIED. My parents have tried it too and LOVED it which was surprising. Any thoughts or VR experiences? If anyone here hasn't check it out and has a PS4, give it a chance! Its immersion is on a different level.
  4. VR Gaming

    how did u find it bro
  5. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    Trophy is a trophy and Klopp IS under pressure to deliver some silverware at some point. Progress in the league is great but for the mentality of the side, winning SOMETHING is important because it produces a winners mentality. Winning a final for Klopp & the team is also EXTREMELY important as mentally, there is no doubt that we now have a really nasty record on our hands when combining Klopp's record in finals with our recent performance. How someone spins us going out of the FA Cup as a good or irrelavant thing is beyond me. We lose to city, now get knocked out of the FA cup. this is absolutely how seasons can de-rail and spiral out of control. Also the team he put out should have won. We've just lost to City, an awesome performance from any of them would have allowed them to slide into the first XI potentially.. The cracks are clearly starting to appear and sadly we do lack experienced winners like Kompany to steady the ship. Its now over to Klopp to do it..
  6. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    Both goalkeepers were amazing. Basically playmakers in their own half. Kompany should have seen red. We had 2-3 goals cleared off the line so there is an element of luck there. Sterling in the second half was constantly destroying us and due to him, the second goal happened. Sane's finish was good but if it wasn't for Sterling, that goal wouldn't happen. Forced into a 4v3 on a counterattack against any good side is going to be very difficult. I thought Lovren had an ok game. Sadly Klopp played it way too safe with his midfield selection and it cost us because in the first half, only Gini was able to retain the ball under pressure. Hendo and Milner are the best pressers of the ball in the premier league but their BIG weakness is that they're also some of the worst at being pressed from the top 4 midfielders. Salah should have also been played through the middle from the off so that he could just go all out versus Kompany. The whole advantage in my mind was Laporte had to play LB but we made it easy for them. In conclusion, Aguero scored a goal like he always does against us in the first half. Second half Sterling came to life and set up Sane (albiet it could have been any of their players in that counterattack) for a finish. We setup to contain and press in midfield and ultimately, that cost us. Also I love Hendo but clearly him and Milner are now showing their limitations against the top-tier clubs. I still love Milner because he's a big game player who can cover multiple positions and he was rushed back from injury. I think Hendo has a few excuses. I can't help but feel Klopp totally fucked up this one. All we needed was a win OR a draw. And we bottled it, tactically and mentally. I also felt sorry for how late Sturridge was brought on. Literally no time to make an impact from someone who could actually pull a wonder goal out. Us loaning out Clyne is fucking weird too.
  7. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    Argh how team selection has bottled it. I don't think the 3 midfielders we've picked are the right selection. We've gone for all out energy but this game is screaming for someone to go toe to toe with Fernandinho. Hoping for Fabinho and Shaq on. Sadly as I kind of predicted, Aguero has hurt us.
  8. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    Yeah they're not showing his small mistakes on MOTD. Its honestly crazy, he just doesn't get punished for them at all not that I'm complaining. That game we were really quite sloppy. Sterling is so shit at anfield but I think at the etihad, it will be up for it cos our fans always bully him when we play at home. Nah, I don't think Ox fills that void at all. Shaq in the last game was basically a shit Coutinho. We need to replace THAT type of player IMO.
  9. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    8PM uk time. We've been messing around with a few shapes. I think we'll revert to 4-3-3 for tonight. We have Harry Wilson on loan too who looks great. Also we could do with bringing in another player who does what Shaq does a bit more consistently.
  10. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    I've said it for a LONG time but Robertson is awesome.. Did you see Robertson in the last match? Plenty sloppy, gave away the ball like 2-3 times in compromising positions but luckily we didn't get punished. Yes Robertson is one of the best fullbacks in the league but the cracks are being papered over because we keep winning and not being punished. Do you watch the games for the full 90 minutes? Its quite obvious. Like this is literally a general observation that he's slowly giving away the ball in compromising positions.. not something speculative. Hopefully its just complacency cos we're fucking nuts atm. Luckily Robertson seems to raise his game in the big matches so hopefully its a non-issue. Yeah Fabinho is great, he's just not going to get the luxury he'd had at poorer teams of dominating play and having time to dictate it from deep because its Manchester City we're playing. We'll hopefully see much more of his ball winning ability and interceptions today (which I also love). I think to dominate and dictate play against a team like this City side, your name would have to be Pirlo or Xabi Alonso lol. I'm not worried about De Bryune running at our midfield at all. He's hardly a Kaka or Silva. I'm more worried about what he will do with the ball (aka pass/shoot/dead ball situations). If Aguero was injured, I'd feel a lot more safer.
  11. What games are you currently playing?

    Yeah play it on hard mode. Its honestly amazing. Every fight just has a totally different intensity to it. My only major critique of this game is the climbing being too restricted like Uncharted games. Free jumping and free climbing are probably the hardest thing to put in a video game TBH. Only BOTW has nailed it (and Mario with the racoon suit).
  12. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    I'm a bit worried about Fabinho and Robertson tbh. They were very sloppy in the last match. Like pointlessly giving the ball away. I get it, we're smashing it and when you're smashing it, you can make a few mistakes but you can't do that against City with Aguero there. I think even if we win, we can still fuck it up quite easily. We still have to face a resurgent Manchester United who look like they'll take some points off of us now. City made up like 8 points in 6 games or some shit to win a title once didn't they? I see no reason to get cocky now. It sounds bad but I'd be tempted to bench Shaq despite it being absolutely awesome. This is the type of match where Fabinho needs to show us what hes really made of. Hes shown hints of being a collossus in the last few weeks. Worst case scenario today is City blast us. If they do, I'll be generally worried. Losing by a goal is very bad but if they beat us by 3-4 goals I can see our defence losing the current aura of invincibility we have. At the same time, we are the anti-City. We usually do quite well against them. I'm scared of Sterling & Aguero & De bruyne tho
  13. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    Fucking hell tommorow is gonna be intense. I have a feeling City will win it sadly but my mind tells me we should draw or win it. On paper, we're unbeaten, we have an awesome defence so we shouldn't concede a lot, and our attack is bound to score. However, we're playing away; its make-or-break for City, and we're bottlers for all intents and purposes. Also they have their full strength XI out which sucks.
  14. What games are you currently playing?

    I'm playing GOW now and WOW. Its like a tier above Witcher 3 easily. I played it on normal mode to begin with and it was piss poor too easy combat. Put it onto hard and WOW, combat is now AMAZING. If you haven't played it on the harder difficulties, give it a try. It gives you an amazing intensity to the fights and makes you use all your moves. I'm still very early game so no spoilers please but its AMAZING. Easily GOTY. I haven't played RDR2 but I don't have to. GOW is just insane. Its the best game I've played since BOTW. If GOW had more freedom in its platforming and climb it would literally be PERFECT. As it stands its still a 10/10 cos fuck it, its that good. The sound design and voice acting is better than most films I watch.. fuck it the sound design and use of a subwoofer IS better than any film I've ever watched. Me too man. I'm trying to play through: 1. GOW 2. Horizon Zero Dawn 3. Lone Echo 4. Batman VR before KH3 comes out. As soon as KH3 drops, I'm gonna play the shit out of it until I complete it.
  15. What games are you currently playing?

    I just finished TW3 base game. I'll give it a 9/10. This coming from someone who played TW1 and TW2. Gameplay: Exploration: Simply the world is too big and cluttered, theres no sense of surprise or exploration. Just following ? on a mini map, or disabling it and being unable to easily distinguish NPC number 39839 to from NPC 0984 who has a quest. Not being able to climb unlike BOTW is a huge hindrance and makes exploring the world a chore. The horse riding is not enjoyable or smooth. Combat: Its so-so. Nice variation and options but ultimately the enemies are too dumb, and just being able to quen + sword + quen + whirl + igni is boring. The adrenaline system is interesting but they should have concentrated on perfecting the swordsplay of Witcher 3 first, making all weapons such as bombs and cross bows more relavant, making bosses stronger.. and they simply didn't. Games such as Dark Souls have maybe set the bar too high. Ciri segments: I found these boring. They should have let us control Yennefer or Triss and explored some magic-related places instead of some of these Ciri segments. Alchemy: Very poor, not encouraging exploration, too easy. I prefer having to repeatedly craft things, it makes you care for ingredients and items more. Scripting: Scripted events make exploring not worth it. You need to find the write sequence of events to start a quest or fight a monster which sucks compared to just finding it out in the wild by loving the Witcher 3's world. Story: Pacing: is so-so. For a 90 hour game, I would have expected more. I wanted to see more of the sorcerers, more of the Societal who just weren't there, more of Radovid rather than snippets. Instead we lived Geralt's journey, and I get it; thats what the game is but I wish they took his journey to a few more interesting places. Sidequests: best-in-class Plot: Excellent Characters: Excellent cast but I can't help but feel disconnected from Dandelion et al. The Dwarf guy was quite endearing but we needed more conversation options, more ways in which they could maybe accompany us on quests outside of the 1-3 character dedicated scripted ones and make them more interact-able. The main villain and lore behind them was not good at all. We could have done with a prologue section of flashbacks from when Geralt was held captive by the Hunt to help piece everything together and make us hate them more. Endings: Could have been a bit more emotional but awesome. Sound: 10/10 Graphics: 9/10: due to poorly animated trees, poor character models in cut scenes outside of Geralt and the opening/ending scenes Overall I give it a 9/10 as its side quests, stories and huge amount of content help paper over the overly simplified gameplay in a world which is way too big. I don't agree with this whole put in 10,000 NPCs and only make 100 of them useful. At least in games like Skyrim, you can still talk to quite a few of them. One of the best stories, and the best side quest design' with huge variation and an awesome adventure make this game a classic but I don't think its a 10/10 like people seem to rate it as. I think BOTW is comfortably above it for example in level of immersion, gameplay, world design, intractability, survival mechanics, etc.
  16. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    I'm not buying this Fernandinho is god thing. They have enough cover and enough players to still beat teams. I think its moreso that the form Liverpool & City [until the last 2 weeks] was quite honestly FREAKISH. Like you shouldn't have as many points as these two teams do have. City have just been the first to drop off and waver on this crazy run they've had. Its bound to come and looking at their fixtures in the latter half of December, it could and has happened. Their January is looking very easy after they play us. 7 points clear at the top and we're now equal on goal difference. I think our lack of experience in a title race is very worrying and the fact we are very very dependent on Allision and VVD. Other than that, I'm fairly confident because of the good old saying from SAF "Attack wins you games, Defence wins you titles" and our defence speaks for itself whilst I feel City's is good but not as good as ours. In the Champions League, I hope we progress. In theory we should do, but Bayern have a huge amount of pedigree and this is our first season contesting strongly on MULTIPLE fronts, which will be a lot of the boys to take in.
  17. Turn A Video Game Into A Film

    Kingdom Hearts wouldn't work as a film as its too complex and convoluted plot wise. Witcher is now a TV series so they are going to make a shed load of money from it. Recent game I'd like made into a game would be Divinity Original Sin. So charming, expansive plots, great cast; really it just offers everything you can want from a fantasy game and would translate into a very edgey fantasy film.
  18. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    Now on United... I think they're a shambles. Sacking Mourinho was the right decision. Ole is basically just someone they can fire at any point in time regardless of how well he does given his poor CV which allows them to now forward plan and slowly assemble the backroom staff and framework they need for their next big manager. Poch seems like the very very obvious option. I think he'll be great. If United can get him for 30M its a no brainer. However I think Spurs will want a lot more for him and make it very difficult to get him. If I was Poch, I wouldn't want to move to United. Given how good hes been at Spurs, he's basically waiting for the Bayern, Barcelona or Real Madrid job. I'd easily wait it out if I was him. Also Spur's squad is clearly better than United's. I'd negotiate a big wage rise and a healthy transfer budget for next year, then potentially move on to a much bigger club in a season or two. Zidane as an option for United is interesting. I think he'd be a good shout. You don't win the champions league 3 times in a row without being very special. However, he has no record in building a team and squad together, and some of his youth choices at Madrid were questionable. Poch would probably be a bit safer in that regard. Regardless of who they choose, its going to be an uphill battle for United. Their squad needs sorting. Their best bet is to concentrate on sacrificing the next 1-3 years towards Martial and Rashford's development. They're both probably a season behind where they should be.. as they have the quality to be at the Sane/Sterling level of performances but sadly they've been messed about for a couple of seasons. Big question marks remain over Pogba. If someone came in for him, I'd personally sell him. Hes not worth the hype, wages or price tag; and hes proven to be a poison in the dressing room when the going gets tough. United reminds me a lot of Liverpool 3 seasons ago. We had Clyne-Lovren-Matip-Milner as our defence; so a non-defender playing LB, 2 shaky CBs and no dedicated leader in defence. Upfront they probably need to make a decision on whether they sell Lukaku or not. I'm not sure if he fits in and hes showed a high level of mental weakness when the going gets tough. He says all the right things but hes a confidence player and I think United could do with more grit and determination upfront. A bit like our situation with Benteke, albiet he infinitley better than Benteke. They probably need to sort out the Sanchez issue too. I just think Martial and Rashford are too good to be played out of position and I think outside, there are better options than them [especially Rashford]. __________________ In terms of Ole, if he has a good season and challenges strongly for top 4, I'd edge towards keeping him. His managerial record is dreadful but hes managed dreadful teams and players. I think bringing back the feel good factor to United for the next 18 months might actually trump the need to constantly hunt trophies with short term solutions. I think the fans would also be much for leniant towards Ole giving youth a chance and not getting immediate success than someone else.
  19. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    i had a massive argument with my first as he said a couple of weeks ago its a one horse race (city) so fuck him. Anyway, on title race; its extremely tight. I think the city game this january will actually be pivotal on how this goes. On city's side is experience and their squad depth. On our side is the fact we're grinding out ridiculous results despite playing poorly, we easily have 2 more gears. Against us is the fact we have no backups to VVD or Alison. Also the worry we might actually just start getting punished for our poor performances. Also I don't think its too far to say James Milner is world class in regards to being a utility man. I cannot name ANY player in the world who can play at a top-class level at RB, LB, CMF, AMF, DMF but he can do it and I think an injury to him would be difficult. Hopefully Ox will be back for the latter part of this season and help further boost us.
  20. Investments

    Any recommendations for good investments if you have the money? I have some cash lying around, not sure what to invest it in. My suggestions are: 1. Property 2. Nintendo stocks pre pokemon-switch big announcement 3. Nvidia stocks just cos they are have a monopoly on graphics cards or if you are slightly more into risk 4. Crypto 1k each in a couple of lowkey coins and see what happens I have some cash which is just not being used and I think I'd like to use it. I'd most like to buy some property but that involves some loop holes which will make it difficult because I work for an agency and therefore self employed. i.e. they will probably ask me for double the deposit rather than the usual which just makes me feel like its waste of potential cash to invest. I'm asking cos I know there are people WAY smarter than me who would have used the cash I have now and probably tripled it at a minimum.
  21. What games are you currently playing?

    How does PoE compare to Divinity Original Sin? I'm thinking of getting into PoE after DOS. Its one of those games where I wish I had a gaming tablet/one existed.
  22. Steam Sale / Oculus Sale

    What are you guys eyeing up buying? I think I'll grab: Steam: Hellblade Alien Isolation Divinity Original Sin 2 The Forest Keep Talking Oculus Store: Budget Cuts Virtual Rickality Elven Tennis Wilsons Tale Chronos Any other suggestions? Realistically I think I'll definitely grab Alien Isolation, Hellblade, DOS2 and then maybe give the others a miss for now given my backlog. I don't see Divinity OS2 or Hellblade getting a price drop anytime soon or being included in a humble monthly. Oculus wise, I've heard amazing things about Chronos & Wilson's Tale so I'll probably grab those if they're priced ok.
  23. What games are you currently playing?

    Still playing Witcher 3. I'm now 66 hours in. Playing with minimalistic/no markers for a bit more immersion. only the active quest marker in 3D comes up. Find it way better than just going from checkpoint to checkpoint via mini map if i display POIs. Excellent game. Storytelling wise, the mini quests are better than a lot of games. I feel BOTW edges it though. Also playing Smash Ultimate. I have about 20 hours playtime on it. Its REALLY good. If I only had a Nintendo Switch, Smash and what else the switch offers would definitely suffice. My "to play list" 1. Witcher 3 2. Lone Echo 3. Batman VR 4. God of War PS4 5. Horizon PS4 Then when KH3 drops, take a week off work and complete it.
  24. VR Gaming

    also have u played robo recall or superhot yet
  25. VR Gaming

    you're in the minority thinking the vive wands are better than the touch controllers. the touch are sooo much better IMO. especially for skyrim vr. the viverequires the DAS to be comfortable IMO.