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  1. Game of Thrones TV Show

    wow i rly like game of thrones too, idk why i've just torn that episode apart.
  2. Game of Thrones TV Show

    [warning spoilers altho why come to this thread w/o watching the last ep] im sure it'll just breathe fire. if it breathes ice thats just weird and bad writing. anyway i've loved each episode, very gripping but the plot is really terrible now. its so stupid their 6 best fighters going out to capture one stupid zombie to hand over to a queen who is going to backstab you. [and they're all aware of this] losing a dragon is beyond stupidity. then also why did the night king not go for the dragon which is stationary and their only means of escape and its also the biggest fucking dragon. i can tell you why.. plot armour. how john isn't dead is beyond me. Even the fight of the white walkers versus the group was lazy plot writing. I get they're the best warriors in the land but the wildlings and nights watch got decimated by a hoard which looked a bit smaller. also once again plot armour with the night king not being targetted by the dragons. the tv show writers are taking over in full force now and its getting incredibly lazy. i hope they tidy their crap up but i think they're really rushing now to get this all tied up and finished. they seem to not know how to clean up after their mess too. i mean how badly was the sand snakes storyline just ended. also i hate the forced romance between danny and john snow. but shes hot as fuck so w/e. and john snow is actually legit ripped, quite impressed, expected him to have an average/shit body. I love GOT and its still the best way for me to pass an hour TV wise but it could have been that little bit better this season with a bit more thought to logistics etc. idk if the blue eyes white dragon is such a pivotal plot device that they had to take all these leaps of stupidity. i hope it is worth it. dont get me wrong, GOT is so good... but man i dont have that same fear when watching anymore. battle of bastards was the last time i was concerned someone would be killed off. since then the plot armour has become so ridiculous. im pretty sure john could fight blue eyes white dragon 1o1 without a dark magician and still come out of the fight alive. IMO last 2 episodes: danny should be 2-3 dragons down and probably dead john snow should be dead (along with all the other people he was with) jamie should be dead it should now be cersei vs a decimated danny force vs that stupid ginger bitch + arya with bran being a useless cryptic cunt and just waiting for the night king. Now I don't want that conclusion by any means. the interesting characters are still alive but cant they be alive without so much god damn hollywood.
  3. Thor: Ragnarok

    I agree. Trailers are retarded nowadays. I love Thor films. can't wait for this one.
  4. What games are you currently playing?

    I've put on hold witcher 1 because i cba to remember where i was up to with the quest storyline. Instead I've picked up Xcom enemy within. First 90 minutes has flown by. I think it wont have the same characterisation + individual personability which fire emblem has but oh well. I might do RDR after that although I really want to play FE Radiant Dawn.
  5. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    its rly good isnt it. i feel it has loads of potential too but will probably waste it a little. i want to start to see more plot twists, more heroes at eachothers throats at some point.
  6. Top 10 Tv shows.. again

    black sails season 2. one of the best seasons of tv i've ever watched. season 1 is a setup for epicness. has a game of thrones feel (Sex/violence/plot threads/multiple storylines/fast pacing) to it but it involves pirates and less need for killing of main characters who still have a lot to give.
  7. what are your top 10 tv shows? excluding anime The Wire Narcos breaking bad House Its always sunny in philadelphia Curb your enthusiasm South Park game of thrones stranger things west world prison break s1-2/friends/spartacus s01/arrested development/house of cards (lacks bingeworthiness)/nip tuck (lacks consistency and quality) narrowly miss out quite liked modern family/community but feel phialdelphia + curb hit the spot more. ive watched daredevil s1 + better call saul s1 and thought they were overrated but good. given the introduction of netflix, i feel like our lists can all vastly differ now. combined with the plethora of pre-netflix originals. currently watching narcos episode 5 s01, think it will break my top 10. its like a mafia film but over 2 seasons, insane quality.
  8. Just thought I'd use this thread to drop a bit of advice to younger people. I'm in my late 20s now. I'm a doctor, sit around 8-9% body fat in good shape, I've had relationships with quite a few beautiful women but I have so many regrets and learning points for time which I feel won't come back. No ones perfect and I could probably list 1000 positives about my life and myself and 1000 negatives. Everythings a double edges sword. Be confident, ambitious and independant.. you'll probably bang loads of girls, have lots of money and have the freedom to go anywhere with no worries. The drawback? Well you might lose a lot of friends along the way because you let them go easily and don't stay in touch, you might be a bit too maerialistic, you might struggle to hold down long term relationships. So yeah, always have balance. Anyway big advice areas: 1. Study and find a job you know you'll love and make sure you love it. As a doctor I've studied a lot and been quite lucky. However do I enjoy my job? Sometimes, maybe a lot of the time but there are jobs I'm probably better suited for in all honesty. I like work but being a doctor is a vocation, its a life style. In the Emergency department I worked the following shifts throughout 4 months: 8 to 4, 9 to 5, 7PM til 3AM, 5PM til 1AM, 8PM to 8AM, 12PM til 12AM, 11AM til 11PM, 1PM to 1AM and I can say its fucking hard. The work is fine, I'm quite good at it but the hours and the effect is has on your social life is really brutal at times. 2. Work out, stay healthy, look after your flexibility and aim for longevity in the gym. Definitely workout, count macros early if you want to be in the top 5% and if you want longevity in the fitness thing, work on your mobility and the basics first. Unless you WANT to become a bodybuilder, aim to enhance performance and be well rounded. I have long term shoulder issues, poor flexibility in my hips, tight hamstrings, a poor high jump and its all down to mistakes made when new to lifting. 3. Don't be too goal focussed, think about the journey. I actually got this from Hunter X Hunter and its so true. Be goal focussed to a degree... but enjoy the moment. When I set out to pass my degree, I wanted that degree. However do I look back on my life in university and think "fuck yes i got this degree and im earning lots of moneyzz now"... no. I look back and see the friendships I made, the memories I made etc. Recently I was in work with a jobs list which was mammoth sized... and I was keeping my head down, going from job to job, focussed.. and its not worth being like that. Sure, when its life and death be like that.. but when its not, you can afford to say hello to people, ask how their days are, flirt a little and enjoy the moment. Sure I clerk 24 patients in a day if I'm REALLY efficient.. but then you lose your humanity and interaction with them. 4. See the world and have adventures. My biggest regret is not seeing the world. I'm planning to do is this year but man, travelling is so good. 5. Relationships If you find someone special, try and stay with them and grow with them. I'm not going to lie, I'm probably the worst person to give relationship advice on given the plethora of girls ive fucked and the lack of long term relationships and its now a big regret. Sure there are hotter, more successful girls in the world than you are at the moment, but you never know where lifes going to take you and sometimes it takes you far away. If you want girls and you're struggling, from my experience with women they respond very well to being ripped/rich/obnoxiously confident and most of, if you're a social butterfly. If you want someone long term, thats a different story. 6. Family; make sure you spend time with them Cba to go into this but basically anything can happen at any time. My cousin's dad had a stroke recently. It made me realise how important family is. 7. Procrastinate in the right way Don't procrastinate like a dumb fuck. The hours I've wasted on social media and google pisses me off to this day. Have free time? Play the best video games there are. Watch the best animes. Visit the best places. Watch the best films, Watch the best TV shows... but please don't do some mind numbingly boring shit. 8. Buy what you want hobby wise but try to invest in things more timeless You won't regret buying a nice camera lens, you won't regret buying nice speakers, timeless clothes, you won't regret buying a nice watch... but you probably will regret those YGO cards, that PS4/Ps3, that TV you bought that has now been upgraded, that trendy now shitty looking T-shirt 9. Drink less but enjoy it more I used to party 4-5x a week. It wasn't even fucking partying looking back on it and it set my training back maybe 5 years and it HUGELY restricted what I could do in regards to travelling, etc. 10. Don't fall into the trap of thinking your busy. I used to think in university I was busy. I mean I had to study, do exams, do some essays or disserations... hm.. cook, clean... its fucking nothing compared to what I do now and I regret falling into the illusion that I was busy when I just wasn't being efficient. Now I work 12 hour shifts, still manage to cook + clean, go the gym for 2-3 hours whilst cutting AND have some recreational time [okay i don't do this everyday lol]. Anyway, hope this help someone and I can't wait to read other people's advice after being on this earth for a while.
  9. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    nah my fantasy team is a week behind cos i registered after lpool game... i had lukaku + eriksen + ali + matic + bunch of spurs defenders in my team too so im pissed off + no problem.. any help i can give just ask. no point you making the same mistakes i made 10 years ago if i can give u the advice now.
  10. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    as i said i rly loved lukaku. hes just pure quality and all the united fans hating on him before today are fucking dumb. united look strong. injury to matic and lukaku away from falling apart. if jose manages to get ANOTHER centre mid in for depth and a bit more quality to compliment an otherwise inconsistent range of attacking mids, utd are scary.
  11. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    Our lineup was a joke from a defensive standpoint. If any of Migonlet, Lovren, Moreno or TAA (Due to his youth) made a mistake, would you be surprised? Klopp dropped the ball completely on that one and this entire transfer window. And we STILL don't have a proper ball winning midfielder. Its been 5 years of dealing with Lucas as our only guy in that position and even hes gone now. Mane and Salah looks riduculously good tho, Firmino tireless as usual. Can't help but feel if Coutinho goes, he should be dropped into a whole and we should invest in a more clinical striker whos able to interchange nicely. +Sakho +Milner We win yesterday's game.
  12. Advice for younger people thread

    i think in reference to drugs, just don't do them. i honestly don't think they're worth it at all given the small risk they're attached with (which I've seen first hand destroys lives slowly and tragically sometimes very fast).
  13. Advice for younger people thread

    I agree and disagree. If you are lucky enough to be able to flourish in your 20s, do it! I had the choice this year to go into training earning 50k/year roughly for 3 years then 120k-200k/year+ following that or earn 100k/year now for a little while. I went for the 100k whilst im young, do the 3 years of 50k when I'm a little more settled and I've crossed some stuff off my bucket list. In general, definitely don't buy things which are a waste of money unless you REALLY want them. a 30k car when you don't even own a house or your house is some shitty 200k affair is just silly. You should be driving a shit car and investing in a nice property which should appreciate and pay you back. However I do sometimes feel people need to be put in their place (even seniors) and I will do it. I was working with a registrar in A+E who was pissing me the fuck off... (this means senior doctor basically but not a total boss senior). He kept annoying me, started talking about money, how much we earn in comparison (yes... i know what a weird man considering hes 10-20 years my senior). anyway I decided to just bring him down a little by mentioning I don't really care about my money as my parent's employees earn more than most doctors in the department. Within 15 minutes he was sat staring at a PC screen in quite obvious depression given how materialistic he is. He then spent the rest of the shift talking about how doctors are underpaid and he should have went into business.
  14. Game of Thrones TV Show

    agreed on first point second point idk. i feel the jamie of the last 2-3 seasons is different to the one earlier on. earlier jamie def kills cersei. he changed constantly and was a lot more cut throat. this one is just a bit of a little bitch in so many ways. he seems to just be willing to carry out cersei's evil commands in the most humane ways possible. i hope we do see the older side of him. i cant help but feel this is tv show writing vs book writing again,
  15. youtube terron beckham and check out some of his series. altho he comes across a bit of dumb ass, he definiely isn't and knows his shit. hes not like these cookie cutter bodybuilders, hes all about performance. bodybuilders arent really about longevity and performance, its moreso about looking good as fuck. ive been shredded as fuck and honestly its not all that fun. this year i was really lean, best shape i've been in but i looked shit and was weak as fuck compared to the off season. if u train for athletic performance, when u cut you can do some cool crazy shit (100m sprints, explosive translatable power, jumping etc.)
  16. hahahah i dont blame you. legs wise everyone stresses squats and they're great when ur new but dont think they're going to build u phenomenal legs by themselves. i got to a pretty reasonable squat for bw but it didnt correlate with the size of them. also working with squat variations is rly cool during ur lift career. the back squat with heavy weight eventually caused my shoulders to become impinged imo so i think there are better value and safer excercises than putting 2-3x your bodyweight onto your shoulders. i rotate: back squat or bulgarian split squat or box squats stiff leg deadlifts hamstring curls calf raises x2 movements single leg press or leg press lunges leg ext the best ones for a newbie to master will be the bulgarian split squat, lunges and deadlifts not due to the strength but due to the mobility it provides you. this is a bit advanced tho tbh.. just go at ur own pace and enjoy it for the first couple of years. if i could go back in time tho, i would do: bulgarian split squats with a barbell lunges stiff leg deadlifts hamstring curls calf raises and pretty much hammer them. they're the best balance of excercises for staying injury free, time under tension and most importantly mobility. doing heavy squats has left me tight as fuck.
  17. yeah like RPE 8 for 8-12 reps. RPE is relative perceived exertion, RPE 10 means u went to failure, 9 is just about 1 more rep left, 8 is comfortably 1 rep left etc.
  18. oh yeah if u look shit and skinny fat, u need to make a choice: 1. lose weight 2. gain weight losing weight is good cos u get rid of ur blubber. its bad because you will most likely reveal an awful physique (awful in regards to bodybuilding, relative to ur expectations it might be err ok). gaining weight = gaining muscle + fat most likely. its good cos u can build some mass onto your frame for later cuts. in general someone should be gaining for 80% of their lifting life and cutting for 20% or so.
  19. 1. yes 2. no 3 move slowly whilst maintaining solid form and working on ur contractions and time under tension 4 10 mins of cardio is always good for performance, if ur trying to lose weight then only do cardio when ur diet is not making u lose weight 5 ur routine for chest/back is ok. i personally prefer high volume as it increases trainees capacity for lactic acid overload imo. its harder for someone who does low volume to go to high volume than vice versa. 6. no hiit is rly just for athletic performance or if ur at a sticking point and longish cardio isnt making u lose. it has big disadvantages such as increased risk of injury + increased fatigue. its advantages are performance based + shorter time to burn same cals. 7. ur metabolism is probably shit. u can fix this by slowly increased ur carbs in the off season. i finish a cut usually on 225 carbs, sometimes 200. in the off season i normally go as far as 450 carbs 70-80 fat but its a gradual process.
  20. Advice for younger people thread

    Alcohol and training don't go hand in hand. ITs nearly impossible to party and maintain <10% bodyfat. It also dehydrates you and severely impacts both athletic and strength performance. From a travelling perspective, alcohol wastes money + time. You can party 4x a week or you can go abroad every 2 weeks with that money.
  21. Game of Thrones TV Show

    dany is thick. in that fight idk why she didnt fight more smartly with the dragon... tbh idk wtf she even stuck around. all she has to do is -> send dothraki -> one or two bursts of flame then fly the fuck away and let the dothraki or unsullied (whoever is available) clean up this fight was good but it felt like a TV show plot fight, not from the books fight. i think in the early seasons of GOT there would have been more brutal consequence. either drogo getting fucking rinsed by those huge ass arrows and dany dying or jamie getting legit eaten by the dragon in one fucking bite. like chopped in half. this fight seemed to really just highlight how they want to keep both of them alive.
  22. Game of Thrones TV Show

    Nah he's just cersei's bitch. In recent 2 seasons I feel he's good to die. His character seems to have gone as far as it can. He's someone who's deep down good or reformed but has deep chains to his family which stops him from ever really fighting back. Yeah except it's a fucking dragon. Even tyrion says he's a fucking idiot. Game of thrones has plot armour surely can't withstand that.
  23. Game of Thrones TV Show

    jamie trying to kill danny deserves for him to be dead. GOT is forgiving to cripples and dwarves but surely someone going up against the queen of dragons on the battlefield deserves to die regardless of plot armour. i think its time for him to die now. he's struggled to redeem himself as the anti-hero, he's still just cersei's bitch and although i probably like his character development the most in the series.. i cant help but feel like hes reached his pleateau as a decent human being. if danny is gonna risk and ride 1 dragon, idk why she doesnt bring all 3. those arrows are obviously quite a bitch but i can't see how if danny can co-ordinate attacks with three dragons, she can lose or those big arrows can even be effective given she also has the dothraki. i think he military strategy will be her eventual downfall. she has so much but her utilisation is still quite poor.
  24. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    I love Lukaku tbh for a long time.
  25. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    They always nearly have 1 dropping off into midfield. The days of something like Heskey Owen are dead. you're right on Atletico, they do it really really well. 4-4-2 haven't got Leicester very far this season.