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  1. i love you

  2. hope you're doin well.

  3. Let it Rock

    nice deck
  4. » Angel's Wings

    + kewl kat + flowsion to god
  5. » Angel's Wings

    k now manage ursel;f team bye
  6. no matter how perfect the day is, it always has to end another ending ♥ aLpHaBeT ♥ biggy ♥ Flowsion ♥ ecKo ♥ Impact ♥ Jamez ♥ Kewl Kat ♥ Knowbe ♥ Kuyi ♥ Problem Team Fate » VICTORY! Team NBC » VICTORY! Untouchable » VICTORY! We RP irl » VICTORY!
  7. Free Agent Thread

    making team whoever wants in pm me.
  8. ANTIC!

    ty cody for having the only team left on this site with any talent i was a sad panda when i looked in at a dead pathetic team section filled with random people again ty sir for keeping atleast 1 good team alive
  9. baigai

    see you guys doubt ill be back in again any time soon if at all <3 to kiet wim phil mack loller giel ao people igni people etc irc people any 1 i talked to alot on msn(you guys can drop me emails btw) i hate you your raging faggots i wouldt care if you got hit by a bus TyGo any1 that takes ygo seriously
  10. tygo

    all 15yos need to be in bed by 10 phil hence being on here
  11. tygo

    go outside more
  12. Discuss

    so obv shopped