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  1. Why does UDE do this?

    because they are UDE
  2. [+] Broken HeliX


    wtf is this shit
  4. What song are you listening to now?

    over hear hustlin-birdman, weezy
  5. i pwn a lot

    <3 all except for cygnus...
  6. [+] Broken HeliX

    no... i am playing Monster Hunter freedom online....ygo is too much work to catch up again
  7. i pwn a lot

    junk will not restart ygo but add me to team if u want...just ask me and <3 LS
  8. monster hunter

    anyone play this game for ps2 or psp before??
  9. [+] Broken HeliX

    =D you know u want to... ^^
  10. i pwn a lot

    lets... sup azarel... i still don't like you cygnus....but ok thanx and who is yagami light??
  11. [+] Broken HeliX

    <3 now add me to roaster so i look cool...i dun play ygo anymore >.>
  12. i pwn a lot

    <3 zomboid(y u bring helix back again -_-) <3 biggy and who tf are u red?? =\