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  1. YCS Indianapolis.

  2. ALRIGHT EVERYONE YOU CAN CALM DOWN A LITTLE BIT(not all the way because its still a stupid fucking price). the tgu is down to $455 atm
  3. [quote name='Tygo' timestamp='1343017023' post='3238170'] The fact that she can means no. When a SJC card is replaced, that put a cap on the number. It wasn't going to be made ever again. The possibility of this having multiple prints means it is not as collectible as other cards. Only way it becomes a collectible of any kind is if she dies or some shit and no other copies can be made. [/quote] challenge accepted
  4. [quote name='Chris Buraseru' timestamp='1343009959' post='3238105'] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG1MH095JmM&feature=player_detailpage#t=34s[/media] 34 secs applies to those who are like, "I'mma bid den not pay huehue." [/quote] yeah because you'd go to jail if you bid on an ebay auction and don't pay lol
  5. damn this is an average pool for you guys? this is the best pool i've ever had
  6. [img]http://i.imgur.com/OqaOX.jpg[/img] discuss
  7. dilema what would u guys do

    [quote name='Oderus Urungus' timestamp='1331549107' post='3126688'] [quote name='{Yara}' timestamp='1330763657' post='3119974'] [quote name='Turkey' timestamp='1330723033' post='3119548'] getting an invite is ridiculously easy in ygo, so just play in the ptq [/quote] This, I mean invites in yugioh are easier to get then aids in Africa.. [/quote] YGO regionals are a joke comparioned to PTQs. You get 1 loss in swiss. That's it. [/quote] this ptqs are reasonably soft compared to like states(i dont even know if they still have this) or even like a GP but the fact that you have to win the tourney and are basically allowed 1 loss make the variance pretty high id say most people on dgz can easily get nats invite 8/10 times with the new ygo system, regs is not comparable to a ptq at all imo
  8. I uploaded it to megaupload a while ago but since its down I reuploaded it on rapidshare https://rapidshare.com/files/2847453343/Next_Level_Magic__Patrick_Chapin_.pdf
  9. [quote name='Light' timestamp='1331513286' post='3126425'] By chance does anyone one what the 2007 Nationals Cyber Dragon Mat is worth? [/quote] you could probably get about $100 cash for it at a regional/ycs if you find someone that wants it bad enough but could easily get like 60-75

    [quote name='BGBK' timestamp='1331532869' post='3126610'] [quote name='Wumbologist' timestamp='1331531546' post='3126596'] get the fuck out [/quote] pojo existing [/quote] not sure if you realize this but you are pretty fucking pojo
  11. Remember when this deck ruled the format?

    needs maxx c or just auto lose to windup loop not really sure what to cut honestly but -1 diamond dude +1 doomlord you have 7 targets to hit and only 2 of them are insane so don't really need 2 ddudes
  12. mainly interested in cash but also would take mtg, i don't really play yugioh anymore
  13. just checked and i only have flat - i'd want about $90 for it