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  1. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

    Galaxy player in Round 1 feature match normal summons twice in one turn with two judges watching the game and nobody picks it up #wcq #yugioh
  2. Sounds like you're just reading what she said the way you want to read it because you have some imagined vendetta against her.
  3. this is basically them sitting back in their chairs going "our game is fine."   when it isn't.
  4. Uther is #1 at having zero creds apart from a high dgz post count, going x-3 drop at any event and also at getting punched in the face.
  5. (TCG) Duelist Pack: Battle City

    http://www.yugioh-card.com/oc/news/bcity.html   Konami screwing over Europe and Oceania again.
  6. konami is shit - discussion

    seriously though is there any way to play a Dark Matter deck after April 1? All the other decks are fucking boring.   - seriously though i will pay good money to any good player willing to help me out
  7.   Because otherwise you get Trished and then killed next turn? fucking DUH
  8. Patrick Hoban And The Djinn Debate

      for every allen c. penisfag shitpost, take a shot   EDIT: i am in hospital from alcohol poisoning and i only got halfway down page 2
  9. Patrick Hoban And The Djinn Debate

    you all hated him when he was a fat fuck who had never won anything and now that he wins all the time you all still won't get off his fat nuts even now he's revealed himself to be an utter scumbag and a cunt.
  10. calling out archlord azrael

    while i'm here, atem is a cunt
  11. How Do We Avoid Becoming Stagnant?

    You just need to have luck on your side. Nobody has won anything in Yugioh without it simply being their day, or having inherently very helpful luck.
  12. Qliphort - Discussion

    i was disappointed that you didnt normal summon trampolynx and swing for massive damage with it
  13. [902] Next Challengers

    3 sneaks total, about 7 disks, 8 or so virgils, only 1-2 shekhinagas, didn't see many of the other secrets, if any. maybe 5 tools total and 4 or so sacrifices, only saw 3 el shadoll fusion too. heres what i managed to pick up:   [spoiler][/spoiler]
  14. The Double Life

    i don't have anyone to hide it from because nobody cares about me or gives a shit what i do.