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  1. Naruto Manga

    [quote name='N e J i' timestamp='1322044364' post='3037081'] I also have another question. Why didn't Nagato have Sharingan powers? When he activated his Rinnegan, he went straight to the Rinnegan without owning the Sharingan first. Since Tobi/Madara said Nagato's Rinnegan were his to begin with, the eyes should also have Sharingan powers. [/quote] This is what interests me, the fact that Nagato awakened the Rinnegan without ever having the Sharingan. Was the reason for this explained somewhere and I've just missed it?
  2. The Official 2011-2012 NBA Season Thread

    [quote name='orangeeyes' timestamp='1320609686' post='3024429'] Withholding money from under-performing players would cause more problems than it would solve. [/quote] Just out of interest, how would it cause problems? Injuries etc. would of course have to be taken in to account, but surely it would motivate players to perform/stay in shape? I'm not talking about deciding on a month by month basis and altering pay accordingly, but extreme cases like Eddy Curry where over a course of 8-12 months/1-2 years a player is clearly not making the effort to perform and his contract is killing his team's chance to compete for multiple years, an issue which would become even worse should the owners get their way and a much more rigid salary cap be put in place. I think you make a good point Caibre that this is a bad idea if it does really adversely effect the level of basketball in the big markets and I'll admit I hadn't thought of it like that, however my counter would be that if the owners of big market teams are also on board with these changes they clearly do not foresee this being a problem. I think mostly because top players will always be drawn to big markets due to the extra marketing dollars which are available in L.A./New York/Chicago etc., which would play an even greater role in free agent movement if player salaries do get reduced.
  3. The Official 2011-2012 NBA Season Thread

    As much as I hate this lock-out bullshit and I disagree with many of the owners motives for change, I do find myself leaning towards their proposed system. A much harder salary cap and the ability to with hold money from under performing players, should in theory create a league in which everyone is at a much more equal footing in terms of competing for the playoffs/championship and where players don't just sign their fat 5 year deals and then stop performing.
  4. Champions League 2011/2012

    I wish Kalou had refused to play. <+<
  5. Monarch - Discussion

    Tour guide does a pretty good job with that, sad I don't own any I'm still playing a 3:2 ratio with undine/controller, I think that's the best way. Also, my only ways to dump a treeborn to grave is: 3 swap frog, 2 treeborn frog and 3 undine (I don't play foolish/one for one, I also don't play bulb) I do play triple POD and allure of darkness to increase the chance of drawing them/more tributes and to keep the engine going. Also, drawing controller isn't that bad because it's a lv 3 tuner, otherwise, yeah... Why would you not play Foolish Burial?
  6. Barclays Premier League

    I think Meireles was a very good signing, price wise and positionally for us. I thought he was one of the real bright spots for Liverpool last season and he showed good form off the bench this season. Modric on the other hand, would have been a game changer for us, I don't believe he was truly worth £40mil, but I'd have gladly seen us pay it because he's young, premiership tested, creative and highly highly efficient with the ball. I think if we'd managed to get him (combined with the Mata signing) we would be really well prepared to win trophies not only this season, but for years to come. On another note, I'm looking forward to seeing how AVB utilizes Sturridge now that his suspension is over.
  7. Naruto Manga

  8. Who Says

    I like the D.D. Sprite tech, never considered that before. Out of interest, if you removed Treeborn to SS Sprite and had another one in the GY, during your next stand-by phase could you revive the GY Treeborn THEN return the one removed for Sprite? I think I need to do more Salvage Warrior testing because I've hated it so far.
  9. except its worse since last time shien was a -1 this time leviath is a +1 Shi En was used in one deck. Leviath is used in almost EVERY deck. This may be true for online play, but can you expect more than 60% of people to have a playset of TGU at irl events? That said, even if 100% of people were running 3 TGU with the aim of making first turn Leviath/Veiler, is that not an advantage to you as a player in terms of Deck construction/tournament preparation, because you can main more outs to that particular situation, where as last format, if you dedicated too many cards to dealing with first turn Shien, you would be hurting your other match-ups. (Plants/Sabers etc.)
  10. Xenoblade Chronicles

  11. Who Says

    Perhaps I expect too much from the deck, having seen what it was capable of with Fishborg/Formula to abuse near every turn or maybe I need to adjust how I play it now. However, I think one of the main problems this deck faces with the loss of Fishborg is a lack of discard options, meaning that in order to make Glow-Up/Spore/Plague/Dandy live, you have to use a summon on them which is a sacrifice I'm not sure the deck can make. (This is also why I'm not a massive fan of Lonefire.) The other problem the lack of discarding can present is making an early Avarice a much more dead card than before. This, combined with the loss of Genex Engine (which made Allure a highly playable card) and the Formula access has really damaged any draw power the deck had. Also, the restricted access to Armory Arm/Formula that greatly inhibits your quick access to light monster to fuel the Chaos engine (BLS+1/2 Sorc) which makes the deck so much more explosive so is a big loss. (First turn Armory was also a really nice opening play, stopping Tengu and causing issues in the GB match-up.) I'm not saying I don't think the deck is good/playable anymore, these are just the problems I find with it. That said, how is testing going? Finding Aoi useful or as a bit of an unnecessary luxury? Have you tried Raiza over the Thest/Mobius combo? I think if you're going to main Thest you have to go with 2+ Soul Ex because his best use is as a response to first turn TUG/Sangan into Veiler. I've been having some joy with a mained Creature Swap, makes good use of the free Treeborn, as with no Formula/lower Monarch count you won't be using it every turn.
  12. Who Says

    This is very similar to what I ran for UK Nats, I just don't know that without Fishborg/Formula that the Deck can consistently draw into power cards or drop enough Monarchs/Synchros to take control of games or get out of tough situations. I genuinely think the way to go with Frog Monarchs this format is to either go old school and load up with Monarchs, LADD/Kristya(s) and try to burn up all your opponents resources. Or, if you want to go down the Synchro heavy route, the Quickdraw engine, using Drill Warrior to recycle Veilers/Monarchs/BLS.
  13. Barclays Premier League

    Sky Sports News are now saying the same, pending medical/personal terms etc.
  14. Barclays Premier League

    True I haven't seen a lot of the playing together, I just feel that the attention Carroll demands from multiple defenders allows Suarez a lot of space to work his magic. He also gives you a very nice long ball option which lets you vary your attack and as the most fouled player in the EPL he gives you a lot of opportunities to get Adam over a dead ball which generally will lead to goals.