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  1. Goat Duel Review Thread

    on the book / angel note ur talking about "future sorc" aka him hitting the 1/3 then u topdecking a sorcerer or bls ... 3 cards out of 30whatever.. vs drawing any dark monster (i think it is perfectly reasonable to even use your meta to put the dark immediately depending what it is)
  2. Goat Duel Review Thread

    - why did you set bom t1? i think there is not much that threatens the DDWL and it leaves you open to Breaker or being forced into setting 2 into storm down the line. i don't think anyone will meta+TER a random set t1 if you don't have a spell in gy. - even though it turned out to be a bluff faith i probably would've NoC'd the set when you attack with sangan. if thats a deko youre kinda boned. it also gives you a spell for MoF in hand. - i think duo was ok but i would set the mof after u play it.. in a diff world setting mof without playing duo to set up the double duo is defensible as well (youre gonna hit 2 tdrag but thats not as bad as it seems) - not sure why you set meta, again its gonna prevent you from setting a real trap when you draw one bc of storm - i probably would've let the sorc banish, its 50/50 though. with your current hand it couldve helped block a tsuk when you finally go TER, or you snatch and have it to cut off breaker/mst/storm. the sangan can get you sinister though. again here if you had the mof already set you would be in great position with flip and meta into TER to take sorc (though i guess it gets noc'd). - when he my bodies, if you had kept the book like i said, i wouldve felt much more comfortable using the 2nd meta into 2nd TER as said above is quite obvious MOF. - for whatever its worth when youre topdecking its probably better to flip tsuk itself back facedown when he atks it with the deko. then you can flip his sorc and have noc as an out. not sure why you continued to play here but thats your perogative - t1 g2 i would gun dusthoot he runs thunder dragon and you cannot really deal with a set flip effect w that hand. if youre not gonna gun it, using it after the tdrag makes no sense. just save it for later for a chain or when he clearly has a sorc. - you are being weird about the dustshoot thing no one is trying to cheat you and it'd be immediately obvious if he didnt send back reaper - - yeah set merchant - no real reason to set book imo its just gonna lock you out of your own storm or lose to a breaker. "protecting" the merchant from TER is irrelevant at this point (plus u know his hand) - why the fuck would you book on the snatch lol like wtf is gonna happen. - why would you set duo. what does that accomplish. - i was very suspect of above guys post to meta the sangan before i watched the video, but i think if you were playing the grace anyway it is good to trade the meta for a sinister. you have a great set up at this point, he is relatively low life, you know his hand, its time to start pushing. -g3 your hand is why this deck fucking sucks lol - i think you have to chain book to the mirror force. your hand sucks but this blocks damage and burns a card from his hand. (assuming he swings in and pops your ddwl with tribe). i don't really agree with taking the reaper hit because i feel that getting that sorc off is your best bet of having any chance this game. as you can see a lot of this is mindset stuff you just set a couple bluffs you shouldnt have and didnt prepare for a few turns down the line. idk why i just wrote all this but i hope you find it useful
  3. Goat Duel Review Thread

    you both played so fucking bad i lost count of the misplays why do you keep setting tsukuyomi
  4. kanye the life of pablo

    trash i only listen to pnl
  5. RPS Paradox

    whichever deck was more fun to play : - )
  6. Travi$ Scott - Rodeo

    carti playd on friday with neuport and black zheep it was like 20 buckaroos though
  7. slowed down songs (screwed/stretched)

  8. Infernoid - Discussion

    so now you have made 2 posts about a admittedly suboptimal line of play? idgi
  9. Infernoid - Discussion

    i mean this is a pretty feasible build by cutting out all the tech or extraneous picks.  but i'm not convinced on paper, will test  
  10. Infernoid - Discussion

    they just wouldn't activate C if it's turn 1, and then you've got a lv10 decatron on board resolving reasoning, theres really not much positive outcome that could happen with that and i would go so far as to say if they hit the right level and you dont get a 5+ mill or some combo of such then you're in quite bad position bc you can't make any play that turn or you've essentially lost 2 cards that they can easily swing over with many different combinations of cards in virtually any matchup.
  11. Infernoid - Discussion

      In my summer boredom I have been fucking around on DN and playing this deck.  After a few days of grinding here's my list.  I'm not entirely convinced on Lumina, I tested it at first, then dropped it, and only recently gave it a second chance.  The last 5 cards are really the flex slots, I feel that everything else is pretty much staple.  The 2nd Antra is ok but only 1 is really needed.  I'm trying the 2nd as another Inf and to make an easy Trishula with Lumina+Raiden.  Mistaken Arrest could be a lot of defensive cards I guess, Breakthrough Skill was pretty underwhelming but maybe Torrential Tribute, Bottomless, Emptiness, or the maindeck Mistake (which was working pretty well for me) could be worth considering.  Two random picks I hadn't seen discussed at all were Scapegoat and Damage Condenser.  Scapegoat blocks damage obviously but also end phases to make any synchro with Dekatron (Trishula) and provides free banishes for all your Infernoids by tributing the tokens.  Since they're normal they don't count to your limit.  Damage Condenser I only tested briefly but it is a way to get to Decatron and unbrick your hand, slow and heavy cost though.  I tried the Void Launch too, seemed to slow but might be worth another shot.     i'll be the first to admit my testing in the current meta is limited but this is what i've come up with using basic theory and the testing i do have
  12. DGZ Meetup 2015

  13. Best Stalking Device

    what the fuck
  14. A Treatise Regarding Exarion Universe

    are you kidding me?  this is exactly the discussion we are having.  why would you be more likely to win a smaller event with an inconsistent deck?
  15. A Treatise Regarding Exarion Universe

    @ allen's post    I too have always found it hilarious when people would say things like "I'm just going to enter a win-a-mat with chain burn, it's only 3 rounds" like dude do you not understand less rounds has absolutely no affect on an individual deck's win %... and the same as you said, deck "can't survive 10 rounds" it has seriously pissed me off for the entirety of my time playing yugioh and i am glad you finally said something.   there is a small point to be made in the case that (since we are referring to combo decks) a deck could suffer greatly from the opponents having matchup knowledge.  so if you're taking a relatively unknown deck to a big tourney, by the 6th round or whatever word will have spread and people might have a better idea of how to beat you, but this is mainly referring to these completely new lists.  gishki actually seems like a perfect example of one of those decks, but apparently it didn't affect you in that way.