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  1. Did they merge a shit load of the storylines or something?   "Guinness makes me fart" - rei, 2012
  2. Is that the real Squirtlin?
  3. I won't say anything but you'll fucking hate yourself if you watch all 4 right now
  4. Well 4 of them episodes got leaked
  5. Yo this NXT is some shit holy fuck
  6. yeah
  7. I didn't know that 2.5 came with re: coded and birth by sleep when I picked it up
  8. okay he said he had a concussion during the match because of kofi but the ryback thing is some shit
  9. i remember the rumble match where he was down for awhile, i wonder if they talked about that a bit because that looked really bad
  10. i wasnt even sure what i was watching and i think this thread confirmed that nothing really happened
  11. what do you guys think of "parallel construction" and do you think it applies here?
  12. Thats why I wondered because its Florida
  13. Sale tomorrow
  14. i wonder if that law exists because people were feeding poison at some point in time
  15. Yeah