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  1. Game of Thrones TV Show

    Did they merge a shit load of the storylines or something?   "Guinness makes me fart" - rei, 2012
  2. Game of Thrones TV Show

    Is that the real Squirtlin?
  3. Game of Thrones TV Show

    I won't say anything but you'll fucking hate yourself if you watch all 4 right now
  4. Game of Thrones TV Show

    Well 4 of them episodes got leaked
  5. How many of you guys still use Dgz because of yugioh?

    i at some point played although i just come here for the dank memes       boob is poop upside down holy fuck
  6. Reason behind your DG name.

    Idk man, I just combined the two and thought it sounded badass and then I asked Ash if I could change my name since I had none available and I told him it was gonna be this one and he was like "lol alright" "nice name btw"       Edit:   I found your character
  7. A small short

    Your character is one of the ones I need to find lol
  8. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Yo this NXT is some shit holy fuck
  9. A small short

    I'm trying to find the other animals for some of the necros and the ancients sorry for no updaterino
  10. bust out those holiday avatars

  11. bust out those holiday avatars

    i dont have one =(
  12. A small short

      It kind of does although I'm not even sure which direction I'm going into yet       You are right about the socks but the laundry stacked is supposed to represent the throne
  13. A small short

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nid45Q-dhIY         rei:  I think it's time we talked.   Atem:  The kingdom is fine, it's been fine for the last 6 years, I don't think anything is going to happen any time soon.  Every other kingdom just cannot stand our might.  Maybe we have become so strong that we have become complacent after all these years.  Perhaps every other kingdom realized that their arms are just too short to box with us.  This isn't a new assessment but it's been something we've known for years now.   rei:  True.  I do want to pursue my Starcraft casting more and it seems like we need to have a discussion about the next in line.   Atem:  O_O   rei:  I've been thinking about this for quite some time.  You'll be fine, you have that whole philosophy wall crushing monochrome technique and I have my pseudo intellectualism but maybe I'm just searching for something to reignite the spark I once had.   Atem:  We could have Malcolm go heel I guess.  Although that would be the 900th time in the last 6 years so I think people aren't exactly receptive to that.  He is an ancient nowadays so it wouldn't be in anyone's best interests for him to suddenly be a villain with no real motive that would just be bad writing.   rei:  I could unretire and play card game again.   Atem:  Not possible.  This is a different era and maybe you ought to go craft your stars.   rei:  We need to summon the next available admin!           Cheyasaurus:  rei....Atem....  You have summoned me at this ungodly hour, what do you want to talk about?   rei:  Atem and I were thinking about taking a sabbatical.  It seems like everything is running smoothly and we were thinking that you could run the show now and promote frogman, rep-tan, and Naus to the executive order.  All of you could lead this to become even stronger than what we have now.   Atem:  I will also allow you to make two recommendations of your own to raise to the order.  We need to take a necessary intermission to explore the rest of the worlds out there and to pursue different opportunities.  We think you are strong enough to do this.   Cheyasaurus:  Are you sure you both aren't going insane?   rei:  We are sure.   Cheyasaurus:  I will accept the title of Protector of the Realm and will oversee the entire kingdom while you both are off!     Atem:  You will do fine.         Paxman:  I have a continent to rule over, what do you guys need of me?   rei:  As one of the only other ancients still around, we need you to also approve of Cheyasaurus as the new Protector of the Realm and to write it into history.   Paxman:  This isn't XeroCreative motherfuckers, you can just write that shit yourself now.  For formality purposes, I approve and it is now written into history that Cheyasaurus is the 398th Protector of the Realm raised and succeeding Wumbologist.   rei:  Speaking of Wumbologist, what does he do now?   Paxman:  Trying to discover the worth.   Atem:  Many have come and many have gone but what remains is the adventure that lies ahead of us.  It may be crazy to think at our age that we still look into different things but for us it's just a new journey to embark on.  We depart in a few days.     rei:  See you space cowboys and cowgirls...
  14. Kingdom Hearts

  15. Kingdom Hearts

    I didn't know that 2.5 came with re: coded and birth by sleep when I picked it up