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  1. Arena Discussion

    Congrats to Jae for hitting #1 in NA Good job bro!!!
  2. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Do you think finja is better? I'm thinking the elementals are really strong, I'm gonna try out the 1 mana freeze elemental as well, 1 mana frost elemental seems pretty good
  3. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    If it wasnt for quest rogue, I would say the same thing but quest rogue is a lot of fun bc it can be tweeked in multiple ways and its a fairly innovate combo deck. Try quest rogue, if you are still bored then Carbon's right, you are prob just bored of the game overall
  4. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    interesting meta from my limited experience it seems quest rogue and pirate warrior are tier 1 tier 2 seems to be quest shaman, quest mage quest mage isnt as good as the hype , which i expected, its good but not OP broken the quest hunter seems weak from what i've seen, i'm really surprised but then again im playing vs ppl with retarded builds. The deck should be built as midrange hunter, not 25 1 drops quest priest seems really weak, seems its too slow for the aggro, but maybe ppl arent building it right quest warrior is way too slow as expected i'm not sure what to make of discard warlock, seems so good on paper but I consistently smash it with anything aggro overall not enjoying the meta that much, feels too much like last format. The speed of pirates and murlocs feels a lot like last format pirates and jade shaman tbh. rogue quest which is neat though, fairly innovative and pretty damn OP something that made me smile was playing vs some weird paladin deck with my murloc quest shaman, I actually got and summoned megafin turn 5 thanks to turn 2 summon 2 murlocs into coin finishers into finishers (basically the dream), and my opponent plays a turn 6 Divine Favor 3 mana draw 9 cards lmao. I lost that game, rekt by his cons vs no warleader
  5. Arena Discussion

    Was in a shitty mood and made a 5 Flamestrike meme mage deck yesterday for shits and giggles. Went 7-3. Made it to front page of reddit. lmao Worth
  6. Arena Discussion

    this is data from the Chinese server pretty much all as expected except that I didn't think Druid was THAT bad. I would still pick druid over warrior because of consistency tbh. You can easily draft a 0 weapon warrior and flop hard or you can draft a solid 4 weapon warrior and ride easy 7+. I don't like to draft classes that have that much variability My personal class tier list atm would be warlock paladin, priest, mage, rogue (to me all 4 are really close) shaman Hunter, Druid warrior
  7. Arena Discussion

    Arena is really interesting post MSG I'm still not sure what the class tier list is but priest, warlock and paladin are incredibly strong and mage def seems worse (at least in consistency, its always possible to just get a lucky draft and steam roll with mage) Of course, there are a lot more noobs right after any new expansion, so it makes things hard to gauge, but farm em while you can I just found Heartharena's tier list with initial data #1 Warlock ... ... #2-4 Mage, Priest, Rogue ... … #5 Paladin #6 Shaman #7 Warrior ... ... #8-9 Druid, Hunter
  8. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Making good cards of a PVE encounter into epics or rares make 0 difference in terms of card availability (they are no harder to get than a common) but make all the difference in the world of arena. Blizzard isn't hating or being lazy, they either are completely clueless or don't give a single fuck about arena and no this is NOT " definitely a conscious choice to maintain the Mage's current level of power", since Brode and others have said on record that they want more variety of class choice in arena
  9. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Mage is top 3 classes in arena and takes so little skill its mind blowing. Cards like this new one, faceless summoner and ethereal conjurer will keep it this way for a long time
  10. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    1. Arena is the best mode to build a collection but learning curve is steep. You need to learn basic mechanics/ skills, then learn arena strategies. Mechanics should be learned in constructed. Arena strats are learned by watching good arena players (kripp, hafu, ratsmah, shadybunny) and practice. Once you start going above 3 wins on average, you will get more value in arena than getting packs for 100 gold, so its generally worth learning. Honestly it took me like a few weeks to average 4, its not that hard but average 6-7 is very challenging, will take a lot of practice and stream watching, at least 100 hrs arena gameplay. But once you hit infinite, farming gold/dust/packs is a joke 2. You should buy adventures if you need a specific card from the adventure or if you REALLY enjoy playing the PvE mode. However, adventures are very costly when it comes to in game gold. If you are planning on spending money on this game, it is better to use cash on adventures and gold on arena/packs. You should get BRM if you specifically want those cards, otherwise get packs/ play arena 4. classes depend on the current meta game, tempostorm generally updates their meta snapshot regularly. If you are new, I recommend you netdeck https://tempostorm.com/hearthstone/meta-snapshot/standard/2016-07-17 5. You get cards by opening them or crafting from dust. Legends cost a lot of dust so only craft the ones you think you will be using in many decks/formats. Classic cards are eternal so make those first
  11. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    I'm not trying to advertise or sponsor but wanted to mention that I have a good friend that is starting to stream ranked. He's a great player trying to get into Blizzcon 2017 on points. He's been legend 14 times on NA and he just started so he has single digit viewers at this time meaning you can talk directly about current meta, strats or anything you want. Really chill guy and if you talk to him about wrestling or DBZ, he will talk your ear off. He usually streams late for NA (midnight to 0800hr EST on most nights), so he def gets Europeans that drop in. https://www.twitch.tv/fathermam
  12. Tavern Brawl Discussion

    This is how it should play out with my secret pally vs astral Going first secret/goldshire, them murg whatever (secret/ divine strenght/ hero power) them doomsayer owl on doomsayer (or alchemist if you dont have a minion) them acolyte alchemist on acolyte (or owl if you played alchemist), kill/silence acolyte, they astral, you should be in good shape with shredder, belcher and the challenger usually wins the game turn 7 Going second they murg, you 1 drop they doom, you alch it they acolyte, you owl it they astral, you should generally win, esp if you opened challenger and get to MC on 5 and 6
  13. Tavern Brawl Discussion

    That deck is not optimized I'm playing vs 80% astral (not sure if its bc of MMR) which is : turn 1 murgleton, 2 doomsayer, 3 acolyte, 4 astral I dont see too much of a benefit of playing nzoth because I havent played a game that went past 8 yet, but belcher is great and shredder seems fine so I guess its ok playing 9 drops is stupid. your redundant cards should be 0s and 1s and challenger that you mulligan for. Target dummy and humility are auto picks for the meta minibot dies to doomsayer. so either crazed alchemist at 2 or owl at 3 seem better choices. Owl counters acolyte (whereas muster feeds the living shit out of it) so owl at 3 seems way better than muster and alchemist is prob better than minibot the concept of playing 11 secrets makes sense since there is high chance of drawing 1 turn 1 and getting 10 secrets with the 2 challengers is best... but eye for an eye and sacred trial are trash cards so I run 10 secrets Heres my list 2 target dummy 10 secrets 2 humility 2 divine strength 2 chow 2 goldshire footman 2x crazed alchemist 1x owl 1x Shredder 1x Belcher 2x Challenger 1x Boom 1x Tirion 1x N'Zoth Not sure if the 1 drops can be better optimized I tried tinyfins, but murgleton just eats them so thats why i think goldshire might be better
  14. Arena Discussion

    Just wanted to mention for anyone playing arena that Heartharena has a new app: Heartharena Overwolf, that I highly recommend. It will give you an overlay during the draft with card ratings that pop up and then during the run, it serves as a deck tracker. My only caveat is that it recommends drafting too much early/aggro and i definitely find I disagree with its draft picks a lot after card 20. If you wish to draft aggro, it is more likely to guarantee a 4 to 6 win run, but if you want to hit 12, you need to draft some heavier stuff. TBH I use the app primarily for the deck tracker but it saves a lot of stats from your runs so you can look back on it later, which is really awesome http://www.heartharena.com/overwolf edit Not sure if its due to a patch but this app won't work for me anymore, at times crashing HS altogether. Hopefully they will fix it, but I haven't been able to use overwatch for at least a week
  15. Tavern Brawl Discussion

    Then play mage and win 95% vs priest.
  16. Tavern Brawl Discussion

    This brawl is so funny. Pay2win, and so easy to counter meta. And ppl are so bad day 1. Ppl playing Deathwing? lol, really? You wanna drop your entire hand for a guy I have 3 answers in hand, sure, go for it. I built mage to complete dailys thinking it would not be good and went 8-0 in 5 minutes. Games over in 2 turns wanna drop a big guy?, mirror entity. Mind control?, here take a spell bender. The deck bends priest over so hard, its so funny Got the special turn 1 rag, turn 2 faceless + echo of mediv. There's a concede I felt so bad some games. New guy clearly has no cards and drops a turn 1 force tank max. Probably all excited about that force tank. I faceless + BGH, poor guy instaconcedes, prob quit HS I'll be honest, as fun and hilarious as this brawl is, its a poorly designed brawl. Brawl should be a format to help new players and provide an alt format for casuals. It should not be a "p2w stomp your shit make you quit the game" format
  17. Arena Discussion

    this is cool, 8 minutes is when they talk tier lists LMAO, my personal tier list is almost identical to Kripps, which I think is funny because we have such similar play styles, ie passive, control, value, grind late game Ratsmah is a great player but plays very aggressive, its cool to watch him bc of that different playstyle, whereas ADWTCA/MERPS are in the middle, so it makes complete sense that their lists are different. Warlock is much better in the hands of an aggressive player for example
  18. Tavern Brawl Discussion

    I was away so I just tried it out today. I assumed that it would be all aggro so I built pirate warrior. Turns out people are playing control. Turns out pirate warrior still wins, lol I really hate Tavern Brawls where you could just make your constructed deck and its still one of the best decks of the brawl. Shitty brawl imo
  19. Arena Discussion

    ^nice post, nice to discuss thing with someone who actually knows how to arena Main surprise so far for me has been mage underperforming, but, in fairness, i think a lot of it is variance and bad luck. Tried mage today and had a fair result. Things should correct with more runs I suspect. In the same light, my paladin seems to be over performing, again will prob correct over time. IMO warlock is prob the most underrated class and druid overrated, but people ARE noticing this. With druid, it feels like an all or none class but getting out of those first 5 games can be a nightmare because of the early tempo loss. Losing the bonus on roots hurts so much, roots was such a great card and the new stuff like Feral Rage simply does not fill the hole. I am liking warlock a lot, but I can't say its better than shaman. Shaman is such a steamroll deck, if you have tempo, other decks will just play from behind until you bleed them out but if you are behind, its so hard to catch up. Warlock is great tempo with a cool late game since the hero power is so strong but the 2 LP bleed is real, esp vs anything with a sudden burst like mage or a weapon class.
  20. Arena Discussion

    I agree with you that it is rogue, then mage. I think at the end of the last format, mage had a slight edge, but atm I find rogue stronger. Huckster and shadowstrike are ridiculous Those lists do not reflect your playstyle and some classes will be stronger in the hands of certain players. You could cheat by looking at lists, but if you play enough, you can see results for yourself. If you aren't tracking your results and know your data, then I would argue you don't know what the best classes are. For example, I actually find druid to be terrible, I would easily rate it bottom 4, but most lists have it 4th-5th. I am not wrong, they are not wrong. For me druid sucks, for others, its mid tier. My class rankings go Rogue, Mage Paladin, Shaman, Warlock Druid, Warrior Priest, Hunter I suspect a reason my druid sucks is not being able to consistently make it out of the first 5 wins. Druid gets better the farther you go bc of its power late game. But that means surviving early game, which is tough with druid. At the start of Wotog, I felt shaman stronger than paladin, but I have changed my mind the last few runs. Pally finds ways to wins, shaman struggles so much when its behind. They have a board of multiple shitters, I drop Flamewreathed, and they just ignore it and I cant race. People just assume you dont have board clears and have no punish, and they are generally right. Of course if you have a board clear, you insta win
  21. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Kripp actually casted ok, if anything Trump was the reluctant caster, or perhaps just very inexperienced and didn't know when to speak. I honestly think Kripp's reluctance was the fact that he had to arrive early, he bitched about how he had to get up at 10 and usually sleeps until 2. Scarra was actually a cool guest commentator, he seemed to be enjoying himself The technical difficulties they were having was quite bad on Saturday. It was probably the worst produced live event stream I have seen and that includes 20 man fireside gatherings. It was a reason I didn't watch Sunday. FYI Kripp ended up streaming Saturday night late-ish for some card game that he was obviously being payed to play on stream, so I'm not surprised he slept in Sunday. Makes sense that it was TOs friends featured because 80% of day 1 feature players were fucking terrible. It really made the event seem like a joke. People are expecting the features to showcase the best players, and when you see both players throw game over and over, ppl assume everyone at the event is shit and you could literally see the viewer numbers drop as people went to watch the prelims stream.
  22. Arena Discussion

    I am very curious to see what dgz thinks are the best classes in arena, in order.
  23. Overwatch [Full Version Available]

    Any issues with the console versions?
  24. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    GJ Matt. Good result, good experience. You will only get better results in time. I wish I could get into constructed but ladder is so boring and I dont enter tournaments so I dont really get to see more interesting decks. I still feel the ladder meta will degenerate into the typical RPS garbage, because it always does. Aggro starts winning, then people build anti-aggro control decks with a shit ton of board clears, then traditional control decks start beating the anti-aggro control decks, then aggro makes a comeback because it beats control, rinse, repeat
  25. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    If anyone still needs their standard wins for packs, all you need is aggro shaman and 80 dust -crackles +2 the 7/7 4 mana broken guy you will get your packs in 20 minutes the format is all cthun and aggro (which is basically shaman, pally divine favor and hunter, shaman is most consistent). Midrange is so bad, which makes me really dislike this format