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  1. Only kept up with the trish's pulled, but in 10 boxes of HA04 at my shop, 12 Trishula's were pulled. I'm obviously in North America, too. Dunno if it helps you guys any, just thought I'd share my data for the squad.
  2. g

    Louie the idea of letting her choose makes sense to us cuz we're logical. Girls project this idea of linking unimportant decision making with strength, though, and you have to project that image of strength and decisiveness to keep them interested -usually-. There are obviously exceptions.
  3. 8.5/10 I love Louie, dunno why I just think we'd probably get along irl Literally my favorite member, 9.5/10
  5. N huurr
  6. Quit assuming just because I don't whine and complain that my life can't be hard on me. No, I haven't gone through some of the things you have, but my trials are still there. No one faces things the same way - who are you to say that my difficulties aren't just as hard on me as yours are on you? And despite what you think, the pressures I have to succeed get to me sometimes, and I'd love for you to be there for me when they are. The shame of it is, you're not. You're too caught up in thinking you have it worse than anyone in the world, and I'm always there for you when you need me, even though you like to claim I make it worse with my behavior. I see what kind of a friend you are, and sadly you're the only one of my friends I can't just betray and walk away from. You're like a sibling to me, but I wish you saw it the same way.
  7. g

    Take her to an arcade, bet her whoever loses must pay for dinner, pay for dinner anyway, look like hero, give her the famous 8-inch pole of Riles
  8. There's a point where trying to help is hopeless altruism.
  9. I like you as a member, you're pretty chill and not easily provoked and shit. Plus you helped spark the thread with Ward, and that was amazing. 8.5/10, you're solid at Yu-Gi-Oh! and cool to talk to and all. A+ member
  10. god I laughed
  11. can't touch dis
  12. What about the main question? Concerning the Armory Arm equipped to the Armory Arm being equippped?
  13. Sorry but I don't see how resorting to this (probably insane) person's level makes the situation better. it prevents her from carrying out more insanity. there's a big difference between killing and murder So you're saying instead of trying to help a person with some pretty glaring psychological problems, we just kill her. Sounds like a good plan bro. Good luck fixing that crazy bitches brain It's much more humane and (imo) is the righteous thing to actually attempt to help her, rather than just killing her. Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with YOU guys when I read responses to stories like these. Kill her? Do you not for one second ponder the huge social pressures and anthropological constructs that might lead a person to these heinous acts? It's so extremely easy to instantly demonize a person for their actions, instead of actually trying to understand what might have made them act in such a way, and trying to help them. >miscarry child >kill mother >isn't crazy cool!
  14. Posting in Broken's thread.
  15. My wording was poor, instead of "Destroyed" I should have said "Sent to the graveyard" question stands