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  1. YCS Toronto 2017

    Orlando was the site of the World Championship I worked at. Not a bad place.
  2. YCS Toronto 2017

    @Conspireis toronto the only event you go to nowadays?
  3. Pendulum

    that post was systematic and thorough because of the ruling background this capability regarding options and play was always within me
  4. Pendulum

    Don't forget that Joker-in-Hand can end up becoming Vortex during your MP2 if 1) you want it to be, 2) your opponent controls a monster Joker may attack, 3) you may Normal Summon Joker and Special Summon Dissolver. NS Joker Joker recruit Dissolver Joker attacks an opponent's monster Dissolver's effect is activated at the start of the Damage Step SSing Dissolver and making Joker unable to be destroyed by that battle (even if for whatever reason it didn't look like Joker would be destroyed by the battle at the start of the Step - this effect doesn't exist just to cover the asses of mons that already look doomed, it also works even for those that aren't) you now control Dissolver and Joker attack with Dissolver if you want MP2 Activate Dissolver monster effect, using it and any Pendulum Monster as Fusion Material Vortex
  5. Met with Satch at the event. over 2300 people. largest wcq. pulled well. halfway to a complete set of chaos emeralds attribute dice - I have fire, wind, earth, and JUDGE, only need water, light, and dark. was a lot of fun. presently unable to walk.
  7. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    I'll have Joe correct that.
  8. Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm

    I've been tinkering with this sort of thing for a while via Darkwurm + Zero in an Astrograph deck, because we full well know series villain jokes are key. That aside, this is a card that repetitively searches a Pendulum Scale compatible with nearly any monster in the game, while also paying for itself in all of the most likely cases of its being Summoned. (No one's Flip Summoning this damn thing.) I appreciate looking at it in terms of remembering old good low-scales like Monkeyboard, and also the "lol R4 pls" shenanigans possible, but there're other options to be had here too. If you ever wanted to be able to repeatedly Pendulum Summon free materials for Vortex, this is a good way to make sure your low scale is low enough to summon some sort of Odd-Eyes material for repeat reuse. Whether or not Vortex spam appeals to people remains to be seen, but Trump Girl did make me start clamoring for Scale 1s and Scale 0s as something to watch out for. This also looks like it'd be a good way to easily and repeatedly play the no-Poly-necessary version of Starving Venom for free, which has its own merits. If you're ever playing anything that wants to make Crystal Wing easily, let's just find you some Lvwhatever tuners and have Zero drop some Synchros for you.
  9. Just Fucking Kill Him

    once a "Virus" card that works like Full Force or Crush Card has resolved, it destroys cards in your hand that you've drawn, but it doesn't do so while a Chain Link is resolving. It can do so between resolving two different Chain Links, however. So, if you draw something while resolving a Chain Link (while resolving Vendor's first effect), you need to finish resolving that Chain Link (after drawing while resolving Vendor, discard the drawn card if it isn't right, or make a choice between Special Summoning or not if the drawn card is right) before the "Virus" like Full Force does anything to the drawn card. The judge ruled correctly, as once you chose to Special Summon the drawn card, there was no way for the Virus to recognize it as the drawn card, thus no way to destroy it. The only way for a card drawn by the effect of Toy Vendor to be destroyed by a "Virus" like Full Force would be for the drawn card to be a Fluffal monster that you choose not to Special Summon via Vendor's effect.
  10. The YGOrganization -[V Jump] New Rules

    You know, in my day we considered users of this nature toxic enough to remove.
  11. Josh Graham - an 'Impact'-ing Tale of grand theft.

    Atem pays dividends over time. compound interest is somehow involved.
  12. dg memes that should be revived

    exactly why it damned a generation it was a thing that actually happened, and it set me on the path of becoming a judge now the game has to deal with the consequences
  13. dg memes that should be revived

    the phrase that damned a generation
  14. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue

    I live to serve