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  1. Psychoanalysis & Circles

    I identify with the Judge.
  2. YVD10/Yugioh Virtual Desktop 10

    We've come full circle haven't we Myke would be amused
  3. Almost got jumped; buying a gun.

    Honestly, having lived through assaults and violence, I would say that I too feel you are not approaching the matter as would be best, but that it's in part because of how you communicate with us. Self-defense is very much a speak-softly-and-carry-a-big-stick thing, but only when we've already failed to do plenty of other things that we ought have done in the first place, such as minimizing the duration where one is capable of being around persons one considers able and willing to assault, and minimizing the distance between places where one knows one is free from assault. My point, I guess, would be that the rest of us who live in shitholes here in the US are very sober about, and disappointed in, the fact that circumstances lead us to self-defense - and that we don't adopt it as a practice whereby we allow ourselves to become quick to presume lethal intent on part of those that would assault. Living through enough incidents where firearms were discharged with intent to kill has traumatized me, but in spite of that there are certain disciplines I have not let go of. I feel like the others in the thread are kinda scared that you're just gonna shoot someone dead that oughtn't be shot dead, and that you'll care more about your fear relating to these incidents than about that "some folk ought be shot dead, and some folk oughtn't" matter. My own incidents haven't led me to care more about my fear than about that distinction. Paranoid niggas are scarier in some ways than criminals, because paranoia is a mere stone's throw from being someone who does wrong while convinced they're in the right.
  4. not quite. there's a flowchart for this. the event in question - the summon of a Suanni - can occur in an open gamestate or a closed gamestate, depending on exactly what you're doing and when. presuming you Normal Summon it or Pendulum Summon it w/o a card telling you when to conduct the Summon, this'd start us in box A of the flowchart presuming otherwise, we're starting in box D both of those boxes eventually lead to the yellow box on the flowchart, which asks about players' triggered effects those always get activated before either player has the right to activate any non-triggered spell speed 2/3 things
  5. made top 13 there's an org joke or keyblade joke in here somewhere
  6. The last-resort answer to a "he-said-she-said" call, one that cannot be resolved by any other means, is "the judge believes X to be the most likely set of circumstances, therefore we will proceed with that set of circumstances, and the fault lies with the players for failing to both communicate clearly and manage the placement properly." If I come to a table and see one player with an immaculate layout, and another with a messed up one, chances are that unless there is some mitigating factor making clear that I shouldn't expect the same standards of intelligence, discipline, or rule knowledge from both players, the person with the immaculate layout will have a finer grasp of the game's details regarding placement of cards in zones. This means of course that I don't want to see Main Decks in places where Graveyards go, despite it being the style at the time.
  7. They do not give everyone a mat.
  8. communal perspective is not necessarily tied to actual material conditions, or to facts. if you want to win, you will focus on datapoints and careful interpretation of those datapoints.
  9. and yet note what happens when you become like me you know, unconcerned w/ matter of social standing you can play bad decks w/o begrudging others for playing less bad ones, knowing circumstances do not favor you, because "the closest thing to Super Poly in Shaddoll right now is Curse of the Shadow Prison, and god damn it, I am going to eat your goddamn cards, and I choose to lose more often to make that happen, because it's fucking hilarious."
  10. (this shit is something I've been observing since 2005 nyukka)
  11. there's also something to be said for how certain things taken for granted at the highest levels of competitive play as facts-of-life can in and of themselves lead to simplified gamestates, albeit simplified differently from how lower levels of competitive play can lead to simplified gamestates in this capacity, the under-competitive perspective of what is "fun" can be viewed at times as an understandable, incomplete, flawed attempt to escape specific forms of simplified gamestate, that stumbles either accidentally or on-purpose into other forms of simplified gamestate. Disliking the sort of way games can end in competitive play, and/or how we get to that end, is not fun-police in and of itself: what leads to fun-police status is "you didn't think this shit through, so ultimately your preferred changes make the game no better in an objective sense."
  12. Ancient player haha who still plays?

    Welcome back
  13. I somehow doubt judges later said that. Anyway, Poison's ATK-increasing effect may be activated during either player's turn. So may its card-destroying effect. If you are assuming monster effects have to be Quick to activate during the opponent's turn, stop. The only class of monster effects that can activate, but as a class must never activate during the opponent's turn would be monsters' Ignition Effects, which activate only during one's own MP.
  14. given the circumstances in which even I have found josh to have done things far worse, I'd still not go that far anyway even if we get stupid popups.
  15. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    Donating $10 to the charity pool. It's so goddamned strange, knowing my teacher is gone.