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  1. Jacob Wayne Tipton


    I would think twice about taking this kid on a car ride to an even. Watch your valuables, your phone or wallet and also your Duel Monster cards. He has shifted to the DARKSIDE of the community. Sounds funny, but don’t reward him with you resources. It may come at a cost of another players things as well. Even in a VS. match during shuffling your opponents cards he takes on a locals level. Also at a flea market he is documented taking rares out of a box and pocketing them. Currently he has not allowed to go into a few Walmart’s in the Springfield area for stealing cards and things. He has stolen from past team mates as well since 2017, has been forgiven in good faith to return what was even borrowed but no follow up. He is bad news bears, normally surrounding himself around good people only to get a plus out of it. He comes off as trusted, nice and kind. Something changed in this kid and I hope your not hurt by his illusions or lack of friendship.  


    Before you take him anywhere EARL, you should consider this.


    “Sometimes, when you win, you lose.”


    I have..

    1. rei


      that was a ride