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  1. SCG Nashville

    He actually conceded after 2-0ing the guy to help him get to level 8 on the scg circuit.
  2. Halo: Reach

    343 are doing great thing and actually listening to the mlg communiy rather then jus sitting around and doing nohing like bungie..this update will deff make halo more bearable.
  3. Can't Get Enough

    yuck gbs <3
  4. Plant - Discussion

    ive been using it also but i play a 2nd junk it combos so good with tengu..only thing im not sure on is if maxx c belongs in the main.
  5. This City

    Wats with you and 42 cards? Lol but I realy hate double doppel s of late and zepheros and the3rd ryko needs to go..btw ur gonna cokme with us right to nats.
  6. TS Fearless' North American WCQ Deck

    This is making me wanna change from doppel to this. Deck looks scary good, See ya at nats
  7. Formula Synchron

    Is that only for using formulas effect on your oponnets turn right? Other wise they can still solemn warning a formula or thunderking if you synchon on your turn?
  8. Everyday (Coolin)

    Hate this deck wish all heralds in the world would burn lol
  9. Ycs Providence

    Sucks about round 9 I was sitting to ur right when every card u drew was literaly one turn to late and when u flipped 3 spys off the top of ur deck in a row when u lost game 1 but gj almost runining the gauntlet see ya at nats.
  10. Exhale's YCS Providence Report!

    It was cool talking to you and watching you draw nuts vs my friend jamal lol
  11. YCS Providence

    Be there tommorow if anyone is seling 3 ulti or ultra avrices 2 superlonefires or ulti caius lmk Also got doubel anime deckboxes the one where each side slides out
  12. Save The World

    do you not like tytanile? Its something I've been messing with just to help vs turn 1 shiens and outs to many stynchros people make other thn colossal.
  13. YCS Providence

    I got a lot of shit some people can borrow just let me know ahead of time so I don't lend it out to others..I just ask for some kind of compansation so nothing will get damaged or anything like that.
  14. What Goes Around

    Yuck <3
  15. Plant - Discussion

    I really like birdman after testing with it on dueling network its a one card brionac with tour guide and can help get over their turn 1 shien..I don't like tengus tho after testing it I keep drawing mulitple copies or I rather summon lonefire/ tour guide instead.