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  1. Training Journals

    Uh I literally can't get a run without an injury fucking nightmare.   However my back rehab is going well.   Back Squat 80kg 5 x 10   Front Squat 80kg 5 x 5   No issues.
  2. Best decision I ever made.
  3. Training Journals

    My routine currently is a 4 day split   Day 1:   Back Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Squat, Pull Up, Dip, Accessory    Day 2:   Front Squat, Hang Clean, Overhead Squat, Pull Up, Dip, Accessory   Day 3:   Deadlift, Military Press, Overhead Squat, Pull Up, Dip, Accessory   Day 4:   Romanian Deadlift, Glute Bridge, Overhead Squat, Dumbbell Row, Dumbbell Horizontal Press, Accessory   If it's important, do it every day. 
  4. Pokemon X and Y

    SUP!   My friends and I have X & Y -- what are the best Pokemon to use that are available in these games without trading later.   HELP ME!
  5. My goals are ...   1) Lose body fat % 2) Maintain as much muscle mass as possible  3) Increase functional mobility & flexibility for Olympic lifts   What I have to do to achieve those goals ...   1) Create small calorie deficit 2) Maintain weight on the bar 3) Follow and prioritise flexibility and mobility work 
  6. backpacks

    I would no-strap my backpack if I could.  
  7. Glucosamine, Omega Fish Oils & Multi vitamin is all you really need unless you have specific vitamin requirements imo.
  8. Assistance Exercises. end of discussion.
  9. Reading some of your posts really frustrates me Aaron.
  10. Another testimonial gentlemen :).
  11. I'm not saying it's not an approach -- it clearly is. However I would go as far as to say 99% of athletes use specific scientific detail to calculate their intake, what foods etc. So perhaps it's not wrong but it's not the most optimal. You don't see an Olympian preparing his body for maximum energy exertion (whatever the exercise may be) with what we'd define as dirty food. I'm no food scientist but the body can absolutely detect the difference in quality of food -- I know this from personal experience because above all else when I eat clean I feel healthy and I'm full of energy, when I eat shit I feel shit and run down despite the macro-micro nutrient boxes being filled.   Then again that 1% left will be those genetic freaks like was it Bolt who just eats chicken nuggets before a race? So like I said, it is possible.
  12. It's quality of proteins, carbs and fats that's an issue too. You may hit the numerical numbers but in terms of quality it will be lowered.
  13. New Blog Post gentlemen!    So my business growsssssss :) 
  14. i am almost CERTAIN that's how me and you talk to each other lol :P   I talk exactly like him XD hahahah.
  15. This dude is such a douche -- I hate the way he talks 'man' 'bro' ahh fuck me.