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  1. Leviticus | Prophecy

    imo u ran but wutever who r u to make a call like that on ur own... earning wins...hmph u dont do it days later....
  2. Leviticus | Prophecy

    well nivce work guys keep up the good work...perhaps people will now look twice at prophecy if we win this
  3. [-Prophecy-]

    lemme knwo if u sub me in i doubt it but meh gl guys
  4. Leviticus | Prophecy

    meh i dont mind sitting out im kinda in a transisition myself taking time to go to other places...neither dgz nor xc is my hoem ne more so i jus check in now n then ill duel when needed lemme know if i get subbed in gl guys
  5. [-Prophecy-]

    hmmmm well checking in...seems sum people have taken interest hope they r good neough to join... so does ne one have ne idea about this so called war??? alot of the remmebers r in like other teams to :/
  6. [-Prophecy-]

    so yea when will it start
  7. [-Prophecy-]

    n this is againt purple haze ighty as much as im up to the challenge i would love for it never to even reach me
  8. [-Prophecy-]

    i hope this goes well i left alot leaving hells eclipse :/ so lets make this the best we can
  9. [-Prophecy-]

    And then there were 3 its a great start hopefully the rest can come and we can get a few mroe for a full team
  10. [-Prophecy-]

    *walks in* ah finally at dgz and as a team....well im here to help in ne way u need u can count on me ill do my best for ye *sits n waits for others to arrive*
  11. Broken vs. Hell's Eclipse

    lost to the deck type im weakest against...burn/stall/decking... it wasnt half bad first duel was a good one i almost tok it...second i was able to pull it off cuz i had better tops then he did and third....man i dont even wanna...les jus say i lost my focus and misplayed atleast 4 turns in a row :/ 2-1 belth gg's sorry i disappointed u HE
  12. Broken vs. Hell's Eclipse

    ighty ill start tomorow cuz im leavin in a few
  13. Broken vs. Hell's Eclipse

    Broken^Sword - x12Endless21x - Can not duel until further notice - Subject to Change uhh how come?? btw its KindaLikePuddin i was tired of th confussions :/
  14. [+] Glory

    *sigh* i need sum oil...n for sum of this team to be on... *retracts application*