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  1. No indictment for Daniel Pantaleo

      Can you just go away please?    Honestly, dude took a little jab at him and he responded in kind. I saw nothing wrong with either post here.
  2. No indictment for Daniel Pantaleo

    I don't think any of this shit is "cool"
  3. No indictment for Daniel Pantaleo

    I don't think you guys get it. To disrupt the status quo, to get people's attention who you normally wouldn't have you have to be, well, disruptive. That's what protests do. If that draws ire of a few folks then so be it. I prefer that than suffering in silence, doing nothing. The history of my country, America, is full of violent revolutions, wars, and protests which resulted in radical change to the benefit of all its people. MLK and other civil rights leaders have had similar opposition even from people the civil rights movement would have benefited. Protests are inevitably going to be messy. They will make EVERYONE involved uncomfortable and uneasy, and they will be inconvenienced. That is the whole point. This is what we have to in order to be heard. History has shown us this and has showed us that protests, the action of speaking up, is a powerful agent in influencing change.
  4. No indictment for Daniel Pantaleo

    "I'm sorry but I have to laugh at the idea that truly effective protests that bring forth meaningful change must be peaceful but not too peaceful, loud enough to be heard but not too loud to hurt everyone else's pretty little ears, inconvenience people to bring forth attention but not REALLY inconvenience them at the risk of them wrinkling their nose at you, have a clear focused goal but not TOO focused as to make it universal. Make them effective for people to listen, but don't make it TOO effective because then people will take 25 minutes to get to Starbucks instead of 20 and then bam, you just lost their precious support.     maybe as you sit in backed up traffic and think about how inconvenienced you are, just maybe you might also think about the black fellow who was "inconvenienced" when he was killed by a gang of cops via chokehold"   In other words, one of the very best ways to get people to pay attention to you is to force them to have a seat at the table across from you IE inconvenience them. I don't have much sympathy for selfish people who can't stand to be inconvenience for a few hours while I and others have been inconvenience for lifetimes.
  5. No indictment for Daniel Pantaleo

    Disrupting the status quo is literally the goal of protests and activism. 

    Uhh ok

      god i hate you sometimes. He's mostly kidding. It's his schickt.

    Nah I disagree. K-pop tries really hard to emulate rihanna, b2k, missy elliot and other 'urban' artists/groups. Visions sounds nothing like any of those

    are we really comparing grimes to kpop or dem just jokes?
  10. Best Black Friday deals?

    Massive sale on square enixs website for cyber Monday
  11. NO Indictment for Darren Wilson

    the major picture is that a black person is killed by the police every 28 hours. how many white criminals are safely brought into custody despite doing way more than stealing. Police view black children as being older than they actually are. http://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/2014/03/black-boys-older.aspx   http://rt.com/op-edge/208395-police-black-children-violence-murder/   stop saying this isn't a race case this is indicative of a larger problem in this country that effects black people. Yep this is a problem that effects everyone but disproportionately effects blacks and Latinos the most. You can't talk about police brutality without talking about how race is very clearly a factor in who will commonly see the end of a nightstick.
  12. NO Indictment for Darren Wilson

    If you're going to post a study at the very least please just quote some excerpts that you think is supports your position. 
  13. NO Indictment for Darren Wilson

    Disagree.   Demilitarizing officers don't mean disarming them.    I thought the point of sending people to prison was to rehabilitate them. That sentence shouldn't continue once they are released. A felon should have access to job that pays well enough so they can eat and support their families without falling back into a life of crime. Doing so just traps people in a vortex where they just in and out of prison. add to the fact that possession of marijuana is a fucking felony.   The war on drugs is not a good thing. 
  14. NO Indictment for Darren Wilson

    It's not the only viable solution. It's a good one though and fairly realistic to implement in the short to mid term. I am interested to hear what other things you think are viable (srs).     End the war on drugs. Every fucking encounter I have with the cops shouldnt turn into a patdown to see if I have fucking weed.   end mass incarcerations.    On that note convicted felons shouldn't become second class citizens when they do get out of jail which only pushes them back to crime.   Eliminate corporate interest in what laws get enforce. For example selling loose cigarettes shouldn't be a crime that got a man chocked to death.   On that note, remove the interests of money in general from policing. A lot of these things you get like citations, tickets and summons for make no sense. All they do is seemingly generate revenue for the city and give them reasons to detain you in the future.   Fucking end quotas   demilitarize them.   Take care of the officers. Psychological evaluations are good for them and ultimately good for civilians. This goes for before they are hired and while they are on active duty. A lot of these guys are walking around with either deep rooted anger issues or PTSD. You shouldn't have to wait for an incident to do this.   Better training. Officers should be better trained to handled a variety of situations. They should be able to recognize when a situation needs to be handled with force and when not and act accordingly. For example Eric Garner didn't needed to be restrained like that and that resulted in his death.   On that note, properly define what constitutes as abuse and standardize punishments for infractions. Officers being able to body slam non compliant but non threatening civilians is definitely abuse in our eyes but some how they can get away with doing it.   Officers should be protected if they do out another officer as an abuser.    I would like to see efforts to get cops themselves genuinely involved in the communities they're serving instead of being asshole overlords.   Mandatory HGH and steroid testing.   Reverse Terry v. Ohio and Florida v. Bostick,