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  1. DuelistGroundz username: yellowlink Discord username: yellowlink Formats: goats only Expected level of activity: nights on weekdays, mid to high activity on weekend Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): Have no idea, as long as they know what they are doing.
  2. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    It's a Poor Man's Storm Forged Axe. Basically. Rather just run a cog hammer. 
  3. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    No really incentive still going for legendary. Ranked Rewards only go up till Rank 5, which is pretty easy. I am not gonna complain they give you golden cards at least. I would like to hit legend again but I already have the card back, so no really point to it, because i just don't gain anything form it only self satisfaction really. They should at least give you a little more dust for at least hitting legendary, if not a golden card or legendary.    Rogue is still weak. Only form of rogue useable in constructed is really Oil Rogue. I wish Tempo rogue could be a thing, because some cards in rogue class are really good. The rogue legendary is bad. Anivia seems to be decent. Joust mechanics are not bad. Some cards will see play like the sunwalker card. I feel like Joust mechanisms will suck against handlock / control / mirror matchups. But they are more or less made against aggro decks, so I think they should serve their purpose fine.    Don't know what to say about the Pally legendary, I wish it cosed 1 less mana or like had 1 or 2 more attack stats. Guess it does counter Dr.Boom though, Don't know how I feel playing it, if I already have 2 peacekeepers in the deck. Pally weapon is bad. I like the 5/5 Turtle joust guy that heals. Definitely gonna put that in instead of Healbot. I feel like its a much better card even though sometimes you might not get effects, generally you only need heal as a pally vs aggro decks so it should serve its purpose fine. Now if Only pally gets a decent Draw Card.    Druid is getting good cards this expansion, which is a good sign along with shaman.    The 4 mana legendary might be decent in a Zoo / Muster deck, not really sure. But generally if you field is packed you are usually dominating anyways. 4/4 is a decent stats by itself though most of the time. I will definitely try it.    Black knight might see play again if TGT really does make the format slow, which I think is trying to do. I hope they release the expansion soon.  We still have a little more than half of the cards still left to reveal, so still excited. :O    Congrats Impact :D 
  4. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Finally some incentive to play ranked again. Thank god!    Blizzard is definitely going in the right direction with some of these cards now. Seems pretty good to me at least. 
  5. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Every time they make a 2 drop they have to think about Shredder. That card outclasses every other 4 drop minion in the game. But i think they have to directly nerf shredder, indirectly nerfing it wont really help give it one less attack or one less defense, and that should be fine. 
  6. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    mm haven't had enough gold to get the 4th wing for BRM yet... But will probably move on to Pally Dragons... I feel corruptor even though seems like it would be good is.. a tech card at best. not a staple in dragon decks by any means. 
  7. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    In Pally it helps extremely well vs hunters / Zoo's. Those decks are almost like ran 20% in the ladder.    I just put it in mech mage as it synergized well with mechwarper. And sometimes when your hand is not good you just need a mini reset of your life... if the game is going neutral. It more or less provides a buffer. In a lot of builds most people run 1 tinker, 1 yeti. they don't use kezan or antique healbot. They go for 2 mad scientist and 2 entity.  if healbot does end up staying next turn i can pop something with blastmage.    I hate running 2 mad scientist with 2 targets, as it happens very often to me that scientist becomes a dead card.    It is up to  preference, You could also take out a yeti and put in pilotted golem. or even a bgh    Going for draw power is fine as well, but sometimes it just slows me down. My main goal with Mech mage was to always pressure them with a field.    I used to hate healbot, and thought it was a waste but i learned to love it.. Like every time you play azure drake or have him in hand. Just think to yourself if healbot would be helpful in that situation.    Mech mage is not full aggro like hunter / zoo. I would say its somewhere between hunters / zoos and paladin. Somewhere right in between.    unstable portal is an amazing card but it's random. So i just chose to stick with consistent options. You never know what you are getting really, in tempo it's fine as I have mana wyrm, and i just have to survive till late game as tempo mage to win. 
  8. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Well most people run 2 mad scientist and 2 mirror entity... I tested that version but a lot of times i would get 1 mirror entity in hand. meaning one of the other mad scientist would be useless. I did not want anything to mess my early game as mech mage because i feel like in order to be effective with mech mage you have to have a good start. Mad scientist is an amazing card but i feel like that with two targets it just is not worth it.  That's majorly also one of the reasons i had counter spell in there in the second one..    I feel like entity even though is really good slows me down against hunter / zoo matchups... I designed the mech mage in order to have a extremely good chance at beating zoo / hunters which it was doing. Also in order to fit in 2 mirror entity and 1 scientist. I would need to take out 3 cards and i didn't want to take out tinker / yeti as they synergy extremely well with antonidas.    If i have mechs on the field i want to keep on summoning mechs and pressure the enemy. Warrior / hunters lack a field clear unless you count in explosive shot / whirlwind.    Against warrior / hunters / zoo you want to have field control. Scientist / Mirror entity wont really help against those decks as they can easily play around those cards.    In mech mage though you could take out sylvanas put in piloted golem or whatever. I dont have that card so i was just running sylvanas. 
  9. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    pally deck -      Mech Mage -        Tempo Mage -      I look forward to running Pally Dragons in May format :) I feel that they will be extremely strong if built right. 
  10. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Yeah pretty much use standard list. I teched in one Kezan Mystic in mech mages for Mirror matches / Hunters.    In Tempo mage I found that literally Kel thuzad every time i played it against druid they either auto conceded or had no answer to it.. I have a 100% win ratio against druids with tempo mage.. Kel Thuzad tooo stronnkkkk    Once i got to lower levels though like 1, I would win 1 or 2 matches then loose one again. I was running into decent amount of hunters. So i Just got fed up and ran My pally control build with 2 equality / wild pyro mancer's and it served me well.    Basic Deck lists i will post them up later tonight.. Just got back to USA so still burned out, was a long day today.    Like it's hard to do something against Hunters / Zoo's. when at turn 4 or 5 they are swarming the field you neeed some field clear.. Pally are fairly good with field clear, Musters / Consecration play really well.    Mage Tempo was struggling against warriors and hunters though...    The best thing i found that will help you climb up when you hit a plateau is look what is playing around you... And then switch to a counter for those decks. 
  11. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

     yeahhh Just hit legendary... earlier today, right after i got done with my exams and stuff.    Mech Mage to climb up fast till i wanna say lv 5, then tempo mage from lv 5 to level 1...    I kept loosing too stupid hunters because they are so skillful.    So i went to pally on level 1 and won like 6 in a row.     
  12. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    I dont think you need alex in there, would go for a azzure drake or something. Guaranteed 1 for 1, and the deck needs a 4 attack minion anyways. Priest will be rampant after brm or atleast they will get stronger somewhat and I feel priest would have a upper hand over paladin.  Ysera will probably get mind controlled late game anyways    Alex even though is game winning I feel pally lacks the  burst to kill you next turn with alex in the deck, so it does not really benefit too much from it..    Chrommagus  Ysera  Boom  Loatheb  Sylvanas  Tirion  These legendary should be enough.. I feel even thaurissan won't be as good b/c consort does the same thing but for one mana less. for your dragons atleast. It's really between sylvanas and Thauriisan. Gotta test the deck first though but i Feel its gonna be extremely strong with either of them. 
  13. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    the 6/4 dragon is ok i feel hungry dragon is gonna be more effective.. Generally always gonna be 1 for 1 can also be occasionally 2 for 1. It can outright pull the tempo back in your favor.. 4 Mana for 5/6 is amazing. There are not that many good 1 drops, flame imp is prob the best you can get, but even then you have to figure how to deal 3 extra damage...    With consort it only costs 2 mana which is kind of ridiculous. 
  14. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Damn didn't look at the thread for a couple of days, and missed out on some action..    Anyways it's a Card game what else can we expect.... More than half the cards have effects which have some sort of RNG involved..  You should not be rewarded for playing a deck where you just attack their face 24/7. That concept is flawed. And when we see cards like quickshot, we start to think what is blizzard trying to say. Why can i not have control over when to activate my secret. There are some mechanics which clearly make you question hearthstone..   What I am trying to say is some of the freedom that we should have in decision making is taken away by some of the designs that blizzard has in place.    Anyone who played yugioh competitively should have no problems reaching rank 5.    I quit earlier last year because the card pool was utter crap, and just got bored guessing evan vargas quit for the same reason as well.   But Overall i do feel that Hearthstone will stay for the long haul. Just log on and do dailies at least.. I wish i would have done those, but now i have to grind for the BRM adventures.  I have spent like what 23 bucks on this game. 2 packs while i was in beta and the Naxx adventure for 20 bucks.  I think that's good enough for this game... and just grind it out the hard way.    Another issue is that gold rewards are terrible, and blizzard needs to do something to reward us, its going to be hell for newcomers to build their collection up without investing some good amount of money.    As the card pool gets better, the game will balance out a little. Yugioh was pretty unbalanced when there were only 450-500 cards as well, we just have to think about it.  There will always be RNG involved perhaps more than any other game, but you also have to realize that this game appeals to a much wider audience and isn't really designed around being competitive. You play a couple of games a day and call it a night.    If you are good enough you will do good on a consistent basis, yeah you might get cheesed out on a couple of wins. But that can be said with any card game. 
  15. League of Legends

    Anyone a high level ADC main? LIke plat or Diamond... I would like to learn something or two.. :O trying to main adc... stuck in bronze 2 :O, I was silver last season though...