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  1. the lol theory is hilarious. in-fact its todays phrase of the day on urban dictionary. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?...p;defid=2570095
  2. One card to fix the format

    It needs to come back.
  3. Should I trade this stuff for Sarcophagus

    If he gets me a pic of it, and will agree to mod trade then I will do it, however he couldn't do either, and i said only way i would do it was if he sent first.
  4. Should I trade 3 Charges, Jd,3 Bribe, 3 PWWB,2 Burial,2 Mezuki,Solemn,Jujitsu,3 thunder king,dustshoot,2 thestalos ult, 2 raiza ult,super book, 3 ult tigers, 3 bestiari and 2 prisma and 2 mind control and 2 necro for sarc? to RVCA. He is offering to simul-send.
  5. Since everyone is making card threads.

    ur doin it wrong.

    I think deck needs less Avarice and more Sarcophagus.

    Morphing jar is good.
  8. Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

    depends on what machines are used.
  9. Sarco for sale..

    I want a sarc. I'll trade teh worldz for it.