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  1. if you click on this topic you must post

    whats up fagits?

    Where the hoes at bruh
  3. do you eat ass?

    What's up LS. Hahaha just fucking around decided to post on here can't believe dgz is still around
  4. do you eat ass?

    Imma eat that booty... just like groceries
  5. Smoke 4!

    Come back to denver for vacation.  I'm in my friends car and a cop pulls up as I am ripping a pipe.  He just nods his head and drives off. Love this shit.
  6. Florida passes "Bong Bill"

    That tobacco leaf on pensacola is where its at they always hook it up for me on the pipes / bongs. This bong ban is about to  be crazy tho wtf these people are gonna drive me back to colorado.
  7. my weed dealer is a bitch

    drive thru to tally bruh i got you on dat louuuuuuuud
  8. Smoke 4!

    smoke fuckin blunts every day
  9. NHL '11 | ' 12 Season Thread

    Who do you guys have as the calder winner? I think Landeskog heated the fk up lately I'm rooting my nigga. Go avalanche ! if varlamov can step the fuck up well at least make the playoffs lol
  10. battle of the real names

    lolololol i had some teasers on my iphone actually but i just fucking fried it in water at the beach yesterday :\ smh
  11. battle of the real names

    rofl i gotta get em off my external hard drive i never imported the shit to my mac im really high ill do it soon tho
  12. battle of the real names

    Igor Gennadiavich Pavunko sup dawg
  13. itt rep and rate people's surnames

    Pavunko ;\
  14. What album are you listening to

    [img]http://uploads.dancingastronaut.com/2011/12/R-3299789-1324643995-e1324667971494.jpeg[/img] sup haterz