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  1. Fracture [vs] Hitlist

  2. Lost Ones vs Fracture

  3. Supernova [vs] Fracture

  4. Modern Empire

    Good luck.
  5. Lost Ones vs Fracture

    I got Fatalbeliever306 2/0. Kycoo saves lives! Was a good game.
  6. Supernova [vs] Fracture

    Yeah I noticed that just before you posted, and edited my previous post. Never played Infernity or often played against them. Still would of probably done a blind MST aiming for a Solemn W/J though. Going with Infernities for Trish?
  7. Supernova [vs] Fracture

    Anything too be honest. Was my chain of thought at the time. Thought it would be Infernity Barrier (can't even remember if you had cards in hand now), or something of that like. I already can only remember one of your sets and that was Infernity Inferno. Was around Hampshire driving in the morning till 01:30 while the roads are bare getting used to driving my test. Doing it all this week, so I'm pretty tired and not really paying attention at all. I was even playing in the dark cause my gf was asleep. EDIT: Just noticed Barrier would need the Infernity in ATK position, I hadn't actually noticed this, and probably wouldn't of done a blind MST, or would have.
  8. Supernova [vs] Fracture

    Wanted to see if you would attempt to negate it (For any reason, went with Necro Gardna cause I wanted to prep Grepher for another turn if successful). Random MST to see if I could hit anything useful, which failed. I even stated I hate doing it.
  9. Supernova [vs] Fracture

    I got Harry 2/1. GGs.
  10. Fracture [vs] Hitlist

  11. Supernova [vs] Fracture

  12. Fracture

    Sad =[ Not in the lineup.
  13. Fracture [vs] Hitlist

    I got ATL Insanity [vxvInsanityvxv]. 2/0.
  14. Fracture [vs] Hitlist

  15. Lost Ones vs Fracture

    On 4 Games