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  1. Heroes

    Newest episode sucked balls.
  2. [»] Shattered ™

    Just got back from locals. Got 1st.
  3. Glads -

    This is my current build: [ 3 ] Test Tiger [ 2 ] Gladiator Beast Samnite [ 2 ] Gladiator Beast Hoplomus [ 2 ] Gladiator Beast Equeste [ 2 ] Gladiator Beast Laquari [ 1 ] Elemental Hero Prisma [ 1 ] Gladiator Beast Secutor [ 1 ] Gladiator Beast Murmillo [ 1 ] Gladiator Beast Bestiari [ 1 ] Gladiator Beast Darius [ 1 ] Rescue Cat [ 1 ] Sangan [ 3 ] Book of Moon [ 2 ] Gladiator Proving Ground [ 1 ] Enemy Controller [ 1 ] Heavy Storm [ 1 ] Mystical Space Typhoon [ 1 ] Cold Wave [ 3 ] Waboku [ 2 ] Gladiator Beast War Chariot [ 2 ] Trap Stun [ 2 ] Bottomless Trap Hole [ 1 ] Trap Dustshoot [ 1 ] Mirror Force [ 1 ] Torrential Tribute [ 1 ] Call of the Haunted - [ Side ] - [ 3 ] Threatening Roar [ 2 ] Dimensional Fissure [ 2 ] Legendary Jujitsu Master [ 2 ] Dust Tornado [ 1 ] Gladiator Beast Respite [ 1 ] Giant Trunade [ 1 ] Gladiator Beast War Chariot [ 1 ] Gladiator Beast Retiari My biggest and probably only issue at locals is Blackwings. I really need some help with what to put in my side for them and for those that are a little more experienced what to side in/out for the matchup.
  4. [»] Shattered ™

    <3 k thanks man How's it goin' guys?
  5. Custom Mats

    Get your color profile in PS at CMYK instead of RBG. That should help already. I'll do that. Is there a program out there that would show exactly how it would print out like?
  6. Custom Mats

    Yeah I got it printed and I wasn't aware how dark it would print out so I am a little disappointed. I might get it re-done if I can get some more info. I was hoping you might be able to help me with that PJ.
  7. GPC Tokyo Registration

    Still taking signups? If so Scott King / S l o x / I am Slox
  8. + Legacy vs Shattered

    sorry =( just playing yugioh obv
  9. [»] Shattered ™

    Yeah sorry about that bro. Didn't think you were making it.
  10. + Legacy vs Shattered

    Lost to d1ciple 2-1. Really close games. Had he not had heavy t1 in game three the outcome would have probably been very different.
  11. Whoa @ Orlando

    They still haven't posted any of the feature lists lol
  12. DGz Radio is BACK

    I got one. Kinda just something I made recently when I was trying to figure shit out but I would be happy to keep making more. I'll try and catch you on MSN.
  13. Custom Mats

    Me and a friend did this. I am getting it made.
  14. Free Agent Thread

    I sort of got Jeff playing again. Lets re-make W.A.S.<3 k :3
  15. poopsocking

    Defecating into a sock in order to avoid having to get up from your computer to use the toilet. Often utilized when playing online role playing games. Urban dictionary quicksearch toolbar.
  16. Kanye West

    lol wtf that was unexpected
  17. Serious Question for DGZ

    DGz has always been full of assholes. It just wasn't as popular when it first started as it is today.
  18. Blackwing - Discussion

    I agree. Blizzard at 3 in a bit much to me. I've been trying Cyber Dragon. Its good bait imo. I've never been to the point where I said to myself "Damn I wish I had a third blizzard".
  19. Free Agent Thread

    Free - I am Slox I may not post a lot in thread unless absolutely necessary but I am on more then enough for wars and what-not.
  20. The DuelistGroundz Ladder

    Why not kind of work the ladder in tiers. Each tier requires a certain amount of wins or points and the higher you go the more points you are able to achieve (mainly because you are playing more skilled opponents). Anyone can play someone else in a lower tier (for lower points of course) and you try to work your way up to the very top tier. The top tier contains the top % of duelists or the top X amount of duelists. You can only challenge the next tier after getting X amount of points or reaching the very top of your current tier.
  21. What song are you listening to now?

    The Earth Isn't Humming by Thrice