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  1. Young's Beastâ„¢....

    Nice deck mang
  2. Buncha crap

    Yeah. They are all using the same style. I am in a kind of learning phase and I am trying to get some things down before I move on. Once I get a few issues that I am having down I think I will move on and try to change up the style.
  3. high resolution yugioh card uploads

    Yes. I have them but idk where to upload them. I tried using Megaupload once. Didn't work XD
  4. Mage

  5. YO

    AIM me and I might do this.
  6. Riku by Slox

    Something I just finished. Been really trying to do more graphics lately. Still trying to find a border I like.
  7. Cheating #2

    Things like this are nice to know. I personally don't know how to spot cheating / stacking unless it is extremely obvious so this knowledge is kind of nice.
  8. what up

    It's been quite a while since I have seen you around here. What brings you back? Welcome back.
  9. Back Again!

    Pretty sweet bro. Glad to finally hear something from ya.
  10. Riku by Slox

    Yeah. A few people said the same thing. Removed em.
  11. Nel

    Some request I did for a dude.
  12. What song are you listening to now?

    Chelsea Smile Bring Me The Horizon
  13. Seeya :)

    Cya later brah
  14. Custom Mats

    I have a shit ton of images but they aren't cut out and I am terrible at rendering.
  15. Coconut Records

    I've been listening to these guys for a while. They were even put on some commercial that I can't remember. Pretty good band.
  16. Custom Mats

    Id really like to know where they get the nice YGO card images for these.
  17. DT06-JP030

  18. Cold Hearts

    3|Ast|LegendaryJujitsuMaster 2|Dp05|DestinyHero-Malicious 2|Eoj|DestinyHero-DiamondDude 2|Fotb|RaizatheStormMonarch 2|Taev|NecroGardna 2|Tp4|MysticTomato 1|Csoc|PlaguespreaderZombie 1|Jump|ElementalHeroStratos 1|Ptdn|DarkArmedDragon 1|Ptdn|DarkGrepher 1|Mrd|Sangan 1|Pgd|SpiritReaper 2|Dp05|DestinyDraw 2|Ptdn|AllureofDarkness 2|Pgd|BookofMoon 1|Lod|ReinforcementoftheArmy 1|Lod|CreatureSwap 1|Lob|MonsterReborn 1|Mrd|HeavyStorm 1|Mrl|MysticalSpaceTyphoon 1|Tlm|BrainControl 3|Fet|PhoenixWingWindBlast 3|Mrd|SolemnJudgment 1|Sjcs|CrushCardVirus 1|Pgd|TrapDustshoot 1|Lon|TorrentialTribute 1|Mrd|MirrorForce
  19. Cold Hearts

    It hasn't ever been an issue. It's saved my ass quite a few times too. Definitely has been a good tech in testing.
  20. Requesting a signature

    I mighta tried if you could find a picture I like. I don't do sports XD
  21. Who the hell is Frank? >_>
  22. 7 Starred Beatdown

    3Lonefire Blossom 3Beast King Barbaros 2Tytannial, Princess of Camellias 2Destiny Hero - Malicious 2Mystic Tomato 1Elemental Hero Stratos 1Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude 1Destiny Hero - Defender 1Destiny Hero - Plasma 1Plaguespreader Zombie 1Sangan 2Destiny Draw 2Trade-In 2Allure of Darkness 1Brain Control 1Scapegoat 1Heavy Storm 1Giant Trunade 1Mystical Space Typhoon 1Monster Reborn 1Swords of Revealing Light 1Pot of Avarice 2Skill Drain 2Threatening Roar 1Crush Card Virus 1Trap Dustshoot 1Mirror Force 1Torrential Tribute 1Proof of Powerlessness
  23. 7 Starred Beatdown

    You would be the first to realize that. No one at YF did XD