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  1. YCS Pittsburgh 2017

    I know I'm an unknown to any of today's players. But if any players from a while back are gonna be there and want to meet up, I'll be there Friday morning.
  2. Is this the Krusty Krab?

    Ahhh memories
  3. YCS Chicago Apr 10-12 2015

    Yeah, come down to the suburbs 40 minutes south of rosemont and hangout.
  4. YCS Chicago Apr 10-12 2015

    Addy is so easy to come by. Got plenty of 30's. Lol
  5. YCS Chicago Apr 10-12 2015

    I'll be there...anyone that knows who I am, send me a PM and we can meet up.
  6. League of Legends

    Lol just played a game as Talon and like single handed I controlled the pace of the game. Favorite part though was when other team tries to baron with 3 of my team dead. Vel throws his slow, I jump over instaburst him with my ult putting Lucian low enough that baron killed him. I go to recall in bush behind baron and Zed runs up coming in late and I'm at like 100 HP. He threw q into brush in river looking for me so I W when he walks up and insta E + Q. Dat crit build =3
  7. League of Legends

    Finally got my internet fixed, so I can trust it now to actually play 5's. Just let me know times ahead of time and I'll make myself available, usually weekends work best.
  8. League of Legends

    I don't think that could've been put more perfectly. haha
  9. League of Legends

    I max his Q in lane...W second. Don't even touch E. Run AD Reds, 5% cdr from blues, hp/level yellows, 2 AS quints and then an armor or AD(Your choice here.)   I start either shield or blade, usually shield. Rush a phage straight into triforce. I like BorK but in all honesty it's not that good on him, he's already sticky enough. I Rush Triforce, Sunfire, SV, FH then your last 2 can be whatever you want if you need to be even tankier you can go randuins/GA/Mogs. Or you can build Maw/BoRK/Zephyr/Hydra.   I've been messing around with Hydra lately, not sure how I feel about it as my second item yet.   Masteries, I run 21/9/0. Making sure to take the weaving blade masteries.   I absolutely wreck every shyvana and renekton I come across. If your jungle comes to gank it's pretty much a guaranteed kill because you have 2 CC spells at level 2(2 and a half kinda.) Root, Knockback, Slow.   His base damage is insanely high and he can actually bully pretty much anyone I've come across so far 1v1.
  10. League of Legends

    Bruiser Maokai is op. It would obviously become FotM soon enough except for the rework...which will push him over the edge. Just not as a jungler.
  11. Starless

    But I wanna be a dueeeeeeeliiiiiiiiiiist...and there's a spot open on your team now. :)
  12. League of Legends

    Monkey's still good...I have like 70+ with him in jungle. He's just not good elsewhere. 27 LP Plat 2 and climbing. Udyr/Trundle take me thurrrr
  13. League of Legends

    Madstone Udyr is still the nuts.
  14. League of Legends

      Bitch please.  I have lost the last 4 plat 4 promos in a row.  I got into plat 4 recently, but then got firewall error'd, lost my next game and went back to plat 5.  The Riot hatred is real. Well that's just because you're terrible at this game. :)
  15. League of Legends

    Lost 2 plat 2 promos now in the third game. Will try again today. Thegrindisreal