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  1. Lung Cancer Charities. Give money to Lung Cancer Charities. What do we figure out? Smoking is a leading cause of Lung Cancer! What does it change? Absolutely nothing, apparently. The only real way of lung cancer being stopped is to stop the causes (Smoking etc;) They just over-all seem quite redundant to me. In saying this, I understand Cancer may start elsewhere and can travel to the lungs and that smoking didn't cause that but in that case the Cancer that should have been studied there is where ever it originated from. I'm all for charity, just not lung cancer charity.
  2. Lightray Grepher

    [quote name='victor' timestamp='1335920184' post='3170115'] Thought about this card some more, I realized that it allows you to RFG Fortune Lady Light: [img]http://i.ebayimg.com/t/Yugioh-Fortunes-Future-SOVR-EN051-Super-Rare-Stardust-Overdrive-NM-/00/s/NzE3WDQ4OA==/$(KGrHqR,!o!E9c-70nskBPoCYqCRqg~~60_3.JPG[/img] This card is for all intents and purposes Pot of Greed. 1 card -> draw 2 cards. And you can play of 3 of them, no restrictions like Cardcar D. And moreover, you put FL Light in grave to be RFGed for Chaos Sorceror or BLS. With 3 Pot of Duality, you probably wouldn't even need to play full-on Fortune Ladies to abuse Future, just Gold Sarc and Grepher would be enough. [/quote] Well if talking about in interaction with Lightray Grepher, it's more of an Allure of Darkness-esque card since through that combo it would be 2 for 2, however it boosts speed of it so it is worth looking into.
  3. South Park Season 15!

    Screw you Sir...I'm going home Best screw you ever! Great episode!
  4. Eurovision

    Jedward... D=
  5. Blizzard Princess

  6. Steins Gate

    Just saw 5. This is getting really really good. Also, Was that Rai-Net battle they were playing?
  7. Osama Bin Laden dead

    This kinda like defeating hitler. These people are really no longer treated as humans but Terror Incarnate. Destroying them is essentially viewed as defeating, at least in part, terror.
  8. Obama Zings Trump

    Best Stand Up comedy I have ever seen in a long while. :D
  9. Psychics - Discussion

    Ah fair enough. I honestly have no idea whats going on with the deck but LSD would be just cool to fit in!
  10. Psychics - Discussion

    Instead of Brain Lab, has anyone thought of utilizing Life Stream Dragon to regain the life? Just a random note.
  11. Six Samurai - Discussion

    Was thinking about Birdman today too, though didn't notice the level 8 access. What I was thinking that you can bounce a Kizan/Grandmaster, to special summon it again for more counters on whatever. Might be worth trying out. I'm thinking triple compulse in the main too, against Gravekeepers side them out for triple Nobleman of Crossout, against everything else side them out for 3 Chain Dissapperance. Alot of stuff requires that normal summon, I think the only deck CED won't do much against is Fish (even if they brave a backrow) considering Coelcalanth will just go off anyway.
  12. Water Synchro - Discussion

    Ah, so thats how this works? Set Tengu, proceed with Shenanigans next turn? Regardless, looks insane! and outside of the Synchros, incredibly affordable.
  13. Water Synchro - Discussion

    So is it pretty much like Summon Treeborn, Summon Tengu, Ditch for Fishborg. Fishborg + Tengu = Librarian Summon Tengu Ditch for Fishborg Fishborg + Tengu = Librarian Then pretty much play all your avarices while summoning free fishborgs and Synchros that +1 until you end up into some field of virtually unbeatable Synchro set up even more so than Samurais or the old TeleDad set ups?
  14. Set 704: Extreme Victory

    Loads of Psychics, Komachis, a Debunk and an Ult LSD (Actually decent for Psychic FTK's)
  15. how bad is the format about to get?

    Format was already pretty bad, pretty much anything can drop an OTK. Some even FTK or do something which pretty much the same (a hard-hitting first turn royal tribute, or a powerful samurai set-up or fish shenanigans)