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  1. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Very shocked they let the "Fuck you Roman" chants for like 2 minutes with no mutes. Great weekend of wrestling btw.
  2. The Official Wrestling Thread

    This JeriKO segment is the best one yet before Rollins came out. I hardly post on here anymore but that was awesome. Also... DIY vs. Revival III is match of the year so far with like nothing close to it that the WWE made.
  3. The Official Wrestling Thread

    No Mercy was shit don't watch it if you haven't and were planning on doing so.
  4. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Clash of Champions looked like it was made for every smark (I am one obviously too) and they will not have any new audience if they keep going this route. As a performance show it was great. As a wrestling show it was garbage because no one told a good story in the ring outside of Cesaro/Shameass (incoming tag team) The talent is incredible but it just looked like a rushed spotty enhanced version of Raw. It wasn't cringe worthy but nothing on this ppv was "Omg I'm glad I didn't miss that!" The constant outside interference was too much since it happened nearly every match. 1. New Day vs. Gallows/Anderson: Why the fuck did they bring in these guys to shit all over them and push them under the rug. This was their moment to be the ass kicking tag team and sure enough a face team uses outside help and New Day wins... 2. Kendrick/TJP: (TJP's promo was awful) As a fan I liked TJP's entrance and his dabbing. The match looked good but you need these guys to stand out. The entire time the announcers put over Kendrick and did nothing for TJP. They held these guys to not do so many moves and that just doesn't make sense when they are this specific division for viewers to watch flipping crazyness be the fucking cruiserweights!... Kendrick's attack after was gold. 3. Thank god Shameass and Cesaro is finally over or is it...? The match looked great they played a good hand of beat the other to hell until they can't continue. I put my face in my hands when Cesaro dove and Shameass didn't catch him. FUCKING STOP WITH THIS MOVE! NOT EVERY FUCKING MATCH NEEDS THIS! 250+ DON'T NEED TO DO THIS! YOU HAVE A CRUISERWEIGHT DIVISION NOW SO FUCKING LET THE GUYS THAT ARE TRAINED TO DO THOSE SPOTS HANDLE THEM! This ending sucked since a clothsline over the barricade isn't a very scary spot also they didn't do it justice to put a camera angle of Cesaro flipping himself over and doing absolutely nothing what Cole said he did. Cesaro's 619 was if anyone wanted to know what it looked like in slow motion if Rey was double his own size. 4. Jericho/Zayn: Was fine...they did this couple weeks ago nothing new and heel Jericho is gold. 5. Bayley/Sasha/Charlotte/Dayna?...: Dayna got involved 10 times too many, Sasha didn't dive or get hurt, Charlotte looked incredible the whole time and Bayley loses yet again to cold her from being female Cena as of now. 6. Reigns/Russia: Reigns got a nice round of boos' per usual and they kicked out of each others finishers for a while as Reigns improves again and again in the ring despite the crowds reaction. He'll be US champ for a long time. 7. Kevin Steen/Tyler Black: was good nothing really stands out apart from the table crotch chop spot and that was gold. Another interference and I shrug since Jericho looks to be beside Owens and not underneath. Owens did his heel magic he always does and his trash talking is among the elite. Good: 1. The Irish Sweedish feud I hope is over 2. TJP's entrance 3. Owen's still champ 4. The music choice for the ppv 5. The entrance video package 6. KO! 7. Jericho! 8. Cole: breathe it in as Jericho would say Graves: its drink it in Cole you stupid idiot! Bad: 1. Interference ppv 2. lazy booking 3. Holding back the cruiserweights 4. Ruining Bayley 5. Ruining Anderson/Gallows 6. No stories were really told 7. FUCKING PRODUCTION CREW ZOOMING IN ON OWENS STRETCH MARKS! GIVE HIM A DIFFERENT SHIRT TO WEAR HE IS FAT SO MAKE DO!
  5. The Official MMA Thread

    Gotta admire Punk's promo but he was so out matched. There wasn't a chance at where he was that he could do this. He isn't a genetic monster like Brock. His weight cut made him look like a skeleton without any muscles what so ever. I am actually surprised he's going to try and fight again as bad as that looked. Rogan tried to push his mic on him and embarrass him as much as he was allowed to get away with. Huge Balls but damn...that was ugly.
  6. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Well...not exactly...
  7. The Official Wrestling Thread

  8. The Official Wrestling Thread

    First of all I didn't know Nikki was on Smackdown Second of all I forgot Cesaro was in the Shamus best of 7 thing. I thought Bayley might get the Paige/AJ Lee situation since the title change was an audible due to Sasha's injury so that was in play. If I was booking Raw I'd take a chance on something special happening since the loss of Finn is devastating to the roster giving a feel good moment to the fans and throw the belt on someone WWE isn't fully behind yet but give them the ball to run with it and upset Rollins.
  9. The Official Wrestling Thread

    So Raw has both of their main champions injured, (Sasha Finn) a couple wellness policy violations again plus an out of control Lesnar, a lot has to happen in 3 hours tonight. Predictions to audible: Bayley is going to win belt when Charlotte does her one and done speech huge pop etc.. (could be Nikki but I hope not) Cesaro vs. Rollins main event Cesaro going over since Joe debutting makes no sense with an injury real and kayfabe angle between Rollins hurting Finn and Joe has to be a heel. Should be way better than Summerslam imo looking forward to it.
  10. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Summerslam was exactly as you said it was. It was a long drawn out spot fest. There wasn't a single story in this ppv. Sasha getting injured again tears at my heart but she needs to slow the fuck down because I don't think she'll ever see the belt again but Im ok with that as long as she comes back for years and use her psychology and charisma which is what drew her to the NXT crowds. Not spot dives and botch hurricaranas that could end her career or even her life. I want WWE to ban her diving as sad as that will be for her. Cena AJ was the only good match, Cena busted his ass to put AJ over and he really respects him. Going over clean on Cena after having a win over him already is a big deal in this company so hats off to him. Jeri-KO is a great faction and at least Owen's has something to do and can pal around with Jericho. Finn/Rollins was meh I didn't care same as Ambrose/Ziggler this wasn't built it was just placement imo Brock/Orton Brock's a fucking moron and tried to hurt Orton wtf is he a psychopath disappointing show maybe a 5/10 was not stellar Brooklyn on the other hand...KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE FUCKING PARK! No way Jose with a congoline looked great in story and sloppy in the ring but Aries made him look dangerous up to the fast finish which was my only gripe. Good opener though and then Hideo came out and they finally let him use the GTS to a massive pop in which WWE decided to take advantage of and made sure people watching wouldn't think thats Punk's move. "He invented that move Corey, yes he did Tom." (which is true but lol) Billie Kay looked better than Moon did imo she is very good and her selling was excellent to that Helix Breaker where it came out of left field and popped the crowd again in a secondary match. Crowd still excited so keep it going no cool down match so far... Roode got a crazy good entrance and Almas got his lukecold reaction as per usual, I don't know why I'm suppose to cheer for a jacked Santino with Indy star power but I was like everyone else too. This was the worst match on the card and it played out that way even though Almas tried so hard to get a reaction but there was no chance with Roode there, when he started the pump handle finisher I thought this was cool then he just power slams in slow motion, "Glorious bomb..." ugh... not great but Roode kept the juices flowing. I don't think the Revival or Johny Wrestling/Psychokiller can have a bad match because this was very good and it told a story with old school style pushed to 2016 to keep people alive and made working a body part relevant again. I love all 4 of these guys and they delivered once again. (incoming obvious Ciampa turn next show) Asuka's entrance was great her demeanor was the same but the chemistry wasn't in play like last year so as far as a wrestling match goes it was solid but nothing insane or "you have to see this match" caliber. I enjoyed it and Bayley's curtain call tied it all together on the outside with Becky Sasha Charlotte and even Izzy. We'll see her soon #raw. Shinsuke's entrance was great he is mega over and looked like the monster instead of Joe being the monster. I think the tone of the match was dialed away for me because Shinsuke never felt like the underdog and Joe never felt like a heel. The psychology by Shinsuke was grand but this again wasn't a classic match just something entertaining and a fine main event. The lure of Shinsuke is worth more than the matches he is actually in (and he is very good at wrestling but his character is even better) 9/10 Not a single cool off match or stupid filler promo. The action and crowd was hot everyone was safe and some good psychology was used.
  11. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Awesome cruiser weight classic and NXT. Roode's theme music is another home run. "Glorious" Matt Hardy (in character) on Jericho's podcast was the best part of the day though. "Hillary Clinton has also taken part in a deletion of her own. The emails went...DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!" /dead
  12. The Official Wrestling Thread

    AJ's promo was great this show was better than last week but still not very good...
  13. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Why do they put so much into Raw but had a horrible Smackdown. Now Raw is getting the cruiserweights too. Smackdown has AJ Cena...Becky sells tickets and merch well enough. They advertised Smackdown so much and let down everyone. Hopefully Alpha will get a good pop. Eva's voice over is also really awesome and people will boo the shit out of her even though she's better than she lets on.
  14. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Smackdown was hot garbage. The color schemes made people turn the channel because it hurt their eyes. Every wrestler was made to stand around the ring and then nothing happened with the women. Natty vs. Becky and Becky won this time because why not...? Eva Marie will really boost the ratings lol. I was excited for Alexa then that was ruined in 2 seconds. A Randy Orton segment was awful. That battle Royal was obvious since there aren't any work horses on this roster and picks like Randy Kane and Big Show were made. No excitement what so ever and Crews getting another push that noone wants. Rhyno...? Why didn't Bray win? Smackdown was hyped so much to make Raw look better when it dominated the picks in the "draft" and for having so much hype on it this was a trash bag. This show turned into pick the largest guys in the business we have and jam them on one show. Smackdown needs a Cesaro, Zayn, Owens, etc... as a workhorse to bring the audience up and cheer for in the mid card at least. Kane, Big Show, Corbin, Crews...this isn't going to mesh at all and eventually because the roster is so thin, those guys will be on forced tag teams because of all the teams on Smackdown. First week and Alpha didn't debut? I am extremely excited to see Shelton Benjamin back he's a workhorse a good promo now after leaving wwe years ago and can do it all. Smackdown's selling points from business: AJ, Cena, Orton, Becky /list? Thats so bad compared to Owens, Zayn, Cesaro, Finn, Sasha, Charlotte, Rollins, Jericho, the list goes forever of Raw stars over the old broken down Smack down Roster that is hinging on Cena and AJ.