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  1. Huh, didn't expect that.
  2.   Do you mean [spoiler]Han solo gestures to Finn to look behind him and Finn says ''Why're you doing that? Mmm..mm, Why are you doing this * while nodding with his head a few times*? I'm trying to come up with a plan. Then Han solo points with the gun and Finn turns around to the glass. Its around 1;39;50 until 1;40;17 [/spoiler]     yeah! thanks
  3. I am finding it literally fucking impossible to google a quote from the film   [spoiler] when Finn gets annoyed with Han gesturing at Rey behind his back and says something like "wat is this, why do you keep doing this", does anyone know the exact one[/spoiler]   can anyone help?
  4. Look who we came across in a bar in Dublin last night, after going to see the film again actually. I was there, just not arsed being in the picture or talking to him. (quite drunk).  
  5. "hey, you know how the size of youtube videos is pretty small?"   "yes, what about it?"   "how about we make that even smaller!"   "revolutionary!"   "you're a true visionary sir!"   "why thank you, I always try to think inside the box"
  6. boros hype
  7.   I'm 99% sure that isn't the case   he was stated to be the most wanted man, if that's what you're thinking of.
  8. When was this confirmed?
  9. I guarantee you it did not.
  10. I think that must be the shortest atem post in history.
  11. This is what really worries me, what will happen if they become a large part of the government (probably more likely now unfortunately).
  12. does anyone have a decent team for OU or UU?   I feel like playing lately for some reason
  13. no one has been turned into an animal
  14.   come on, this is One Piece   it's probably Brook asleep somewhere