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  1. YCS Sydney 2017

    Jesus this thread is disappointing
  2. Oceanic WCQ Report

    Fuckin dogs aint they steve ma boy those cunts dont know what they missing aye
  3. I love you

    I wonder how much you got this site would be worth a pretty penny I imagine, I don't come here very often anymore but I love this site and this came out of nowhere and I'm glad ACP is running it cause he is a kewl dude Now bohdan wins worlds and the universe is in balance
  4. 3rd Place Australian Nationals 2016 & Oceanic Report.

    Only try hards put thier creds in there sig
  5. Bohdans going to worlds!!!

    Ocis was just around the corner so I decided to test card of demise ben kei which was INSANE then I was taught how to read at 1200 rating on DN so I canceled my flight and went to work instead. On the friday I headed to work(two hours travel) to tell people that the sign saying "This is the wharf you are looking for" actually ment this is the wharf they were looking for and have people yell at me because they turned up at 25 past for a cruise that leaves at 15 past because it had already left I then had people proceed to complain about being denyed entry to an event because it was over capacity "I didnt do anything wrong" yeah well take it up with the laws of physics dude not me. On the saturday while everyone was happy with there nats results and or killing themselves because you can top our nats at x-3 I simply lost a division on LoL and wished I didn't suck at games and could play overwatch but I simply have no friends outside of the ygo commune and they were all doing the above that night. On the sunday while chris short was telling everyone how he almost won a 2nd nationals in 10 years with cyber darks I was stationed at a macdonalds... the most violent ranked venue in my state(yup its a maccas not a club) so I stand there watchs asshole leave so much rubbish I wanna vomit some cunt ripped the sink out of the bathroom, people look like I skinned there puppy when I say they have to be a certain distance from the building to smoke, they look like they wanna start a riot when I say there is no more straws, the staff look like lost children when I ask one of them to clean up and during a fight I think the guy ended up ripping his own shirt off oh and if I see another taxi driver put on his hazard lights and stop in the middile of the street and just wait there I am going to lose it On the monday was the same as friday except the following happened "is there a hungery jacks near here?" "ah yeah its in the station just over there" "is it open?" "it is 24 hours" "um yeah but is it open" BOHDAN IS GOING TO WORLDS EVERYONE REJOICE MY WEEKEND WAS WORTH THIS TORMENT I LOVE YOU ALL Card of demise created a strategy that revolved around setting 5 backrow and hoping to draw 1 monster, requiring no opponent interaction. Fighting for board control and battles between monsters make an overall game of yugioh more fun and compelling, but dealing with 5 cards that say 'you cannot play' is not particularly fun or interactive.
  6. WATER - Discussion

    Moray of greed sucks because most of the time you dont have two you want to put back and dont get me started on what happens if you just dont have two It isnt mallet it isnt upstart it doesnt make the deck more consistant which is an issue because thats the whole point of the card its a big fat huge trap dont fall for it
  7. The Official Wrestling Thread

  8. WATER - Discussion

      Sad to my boy
  9. The Official Wrestling Thread

    I'm sorry excuse me can you not take titles off people who deserve it and get a massive pop the night after
  10. The Official Wrestling Thread

    I am actually just annoyed that they thought that was good booking
  11. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Wow that booking was garbage
  12. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    If Konami did deck profiles of top cut this power stone thing would literally not be a problem smh 
  13. YCS Las Vegas - March 12-13

  14. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Did anyone else see the running knee into the GTS signal by ryback LOL