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  1. What album are you listening to

  2. Considering a trip to NYC next month

    (those dates are one day off your specified ones, it's cheaper that way)
  3. Considering a trip to NYC next month

    have you tried using google flights? this came up for me (price in USD)
  4. post your favorite songs of 2016 so far

    whole album is excellent, especially no. 2 and no. 8
  5. Considering a trip to NYC next month

    that seems very expensive for plane tickets. idk where you live but surely it isn't further than new zealand and i can get to new york for $1200 return
  6. seems like it has the same problems as cards like advance zone in monarch, being a -1 for the turn is a really big drawback when it could be a card that enables you to play now idk what the other crystrons (god that word is a mission to type) do though so maybe there's a way of making it work
  7. post your favorite songs of 2016 so far

    bottomless pit
  8. this is not how numbers work at all
  9. Pendulum Performages (and some Pals)

    guitartle is a horrible draw and you only want it in your hand if you searched it off sorc
  10. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    neg'd for the above post but pos'd for this one :^)
  11. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    it's cool that you went through deck by deck but this doesn't really address the point. this isn't about maxx "c" vs twin twisters. demise decks are an autoloss if you don't draw s/t removal, the debate is whether you main s/t removal or take the game 1 loss. ideally you wouldn't have to play maxx or twisters
  12. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    you make it sound like you can only do one or the other
  13. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    where's your edge in a deck with no power plays? is totally streamlining the monarch build really going to get you to worlds, when hundreds of other players are running the exact same deck? it needs to be reinvented, the ceiling needs to be raised, and the extra deck is the best way to do that. we know the domain build sucks so reverting back to that for a 'safe' meta call is the opposite of productive discussion
  14. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    can we please stop staying 'the deck is unbeatable if it goes off' because that is far too simplified and also not always true. being unwilling to discuss this deck past the first turn is not going to get you anywhere. last time i checked, monarch wasn't tier 0, the ceiling can always be raised to make it more powerful especially when it involves cards like instant fusion that are good at all points of the game mike i do believe you know what you're talking about (which is why im confused as to how we've reached such separate conclusions), but gibbination you just look like you're latching onto other people and talking shit from behind them
  15. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    I get the impression we play this deck very differently because of such differing opinions. Strange, given its relative linearity