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  1. woah dude that's not weezer are you sure you copied the right link
  2. high in cholesterolllllll
  3. came third at an LLDS/regional thing with this: 3 eclipser 1 destroyer 3 landwalker 1 forerunner 1 sliprider 1 delta shuttle 1 dark lady 3 strawman 2 soartroopers 1 tincan 3 gofu 1 yaksha 1 garunix 2 maxx 24 3 kozmotown 3 fire king island 3 terraforming 3 allure 1 upstart 1 teleport 14 2 kozmojo 2 thanks to buckwheat for probably having the most influence on how i built the deck. it worked really well. might try to fit a second sliprider but i don't think it's necessary by any means.
  4. carly bae jepsen
  5. if you cut the gofu for speedroids you prob can't play allure which is kind of lame
  6. do you mind explaining gold sarc? is it part of a combo? just sarc + strawman by itself doesn't seem particularly strong
  7. reading these posts, the fact that you can edit wikipedia does seem like a problem
  8. when it becomes the norm on duelistgroundz to cite peer-reviewed academic journals ill do that instead
  9. please read the false equivalence link I'm done with this argument someone else can take over if they want
  10. they harm BA in very different ways, being able to withstand one (cherries) in no way translates to being able to withstand the other, and it especially doesn't translate to being able to withstand both at the same time https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_equivalence
  11. you said if BA can survive cherries it can survive this. that's just not even an argument, it's two unrelated things that you're stringing together the 'resiliency of BA' does not necessarily translate from a side deck card that may or may not even be good, to the limitation of two core engine cards EDIT: replace cir with allure and move on? replace one of your dark targets with another copy of a card that needs more dark targets to function? another ridiculous statement about two things that are not interchangeable in the slightest
  12. this isn't very good logic when you consider that these things don't operate in a vacuum, BA now has more problems lumped on to the already existing problem of cherries i still think BA is very playable under this list, but saying 'it survived cherries, it can survive two additional limits unrelated to cherries on top of cherries' doesn't make any sense
  13. Kozmo is still really good too. 1 Destroyer can be easily looped from rfg with town or strawman and grave with call/oasis. Just bump up the numbers to 3 forerunner 3 landwalker with 3 island and you have a very good deck. The teleport hit is almost irrelevant, that card was usually overkill when you had 6 teleports in the form of Fire King Island
  14. (those dates are one day off your specified ones, it's cheaper that way)