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  1. Lightsworn - Discussion

    can confirm your opening being strong depends entirely on your mills
  2. i feel like it's always been evident that playing foreign cards is not worth it from a purely 'optimal' standpoint ofc that's not why people do it
  3. United States Presidential Election

    it honestly just feels like people trying to validate their own biases in this particular election it's probably not even an issue because for everything trump has said that has been misconstrued, he's probably said something equally as bad that's just been glossed over but in general, it makes for pretty shitty voting practice (i swear im not trying to be holier than thou here, even if it comes off that way) EDIT: whether or not he would have the power to actually put clinton in jail is obv irrelevant
  4. United States Presidential Election

    im not from america (and tbh am quite pleased about this right now) and want to take as objective a stance on this as possible did people really take trump's "you'd be in jail" quip as equivalent to "i'd throw any of my political opponents in jail" i'm aware he's expressed admiration for dictatorships in the past but in regards to that particular quote, all it came across as to me was an allusion to clinton being accused of having people killed etc., and that she in particular was corrupt (and thus should be in jail etc. etc.) this article in particular implies that he would have anybody running against him jailed, which, to me at least, was not evident in the quote at all http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/projects/cp/opinion/clinton-trump-second-debate-election-2016/because-youd-be-in-jail i don't want to be labelled as defending everything trump has said because he's certainly said some abhorrent things, but this in particular feels like the media (and some of you guys) twisting his words and intentions entirely to meet with a preconceived notion of what you expect at this point
  5. What song are you listening to now?

    woah dude that's not weezer are you sure you copied the right link
  6. What song are you listening to now?

    high in cholesterolllllll
  7. Kozmo - Discussion

    came third at an LLDS/regional thing with this: 3 eclipser 1 destroyer 3 landwalker 1 forerunner 1 sliprider 1 delta shuttle 1 dark lady 3 strawman 2 soartroopers 1 tincan 3 gofu 1 yaksha 1 garunix 2 maxx 24 3 kozmotown 3 fire king island 3 terraforming 3 allure 1 upstart 1 teleport 14 2 kozmojo 2 thanks to buckwheat for probably having the most influence on how i built the deck. it worked really well. might try to fit a second sliprider but i don't think it's necessary by any means.
  8. What song are you listening to now?

    carly bae jepsen
  9. im from new zealand and this thread isn't making me jealous of america at all :[[
  10. Kozmo - Discussion

    if you cut the gofu for speedroids you prob can't play allure which is kind of lame
  11. Kozmo - Discussion

    do you mind explaining gold sarc? is it part of a combo? just sarc + strawman by itself doesn't seem particularly strong
  12. reading these posts, the fact that you can edit wikipedia does seem like a problem
  13. when it becomes the norm on duelistgroundz to cite peer-reviewed academic journals ill do that instead
  14. please read the false equivalence link I'm done with this argument someone else can take over if they want
  15. they harm BA in very different ways, being able to withstand one (cherries) in no way translates to being able to withstand the other, and it especially doesn't translate to being able to withstand both at the same time https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_equivalence